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Sen. Dianne Feinstein's top all-time PAC donors:

1. Wells Fargo (Banking)
2. Northrop Grumman (Defense)
3. Bank of America (Banking)
4. General Atomics (Defense)
5. General Dynamics (Defense)

As of 2015, Feinstein was the 3rd wealthiest senator with a net worth of $79 million.

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That's her base, war and banks
It also helps when she makes sure her vulture capitalist husband gets no bid deals on government buildings.
Diane Feinstein is literally one of the greedy masters of war getting rich off the suffering caused by US imperialism and the wars for which she voted in favor. The outright ghoulishness of telling children that cutting military spending is a lost cause 馃拃twitter.com/philosophrob/s鈥
Why do we allow these fckers to continue to grift?
Millionaires being paid by billionaires to obstruct the will of the people.
So much for the illusions of a dovish democrat.
Slight adjustment, then perhaps one can understand why we have so many neocons and criminals in gov. 1. Wells Fargo (Criminal Bank) 2. Northrop Grumman (Weapons for war) 3. Bank of America (Criminal Bank) 4. General Atomics (Weapons for war) 5. General Dynamics (Weapons for war)
Both Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum are war profiteers that should have been put in jail over a decade ago. original.antiwar.com/joshua-frank/2鈥
Wow, I can't believe people are put down for having purity and litmus tests to have better Democratic politicians when swamp dwelling monsters like this exist.
it's cool how these people get to take millions of dollars from defense contractors who are arming actual genocides taking place right now, and still get to call themselves "civil" servants. they're literally evil and they shouldn't exist.
Diane Feinstein is corrupt as hell
The best way to support those kids would be to get a fairly unruly mob together & keep going back to her office. Day. After Day. Louder and bigger. Some tambourines.
Millionaires being paid by billionaires
Why won't Feinstein support a #GreenNewDeal? You ever seen a tank that runs on vegetable oil? Me neither. #FeinsteinResign
And she had a Chinese spy running her office for 20 years
All politicians need term limits and shouldn鈥檛 be able to get rich while in office.
Imagine how much more shed be worth if she pleged to help support closing the #WageGap like #Bernie's advocating. *Sadly she always votes against #Progressive candidates in favor of #corporate #Neoliberal #Democrats. The #moderate #centrist #Democrats that lean #Republican right.
Exactly what the fuck is she going to do with 79 mil at her age? Eat the rich.
Well done America. You have the knowledge, now fight to eradicate this massive corruption that's affecting the whole world. Otherwise what's the point in bringing it up just to whinge?
Feinstein is the product of the Democratic Party big donor MACHINE. 馃挵馃 #FeinsteinOut
$79 million she can afford a climate fallout shelter for her grandchildren without breaking a sweat
Well, at least that explains why she had to tell the 12 year old kids that there was nothing to be done in the next decade to stop climate disaster. 馃し
Wells Fargo is a fucking disaster
#2, #4, and #5 speak for themselves
Bank of America....yeah
The evil effects of Citizens' United and related SCOTUS rulings has reached a level that Congresspeeps don't even pretend to respect or represent their constituents anymore.
Ahh, good old donorcracy.
This is why Feinstein has a heart of stone. It鈥檚 all about money 馃挻 twitter.com/philosophrob/s鈥
haha, and you're an "anarcho socialist" I thought this sort of thing makes you happy.
She is so bought and paid for. Time for her to go!
People love her for some reason, I don't get it.
Dump Feinstein! She is the people's enemy just like Trump. The rich should be banned from public office. They steal from the working class to line their pockets with wealth that should go to housing, fair wages, education, medical services and all things needed for a decent life.
Face it the Republicans and Democrats are corporate whores. #NotMeUs #ProgBlue wave to a #Bernie2020 is necessary
They all feed at the same trough
Hvis man lurer p氓 hvem en amerikansk senator fra demokratene svarer for, er det ikke befolkningen i California, men til listen du ser nedenfor. Krigsindustrien. Guns and money. Da trengs det endel酶se kriger.
Actually, if you extend the video back 30 years, I think you'll find there is plenty to criticize. Stay loud, kids.
We need a 98% estate tax immediately!
Her #1 donor in 2018 was PG&E. You know, the fossil fuel company that burned down most of her home state last year? So that鈥檚 neat.
She's paid more than well enough to keep a civil tongue with children.
Feinstein: Bought and paid for:
So much for public servants. These corporate politicians are not here for the people. And their pocketbooks are lined with gold to show it.
Love your research and posts. Would encourage you to use the words Military and War when referring to the Military Industrial Surveillance Complex and the corporate purveyors of death. pic.twitter.com/oA95WGpXXl
Didn't Feinstein's hubby essentially steal the real estate space from the US govt post office closures?
she did say she knows what she's doing...
We will make the government of the people not of the wealthiest
You鈥檙e on your way out, Gma.
Defend her liberality now.
Look! She was a Republican the entire time! pic.twitter.com/VpY3eQOrL6
In other words, she's a Republican in Democratic clothing.
All of wealth gained while making below $200k a year?
Can we have a list of all senates
But Bernie has a family vacation home馃槫
She is working for the people?
Resign Feinstein. @kdeleon to take the seat.
She never should have ran in the first place. Times up!
Clearly she knows what she's doing. That doesn't mean she's doing what she should be doing though.
She totally represents the majority of the country
These tweets are straight from Russia. Look how quickly and well organized on all the channels including Jill Stein. Don鈥檛 fall for this #Dems!
We need to bring down the Democratic leadership. Now.
See? Rich folks are all the same. No matter what.
No shit? Wait, thats not the politicians I know.
You鈥檙e like a superhero with the power of research
an effective senator's critique a plan that delivers a solution real present&danger would do so with alternate plan to address it, not just bash the solution w inaccurate talking points. Ms. Feinstein @diannefeinstein is of little value to her party or the american people.
The only progress happening here is from their account to hers....shame
She legislates according to the lobbiests鈥 demands, foresaking decency, and profits with filthy lucre through insider trading of stocks she knows will surge bc of legislation she endorses. Sick as Fuck. #FEELtheBERN Enough is enough. #Bernie2020
When will this country wake up?
Our world is run by psychopaths.
I was really worried we weren't crapping on fellow Dems today....
You don't get rich from campaign donations!
She knows what she's doing.
Not sure what this is supposed to show....is this out of the ordinary for any politician??
She 鈥渒nows what she鈥檚 doing鈥 馃槀
Her politics have always been rancid
What about The Peoples Bank of China?
Gotta keep funding them instead of using money to try to thwart #globalfrying
It sounds like Dianne Feinstein supports and probably personally profits from a permanent wartime economy and Pentagon "capitalism". btw... The Pentagon is the largest socialist institution on the planet.
I want to see @philosophrob apply the same to GoP politicians.
Politicians shouldn鈥檛 be multimillionaires. They DEFINITELY shouldn鈥檛 be multimillionaires if their wealth is acquired through PACs and lobbyists. PERIOD.
Who is Military Industrial Complex? #Feinstein
well fuck ghouls gonna ghoul
This is awkward. The first canoe I paddeled, successfully and not, to my campsite was a -errr- one produced by ....... the war people.
this is a "liberal" Democrat? holy fuck
This is why people have problems trusting her.
What kind of a piece of shit do you have to be to take the side of an 85 yo worth $79 million in an argument with kids over global warming?
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