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I just called @SenFeinstein’s office and told a staffer I didn’t appreciate how dismissive she was toward young activists with @sunrisemvmt + that I’d like her to support the Green New Deal. If you’re also a constituent and feel similarly, consider doing the same.

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I’m sure she’s rethinking her decades of public service based on your opinion of an edited online video.
You should watch the video that wasn’t edited by the GOP.
Somone posted the full video in segments starting here and surprising no one...the "viral" video was edited to surprise, surprise show DIFI in the worse light possible. Here's the video, threaded for twitter!
There’s gullible and then there are folks who imbue anything that Waleed tweets as credible. Which one are you 🤔
I just called to tell her she did great. Love her!!!!
I think you're also a disrespectful brat easily persuaded by gotcha bullshit, while ignoring her decades of advocacy on emission standards, expanding public lands in California, and working with Jerry Brown to end an eight year drought. I'll give her a call too.
Great. You just did some dumb shit because you saw something on Twitter.

You're a fucking genius.
dismissive? those moms were using their kids as pawns. she tried to reason with THE MOMS.
So you would have preferred she lied to a bunch of yelling kids?
The Dem circular firing squad is righteous indeed
Here's full video. Shahid edited out DiFi thoughtfully explaining she supports climate plans written by experts that'll pass & she asks her aide for copies for every child. Teacher ignores DiFi's offering a different path & is belligerent. @alsowonderwoman facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise…
Yea for Senator Feinstein !! Standing up to the bullies @justicedems and @sunrisemvmt
I didn't enjoy the way people affiliated with her failed opponent from her Senate race ambushed her and then edited a video to make her look bad. Or the way they ignored the fact that she has recently introduced her own climate legislation. Cheap stunt.
Are you kidding me? People are dying TODAY because of this admin. Feinstein, Pelosi & co are working as hard, as intelligently, and as fast as they can.

NO ONE has time for this kind of bullsh*t.

Why didn't they pull that stunt with any Republicans? You know, the REAL problem.
No one mercilessly attacks Dems like other Dems.
how about we all call that group and tell them we don't appreciate that they use kids to ambush a Senator to get attention ... but maybe they should try some R's, eh?
You got played, this is not what happened, watch the whole video.
Sorry Sarah, love you usually, but completely disagree here. This should have taken place at leader McConnells office. It was a cheap shot and frankly angers me....
This is stupid. Stunts set up by Berners to embarrass Dems is no way to build a GND. Develop real policies. Dems who fall for these Berner left propaganda tactics are dopes and will be easy pickings for the Russians.
Have we learned nothing? Not even to wait to see unedited video? Or consider the source and wonder what motivation they have for releasing this? How utterly disappointing, Sarah. I expected you to know better.
Or....Be a critical thinker and not a Self Righteous Pavlovian Lemming. @SenFeinstein please ignore these histrionics and carry on. The Dem base supports you fully.
Dismissive? I think that's far too mild. She was rude, disrespectful, and hostile. I'm not a constituant, but I think it's time for her to retire and make room for someone with some humility and some humanity.
I saw her try to respond honestly but getting cut off. But I'll watch it again tomorrow when I have a chance. I've seen people I respect responding in completely opposite ways. I need to watch it again in light of everyone's responses.
You got played, dumbass.
I’m one of her constituents and I think she did a tremendous job. Young kids need to learn they can’t walk in and make demands and get their way. The teacher should be fired. If my kids were in that class I’d be pissed
You got played, Sarah. Women need to stick together. Learn from this, and take the time to watch the whole video. Even if you don't agree with Feinstein on everything, you've got to realize you got played, but good. Learn from it, and from her. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
I think maybe people should leave kids out of it.
I’m sure you also thanked her for her environmental legislative achievements in 2006 and 2007, for example, since you’re very familiar with the issues
deceptively edited video a la Project Veritas
I saw the entire video & you might want to as well
Did you watch the parts they cut out? twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
she was very disrespectful to those young kids those children were not demanding nothing from her they were asking her to support the green New Deal so yes I'll be doing the same thing and call her office and let her know how disappointed I am thank you and everyone do the same
I am a constituent. I feel she could have handled it a bit better. The teacher was dismissive and the entire tape was not played. I don’t know why theGreen New Deal is better than Feinstein’s position.
Watch the UNEDITED video
Oh look, another gullible loon to unfollow. Bye!
I just called as well. Her response was truly awful.
get out of the way and let people willing to take action step in.
Reminds me that even if we get Congress back and elect a Dem president there will never be another Obama. He was wonderfully and genuinely respectful of kids, truly cared about them and delighted in them, and that tells you a lot about a person's character.
She was 100% wrong but also maybe we shouldn't support that deal: on.forbes.com/6184ERxyn?fbcl…
George Soros heads the Green New Deal is a socialist movement like the Venezuelans are trying to escape from. Green New Deal takes away freedom and put government in charge of your life and money
Nah. I’d rather our smart politicians like DF & Nancy Pelosi adopt viable policies rather than enable bs created by advocates of Russia’s plan to control & destroy US by targeting the vanity, narcissism & stupidity of the alt left & those pandering to them. Have a Green Day.🌲
Didn't really look into this did you? Or you're just another maroon with an agenda.
I think you should go review the unedited video.
Maybe you should call back and apologize for getting owned by the alt left propaganda video after you watch the uncut version.
You might want to watch the full video instead of the propaganda clips. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Did you call back and apologize for having fallen for a politcal stunt? That video was obviously edited - blue check marks with 52k followers should be more careful to not promulgate propaganda.
Just called and told them as a mother of 2 small children her condescension and inaction are unacceptable. Don’t gloat about being in office for 30 years when you’ve done nothing to address the crisis of our time.
Respect for your service DF - but listen to the kids. They’re the ones whose lives depend on every single thing going on. You should be proud that they are asking these questions!
just did. The staffer sounded tired and defeated after I finished speaking. And I wasn't rude. Just another direct, unapologetic woman telling it like it is.
Good me too. I haven’t called a senator in a couple years. But this was not ok.
I just called and left a message. We need aspirational legislation. Our parents and grandparents need to look at the world they are leaving for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and say “we can do better. We WILL do better.”
Make your own decision morally. Sorry If no help but I think you are right
Talk about raining on someone's parade. GEEZ. I think the Green New Deal is ABSURD and will never happen - but come on - Feinstein could've been much more encouraging.
Are you stupid? Why in the hell would you do this to children? You POS need to get your priorities straight and leave children out of this. Frankly, this is child abuse and cannot be tolerated. IDIOTS!
Would it be too much to ask for her resignation as well?
You’re using children, you people are truly twisted and sick.
Ha ha ha... please we are brain washing the children, you need to listen!
I’m disappointed in @SenFeinstein and her complete dismissal of what these people are asking for. Yet another representative with no spine to stand up for change. We want change. Not your unwillingness to stand up for what’s right.
Quit indoctrinating our youth!
Corrupt Leftists "Green New Deal" is Just CA$H for Family & DONORS PURE CORRUPTION the MEDIA DOES NOT REPORT The Media MUST HOLD ALL Politicians ACCOUNTABLE Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers' money to build giant solar power bit.ly/oqKHLd
Ugh no. You are a brainwashed leftist that is bringing in little kids for your ideology. what you think is not fact. And if we want to just let go of electricity then we can go your way. You are as dumb as a rock.
Feinstein's env record speaks for itself. @sunrisemvmt needs to attack senators who actually have a shitty record on environmental issues. BTW, her scorecard from League of Conserv. Voters is 100% in 2017, 90% lifetime scorecard.lcv.org/moc/dianne-fei…
Another ignorance block for today.
Just watched the video... awkward on all sides.
We cannot pressure her into changing or resigning. We can not convince her to care about our future. We cannot afford 6 more years of her selling our planet in exchange for bribes. The only solution is to recall her election.
Who cares. This is delusional fairy tale speak.
Bad take. You should delete this tweet.
Old people are grouchy. It comes from having to pee 6 times a night. Sleep deprivation
+1; left a message @ Senator Feinstein’s San Francisco office, as I’m an SF homebase constituent...& have been a loyal supporter. But Senator, I’m appalled by your condescension in this video. I trust you to listen to all constituents + react like an informed & patient adult. smh
As one of Senator Feinsteins' constituents, I absolutely agree with her approach. I want zero to do with the ridiculous Green New Deal. And those kids need a lesson in how making laws work, not a pass for being disrespectful, demanding, whiny little shits.
Keep the kids out of your fake ass mob groups and quit using them as political pawns. Fight your own battles, don't bring kids in to it. Those kids don't deserve respect. They are going in there like a bunch of mobsters confronting people. I hate Dianne Feinstein but good for her
I think I'll reinforce my approval by emailing and calling her office as well. These damn parents need to teach their kids some respect
She was realistic even likely optimistic with regard to the GND. Even if the USA goes to zero China and India will still have high emissions. Our economy would collapse under this GND so may as well live up your last so called 12 years however I’m willing to bet it’s much longer.
So you think it's ok for children to be that disrespectful of any adult? Don't forget to get China & India to change their ways. Without them changing, nothing we do will make a difference. Have you told the kids that?
Did you watch the whole video. If you didn't, you should. You should be ashamed for following sunrise or suggesting anything about her from this bad advertisement. Good job Feinstein. Fact: I'm not a constituent.
“Young activists” aka Brainwashed children whose parents and other adults use for their own political agenda. You are disgusting and despicable if you support that.
Hey stupid. Watch the whole video moron
I am her constituent and will do this. I saw the unedited video and it tells a different story. That said, I still think we need to dialog climate and Green New Deal solutions with young and old alike.
Are you a big enough democrat in Ca to run for her seat?? Thought not.
Did you watch the actual video or just the deliberately edited version? youtube.com/watch?v=ZNbjBQ…
Sarah please tell the children in Minnesota that they can no longer heat their home with heating oil ,propane or natural gas . It get down to -20^ ! Tell the Truckers to buy electric rigs that can’t keep them warm in the 12 hrs of lay over in that same climate. It’s insane .
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