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adorable child: I would like to survive
Dianne Feinstein: you listen to me you little sack of shit. Absolutely not. Fuck you, in fact. I won an election.
Everyone needs to watch this video of @SenFeinstein disparaging literal children from @SunriseMvmt calling on her to support @AOC and @SenMarkey’s Green New Deal.


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"I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills."
I wonder if she realizes that she's sunk her future campaign already.
"I have seven grandchildren" they probably all hate when grandma comes to visit
Kid: for the ppl and by the ppl! Feinstein: I'm not human.
This hurts to watch. Thanks to the young activists trying to do better.
I've won the election! That means I don't have to listen to the public anymore!
Except that's not what happened...
If the Dems don't take out the garbage, they'll be no better than the GOP
A veces pienso que hay un montón de gente mayor que ya se debería de morir ¿Nomás a mi me pasa?
Everything is so embarrassing I’m so sorry children please put my tweet in the Apocalyptic Smithsonian
Goddammit folks... I know you mean well, but spreading a video with biased editing? Really now?😞💢
Deceptively edited vid. If the GND can survive on its own merits, it shouldn't need these James O'Keefe style tactics. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Well, Finestine is like most politicians. She would throw her own kids in a wood chipper if she thought it would get her reelected.
adorable child used as political shield*
Wow. She's a people person.
"I just won a big election" is what a baby impersonating a politician would say
Why are they involving children in the first place? That seems rather manipulative. Also that's a very different view than the tone she used. You did read the green new deal right? It's pretty awful
Watch the entire video, not just this edited snippet making the rounds, see if you feel the same way. You may, you may not. Here -> youtube.com/watch?v=cd3H1b…
Watch. The. Whole. Thing. I'm sick of seeing this disseminated without the entire video having been fully reviewed.
Honestly there's no exaggeration here
is an absolute disgrace #ClimateChangeIsReal and these children will suffer from her do nothing attitude #ResignFeinstein
You can find the actual, unedited video here: Stop believing everything you read/hear.
I can't believe this is real - never change capitalism
Dianne “Fuck Them Kids” Feinstein🤦🏽‍♂️😭
#setup sad she didn't realize that @gop #maga #radicalconservative play low low....so low that they use EVEN CAGE children.... really.... anyone who follows Feinstein knows her heart, soul is saving our planet
what an absolute prick i cannot believe what i am watching
Sad though. Feinstein really dropped the ball on this: She sounds like Trump.
I wish politicians took climate change seriously, if you read the deal you’ll see they taking it as a joke, just bs, this is why we should elect actual scientists to office instead of lawyers etc
"Some scientists have said that we have 12 years to turn this around." That sounds like how Donald Trump speaks. Kid clearly doesn't know what she is saying. Really cringe to watch. Feinstein tried to educate them on reality but they couldn't comprehend what she was saying.
You know you screwed up when Ben Shapiro praises you.
Ain’t nothing adorable about these children.
Might want to ask Waleed there why exactly he edited that video, and didn't tell anyone.
how could you look at children who are growing up with extinct animals and ACTUAL GLOBAL DESTRUCTION and get angry at them for wanting to FIX THE PROBLEMS your own generation CREATED????
But this is ok for you? What about REAL child abuse and suffering like this baby girl. Grow UP get your hate on straight.
She laid out the perfect argument for term limits!
That video is HEAVILY edited. You need to watch the full video, it's on facebook. She said that the #GreenNewDeal is a good deal but won't have have a chance passing in the senate. She gave a woman 'who didn't vote for her' an internship. She calmly talks to these people.
This is a really dishonest edit, tho
Now I don't like smart mouth brats, but I love little warriors who are concerned about a legacy that's entrusted to us to give them. We should love this That vid was doctored like an MF I don't see any questionable disrespect. And I dislike kids actin up. 🌎🍀🏛️🌲 pic.twitter.com/4ZQbeBMBXQ
Anyone with this daft take is either being intellectually dishonest or didn’t watch the full video
i mean.... cringe. 😬
Sick people use kids as political props
I too love being against nuclear energy because it’s evil and scary :o
Emotions over facts!! Lets use kids to push our agenda! Honestly anyone with a brain that has read the deal would see ots just a political prop, theyre not taking climate change seriously, no realistic solution with a viable plan, promises of jobs but no substance
That's not at all what happened. Jeez, people like you are the ones advancing the far-right's cause. Feinstein is completely justified in her remarks; these children truly have no clue what they're talking about, and personally I feel that's true with many of the GND's advocates.
In the meantime...there are children like this baby girl. Grow UP get your hate on straight.
In Hell. Was born here and will die here.
lol, she gives a classic "do you know who I AM!"
They came in acting like adults so she treated them like adults🤷🏼‍♂️
I can’t stop cackling at this tweet 🤣🤣🤣
In 3 2 1 ..... #maga inbreds claiming these children are part of the DEEP STATE! @foxnews @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle pic.twitter.com/DtZhaRfEZA
HOLY SHTT. This is why VOTE BLUE will not do! What a 🐍. I haven voted for her since 2006 maybe? I voted for opponent and can’t wait til she retires🤦🏽‍♀️
These adorable little children have been brainwashed by the Left that doesn’t have the foggiest idea about truth!
She spoke the truth. Kids were like brainwashed zombies. Climate change is s hoax
Ya she knows what she is doing 30 years of bullshit.
If this had happened a year ago @SenKamalaHarris would be the Senior Senator from California
How about kids—children—are not your political weapons.
But also, Fearmongered political props: We like the color green. Experienced professional woman: Let me expl— Fearmongered political props: FUCK YOU GRANDMA WE LIKE GREEN.
"I didn't murder Harvey milk just to have little fuckstains like you ruin my jello time"
I think she wants abortions of the seven years post birth
Welcome to the real world kids, here’s your first life lesson. Facts matters!
Here is the unedited video of what took place
Yeah, this video is super out of context. It just shows the condescension and not the parts where she gives them all copies of her own GND bill, says she might vote Yes, explains why the bill will never pass, and GIVES ONE OF THE GIRLS AN INTERNSHIP. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Find the unedited version ...you look silly
ugh I voted for this trash... never again.
How on earth do these people get elected but more worrying who are the morons voting for them.
Why wouldn’t they go to republican offices instead? That’s where the true problem lies, no?
Well, I am not sure about this.
I knew it! Swan Boy was modeled after an angry career politician winning a coveted seat!
Everyone’s first reaction to this was laughter. Idc how outraged the tweet is
Goodbye Diane. Was a long run, but you have now fallen off.
Go @SenFeinstein Go! Those little turds deserve to be belittled.
Watch the full video and see if your opinion changes.
she’s pushing 100
You: Children these days are lazy
Children: Please don't kill us
You: So lazy! Grow old and win an election!
Children: But we may be dead before then
Oh, no - totally #mademelaugh 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇
I’m happy just seeing this gun-grabbing tyrant get trended from being an absolute bitch to some clueless kids


Get better trained seals next time.
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