People jumping on Dianne Feinstein because of a 2-min edited clip should do some serious thinking about how easily swayed they are by online propaganda.
The moment when Waleed Shahid reveals his lefty rose Project Veritas video, complete with the editing out of what appears to be almost everything Senator Feinstein had to say about the legislative process & what climate change legislation she supports.

Feinstein is our ally.

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The group promoting this video, Sunrise Movement, backed Feinstein鈥檚 opponent in the last election. While they present themselves as a grassroots youth advocacy, they鈥檙e... not quite that.鈥
There were some things she said that were disappointing regardless of context. Talking about her 30 years, sarcastically telling someone they should run for the Senate... That wasn鈥檛 editing. She should encourage young activists! Clearly doesn鈥檛 take climate change srsly enough.
Oh my God! We have eyes! I鈥檓 a Dem and have a ton of respect for Feinstein. But she screwed the pooch on this. It was bad. She was smug and dismissive. It was terrible. Don鈥檛 sugarcoat it. Be honest.
It makes me crazy! 馃槨. Our side is supposed to be less gullible but I鈥檝e seen a bunch of people calling for her to resign. No one is questioning the adults who put these kids up to this snd used them as props. THAT pisses me off!
When a highly edited video is being pushed by a rabid Berner, a reporter from the Putincept & a questionable 'grassroots' group people need to question whats going on instead of letting themselves being led around by the nose by propaganda. 馃檮
Agreed. Those kids were used as props. And those saying her response was disgusting haven鈥檛 been watching the real news today.
I thought people were smarter after last election... question...question....question... everything!!!!
Thank you for saying this. The video and the subsequent outrage feel strangely false, a tad off...
There are clearly major edits. So how long did they stand there and scream at her before she got ...mildly sarcastic?
I get what you're saying but she still could have handled it better. Listen to the kids for a few minutes then tell them they're working hard at it and it's all over.
I haven鈥檛 seen a single thing put out by Waleed that was legit.
they are the same people jumping on Amy Klobuchar (sp) about her salad eating...
It鈥檚 all so exhausting.
I also saw the longer video. Bu whether long or short, her answers lacked any sense of grace. And there is nothing wrong with being a lefty oppo group who is genuinely concerned about the environment.
Feinstein鈥檚 cool
Agree and I assume if it was Bernie it would be called a 鈥渟pirited exchange鈥.
Sorry. What I saw was Feinstein talking down to children. She could have begun their conversation in a different manner.
Acorn. Planned parenthood. We should all know better by now.
She was cutting them off and not letting them speak that's where I have an issue. "You didn't vote for me" was also a fairly crappy thing to say. It was all around dismissive.
If they want "progressive action", they should be camped outside McConnell's door badgering him...pretty much about everything.
Chill out people!! Dianne Feinstein is amazing. Don鈥檛 be so fast to make decisions about a woman who has accomplished so much in her career for us the people because of something that might have been staged.
As a native San Franciscan, I鈥檓 standing by her.
Anyone else curious if the kids read her proposals? Or we just all about our feelings on this one?
I can鈥檛 verify, just posting what I recently saw, but this says Waleed Shahid edited down the video and cut out the more amicable parts of the interaction:鈥
I agree that it's edited, but the sections people are pissed about aren't edited. Large chunks of it are clean, and completely disgusting.
People talked to me like that *all the time* when I was a kid. I was super interested in politics and even started a petition to lower the voting age when I was 11. Here鈥檚 the thing: kids remember stuff like this. They remember when adults purposely make them feel like shit. 1/
I agree. I think she might have been a little more circumspect, but those calling for her resignation are way over reacting and should watch the entire clip.
Ok, what does the edit leave out? What else is there?
SHAME on the people who made the propaganda video! The 鈥淒IFI is mean meme鈥 is false and meant to distract and divide. IF YOU鈥橰E THINKING OF BASHING DIFI & SPREADING PROPAGANDA, WATCH REAL ENTIRE VID FIRST! And shame on whoever is using the kids as unknowing pawns..
Everyone who is so faux outraged at Feinstein over an edited video purposefully made to try to discredit Dems, but crickets when the green tea party helped save the planet from environmentalist Al Gore & climate change non-denier Hillary Clinton.馃檮 Alt-left enables right-wing
With emphasis on *EDITED* Who has the unedited tape?
Also maybe watch the video again and actually listen to what she said and did and what the other people said and did and then ask yourself if you are putting additional expectations upon Senator Feinstein as to how she should react because she is a woman.
the unedited video has been released and it shows a VERY different truth than what was pushed by the you-know-BS-who (thread)
Just FYI folks the Green New Deal isn鈥檛 legislation. But Feinstein has actually introduced legislation on climate change. You鈥檙e all being idiots
It's not like she's on the front lines fighting for the survival of our Republic or anything. Soooooo many battles and she's battle weary and it showed in the clip. The kids maybe should be shown exactly she IS doing at the moment. Like saving our country.
The video may look worse, even more brusque and disrespectful, by leaving out her earlier responses to the group. However - unless she *never really said* the statements shown here, this is bad, regardless of what was said earlier.
Gotta admit, I was disturbed by it. A friend sent me a link to the full thing so I'll be watching it shortly and will eat my words if/when I'm proved to be stupid enough to have fallen for it.
It鈥檚 funny they left the most telling part on the video kid: 鈥淚鈥檓 16, I voted for you.鈥 Sen: 鈥渘o, you didn鈥檛!鈥 I鈥檓 still laughing. As I tell my daughters: that鈥檚 what you get for lying! 馃槀
it's no better than Project Veritas ...
It鈥檚 so obvious this was a setup of some kind.
I don鈥檛 know,using kids to do their bidding seems yucky. Plus,the editing,bad. And, the agenda they had was to make her look bad, not to have a conversation.They did accomplish that,edited or not, but they don鈥檛 look like gems themselves. Shame on the adults who put them there
Always ask yourself:
- What purpose (or whom) does this serve?
- Is this the full video or artfully edited? (Think reality T.V. shows which are never reality based).
- Do I have all the full factual information or just snippets because, ya know, life stuff?
- Is this divisive?
What if I鈥檝e done my research and know Feinstein has been problematic for a long time?
And why are people still talking about her? Is she really the problem we have now? Dems can't focus and it drives me nuts. I am a Dem btw. She's also one of my senators. .
It doesn't take a lot of energy or effort to be, at a base level, kind and considerate of children, even when you disagree. I reject the notion I'm being manipulated. You should do some serious thinking why you would defend her reaction.
Another voice of reason. I am astounded by all the people jumping on something that is so obviously chopped and edited.
Sunshine Movement and Justice Dems are Russian ops. Period.
God damnit. Deleting my tweet asking her to apologize.
And doing exactly what gop want us to do...fight amongst each other and tear down our own...smfh
Damn straight..we need to know at all times that there is a huge effort to sow disinformation and discord among Democrats and our candidates
Thanks for your statements about Senator Feinstein, HW. Bernie announces and then the Dems start being attacked. We cannot afford a replay of 2016. Stay frosty, people! 馃挋鉁婐煆金焽吼焽
It is going to get much worse.
Apparently, we have not learned anything in the past 3 years.
Well, it's pretty clear that her response was pretty poor, especially all of the "I know better than you" crap. Typical of someone who's gotten too comfortable after being someplace too long. I don't think she should be ousted b/c of this, but she needs a wake-up call.
Heads up fools! If it doesn't sound like what your experience tells you---CHECK IT THE F OUT!
I have been amazed at the "popular" crowd, including media personalities who are Feinstein bashing. Those kids did not even listen or give respect to her, had they, they may have learned that she must be diplomatic to reach across the aisle for support for climate change deals.
I've met and talked with Diane Feinstein, albeit, years ago. But I was impressed and am still on board with her voting record. Nobody is perfect. And she's a damn sight better than every Republican in Congress.
Serious thinking is when there's a politician that you mostly agree with but you're able to criticize actions they take that you don't like. She said some rude stuff. To kids. And the kids are right. We need radical change. It's okay to say she was wrong.
Just going to add that the Amy Klobuchar story from The NY Times, now picked up elsewhere, is also a hit job. Get ready to see combs everywhere...
Please don't listen to anything this bot has to say about politics. This is Russia at its finest
The Republican dirty tricks are starting early this time
But I already got out my pitchfork and light my torch.
Exactly. Perhaps it was a mistake for her to address them as she would adults. But everything she said showed that she had a realistic approach to reversing climate change. It won't take only 10 or 12 years to reverse at least a century of damage to our planet.
They didn't even do any homework on what she's done, is doing, and will do on climate. My god they didn't even listen to her. They were totally rude and disrespectful and really shameful the way they're teaching those children to act. They just get a buzzword and run at ppl. rude
Somewhere James O鈥橩eefe is having a good laugh
Trump is going to be re-elected if this continues.
That's what I thought too. Propaganda
Couldn't agree more! You just promoted online propaganda by the right-wing Capital Research Group, which specializes in smearing consumer, health and environmental groups on behalf of coal, oil & tobacco lobbyists. Here's who funds your friends:鈥
Yes. @desertcronenm please don't take the bait from the far left (e.g., Sunrise Movement)- whose sole goal is to help re-elect Trump.
People at the age of 85 shouldn鈥檛 be allowed to do politics for the younger generations. I have a lot of respect for elders and even more respect when they are retired. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔 but this 2 min are enough to build a opinion, especially for the kids who saw that clip. #KidsAreSmarter
Thank you. It appeared totally to be a setup with her getting no chance to speak. A lot ready to jump on the bashing bandwagon.
It鈥檚 embarrassing and others are pussywhipped. Too scared to not along with what this was - a stunt
Well I guess I鈥檓 easily swayed. I just didn鈥檛 like her attitude. And I like her. She could鈥檝e been more receptive and encouraging. That鈥檚 all.
I have a feeling Russia is laying it on even thicker this time around and I'm not sure we're ready for it.
More people are upset by that video than they are that the entire GOP has been compromised by Russia and they鈥檙e still running this country. At this rate, it looks like Trumpy will get a 2nd term after all. 馃檮
For some, the only exercise they get is jumping to conclusions. They were just looking for an excuse to run to the authoritarian who will tell everyone else what to do. Till they are started on. Then it wont be so much fun any more.
That Amy is mean shit has to end too. Didn鈥檛 work in 2018 Vlad, fuck off to Moscow. Shorty.
Is this is the future of politics? Questionable videos going viral and the mob mentality piling on?Come on people, be smarter than this. For Gods sake, my Grandmother banned me from going to bingo with her at the age of 10 because she said I had 鈥渁nts in my pants!鈥 #oldandgrouchy
I agree. It seems like everyone needs a reason to fight argue or bit@h some one out for. We don鈥檛 have to be on such defense ready to throw the first punch. It鈥檚 exhausting
Jesus. The comments on this post. What a bunch of propaganda-eating sheep. BTW, this Shahid dude was on @msnbc yesterday shilling for Bernie.
I鈥檓 starting to think the best thing we can all do is get off all social may come to that
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