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Sen. Dianne Feinstein condescended and dismissed these child activists when they asked for her support on the Green New Deal

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This is an edited video - edited for intent it appears to cause damage. Do better!
Please take this down. It’s a doctored version of the full encounter designed to sow discord on our side. Thanks
Senator Feinstein should be very ashamed at her condescending words and lectures to these children. I cringed watching this.
Not cool Dianne.. these kids are a amazing..
Show the unedited version. This one's a hit job by sore losers who tried primarying her and lost.
Proud of Di Feinstein standing her ground after a despicable attack by SEXIST kids whining about their impending demise.

Fossil-fueled feminists of neoliberalism will NOT be bullied into serving our constituents over donors. BACK OFF, BRATS!
Condescending would have been telling them whatever they wanted to hear. She was being truthful to them. Also, we don't know the whole story. I'm disturbed by those who condemn Feinstein so glibly & say she's old.
"Child activists" lol that teacher should be fired
She didn’t condescend/ dismiss, she calmly said she heard what they say and showed them her plan to combat climate change. She explained that they can’t have everything exactly how they expect, it doesn’t work like that. It would be more irresponsible to lie about support for it.
the little girl who responds "listen to us!" is so fucking cool, they all are holy shit
Once upon a time, politicians used to kiss babies without even asking them questions
The babies are frying up politicians shit is real!
Now hear this. You got played by an edited video.
I hate y’all for re-electing her.
You’ve destroyed your reputation with this video. You should apologize and retract.
Really disappointed that you're playing into Trump's hands. This is an edited hackjob of a clip. Feinstein listened, was respectful, encouraging for over 10 minutes. The teacher starts interrupting & getting rude. She even offered one an internship. #stopit
Nope. See the FULL video. Edited deliberately to get a false narrative to go viral. This is a problem - besides being unethical & amoral. Eyes ON YOU. #DianneFeinstein
Please watch the unedited VIDEO the sunrise video was heavily edited!! #Factsmatter
This clip has been edited not showing the time & compassion she showed
it really makes me angry when i see adults disrespecting children. these kids are INFORMED of whats going on in our country & theyre PASSIONATE. they realize that the actions of the senate will directly impact them & future generations. it really gives me hope for the future.
Shame on you, Now This. You’re using a hit-piece edit to smear a senator who has worked on climate change diligently. This was designed by Justice Dems to attack the Dem Party. It’s a smear job.
This is a lie. A hit job with a heavily edited video done by @justicedems @_waleedshahid . They used these kids.
Dianne Feinstein did absolutely nothing - zero, zilch, zippo - wrong here. And people really are the worst.
She basically told a bunch of kids theres no money to stop the world from ending because we need to spend it on more flying death robots. F*cking legendary.
Get that Dinosaur out of here!!!!
Time to update this to reflect the full tape. See @tommyxtopher
The youth were well-spoken & composed, well done! ✊🏼
You need to delete this fake garbage Waleed is a James O'Keefe stan... foul.
Edited propaganda video. Y'all are absolute trash.
Release the entire video. Not an edited version.
Watch the full video and delete this tweet:
Corporatists are so lame.
She was realistic. Perhaps she came off a bit self aggrandizing at times, but she was realistic. Supporting the Green New Deal is not as simple as these kids think it is. And those kids and the adult with them were talking over Feinstein and speaking out of turn, and it's rude
No she didn't. DId you watch the full video or did you let yourself be gaslit by the deceptive edited version? SHe talked with them for ages despite being in the middle of a meeting & she treated them like adults explaining why she has a different policy that she thinks is better
Show the whole video or delete. Why are you enabling a Veritas 2.0 hit job?
These children were being brats, and she scolded them for not knowing what they're talking about. She was responsible for passing California's high emission standards, getting California out of an 8 year drought, and expanding public lands from the Palm Desert to Tahoe. FOH
Show those kids some respect! They are respectful of you. Don’t forget; they are the future. Don’t discourage them.
This is utterly untrue.

The video was altered.

That you would promote this narrative without doing any further research is deeply disturbing.

I'm unfollowing, and I suggest you do too.
Have you watched the full unedited video? This was propaganda devised by the group that supported her political opponent. The teacher & kids were belligerent, haranguing her to agree to a slogan. Be smarter. pic.twitter.com/V5o5sShqBv
These precious children! They came to a United States Senator to express their concern on climate change and she gave them the most terrible, rude, and then to top it off, WRONG reply.

Senator Dianne Feinstein should be called on to resign.
No she didn't. She had another group waiting. She explained they already had written a proposal. She gave them a copy and said they were welcome to come back and ask questions. If anything, it was the oder girl (teacher?) on the left who was being patronizing.
Seems like all our Dem women are under attack lately. Mean, inauthentic, too soft, overly ambitious, too old, too young, blah blah blah. Goodnight.
You should take this down in light of the longer, unedited video being released. This is irresponsible at best and straight up propaganda at worst.
Why are you posting this edited propaganda?
Where is the unedited video? This is shady stuff. Are you guys the new James O'Keefe?
Imagine claiming Now This is engaging in deceptive practices?
This video is heavily edited. Feinstein actually spent a lot of time with these kids, and she wasn't condescending. The full video is worth viewing.
Absolutely bullshit. Who is running this account?
There's no such thing as a child activist.. There's only exploited children. For shame using children as political human shields.
Headline: Wealthy Elderly Politician Does Not Actually Serve Public’s Best Interest
Could this have been any more of a set-up? Maybe next time they can arrange to have their questions asked by a dog.
That mom should primary Dianne Feinstein and run adds of the incumbent saying “you know better than me. You should run for Senate.” What an entitled embarrassing typical Democrat. The party deserves better. We deserve better.
This is propaganda. It's edited to make sure that the rude things the chaperone was doing and saying weren't visible then produced and promoted immediately by the same group who primaried Feinstein. Shame on you for distributing it like some naive clueless punked leftist.
Do better, NowThis. This was a hit job. #Unfollowing
Keep up the good fight kids. Our planet needs you while there's still time to save it
Apparently you didn't watch the whole video. Guess I add you to the ever growing list of acts we can't trust.
Very difficult video to watch! Feinstein was dismissive! She knows what she's doing...she has spent the last 30 yrs in pockets of big oil/big business helping global warming along!
Manipulated hit job. Show the entire, unedited video. Be skeptical of BOTH sides' agendas, especially those of extremist activists looking got a tear-jerking gotcha image. Y'all got played, Now This. I'm truly disappointed.
Now you gonna take a big block
NOT TRUE. Share the entire video you lying hacks.
I'm ashamed of you, Now This. No longer wishing to follow you.
Why is this still up @nowthisnews?

It is an altered version and by now you are aware of that.

Are you competing to replace Fox?

If not then you need to apologize and delete this like other Professionals are doing.
You're spreading disinformation. You've been had. Delete this. Here's the full video: twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Are you the left version of Project Veritas?
May want to hire some fact checkers.
Idgaf if shes on our side or not SHAME these politicians (@SpeakerPelosi @DianneFeinstein) into giving the people that elected them what we want #GreenNewDeal NOW
Here's the full video. Shahid edited out DiFi thoughtfully explaining she supports climate change plans written by experts that'll pass & she asks her aide to get copies for every child. The teacher ignores DiFi's offering a different path & is belligerent facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise…
I hope these kids at least left behind a whoopee cushion on Feinstein’s chair.
I think she missed that the 16 year old she disrespected will be old enough to vote her out next time. These people really do not think beyond their last election, do they.
Try watching the entire video.
Unfollowed- This is Propaganda. Playing into the republican hands of the Senate.
I'm seriously so grossed out by this. This is not how you do civic engagement.
I have always respected @SenFeinstein & admired her work, but this display of arrogance & lack of respect for the women & children in this video shocks and saddens me. I am just an ordinary commoner but I have a right to say what I think as do the citizens in this video.
Now This: You have revealed yourselves as Russian Propagandists. Keep your divisive bullshit to yourselves. youtu.be/sZmrIkRDMsU
I disagree and I think you are being manipulated.
Complete thread w/all the videos via @threadreaderapp Tommy MMXIXtopher @tommyxtopher Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1 threadreaderapp.com/thread/1099137…
A least show the whole video...SMH
Hey Now This...Is this the complete video of their visit?
Post disingenuous, bad-faith ambush propaganda like this, and you get unfollowed.
show the whole clip please. Stop this shit. Seriously. Looking forward to sunrise Kids asking Mitch McConnell or Minority leader or any republican about this. Thank you
As a grandmother myself I’m appalled at how @SenFeinstein handles this even if she doesn’t agree. Unacceptable #TeachableMoment #KidsWontBeFooled #TermLimits!
No she did not. YOU are O'Keefing her. WHY?
Senator Feinstein telling a group of elementary schoolers that she doesn’t have to listen to hem because she “wOn By A mILlioN VoTE PluRaLiTY” makes me want to love to CA just so I can vote her out
Dianne Feinstein delivers a masterclass in how to recruit independents of the future.
I have unfollowed @nowthisnews as the information is clearly untrustworthy. This video was heavily edited. You have not acknowledged it nor retracted your statements about it. You no longer have any credibility whatsoever due to pushing this debunked narrative.
Now, show the entire video & maybe rethink your statement
Dianne Feinstein shines in Bad Santa 3.
airing a video that’s edited to smear a powerful woman is a VERY bad look. she offered one of the kids an internship, for gods sake. no more of this sexist bullshit.
Senator Feinstein can be both correct in the substance of her response about the need for pragmatism in legislation, and also incorrect in the way that she phrased some of her edited answer to a bunch of children who were incredibly brave to challenge her on an issue like that.
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