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Look how the radical left indoctrinates your children.

This radical leftist teacher should be fired for using kids to further political agenda.

Dianne Feinstein handled this great!

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Why is that teacher making those kids scared? What an ass! She shouldn’t be teaching. One of those kids almost freaked out thinking the world was going to end if DF didn’t get on board the green new deal. Lord!! The teacher kept interrupting. She is a bad example!
Children need to be educated for real to make up their own minds. This is so Wrong on so many levels. These Children won’t understand these topics fully for another 10-20 years and they are being used as 12 year olds as political pawns. #fearmongering
The next time these kids approach an adult like this, the adult should hand'em their mortgage bill, and ask them, "How are you going to pay for this when you don't have a job due to the #GreenNewDeal? Is your government going to pay for this?" Do it right in front of the teacher
If my kids were to ever be subject to this I would have raised hell with the school board.
These children have been indoctrinated with FEAR. Children should be enjoying this time of their lives and not promoting some Hoax for Globalists Criminals.
What a POS teacher using these poor kids
Names please of the "some scientists" that have said we have 12 years. Is brainwashing young children child abuse? I guess none of these children like McDonald's hamburgers. 🤔
This is PRECISELY why I chose to homeschool my kids, at least for awhile, b/c THIS is CHILD ABUSE; THIS is MIND-CONTROL; this is FEAR-INVOKING in these little ones who don’t realize how they r being used. And this REALLY makes me FURIOUS!
How did the GND already make it into this classroom’s curriculum? Aren’t the frameworks for the year set in advance? This teacher has gone rogue. Bless those kids for being pawns in her agenda....
This is just child abuse. Who is this teacher? What is her school.
These kids actually think that we’re gonna die! Shame on everyone who is scaring the crap out of these kids!
“Kids you’re going to die in 12 years!” That’s not an effed up way to go through your young life at all, thinking you’re going to by the time you’re an adult. Lmfao. The Left is unhinged.
Child abuse. Where is CPS?
😠😠😠😠 Teachers, LISTEN UP.....These are NOT Your Children!! Teach them to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Teach them to read, write, mathematics, civics (how U.S. Gov is operated & why) If you want to be environmental activist, or promote ANYTHING.....DON'T USE OUR CHILDREN!!! 😤😤😤😤
Please don’t allow your children to be indoctrinated. Sen . Feinstein handled this very well. The teacher should be fired.
I stopped at those scientists said we have 12 yrs to turn this around.??? So prophet o-crazy-o Cortez is now a scientist? If my son told me he participated in this his teacher would be fired i guarantee.
Teachers using kids and scaring the hell out of kids. Look at these poor kids fully mind controlled by a rude teacher. @realDonaldTrump @VickieBlum @MWalker1029 @hilander57 @JamesBuchal @Oregon_GOP @GOPChairwoman @LarsLarsonShow @ispyradio @SteveScalise @VP
Parents of these children, immediately get with your school district. This kind of education is dangerous. (Guess where New York got AOC?)
This is truly revolting to watch.
This is PRECISELY why I chose to homeschool my kids, at least for awhile, b/c THIS is CHILD ABUSE; THIS is MIND-CONTROL; this is FEAR-INVOKING in these little ones who don’t realize how they r being used. And this REALLY makes me FURIOUS! #MAGA #CROTCHETYDIANNE #KEEPMYCOOL 🤬
Wow these kids are so brain washed it’s scary. I’m not a Feinstein fan, but good that she sees the AOC effect on the stupid teachers of today that gobble this shit up and feed it to the youth. 😳 #MAGA2020 🇺🇸❤️@realDonaldTrump
So, these kids go to bed every night thinking they will be dead in 12 years, all courtesy of this irresponsible teacher. I believe this teacher needs to be fired and made to apologize to these kids, let them know she was overly zealous in what she said.
Let's get them straightened out. Start with no cell phone, TV, computer, video games or anything requiring electricity. Now let's move on to clothes (synthetic fibers), rubber (no cars or bikes), and basic cleaning chemicals. No gas to cook or heat homes. They'll get the idea.
It's just criminal how the Left have indoctrinated our children to believe this lie.
That's what I thought too
They are indoctrinating the children younger and younger. These kids are the future radicals in society.
Our education system has stolen the ability to dream from our children. Our media is just its most terrible child.
These teacher are total f*cking idiots and would never be let around my kids pic.twitter.com/28zFgfMwrE
Who knew that Feinstein would sound logical? That's how crazy @TheDemocrats Party and it's future voters sound and behave.
This is an absolutely crystal clear video of the exploitation of children by their teachers & other adults. This is why young people want socialism. They have not been taught the truth, just twisted & edited history, science based not on observation & facts but opinions. Poison!
So the biggest issue I see with this video is that nobody was being patient & letting the other people/person talk. People talking over people creates anger, frustration, issues & nobody gets anywhere.
In those children, you see the next generation of political terrorists.
I have no idea how those kids are gonna make it thru life when they realize in 15 years that their teacher lied to them.
Wow This teacher should be fired. I don't like Feinstein but she did what she could. Maybe she can start to understand where her party is going. It ain't no green hole it's a deep black hole and they keep digging.
These teachers should be unemployed and possibly in jail fir chikd abuse. This is a stunning & shockimg shame.
Pathetic - she should be fired
As much as I hate that bag of bones (Feinstein), I'm damn proud she put that "teacher" in her place, though she should have told her, "I will see to it that you lose your teaching certificate, because you're not teaching, you're terrorizing these children"!
This is the culmination of liberal indoctrination. What a load of B.S. These kids are in for a rude awakening.
I’m glad she was honest and didn’t cave to the mini Socialists in the making
These teachers should be fired!!! Parents -get to EVERY school board meeting and TAKE YOUR SCHOOLS BACK.
Breaking: That teacher is nothing new. Liberals have turned schools into madrasshas: more indoctrination less education.

Why teachers union want to criminalize home schooling- California has worst quality of life & education

Why government should get out of the edu biz
Oh my gosh, children are being brainwashed
He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future~Adolf Hitler.
Liberalism eating its own lately! It’s a beautiful site and rare to see! Imma enjoy it while it last!
Talk to me in 12 years 😁😁😁
The government is for the people. Y'all just hate Donald Trump and what's best for the people.
The green new deal would bankrupt and destroy America Then China, Russia, and iran would invade us
Sickening what this teacher has done to these kids inciting fear
Teacher should be fired plus charged with child abuse
Those kids and that teacher are obnoxious! They have no decorum or respect for her office. That’s how the left are.
I can't wait until they roll out the children's march for #PlannedParenthood
This isn’t a teacher....she is indoctrating students......she should be terminated immediately and lose her license.
Pathetic, at least Feinstein stood up to poor excuse for a teacher who is using her students as political pawns
Handled well by the Senator. Children should not be frightened at this age. Instilling an "end of the world" message is unhealthy. They have no concept of "12 years" or of evaluating environmental changes around the world.
The problem is, Feinstein treats ALL OF US this way! She feels she doesn't have to listen to anyone! I hate that!
She should be fired, for sure. Then stripped of her license.
These left marching little princesses 👸 have all of the answers 🙄
Who are these kids who think that they have a say in politics?? Shut your damn mouth! When you're wiping your own ass, working, paying taxes, or carrying a rifle for your country then your opinion will count. Until then, eat your yogurt & lunchables and stfu!!
Why were these children even brought here? This is what schools are doing now...?
This is nausea inducing drivel propaganda of the worst order 🤮🤮🤮
The depths of these morally bankrupt office holders is breathtaking. She didn't handle a damn thing. She was just taken aback by the awareness those kids displayed.
Just shows how STUPID the people in her district are. Imagine voting for that senile old bitch?!? I guess California deserves what they have become, Newsome, Pelosi, Feinstien, and others.
"I KNOW WHAT IM DOING" yet still you do NOTHING
The hysteria in these peoples voices is sad. Tell kids the world is ending in 12 years is cruel. Plus a 10 year old wouldn’t be the only one.
Wow!!! Indoctrination!!!scary
Rude teacher, teaching her class to be rude and disrespectful! DEMANDING!
Agreed Oak. First time I’ve liked her.
This is child abuse - mommy filling the kids head with fear and lies.
This is stomach turning!
Yeah I’m sure they went to college and figured the cost out by now🙈 they want the green new deal WOW all OF them are Geniuses🤣 😳🧐🙈🤣
Child exploitation!! Disgusting!!
The teacher should be fired, this is child abuse.
I don’t like her, but she did do a great job handling that. The audacity of that teacher to argue like this in front of her students showed a clear lack of respect for a sitting Senator! Not a good example at all!
Dianne Feinstein is a TRAITOR to this country and will get a tribunal and GITMO!! Wake up!!!
She a joke.. the crooked..kids did a fine job on her..they said that they’re the future and all Feinstein’s said was you didn’t vote for me dah. Week response to kids...
the only gift I would let my child give to his teach would be pic.twitter.com/CwEWo5cl4b
They have no idea how this would ruin their future. They only know they've been told everyone's going to die in 12 years if they don't do it. @AOC should be sued for her lies that terrorized these kids.
Now if Feinstein will be as understanding in other areas.
And the dumbing down of America!!!
Disgusting Tactics by Progressives. Use Children to Checkmate Lawmakers.
Those kids better not question her AUTHORITY or they may just bump the abortion age up to 16.
I just want to know how old is her hair clip?
This terrifies me, teachers using someone else child for political gain! I'd think teaching is to teach both sides of the Government not the teacher's agenda! 😒 The adults in this one-sided left teaching should be fired! These little ones should be exploring positive learning!😉
I think both are despicable...the teacher for pushing her agenda on the children and F'd up @SenFeinstein repeating she just won a big election. Seems to have no interest in listening to those who will be regulating her nursing care when the time comes! Both are wrong! Go MAGA!
So children are now afraid the world will end, or be grossly affected in 12 years. Don't kids have enough pressure figuring out what gender they are?
Pissed Off about this....
Can somebody please find out where she teaches?
Where does this brain washing teacher work? What school? She should be fired immediately!
This indoctrination of children is sickening. How can you trust your children’s education? If I had school age children I would take them out of public school.
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