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When Feinstein told that young woman to run for Senate it brought back memories

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When asked to do their JOB, politicians are the only employees in this country who look their bosses in their eyes, laugh at you and say: 鈥渨hy don鈥檛 you do it yourself?鈥 -and get away with it.

This is why we need a political revolution.
Weirdly a bunch of HRC staffers formed some political advocacy group called "Run for Something", hopefully as an homage that great quote A cool thing about this video is that the young woman being told to "run for something then" was a staffer for Ilhan Omar馃檪 pic.twitter.com/EVNEOPRHeF
You know this young woman was working for Ilhan Omar in her 2016 race at the time!
鈥淥h I鈥檓 working for a Somali American.鈥 Any guess who she worked for? 馃槤
The young woman was a staffer of @IlhanMN, who inquired about @HillaryClinton's use of the term #SuperPredator & was met w/ a dismissive response. Similar to that of @SenFeinstein's response to the @sunrisemvmt activists.

This is why young people are demanding new leadership.
Yup and all the excuses in the world this is what it boils down to. Holier than thou elite, centrist, corporate, Dems like Feinstein, Hillary, and dare i say Pelosi along with the powers that be in the DNC are why we are in the situation we are in.
Hard to believe how much such an attractive warm candidate couldn't beat an orange game show host in 2016
This is one of many reasons why she lost. The Russians couldn't have done anymore than the damage she caused.
Love how dismissive of young, civic minded people our "representatives" are.
Reminded me of this
When a multimillionaire politician says 鈥渨hy don鈥檛 you run for office then?鈥, it鈥檚 with the exact same contempt and energy as when any MAGA dipshit says 鈥渋f you hate America so much, why don鈥檛 you just leave?!鈥 twitter.com/thomasurlatoil鈥
This is so so hard to watch without shaking with anger. Any politicized black person has been met with this tone before, yet I鈥檓 supposed to be sad this woman lost.
god it still makes my blood boil
someone repost this but make it just hillary's chuckle at the end on a loop for 10 hours. thx.
I really hope that girl did or will run for office.
I was thinking of this too, how the milquetoast civil religion of public service has somehow soured into this pure passive-aggressive assertion of dominance
The patronizing cackle at the end though.
Feinsten upped the game by talking that way to children.
EVERY politician has this Rodham-Clinton and Feinstein thing hiding (or not) inside of them. When regular people push powerful people into tight spaces, all bets are off. We choose monsters. Because we have only monsters from which to choose. #noexit
Are old white women okay?
There is a special place in heaven for women who lift up and empower other women. #womenempowerment
Yes! I thought of this immediately when I saw the Feinstein video. Also, HRC's Greenpeace video. youtube.com/watch?v=dC4Pvm鈥
Tweeted that 鈥渨hy don鈥檛 you go run for something then?鈥 quote earlier when I saw Feinstein being so dismissive. Just don鈥檛 get why they don鈥檛 understand these beautiful youth ARE the future.
First thing I thought of too. smfh
She always talked down to people. Her arrogance was another reason people did not vote for her.
That鈥檚 what @SenFeinstein reminded me of thanks Thomas
I'm the ruling class and you are the peasant, be gone with you
This was one of her greatest hits
And somehow Bernie's the one with the "black problem"
These young people keep these Neo Liberals awake at night
Well why don鈥檛 YEW go run for something!
This is what boomers think
I said the same thing. The only time I saw something this disgraceful was the three times Hillary berated black women who questioned her even had one woman tossed out of her fundraiser.
"I know that I'm an elected official and that I'm supposed to serve you, but frankly this is about the things that I want. If you want something, then why don't you drop everything else in your life and focus entirely on running for office?" Makes sense.
Omg that is EXACTLY what went through my mind too!!! Immediately!!!
Remember? How many voters were centrifugally driven away by this candidate's fucking arrogance?
What makes people feel so f"""kg superior??
Immediately what I thought of too
Her name is Stacey Rosana and someone should tell Hillary, Stacey did do something, she joined Ilhan Omar's team. She's an inspiration.
"rich white woman who dares challengers to run for office" Sounds familiar
Another cringe moment after they took it away from Bernie.
I sometimes feel badly for her because pretty much everybody hates her. Then I see something like this, and I remember why. And that it's mutual. Which makes all the more puzzling the occasional real-life #ImWithHerd sheeple (most of them well-off, middle-aged ewes). Sad.
That Hilary Smirk gets me every time. Ugh
same disgustingly condescending energy #resignFeinstein
I remembered it too ..glad you found it
she basically tells this woman to go shove it because Hillary knows that ordinary people without lots of money have little to no chance of winning elections when the system is rigged in favor of the wealthy. Feinstein did the same thing.
It's nice to see that the Democratic Socialists took Hillary Clinton's advise and won!
Bleh get these people out. So glad I锔 didn鈥檛 vote for Hillary (in the primary) or for Feinstein 馃憢馃徏 #byyeee
Yep, that attitude. But we can blame it on other things, I guess...
Feinstein bragging on being in Congress for 30 years...wtf are we in this mess today if you know what you're doing???????????????????
That condescending little cun+
"Why dont you run"... cause she doin honest labor
it brought back memories of dead self centered while woman talking down to a person of color? sounds about right since both clinton and frankenstein are racist pieces of shit.
What did the girl say to HRC? I can't hear the whole exchange and it sounded like HRC was defending the Somali American 馃馃馃
I'm so proud of this strong womxn of color for standing up for what she believe in and not letting anyone tell her otherwise. Ugh, this is why I love Hillary. Fuck that other rude BITCH though
Weren't you working with a similar politician for president? Climate threat was also a part of Bernie 2016 btw lol twitter.com/Thomasurlatoil鈥
ugh that laugh at the end
Hillary Clinton is disgusting.
Kids are stupid and the super smart adults and politicians who have brought us the utopian society we live in need to call them out.
When I saw the Feinstein video, I though of this too. Do you know what her name is? I wonder if she will run.
Yep. I thought of this too.
that hideous chuckle at the end
鈥淣o representation for you!鈥 #Hillbeast & #DianeDINO - pfft
That鈥檚 OG Kamala Harris!!
Was there ever a transcript of the whole conversation? I really want to know what they鈥檙e saying in the beginning
Remember how people kept saying that Hillary is the best when it comes to POC and women? Good times
I was thinking of this same exact moment! These establishment, 鈥渟he persisted鈥 types need to go!
godddddddddd i can鈥檛 believe I had to vote for this dirty bitch 馃槶
But Hillary and DiFi demand that people respect them. Respect and votes are earned!
Oh gosh... you can't just get over @HillaryClinton and that's awesome! Keep clutching馃挋馃憡馃挋
They are gonna lose, and lose badly, if Trump uttered the words Feinstein did could you imagine the coverage that MSNBC, & CNN would give on it?
Up yours, children! *motorcycles away*
Wow! she sounds drunk and obnoxious 馃う鈥嶁檧锔 The scary part is that she was sober 馃槖This condescending elitist attitude is why she lost 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
And she wonders why she lost...
At the end, that snarky laugh of disrespect that tempts me to slap her. 馃が
It is exactly the same. Millionaires employed by billionaires. Let me pragmasplain this in corporate consultantese 4 ya, kid. U don't matter. All the seats on the bus to Mars are full.
A cringe worthy moment I will never, ever forget. But only one of many!
Hillary is just repulsive in every way.
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