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Kids aren't props! They're autonomous actors who have a far greater stake in transformative climate action than any adult does. Kids absolutely belong in political movements, and we should be fighting in solidarity with them.
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You know what, I think liberal feminism has reached peak death drive with this tweet.
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Liberal feminism is a disease
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jesus christ

we have 11 years to mitigate climate disaster and your hot take is 'wah! everyone hates older women' are you kidding me with this shit?

these kids speak for all of us. Green New Deal has 80% support, we shouldn't have to beg craven senators like Feinstein AT ALL
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koholint island yacht club 馃彸锔忊嶐煂 馃尯
Are white people okay?
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@KateHarding @nycsouthpaw Sorry no. There was a simple way to thank those kids for their enthusiasm and encourage them to participate in the process. She didn't have to do anything more than thank them. Instead she dismissed their energy and I'm sure crushed a few spirits in the process.
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@KateHarding Oh yes--getting a woman of any age flustered as she struggles to defend her indefensible position is so much worse than a Dem "leader" like @SenFeinstein showing oil/gas donors that she'll earn their over $250,000 by ignoring climate change our peril.
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Nah, you don't get to weaponize my gender to defend callous behavior. A politician telling a group of kids to fuck off, is not good politics, or good humaning.

Get off your bullshit.
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You're disturbing. Children have thoughts, opinions, & fears just like you. They're also free to take a stand.

How on Earth can you side with an adult who bullied children?

Why would you defend someone who won't even listen to those who have to deal with the results of greed?
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@KateHarding I love how you frame Feinstein as a victim who has made a career of not caring about her constituents. She could have, you know, acknowledged their concern, maybe taken it to heart? But no. She shot them down with some of the weakest language possible. Poor her :(
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@KateHarding Feinstein deserves the criticism she's getting for her response. Her gender and age are irrelevant. This was hard to watch.
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"It was actually the fault of the CHILDREN and not the fault of the soulless corporate narcissist! People consider me a grown-up." #DRNIK!!
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@KateHarding Do you know NOTHING of the sunrise movement or the global children鈥檚 movement fighting for climate change action? Your statements here are hideous and tone deaf.
This is not 鈥渕anipulating鈥 children, it鈥檚 the children who want to fight. Yr no better than Trumpian climate deniers.
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@KateHarding I'm curious about how you think a ancient millionaire who, as mayor of San Francisco, raised the confederate flag in the middle of the city and violently opposed an efforts to (rightly) lower it, is the victim in this situation.
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伪魏蠈渭畏 未苇蟽渭喂慰蟼 蔚喂蟼 蟿慰谓 韦维蟻蟿伪蟻慰谓
@KateHarding @nycsouthpaw I鈥檇 love to be a kid and see an adult with incredible power scold me, my friends, and what we鈥檙e doing. Would really get me fucking jazzed up to serve my country or whatever. So would people speculating about how we鈥檙e crisis actors online. Great.
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@KateHarding Fuck you. These kids have a right to a future, and Diane Feinstein's feelings, and yours, don't mean shit.

We are all going to die if we don't act. That's the priority. Period.
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12 Russians in a spring 馃尭 trenchcoat
@KateHarding I am a mother and a constituent and I am 42. Her experience is apparently not enough to make her understand the urgency or enough to keep her from talking about her electoral superiority as if kids give a shit by how much she won by.
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@KateHarding She bragged about winning a big election, sarcastically said 鈥渨ell you must know better than me,鈥 and dismissed someone who said she should serve those who voted for her because the girl wasn鈥檛 voting age. That鈥檚 insane behavior
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Kids: But we're gonna die if you dont take bold action NOW!

Dianne Feinstein: Oh, but did you vote for me? I know what I'm doing you little pissants.

Limousine Liberals: Kids in this country just hate older women
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@KateHarding Civility, tone, and respect are important things, but when you wield them to beat down arguments about harm, livelihood, and survival, that鈥檚 punching down.

And calling it 鈥渕anipulation鈥 is erasure of millions of climate refugees, who aren鈥檛 American kids, suffering TODAY.
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@KateHarding Watch it again, but imagine Feinstein as Trump:
鉁"I don't respond to that. I've gotten elected, I've just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote[s]"
鉁"I know what I'm doing."
鉁"Well you didn't vote for me."
鉁"You should run...In the meantime, I just won a big election"
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@KateHarding Thank you for aiding the work of the left in showing how vacuous neoliberalism is. Sometimes we find it challenging to demonstrate just how far centrism has fallen into nothing other than woke-shaming managerial moralism, but this really does this trick.
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cell phone / self-own 鈾匡笍 馃
@KateHarding You鈥檙e right, the millionaire who won鈥檛 have to live with the effects of climate change is the real victim here
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@KateHarding Yeah! Those kids need to accept that the planet is doomed and they have no future! They should be more respectful to a senator who voted for the Iraq Invasion!!!
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@KateHarding She had any number of options for how to act. Impatient and condescending was a bad choice.
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Those children still have to live on this planet the olds have fucked after Feinstein keels over - you can鈥檛 muster outrage because you don鈥檛 give a fuck about their future
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@KateHarding Miami is going to be underwater in thirty years, Kate
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@KateHarding lmao of course you empathize more with Feinstein and not the children just told their world is going to end
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Mass extinction is 100 million times grosser than using children to manipulate someone.
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@KateHarding She was alternately cruel , condescending and pathetically defensive . A startling display of overcompensation and insecurity as if she鈥檚 aware she鈥檚 had a long lucrative career of ignoring the needs of the little people .
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@KateHarding I'm going with the kids on this one.
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@KateHarding Did it ever occur to you that every child on this planet lives with the full awareness that unless we do something NOW they will never get the chance to live to be as old as Diane Feinstein?
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*Watching children beg a senator not to let them get cooked to death*

鈥淗mmm this is violence against boomers鈥
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are the tens of thousands of schoolchildren in Europe marching to demand action on climate also being manipulated against older women
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Estarianne, anti-imperialista 馃馃惐馃
@KateHarding But you also don't really like kids and think senators should be treated as high status individuals.
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Putin's side chick for #Bernie2020
@KateHarding Soooo, you're saying that her "gently"
saying f@*k off to those kids that fear for their OWN future was ok?
Plus, she even broke her OWN pledge to NOT take fossil fuel money.
It's ALL about the Benjamin's.
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Well, hang on to your asshole because your world is about to implode.
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@KateHarding this is the defining moral issue of our time, and Feinstein is hectoring these kids about her reelection and experience. it's completely out of touch and has nothing to do with her gender
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Magikomrade: Climate Stalin 鈽
@KateHarding Congrats on today鈥檚 worst take
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@KateHarding have you considered that we just hate blood soaked war criminals who ran the confederate flag up over san fransisco because they're genuinely evil people
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@KateHarding Is what you took from this video really "wow these children sure are sexist?"

When you look at those pleading children begging for hope for a future and see her cross her arms and browbeat them & tell them to accept their death, your take from that is that they're being sexist?
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@KateHarding I gotta admit, when I see people defending a millionaire legislator for telling children that they're stupid for begging for their lives, my first thought isn't "wow, that's some good feminism right there," but congratulations on that galaxy brain hot take
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@KateHarding I don鈥檛 really care how civil she was, she鈥檚 been in Congress for decades and these kids have had their future ruined on her watch
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@KateHarding Good God. The kids just wanted a hearing. They wanted to believe in democracy. They left understanding that politics has no place for the young & powerless. They may grow stronger & take things into their own hands. Who could blame them?
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How sexist of the sunrise foundation to make a rich old lady look onto the eyes of actual children that her detatched arrogance is robbing years of life from.

Peak lib
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@KateHarding if you gotta take a take, that's a take that you can take
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#HandsOffVenezuela PandaDog馃毄馃彺
@KateHarding 鈥渢echnically those 15 kids with the sunrise movement were girls, not women executives, so who gives a shitt about them.鈥 #CorporateFeminism
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Shaming and talking down to kids for asking a question, when they'll have to live with the consequences of Feinstein's violent policy decisions (all while she takes in money from the oil and gas industry).

Feinstein isn't the victim here, those affected by her policies are.
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@KateHarding Feinstein鈥檚 behavior is absolutely disgraceful, and these kids need to be respected and to exercise the power they deserve to shape their futures.
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Children are whole humans with experiences & opinions &, ideally, futures. Treating them otherwise perpetuates shame, anxiety, likelihood of abuse, & so much more that comes up with teenagers in Sex Ed. Consent starts with body & extends to planet. THEY DONT CONSENT TO DEATH 馃拃
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@KateHarding @nycsouthpaw That鈥檚 a hell of an assumption. You think these children are manipulating a senator because they have some ulterior motive besides survival?
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if you've been in politics as long as Feinstein & step on a rake *this hard* you've got no one to blame but your own entitled, out of touch self
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鈥淭he New Thoreau鈥濔煆曫煂咅煂答煂吼煃
@KateHarding I am so tired of how much this country insists on literally destroying the planet and causing the extinction of most species including our own
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@KateHarding She could have been polite. She could have been respectful. She was neither.
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@KateHarding I鈥檓 gently telling you you don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e doing.
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It's been hard for humans to grasp climate change's devastation b/c it's still something we see in the abstract (although that's changing.) Climate change will NOT be an abstract concept for next gen. Politicians should have to look at children's faces every single day.
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@KateHarding @nycsouthpaw I don鈥檛 think we watched the same video.
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@KateHarding You honestly think that was gentle? Her message was literally "i'm a senator and you're not."
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@KateHarding Does she know what she's doing, though? We have a decade to prevent climate change from becoming an existential threat to human civilization; her rejection of the radical action we need right now is functionally indistinguishable from climate change denial.
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馃尰Elle 馃悎 Gato馃尰
Welp this is certainly a take
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@KateHarding They鈥檙e fighting for their lives.
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@KateHarding She could have easily said "I hear you, and I'll take it into consideration and meet with others like you about this issue. I'm proud of what you're doing and thank you for coming here to meet with me". Yet she didn't.
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@KateHarding she clearly doesn't know what she's doing because she's been in office for 30 years and we keep accelerating towards ecological collapse
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@KateHarding She deserves every bit of criticism she gets. Quit weaponizing identity politics. It鈥檚 not about her being an older woman. She was objectively in the wrong here, plain and simple.
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Bern the road and rebuild the world
@KateHarding This is a terrible take and the fact you defend her behavior, let alone her not backing this important legislation shows a lot about you
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@KateHarding I have one thing to say to you
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@KateHarding I鈥檓 glad you feel confident that DiFi鈥檚 leadership is going to protect life on earth. I don鈥檛 but we鈥檒l agree to disagree. But I think public office entails an obligation to consider a few generations down the line.
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@KateHarding Gonna speak to those kid鈥檚 manager
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饾櫩饾櫨饾櫩饾櫞饾殘饾櫞 馃挩馃挩
@KateHarding Protecting your 90 year old millionaire by off-handedly accusing children of being crisis actors...

The pestilential moxie of Alex Jones lives on.
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@KateHarding Experienced senator? If she knew what she was doing she would鈥檝e never talked down to the next generation that has to deal with the 馃寧 as we have left it and fucked it all up for them. They know more then you think they do! Now, that 16 yr old will be 18 soon 馃ゾ her out.
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Kate says stop bombing people, you sick fucks 鈿
On a scale of 1 to Al Franken how mad are you right now?
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@KateHarding Young people across the globe stand up daily to be heard by dismissive leaders who refuse to accept that their actions or inaction has damned these kids to a future hellscape that THREATENS THE FUTURE OF OUR SPECIES. Shit, these kids were too polite.
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Yeah. They should've used filthy-rich people Dianne's age who have no stake in the future and can comfortably ride out the rest of their miserable lives in relative comfort.
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@KateHarding Hell, she could've just done the tried & true method of politics & lied straight to their faces. Instead, she chastises & dismisses. I hope she lives long enough to become a victim of the very thing she is refusing to support.
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@KateHarding @nycsouthpaw This take is completely incorrect. Not about ageism or sexism at all.
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3 23
dr. phoenix calida is bearly black
The way she鈥檚 manipulated her constituents into thinking she actually cares about their lives is worse
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3 22
@KateHarding a Senator's job is to LISTEN to constituents, not TELL them "she knows what she's doing"
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free darius mccollum & also palestine馃尮
@KateHarding Imagine if it was Trump in the same scenario... You'd be ALL OVER IT.
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Sara Byrella 馃惎馃惢馃
It is indeed Nasty to act like DiFi was forced to excoriate those adorable, articulate, TOTALLY ACCURATE babies and the younger woman/women with them
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3 21
馃尳Cat Sparkle馃尳馃惁馃尮
@KateHarding Really? This is your take? I agree 100% that this country hates older women (I am one) but that is not the issue here. It's wealth, greed, and entitlement. And the destruction of our planet. Jesus.
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#FreeLeonardPeltier #DefendTruth
@KateHarding Like you and your friends hate Bernie because of his age??????????
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@KateHarding It鈥檚 so lucky that we have you to defend the extremely fucking rich and powerful. Who else would speak for them if not you? Of course we鈥檙e all going to die because of climate change, but it鈥檚 really much more important that people aren鈥檛 too critical of a politician you like.
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@KateHarding She can make that point without implying that because they didn鈥檛 vote for her, she doesn鈥檛 rep them. She can make the point without getting Trump-y about being a Democratic senator who won an election in CALIFORNIA
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@KateHarding Because, "I've been doing this for 30 years and I don't have to listen to constituents without being condescending and arrogant" is totally legitimate. Meanwhile, these kids will grow up to live in a climate hellscape.
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2 20
The fact you think it's "manipulative" for kids to take action and want to save their future is fuct.
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Siri, show me the white moderate
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2 19
S蠁lid鈷秗ity For鈽璿er馃尮
With these opinions you show that you are an immoral person and you are unworthy of being online. Delete your account and don't log on again.
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@KateHarding I'm so tired of people using gender as a shield to defend the terrible behavior of powerful women. Bad is bad. Feinstein condescended to scared kids & talked about her plurality and her election instead of addressing their concerns. It's gross.
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