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Some folks were mad about a piece I wrote during the Feinstein race arguing that Democrats with long incumbencies feel entitled to their offices & that careerism drives the party more so than the GOP, where ideology matters a good bit more. Still think all that's inarguably true.
This is how @SenFeinstein reacted to children asking her to support the #GreenNewDeal resolution -- with smugness + disrespect.

This is a fight for our generation's survival. Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress. pic.twitter.com/0zAkaxruMI

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Trump demonstrated the extent to which certain ideological commitments might be malleable, but I think it's significant that he's governed mostly like a conventional Republican in office policywise.
might also note that doing something for 30 years doesn't necessarily mean that you know what you're doing or doing the right thing.
it's a machine party, more or less always has been.
You also don't know what you're talking about. She singlehandedly passed an environmental bill LAST WEEK. feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.c鈥
Was this clip cut to maximize damage to Feinstein or did she inflict all of that on herself? What she chooses to tell these young future voters is exactly the sort of entitled, cynical crap that the undemocratic right needs to bottle and mass distribute amongst the body politic.
The full video is here and honestly I feel duped by the edited video. You might too: m.facebook.com/story.php?stor鈥
Feinstein is a living lesson in why non-competitive two-party politics and 'safe states' are bad for all of us. She is example of what, over time, 'lesser-evilism' leads to - entitled, policy-poor oligarchs in office for life and believing they owe nothing to their voters.
Note it鈥檚 now been discovered she also broke the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge she signed under pressure from a surging De Le贸n. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st鈥
She was respectful and spoke to them like they can understand. They were demanding that she do something that would have no practical effect. she told them that she understood their viewpoint. They had no interest in understanding her viewpoint.
I had never thought of it that way, but now that you've said it, yes, I concur. That's absolutely the case. That explains so many patterns so well.
Look for the whole video. This is an edited hit job.
Class is powerful. Multimillionaires think people are peons...
You鈥檙e relying on a doctored video, O鈥橩eefe style. Feinstein isn鈥檛 the one who comes off bad here.
It's always the Dems fault. Got it.
Then you'd be even more naive and idiotic than the people who sprung this gotcha on her, thinking there won't be retribution.
Would you link the story, please?
SO COOL of you to share the heavily edited hit piece.
Wasn鈥檛 that the whole problem with Hillary as a candidate ? She was entitled, she felt she had earned it, the party owed it to her, we were all supposed to accept the natural progression, it鈥檚 my main problem with the dems, we see it still with the party鈥檚 hostility towards @AOC
Feinstein is bragging here about a million vote victory when a box of cold In-N-Out fries with a Democrat sign would have won by two million. And those are awful fries.
Good for her for not pretending that grade school children are the oracles of wisdom and know best because they're very young. That they will live with the consequences of what is done does not mean that they (or their teacher) are right about the solution.
The people that ran against her circulated that video and created the narrative,She just introduce legislation stating that teachers should be required to educate students on the effects of climate change.
As people pointed out this was deceptively edited but it is giving double digit follower accounts a platform to call for her resignation
She will be 91 years old the next time she faces voters. Why should she give a shit about any of this?
Did you write about how naive dabblers and old idealogues never accomplish anything and knowing how to do your job without your staff doing it for you is the most direct form of democracy? Have you explained that dynamic to your readers? If not, now is a great time.
The kids were obnoxious and this was an ambush designed and edited to be a hit job viral video.
"Careerism" is part of the reason the 2016 general election was so trash, imo.
Anything can be argued but I agree with you "that careerism drives the party more so than the GOP, where ideology matters a good bit more." @RepAOC @USProgressives @TheDemocrats @SenJeffMerkley @RashidaTlaib @RepPressley @llhan @RepKatieHill
This video is highly edited. Perhaps we shouldn鈥檛 form an opinion until we see the whole, unedited video. Especially when it is being circulated by a group who primaried her.
The green new deal is not a plan and therefore feinstein gavce the best answer that could be given.
Did you watch the whole video?
Well judging by Feinstein, behaving like a decent human being doesn't count for much.
Its mad to use kids as props. Take them inside congress give the house and teach them how the process works. This is exploiting the kids
鈥渃areerism drives the party more so than the GOP, where ideology matters a good bit more鈥 The existence of Mitch McConnell would appear to contraindicate this. Both parties鈥 members wax and wane in their ideological commitments, change their positions, as pressured.
Watch the whole thing. It鈥檚 10 minutes long she was very patient and hired one as an intern. Stop lying.
As AOC and other Justice Democrats have shown, times are changing.
Her idea of what her job is seems to have skewed. Apparently in her mind, once she wins the election her constituents should listen to her and she can stop listening to them.
All y鈥檃ll Californians who voted for Feinstein instead of de Leon, shame
the cartel party thesis holding up pretty well
Dude, I agree about their sense of entitlement but you are delusional to think that ideology drives the Republicans more. Their leader @realDonaldTrump proves that they have traded their values and beliefs for a doctrine of racism, xenophobia, big government and treason.
Any politician who has been returned to office repeatedly believes they own the office and the voters. Party doesn't matter. The GOP isn't the party of small governmment & death to deficits anymore. They go along w Trump because they think he controls the GOP vote.
<< that plurality tho >>
yes I hear you on the Dem side, but GOP "ideology" on "deficits are evil" went by the wayside with "tax cuts will pay for themselves" didn't it? And using the term ideology rather than policy is a way to shape discussion. "Ideology" for GOP has become malleable. Mitch shows it.
She just won re-election last year. Against a well-funded Democrat that was endorsed over her by the state party. It's not incumbency that's keeping her there, the people of California want her there.
This is definitely a demonstration of how NOT to speak to children asking you to save their future. Upon reflection though, I think she鈥檚 trying to tell them it isn鈥檛 possible to implement the NEW GREEN DEAL in the current political quagmire. Eliminating Trump must come first.
We have a Nazi in the White House right now who is taking up all my anger and outrage. IMO Stopping the spread of Authoritarianism is more important than harshing old school Democrats. These are not normal times.
Can we do term limits for all politicians already. Even making it a relatively long limit would be great.
One need look no further than the reaction to AOC besting Crowley
Is all this over reach because she has a different opinion on a green new deal?
How about the truth and not @justicedems and @sunrisemvmt propaganda. Now tell everyone how they're better than Trump. twitter.com/ChristinLuvsSn鈥
Still using your kids like this will always be gross
This 12 year doomsday climate clock is stuff right out of a cult. It's child abuse to make children believe this garbage.
Yes. As the election approaches, let鈥檚 keep attacking Democrats, because after all, centrists and neoliberals are the real problem, not Trump, Evangelicals and the GOP. Of course, I would never question your motives. Not ever.
This performance by Senator Feinstein is contemptible, and her colleagues need to -- explicitly -- distance themselves from her in both tone and substance.
Warning: edited video attached to below tweet to dis-info and discredit DEM .
This is a edited hit job....tweet and was proven so with unedited version on internet as well.
The 鈥渟mile in your face, fk u in the ass鈥 Democrats are so divided. A 鈥淐ircular firesquad鈥 indeed. It鈥檚 a shit party with SO MANY factions that really can鈥檛 stand each other: gays, blacks, Latinos, unions, animal rights, environmentalists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc #MAGA
You had me until moreso. I think this is a fundamental flaw of party politics. Until that's out of the equation this will be an issue.
It's a true statement.
it's actually wild that anyone ever looked at public office as a lifelong career when it was never meant to be. term limits pls
Well these new kids don鈥檛 know how government works. Bernie enabled them and now they think they know more than the pros. Thy need to take a sit and learn before they speak.
Also could just be that Feinstein handled this terribly and she may be awful without it reinforcing your overly broad narrative about the entirety of the Democratic Party. Worth considering!
But did their parents vote for Hillary? What? No??? That's a shame.
You are right about long term Dem politicians, but way off on the GOP sticking to the ideology. Unless you mean their ideology of greed over people, power over principles.
same thing at a local level.
Their science teacher should be fired. Climate change is occurring, but 10-12 years is nonsense. There are no facts to back it besides @aoc, who is factually incorrect most of the time.
Absolutely! That is the reason I didn't vote for her. But she was re-elected and she represents me regardless, so she should shut up and do it...
That is a very astute observation
Yeah talk to children like their morons and agree with everything they say bc they鈥檙e small humans. Pander folks! Pander! Just FYI Feinstein has actually introduced legislation on climate change. Have a great night dum dums!
You鈥檙e rting doctored vids now? Who the hell are you to ever question other journalists, Glenn?
Does she not know that she works for the people? The young lady said just that to her face. Old Bat!
If the ultimate goal is to have Government take care of you, I guess they've won, right? Who needs ideology if you've won?
retire please. Go away forever.
Agreed 2016 Hillary felt entitled look what happened
Long incumberances are anti democratic
Poor kids are forced into a cult.
She won by a million votes so fu kids
Definitely not a good day for @SenFeinstein bad look for a representative of the people to turn a bunch of kids away trying to push for @AOC Green New Deal. This is the face of a Corporate Capitalist Senator not a representative of the people
This lady says she has 7 grandchildren... So either she's in denial, heartless and doesn't care about the world they'll grow up in, or she knows she's so wealthy that it won't effect them quite as badly as the children right in front of her.
Did YOU see the whole video?
Weird how you made this about you.
I would love to read your piece if you have a link, please.
I think these supersenior members just have more power in the democratic party, because they don't have to worry as much about primary challenges.
You have to watch that telling the truth business. It annoys people.
Are you at all aware that this is a heavily edited clip from 12 minutes to put the worst possible spin. If we don鈥檛 get smarter about this kind of manipulation we鈥檙e doomed.
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