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The Sunrise Movement backed by @AOC sent kids to @SenFeinstein office as a guilt tactic to force Green New Deal support. Recap:

Children: "I hear what you’re saying but we’re the people who voted for you"

Feinstein: "How old are you?"

Children: "I’m 16"

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Senator Feinstein needs to learn how to talk to kids and AOC needs to stop using children as props especially when they have no clue what they are talking about and their information is false.

These Democrat stunts are not a good look. How embarrassing.
The funny yet terrifying thing about the Feinstein vs. kids video is that most of the Senate if not all of them know that the Green New Deal is a disaster but the Dems created this progressive socialist Frankenstein. Now that it’s mutated & escaped the lab they’re afraid of it.
I really hate when they involve (and weaponize) kids for political gain.
Lordy... I'm more disturbed about kids supporting socialist bills than her reaction. (though I did laugh...)
I lost a lot of repect for DiFi because of Kavanaugh, but good for her for handling this the way she did.
The woman, talking to Feinstein, is scaring the crap out of these kids (it'll be too late in 10 yrs) for her own political BS narrative. Child abuse! 😡
This is so sad, to have a fool for a teacher scaring these kids to death. No way would I let my kids be lied to like that. When I was somewhere around 12 I kept reading about how an ice age was going to get me. They have been doing this crap forever.
This is child abuse
Don’t laugh. They probably did vote for her. It’s Cali, where anything goes at the border and ballot box.
And Oregon wants 16- year old kids to vote.
Those children have been traumatized by alarmist BS. Not cool.
It’s scary and devastating what they are teaching these kids. This is a form of Child Abuse. They telling these kids lies, that they will die in 12 years, which going to effect there upbringing because they are under the impression that they are going to die anyway. Very Sad.
So many brainwashed children. 😔 We need to do a better job of protecting the next generation from leftist indoctrination or soon there's not going to be a next generation.
So embarrassing for these young kids.
Talk about child abuse! That woman should be arrested for trying to brainwash those children and the parents of those children should also be arrested! What is this country coming to with NUT JOBS like those people! Is this what our schools are teaching children?
Go outside and play 🤣🤣🤣 who does this to their kids 🤣🤣🤣❓
LOL now you have the demorats against the demorats and they are all waccos! No the green deal is a disasterous proposition made by a mentally ill wacco AOC!!! In 2020 new yorkers will come to their senses and get rid of her!
Those kids just got a little lesson from someone who has been around the block a few times. Go DiFi
it was edited to show Feinstein in the worst possible way. A longer clip shows her explaining why it couldn't get out of the Senate and having her aide get copies of what they are proposing. The question is who edited and distributed that tape?
So she got kavanaughed?
This is Youth Indoctrination. This is not good.
Wow. AOC is way better at communist propaganda than we thought!!!
Well this settles it for me. I'm all in. As a parent of 3 kids, I can assure you that 15 year olds never make bad decisions.
Can it be possible that I actually side with @SenFeinstein on this🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
Teachers who allowed this should be fired.
As tone deaf as she was: that proves my point. They’re children being used as political props. It’s gross.
Poor kids, they’re being manipulated, used as political props. Shame on you @AOC
I mean, in California, anyone voting for a Democrat is possible. A couple of those kids probably did too.
No doubt coached by the parents
The children should have asked @SenFeinstein to call up her ex-Chinese driver and plead with him to get China to lower their emissions. IGNORANT parents & IGNORANT @AOC making children spread their IGNORANT message is appalling
All those years of peddling the fake climate scam are finally coming around to bite the establishment Democrats. You helped create this ridiculous climate religion, and now the birds are coming home to roost, Senator.
UNFORTUNATELY.......Kid, Your "message" has been programmed INTO you by @AOC and your Parents ALLOWED IT
They're here! 😄😄😄
I'm raising young conservatives..
God help us! I like Feinstein!
I am not a fan of Feinstein but good for her in speaking candidly. These kids have zero clue the amount of damage the new deal will cause and it sadly shows the manipulation of children by politicians.
I actually liked her response although a bit hypocritical “it’s your way or the highway “ Isn’t that the dem mantra?
When we sent our children to school in L.A., everyday was damage control. I didn't know that other states were different. And I found out that they really aren't.
That teacher speaking in this video is SO ANNOYING. OMG. Not because she's a teacher (I love teachers). It's because she's SO ANNOYING.
They're here! 😄😄😄
I don't see how the "using kids as props" shtick is suppose to be effective...It looks ridiculous and corny as hell...Who's mind does it really change? 😄😄🤮
has stooped to a new low by weaponizing children. Seriously, that Wilbur-looking b*tch knows no bounds. She needs to go. Impeach her now.
Let’s pimp out our kids. Yeaaah. We’re so smart.
In #Russia, for the involvement of children in the political agitation of the organization faces a serious fine (about $9K)
Indoctrinating the youth who go to the vile @SenFeinstein who completely demeans them...
This is extremely sad to watch. See the frightened look on the faces of our little ones? They are being brainwashed! This teacher should be fired for scare tactics! #TheWorldIsNotGoingToEndInTwelveYears
We need full communism otherwise kids used as political puppets by full grown idiots will be upset for a little while.
AOC better watch her step!
Dianne Feinstein is a Career Politician who also eats raw meat & Supreme Court nominee's for breakfast!
1 phone call to #AyatollahPelosi & she's a 1 term SOCIALIST!
If that isn’t brainwashed I don’t know what is! Just randomly shouting out slogans that just don’t make sense! Then the rest start repeating the slogan!
Eye opening. These democrats have created this. And how damn sad these kids haven’t a clue about the most simplistic stuff and unless turned around in the mindset imagine them in 10-20 years.
do we know for sure AOC backs it??? If so that would be hilarious, even better than her protesting outside Pelosi's office day 1
Those poor kids. 10 year old stooges.
We need to raise voter age to 25
Now if Non-Brainwashed Americans can send Our Non-Brainwashed Children to Feinstein and other Congressional Turncoats with a REAL message............... However my own Personal Message to @AOC is "Elmer's Glue" ya Frog Eyed Nag
This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing ever. What a bunch of crazy af ppl, sorry but kiddos included(used totally/brainwashed) to have done this. Not ok. Also Not biggest fan of Feinstein, (I’m from CA) - but MAD PROPS TO HER for handling crazy sit. w/ class & knowledge
The adults should be ashamed of themselves, they have these kids scared believing the earth is going to end in 12 yrs, the earth will end when God says it will not when man says it will.
Don't be tough on the kids, you can't blame them for believing in fairy tales.Kids have no since of time and money or how it effects our country. What I know is, these kids are being used for a political purpose. If it was my child I'd be pissed.
They think strong arming is how you do it. They NEVER LEARN!!!
So she didn’t vote, period! But it is CA, so anything is possible.
Too bad @SenFeinstein’s Chinese spy driver wasn’t there ... he could’ve poisoned all of the kids or at least let out a stinky fart to distract those assembled for as long as it took to extract Di-Fi from facing her loathsome constituents. 🙄 🤦‍♂️ @KurtSchlichter @TuckerCarlson
Feinstein and all the others better watch out they’re starting to eat their own I don’t like her but I have to say she held her own. Not going to cave to threats and blackmail Not moved by the KIDS
Wow! Indoctrination field trip!
"Your job is to listen to us!" "That's where you're wrong, boogerface"
** The Adults Propagandized . . and are scaring the children!
So sad to see these young children being used for political purposes.
So liberal democrats have no morals anymore to use kids is an awful thing to do?Especially when you want them to deliver a message from @georgesoros the devil man?All liberal democrats is financially supported by @georgesoros he is the dollar backup to destroy America? pic.twitter.com/sbGQKqoqdN
this teacher needs to be fired ...sickening and if my kid ws there with out my permission law suit!! listen to her big mouth
Damn that's proof that Democrats are getting votes that shouldn't count 😂 thanks they literally played themselves
I hate when parents abuse their children by making them cute political activists.
Quit using kids these kids don't know what they talkin about this is an embarrassment
These kids I had no idea what they were asking for. Had no idea.
She is looking for big money from Soros! Kids got first hand knowledge of corruption right from the horses mouth! Life lessons! Great for kids!
There is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to start.
It only start with one Person !!
The bad, nasty grandma......#NotTheFavorite
Just tell them no. And go to bed with no supper.
Feinstein has an attitude problem. I just won an election. Don't tell me what to do. I know better than you. I've been doing this for 30 years. Holier than thou because she's a Senator.
This is what you get when bullies are suppressed.
Tbh those kids and AOC have the same mental development
When ignorance collides with ignorance.
At that age we should be teaching them to reach for the stars. Instead they are brainwashing them with gloom and doom.
Whoever put these kids up to this and tormented them into believing that we're all gonna die in 12 years should be arrested for child abuse and exploitation. No wonder people are increasingly home schooling their kids
This is child abuse. Can you imagine the neurotic mess this gaggle of children are going to be when they get close to their doom? That idiot woman with them needs to be jailed for exploitation and abuse.
The whole situation is laughable. Kids are brats & need to go back to school and learn math LOL
This is completely normal. This isn't indoctrination at all.
This is SICK. Extremely SICK. Weaponizing kids now? Forcing an older lady like that??? What the heck? Such disrespect must not be tolerated. I am not a fan of @SenFeinstein but senator, you must NOT give into @AOC 's stupidity. She is the real danger of this country.
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