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The Trump admin has issued a rule to restrict federal funding for groups like Planned Parenthood that provide abortion referrals.

More than a dozen Democratic governors have already threatened to sue to block the measure from being implemented.

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I understand that there is debate about at which point a fetus becomes a human being, but there should be NO DEBATE over the fact that a woman is already a human being.
Federal money is already forbidden to be used in abortions. Kneejerk nonsense like this harms people getting cancer screenings, prenatal checkups, birth control, child checkups, prostate exams, and annual pelvic exams.
Time for Ratification of the ERA & stop old men from making decisions that are not theirs to make. #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTheMF pic.twitter.com/GvtfWrh9Bc
Republican Party: "We're the party of freedom and personal liberty, the govt shouldn't meddle in your lives! No nanny state!" Also Republican Party: "Women, we MEN will wrest control of your bodies from you and make your most personal reproductive decisions." #VoteBlue2020
We can sue the living shit out of them 24/7. I see nothing being acomplished by that... yet. When do they catch up? I don’t think it’s fast enough.
Every effort Trump makes to harm programs that deal with women’s health are bad for Americans.
And if it goes bf Supreme Court, #Kavanaugh will uphold. Let’s check in w @SenatorCollins to see if she’s reached “concerned” yet.
To bad Fred Trump did not take Mary Anne to planned parenthood between Klan meetings..
It will come out eventually just how many abortions trump paid for.
I'm sick of this administration.
I have never seen such PANSIES before as I see on the LEFT. They keep throwing Temper Tantrums over Trump. Sue, Sue, Sue! Go ahead .... .Sue! pic.twitter.com/4mVkisP2If
The man that paid for abortions is now forbidding them?
Man he is really doubling down on his base. The law must be getting close!
Can SOMEONE please explain to me how cutting Planned Parenthood our of health care—they provide a SIGNIFICANT Portion of low-income health care to women—fits in with the whole “end HIV” project? I’m having some difficulty figuring that one out. Anyone...?
He is playing to whoever will support him and the evangelical non-christians will... as long as he attacks women's bodies.
I hope they sue and win.
Distractions, distractions, distractions.
Planned Parenthood don't receive federal funding for abortions
Unfortunately he and scum were not aborted
So does that mean since the Israeli government funds abortions for their citizens are we going to stop the 3.8 billion a year to them? Just wondering.
I’m mixed views on this. I think Abortion should be allowed, but, only if the Mum’s 🤰🏻 life is in danger, or the Baby’s👶🏻 life is in danger, or if the Baby👶🏻 wouldn’t have any good life quality. People who use it as a Contraception, and some do, should NOT be allowed to have one!
#MAGA #PlannedParenthood #Abortion #CBN #ProLife It's not only this, it's being okay w/condemning thousands of mothers, daughters to death by taking away their only access to gynecological healthcare. They screen for cancer. pic.twitter.com/jyQWCNSj9o
This hoes on and on and on. DT could care less how many lawsuits are against him. That is not normal. It’s so arrogant.
This is a tic for tat thing here. “If they won’t give me money for my wall I won’t give them money for their abortions” both are going to court
Trump always pays for abortions. How the girls get them, not his problem. Unless of course it is precious Ivanka.
Kylie want up to birth abortion... Thinks its rad.
Practice, Policy, Law...rule?
They do things out of deliberate cruelty or deliberate stupidity. This move is both.
Seems to me they should do more then just THREATEN to sue...
PLANNED PARENTHOOD had revenue of 1.4 billion last year and had 77million in profit. Soend 38 million in ELECTION funds all while getting 500 million from the taxpayers in government funding. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE SUBSIDIZED, SO BRAVO FOR Trump. LEARN THE FACTS OR STFU
That's all the GOP has....pro-Life. 10 yrs from now half their base dead....from old age.
To the Democratic governors: Gentlemen can you sue him out of office? Thank you we will be eternally grateful.
The funding will be diverted to faith based groups. Pence and the religious right have received payment for their vote.
#DamnDemsSupportMurderingMinorityBabies #DemsSupportBabyKillers Dems support killing babies born alive PP IS NOT Healthcare! PP is murder!
A perfect plan Mr. President keep the liberals busy with Lawyers and Courts, while you Drain The Swamp.
The Pence Administration. Trump doesn't give one shit about abortions. He would hate it if they were banned probably.
Openly supporting murder is evil. Forcing taxpayers to fund this even more diabolical. Slaughtering innocent infants and depriving them of the life is horrific. Do not allow evil to overpower your soul into being an instrument of human destruction. #DefundPlannedParenthood pic.twitter.com/3AS4nzxcpS
He had no problem funding one for Broidy.
These fools think Planned Parenthood only do abortions. Idiots! They provided essential health care services such as "STD testing and treatment, birth control, well-woman exams, cancer screening and prevention, hormone therapy, infertility services, and general health care."
What else is New.... Dems are always whinning and complaining! Trump does something as President! Best Pres ever!
You gotta love this President! He just keeps stickin' it to those crazy leftists.......
activating the religious groups for the showdown... 🙊🙉🙈
It's so hypocritical. DT doesn't give a damn about abortion. He's just playing to his base. @kylegriffin1 @PPact #Choice #ImpeachTheMF #feminism
Here is a promise made that is kept.
POS. No nothing president
I've heard trump has been responsible for abortions.
Sure, he did.... How much longer? Countdown timer, anyone?
Look at that tiny, teeny, LEETLE hand! 🤣🤣🤣
OMG! We can't get rid of this anti womens rights fool soon enough.😈😈
So the guy who grabs women by the pu$$y needs to stay the hell out of our uterus!!!!!! And of course that will also affect women who get their birth control and gynecological exams at planned parenthood. So let's just get rid of him instead!!!
Mueller wrapping up Cohen testifying. Patriots owner/friend Robert Kraft charged. Trump is panicking so what does he do? He attacks women’s healthcare via Planned Parenthood to reinforce his crazies on the right for support.
Our Rights keep being trampled by rich white men. Womyn must stand up for those that come after.
#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation #Resist & Fight back against #rich #white men & "religious" zealots who have affairs & father illegitimate children that try to CONTROL & TELL WOMEN how to handle their reproductive lives!!! It's #hypocrisy & gall & infringes upon our #freedom
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