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Wonder which "Green Deal" the Senator is referring to? Could it be the 💰💰💰 deal? 🤔

I won so I don't have to listen to my own constituents is weak. How this person is a senator in California is insane.
Dianne Feinstein has her own green new deal alright, its the corporate money lining her pockets. 💰 💵
In the same way I don't give a damn what anti-choice men think bc they'll never be in that situation, the same rule applies to baby boomers who don't care about preventing climate disaster because they'll be dead for it anyways.
I don’t want to hear one more word about Bernie’s age—Feinstein is 85?!!?!
The expressions on their little faces! They are horrified!
Definitely not a good day for @SenFeinstein bad look for a representative of the people to turn a bunch of kids away trying to push for @AOC Green New Deal. This is the face of a Corporate Capitalist Senator not a representative of the people
I’m ashamed to have her as my senator. She needs to be primaried.
That’s why I didn’t vote for her.
I wish the senator knew the power of who is in front of her. @Jason_OR always says, it’s the young who lead the movements, not the old guard. It’s obvious here. Get out the way, @SenFeinstein!
dianne feinstein can choke thanks very much
What a despicable woman! How dare she talk to the children this way!
UC DAVIS MRI study on babies proves “excess fluid on the brain, @ 6 months= autism by age 5. First Bio Marker for Autism found. This is huge. Parents, pls get an MRI study before the first vaccine. YouTube. Paul8kangas. KANGAS for Prez. 2020.
What a literal awful person. Like, what
کاری ندارم موضوع ویدیو چیه یا این سناتور چقدر احمقه. ولی کاش بچه‌ها رو این طوری به بازی نگیرن! این بچه‌ها چقدر از این حرفایی که زدن رو می‌فهمن یا درک می‌کنن؟
The way Feinstein responded to this is disgusting. They know you won that’s why they are evening talking to you in the first place sheesh.
Every Californian who voted for Feinstein owes these children an apology.
"I was just elected" Way to rip off that mask and show us the true you, Fienstein.
Feinstein and her arms dealer husband are going straight to Hell🔥
YIKES! THIS is so damning! Anything I need to know about her is summed up in this unequal exchange!! YET I am impressed with the CHILDREN. Their response blows me away! BRAVO to them!👏
Ladies & gentlemen, I give you . . . Senator Montgomery Burns! #Feinstein #DemExit
Feinstein just taught these young activists what ‘establishment’ politics looks like.
OMG! THIS is really disparaging! She keeps quoting that she just got elected again!!
Apparently this is all that matters to her-NOT their concerns!
That's right, Feinstein. Look at the faces, the futures YOU ARE murdering!!
Selfishness in full display.
To children? Awful.
Chances are, Dianne fwistein won't be around in 12 years. This isn't a threat, this is just according to life expectancy figures. So of course she can't relate to these kids.
Feinstein is a total jerk. Condescending, disgusting.
Not gonna find anyone who voter for her upset with this video. I'm officially crowning her Untie Diane. She and Maxine Waters are my new Unties.
Her argument is she just won a big election so she dosn’t have to pretend to care about the environment.
😳Holy shit. 🤣This footage is so much worse than I imagined!
How not to handle a group of school children concerned about climate change-“well you didn’t vote for me” #IKnowYouAreButWhatAmI
You better learn to listen to all voices, and not get so defensive TOWARD CHILDREN that are NOT being served well at all, @SenFeinstein because business as usual and the "i know best" bullshit got us where we are.
Ooooooof. Not a good look for career senator Dianne Feinstein; smug arrogant, defensive, unapproachable, and nasty.
Feinstein is an embarrassment to California.
Come on Dianne! This made me scream.
This is outrageous. Sen. Feinstein doesn’t understand that the GND is the only policy proposal that gives millennials and Gen. Z hope that we will not die from the adverse effects of climate change. This shows us that she is a bad person.

watch 85 yr old Dianne Feinstein be argumentative with SCHOOL CHILDREN. this is so fucked up!
┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴ psst hey kids dont forget how shitty dianne feinstein is
I often wonder if this dull hack (who I first came to know in the wake of the Moscone assassination) wd hv ever made it so far had it not been for Dan White's savage lunacy. But enough abt that. This needs further scrutiny. articles.latimes.com/1997-03-28/new…
Communist indoctrination under the guise of saving the planet. What your bio really is.
This is child abuse - you people should be ashamed of yourselves.
Her frustration with these kids (not to mention that little election victory lap) neglects how very, actually and increasingly fucked these kids are going to be as they move into the prime of their adult life.
WoW. Brain mouth signal connection lost. Or permanently shutdown.
Dianne Feinstein's Smug Response to Kids Worried About Climate Change. shame on her for what she did
Here is the unedited video of what took place
The woman who catered these kids to confront the Senator did the kids no favour. The kids are better off learning how the Congress works put them inside the chamber have them debate each. Not confronting a sitting Senator in the alleyway. Terrible thing and idea nothing gain
How does it feel to sell out generations? I hope they have the chance to destroy your legacy! #SoldOutFeinsten #BernDownTheDNC #Bernie2020 #Tulsi2020
Ha! Just noticed Wu -Tang Clan was on that list. #Hillaryous!
Welp, we know what to do. Vote her out. ✌🏾#TimeToOrganize #AOCstyle 💕
The ruling class... glad she didn't convince them. She's a fucking suck up to those who pay her to do their bidding.
Wow, @SenFeinstein (who is two floors above me in this building) did a horrible job, if that's all that she said. I can't believe she talked that way to kids.
I've voted for Feinstein consistently for the past 20-30 years but damn, that was disappointing & disrespectful.
encapsulation of the power struggles of our world...
and there's no time
“I’ve been doing this for 30years” says the ghost that’s ducked up the planet!
Dianne Feinstein is a colossal CUNT.
@SenFeinstein this is not a good look with you disparaging young climate activists. Get your act together and get the Green New Dea passed!
@SenFeinstein is part of the Dem old guard which is more closely aligned to Republicans then the New Democratic Party. Vote her out!
Dianne Feinstein is not for the children
The way she talks down to these children like they are debate opponents is sickening. This woman needs to get the fuck out the way and let a new generation lead.
The disdain the @SenFeinstein has for this group is disappointing to watch.
I was hoping one of these kids would just tell her that she’ll be dead by then so she needs to listen to the ones who will have to live through it ahahahah
🤣🤣🤣@SenFeinstein has been doing this for 30 years and, honestly, that’s 25 years past expiration! #Retire 🤦🏻‍♀️
Wow @SenFeinstein I voted for you and I want what those children want. How dare you be so condescending. You work for us.
Wtf is wrong with Senator Feinstein?!
you had me at wu-tang
Wow...I mean. I'm nor surprised, but wow
Why would the old and rich give a fuck about the young and non rich? Their mansion means everything and your life means nothing. This is not hyperbole. Listen to Hedges speak about 'The pathology of the super rich.'
i would die for these children i am crying
I’m sorry. You fail to understand or maybe you’re tone death like Feinstein. We are here because of this twitter.com/jacobinmag/sta…
cringe-worthy, @SenFeinstein.

i did vote for you (well 19 years ago; you disgraced yourself in the warrantless wire-tapping scandal during the Bush administration, and you haven't seemed to know what you've been doing since, so I've tried to vote you out twice).

shame on you!
jeez, what a cunt.... toooooo loooooong in office.. go away....
I gave this senator the benefit of the doubt. She can go take a flying leap.
"Well you didn't vote for me."
"It doesn't matter, we're gonna be the ones who impacted"
This is somehow worse than I thought it would be! She is meaner and pettier to the children than you would ever imagine! Almost miraculous
Such smart children❤️
we're all going to die
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