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Diane Feinstein’s office #’s. I got right through.

San Francisco
Phone: (415) 393-0707

Los Angeles
Phone: (310) 914-7300

San Diego
Phone: (619) 231-9712

Phone: (559) 485-7430

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Twitter, you know what to do.
Just called. “I’m a constituent of voting age and I think you treated those kids disrespectfully. I support and would like my Senators to support the Green New Deal and don’t think it’s out of line for the children climate change will affect the most to ask you to support it.”
I called and said she should resign
All the offices are closed now, but I left a strongly worded messages: Back the GND or step down
THIS is how you talk to children about climate change. Check the date and Dems should explain why they refuse to pass climate change legislation. Bernie “being ineffective” isn’t the issue. It’s that most “Dems” in Congress are Republicans, like Feinstein. twitter.com/bethlynch2020/…
Called and said she should resign.
Can’t we just roll our eyes and move on? Feinstein is far from the worst in Washington and she handled a situation less than ideally. Chill and hate on those who need it most, maybe?
Got right through & left a message. Let’s fill this mailbox up!!
Call sweet Diane and leave her a message
can I write them on a dive bar bathroom wall next to "Will suck c*ock for coal"?
Dianne Feinstein needs to get 50 phone calls for every dollar she's taken. pic.twitter.com/oVLUwDU5No
I called a left a lovely message for the ice queen
"We know that most politicians don't want to talk to us," she said. "Good. We don't want to talk to them either," she added. "We want them to talk to the scientists instead. Listen to them, because we are just repeating what they are saying, and have been saying, for decades."1/
I just saw the video and am furious with her attitude towards those that are facing this catastrophe. As soon as I calm down I will be calling every damn one.
I got voicemail. I refrained from cursing.
Might also be interesting to know if she'll stop accepting money from the fossil fuel and natural gas industries. pic.twitter.com/00GDiENaJ0
Watch the whole tape. This is edited propaganda fed out by bots like you. Be better.
Called and left VM. As one of her constituents I am appalled at her treatment of these brave kids.
I called to tell @SenFeinstein how she needs to co-sponsor the Green New Deal and apologize to those kids and you should too!
She’s untouchable, and therefore doesn’t give a shit about my opinion, and, the things I might say would probably bring me unwelcome visits from very serious looking and heavily armed civil servants.
Now call @justicedems out for this propaganda that was created to cause harm. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Dear sir, Diane Feinstein doesn't give a crap about what you think. Gute Nacht - DeusPitar P.S. stop wasting everyones time.
I want her to call me back and explain who "we" are. She damn sure wasn't talking about anyone I know.
Tell that centrist piece of garbage what’s on your mind. #GREENNEWDEAL
Watch the entire video, not just the edited snippet making the rounds, see if you feel the same way. You may, you may not. Here -> youtube.com/watch?v=cd3H1b…
Called and got only demonic screaming and oil derrick noises
Feinstein is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. And her husband is up to his ass in the culture of big money: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_C… … …
Unless she's able to troubleshoot my Frontier WiFi, I'm not interested in anything she has to say. #MikeShieldsII #fb #in
Thanks, I'll be calling after dinner
Please make sure to send this article to Sen. Feinstein as an example how adults are to properly address young people's worries about a Global Climate Crisis. cnbc.com/2019/02/22/jun…
It’s very metal to tell Diane Feinstein to resign because she admitted she knows less about climate change than children.
Because only twitter libs are squealing. Real peope are living their lives
She pisses me off so much I've screamed at her staff on many occasions over the years. I'm probably blocked. Dumbass voters in this state
I left a lovely (not) worded essay for ms Feinstein You should too It only takes a minute and you can dump your anger towards the person who deserves it
The last time feinstein went swimming in a fresh, clean water creek, bloomers and long sleeves were the swimwear. She is eco-ignorant and maternal dust.
I called @SenFeinstein Washington office about this horrific video. The guy who answered, refused to give me his name. He was hostile, arrogant, verbally abusive, and refused to let me leave a comment regarding the #GreenNewDeal. I will never ever vote for her again.
Will call on Monday. Thanks.
I called to congratulate her
Give this evil piece of garbage a piece of your mind! #DianeFeinstein
I called to say thank you!
I hope you thank her for all she has accomplished in her decades of public service.
LOL. Did you ask her for free stuff?
Thanks. I called to congratulate her on a job well done. The green deal is moronic.
It’s 6pm on a Friday night, do you really thing anyone in her office gives a fuck?
LA mailbox is full
Do you have a number for say Drew Barrymore or mabey Areanna Grande
“Let’s blow up her phones until she gets so annoyed she’ll HAVE to agree with us 😏😏”
I can't stop laughing at the outrage and the video of feinbag lol
She needs to get out
Before y’all get nuts on her... y’all saw an edited version. Be careful out there... the Right wants us to eat our own.
Just hire a team that calls them24/7. Lol.
I called and thanked her for everything she’s done for LGBT civil rights for the past 40+ years.
I would never waste time on talking to her
Feinstein's 85. You can complain all you want, but she won't be running for re-election, so she doesn't care.
is an absolute disgrace #ClimateChangeIsReal and these children will suffer from her do nothing attitude #ResignFeinstein
Please call.

Let her know her actions were beyond gross and she should resign.

If you don't think we can make a difference in 10 years.

If you don't want to fulfill the will of the people.


Plain and simple.
Call Feinstein and let her know how you feel. What a tool.....
#FEINSTEIN #GREENNEWDEAL It is NOT acceptable to let these children's futures be destroyed because you think it's great to tell children you're not going to fight for their future! SHAME, DIANNE! SHAMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE
@SenFeinstein tells a group of children who want a #GreenNewDeal so that their future is livable to essentially go f*** off. Give her a call.
Please resign. You have denied the future to children in front of their faces. It is pathetic, disgusting, unprofessional, and you should be ASHAMED!
For anyone who wants to drop a message suggesting she get her jaded butt out of there and resign...
.@SenFeinstein needs to hear from us all. She is a corrupt senator. Since we can't oust her, she needs to be shouted down everywhere she appears. #GreenNewDeal #OurRevolution @OurRevolution @justicedems #Tulsi2020 #BernieTulsi2020 #Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern #p2 #California
For the first time in my life I called my senator. I left a voicemail and didn’t swear, so good for me.
As did I and read them the riot act! @SenFeinstein you suck! Resign now!
Just called @SenFeinstein to let her know how disgusted I am by her actions and stance on the green new deal. She should be ashamed.
Call her. Let her know.
Tell her that her grandkids will have to fight in the thunder dome
A great March and Spring Break Project for children who feel politicians should work on fighting #ClimateChange, teach them how to lobby politicians like those corporate lobbyists!!

#schools #kids #NewGreenDeal #diannefeinstein
Gonna do this next week, they've heard enough for today but I don't want the pressure to die down...
My California friends:
I'm not in California but I might call anyway.
call call call!! harass harass harass!
Flood like telephone lines folks.
Now this looks like a fun little exercise....
Asking us to "wait and listen to our betters" is going to/currently is killing thousands outside of this country. DiFi should have been kicked out of office 100 years ago, but hey, the Dem party of CA is pretty fucking corrupt, so let's just blow up their phones
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