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We went to SPACE with no clear idea of what we were going to get out of it. We made the money happen for it even though many thought it a waste of time. We got a LOT out of it & we did it WITHOUT an immediate need to do so.

My point: we should shoot Dianne Feinstein into space.
Everyone needs to watch this video of @SenFeinstein disparaging literal children from @SunriseMvmt calling on her to support @AOC and @SenMarkey鈥檚 Green New Deal.


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For real, if you鈥檙e gonna use conservatives鈥 denial of/inaction on climate change as a political tool against them, it鈥檚 bad form to then tell little kids 鈥淪hut up and save your strength for the Water Wars鈥
I've been reading tweets for 30 years. I know what I'm doing. You come in here and say spaceway or the highway. I don't respond to that.
Paul F. Tompkins for basically anything 2020.
鈥淚鈥橣e been doing this for thirty years鈥. Yeah, and look at the mess you have gotten us into!
Stupid kids! Have they not had the lessons on effective lobbying yet? You need to bribe the politicians with millions and then they will support you doing whatever you want! Genocide? Sure! Regime change? You got it!
Feinstein would've told the Apollo 13 guys, "Bad news, but we've gotta be realistic here. There's nothing to be done. Enjoy space."
This was the reason I didn鈥檛 vote for Feinstein. She wants to continue playing the game, but doesn鈥檛 realize the rules have changed. And shame on her for chastizing the kids for not listening while she is in the process of not listening to them
to be fair, we went to space knowing the math worked out
Diane Feinstein hates science. It鈥檚 right there in her name. Diane Feinstein. Die and F Einstein?
This is all academic because the Republicans control the Senate and you know it, but as of right now the GND is just an outline AOC wrote over a weekend. She should be working with people like DiFi who have experience getting legislation passed.
i approve of this message
we knew we'd get weapons systems out of it what highly profitable death delivery technologies gonna come out of a green new deal, use your head tompkins
Feinsteins 7 grandchildren are going to be protected from climate change by pop-pops and maw-maws 100 million dollars...
What an appalling display from one of the most powerful political leaders in our country. I hope one of the children or adults in this video that she treated so dismissively runs for office and has more courage, compassion and ability to listen than she does. Time to retire.
We went to space with a Democratic president and Democratic supermajorities in both the House and the Senate.
Space would send her back.
Oh my god. That鈥檚 pure evil
Or maybe you should watch the unedited video. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
She did not talk 鈥榳ith鈥 these children. She spoke down at them. She hurt their feelings. She couldve smiled & listened & accepted their letter with pride and encouragement. Instead she was terse toward these children. She did not applaud their efforts; just 鈥榟er own.鈥 Shameful.
As I've long suspected, watching Mission Impossible Fallout is a better use of my time than watching the unedited DiFi footage.
The above doctored video was designed to divide climate change advocates & turn them against Senate Dems who can actually get things done. The unedited video is very different. Don鈥檛 fall for the fake. We鈥檙e all in this together. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
I wish we lived in a movie. Now it鈥檚 Act II and the cool lady begins her Senate campaign. All the kids are gathering signatures. Act III @SenFeinstein loses her Senate Primary run to the cool lady and gets hit in the face with a pie. Cue a song by Journey.
Going to space was because the Russians were doing it.
As the kids now say, DiFi don鈥檛 play.
So here's the full video, it tells a slightly different story:
Hey... watch the unedited video. You got played by propaganda bullshit. She has a 100% LCV rating.
Someone who lived through the actual fucking New Deal shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the GND
This series of tweets is an example of why I follow you sir! This and the last 30 years of standup....oh yea and your RIVETING performance in There Will Be Blood 馃槈
I didn鈥檛 know where this was going at first but the point a solid 10/10
this is true and a great analysis of the stupendous dumbassery of the space program and i know because i鈥檓 an actual expert in space program dumbassery
The monkey wants to know why we are blowing up the moon...
This was painful to watch.
Imagine thinking this was a great way to reply to kids. What the fuck is wrong with her?
We are all going to die.....the next great war is for clean water......
The total budget to date for NASA is a little over 1 trillion dollars...1958-2019
hey, let's brainwash a bunch of kids by telling them the world is going to end by 2030, and then use them as a political prop! honestly, though, i have degrees in climatology/meteorology and natural resources/environmental management. no respected climatologist is saying 2030.
You based this on a poorly edited 2 minutes of a 25 minute meeting. Hmmmm..
Agreed, but WWII is really a much better analogy. We *need* to be fighting climate change like we fought Hitler. With the entirety of our collective resources and the urgency of NOW.
You should do yourself a favor & delete this.
That's not entirely true. We went to space because it was widely seen as the next theatre of war. It was a race. This was the era of the doomsday clock
Are other people just now getting in the hating Diane Feinstein train? Well whatever gets people to be opposed to milquetoast neoliberals and for actual progressive policy I guess. @KyleKulinski @SenFeinstein @AOC
The new green deal is stupidest thing ever written down on paper lol
PFT is one the only comedians advocating for Feinstein to be shot into space.
Hey Millennials!
Keep screwing our chances of getting Pathological Liar out of our House in 2020 by attacking experienced seasoned public servants like @SenFeinstein.You didn鈥檛 support @HillaryClinton& that鈥檚 Y we have this mess!
Youth,wait till you are older& have experience!
My favorite Senator Feinstein story is when I was at her house with @CodePink and we made this video. The "drones" were toy helicopters, and far from being right in front of her face, they were 50-100 feet from her house. But she wanted drama, I guess. vimeo.com/86796076
Condescending much is she? She could have responded with a little more empathy than with that power trip.. 馃槖 Not cool @SenFeinstein...
Really @SenFeinstein Do you really know what your "doing"? Do you realize that slab of black glass next to you is a "talkie taking magic box"? 30 years? Yep. You've been doing THAT too long.
Wonder if there's more context and perhaps even lots of video footage edited out that wouldnt make you think we should shoot a lifelong civil servant into space?
"I have seven grandchildren (and I hate them as much as I hate all of you)"
Aren鈥檛 you a comedian? Where鈥檚 the joke here?
Look at her body language towards these CHILDREN! Oof.
How about all the celebrities pool their money for the head start in this and i can keep enough money to pay for my rent and car and groceries and gas and an occasional new video game so I don't go insane 馃挴
Hey, I hear they're shooting up a rocket next weekend.
This joke is brilliant. But the video of Feinstein is bullshit. The full clips show what she really said. Still, though, hilarious.
Watch the full video. You are being manipulated.
I didn't watch more than the first season or so of The 100, but they got one thing right: we should be "floating" a lot of people. Rid the planet of their taint.
It鈥檚 an edited video. The google has the full video as does the twitter. Check it out before you continue your attacks.
Do you have a coherent thought on the matter after seeing the whole video? The left needs to stop cannibalizing itself.
I feel like no one is asking the question, why are children lobbying Senators? Parents are using their kids as leverage in lobbying efforts now? Theyre using their kids to threaten people with a bad photo op? A little gross. Ur children are not a tool for ur political messaging
Dianne Feinstein: "YOU INSOLENT FOOLS! I mean, hellooooo children... " After 30 years you'd think she'd be good at this, right? But she's not though, is she?
But we did have an immediate and pressing meed to go to space, it was called Sputnik, and Kennedy's address on going to the Moom was more about not letting Russia have an upper hand militarily. I'm not defending Senator Feinstein's behavior, just trying to help vet the arguement
Going to space... is not comparable to a socialist program. We did not collectively go to space, a team of people did with support from engineers who knew 鈥渋n theory鈥 how to get them there (little practice too). Making the money for NASA is minuscule in comparison.
After watching these kids, im kinda hoping the world burns in 12 years.
She criticizes the 鈥淚t鈥檚 my way of the highway鈥 mentality, WHEN THAT鈥橲 HOW FACTS ABOUT REALITY WORK.
We spent money on space bc the soviets were going to space and we couldn鈥檛 let communists one up us
i was quickly scrolling and at first all i saw was this: pic.twitter.com/qqa7dkKO3M
One doesn鈥檛 just hop in a car and drive from Miami to Cleveland without an idea of what they鈥檒l get out of that trip. To imply we as a country went to the moon in this manner is just dumb. We had a plan, objectives, and an immediate need. #readabook
Well said. @SenFeinstein is the personification of out of touch elitism. She doesn鈥檛 care about climate change because she鈥檚 in the 4th quarter. Time for term limits.
We need to stop with these tests of loyalty I applaud anyone who doesn鈥檛 sign on to pledges just to be hit over the when trying to actually legislate.

I finally have something to thank all this #ClimateChange hysteria for!

The parasites are finally turning on their host, @TheDemocrats!
Feinstein will be dead by the time the world burns, so recall Diane Feinstein already.
I get it. You're an elder. But you shouldn't act like an unfeeling asshole with these children. This rock will be so fucked sooner than later so get your shit together and change that! @SenFeinstein #ClimateChange
This thread is so amazing it had to have an intermission.
1/2: Re: #DiFi & @sunrisemvmt #SunriseMovement OK I watched it & you know what? People left right & center are freaking out b/c she talked to kids like they were adults & did t talk down to them. She was straight with them after being RUDELY interrupted by one
This is what vision looks like.
High quality tweet right here
Go back to your coastal bubble and get your teeth fixed.
Former California Governor Mr. Peanutbutter explains what we should do with CA Senator Dianne Feinstein.
I don鈥檛 know all the specs of this #GND but those children gave me chills. Can I ever say no to kids? I dunno 馃槱馃槱.
Nobody has ever been to space. You have bought the media lies. You do not live on a spinning ball that is tilted and hurling through space. I mean get a clue.
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