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BREAKING: We just delivered this letter to @SenFeinstein's office, detailing her breaking of the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge she signed. Read it here: oilchangeusa.org/open-letter-to…

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Senator Feinstein broke her pledge to us to refuse fossil fuel money.
Today is not a good day for Dianne Feinstein.
she’s been doing this a long time. she knows what she’s doing.
California could have had @kdeleon who wrote the legislation committing California to 100% renewable energy. But no.
All makes sense now. Says she has her own plan. Now we see what that is. Taking campaign money from big oil companies.
.@SenFeinstein might not have time to listen to the children of California, but she sure went out of her way to continue accepting 💸💸💸 from billionaire oil executives, even after promising not to.
Unbecoming of a human being, not just a "climate champion" who doesn't keep her promises.
So...yeah. Not only does @SenFeinstein scold children, but she breaks pledges too. #NoFossilFuelMoney #GreenNewDeal
So she dismisses the children saying she just won an election, but she LIED about her position on the most important issue of our time during it to make herself seem like something she’s not. #CancelDiFi
I guess when all you stand for is money: your word doesn't really mean anything.
Wonderful work. She needs to stop defending corporate profits over the lives of her constituents
Hint: Don’t believe anything she says🤔
She dgaf! Her kids & grandkids will be fine and she’ll be dead anyway so @SenFeinstein will not stick her neck out for anyone! Ditto for all the Dinos. #GreenNewDeal #NoFossilFuelMoney
a great waste of time. empire is deaf to the will of the people's voices, letters, petitions, shaming, etc.
Apparently she also considers oil industry PACs her friends too. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
The Real Question is: What are the Democrats & Feinstein doing? Versus what they claim to be doing? She signed a pledge not to take money from FOSSIL FUEL ⛽️ twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
My prediction:. She won't give a rat's behind about breaking it. She never had any intention of keeping it in the first place.
The GND is real, and it is meaningful. As a constituent of yours, I am incredibly disappointed at your dismissal of the issue and lack of leadership on climate issues. And doubly so for your hypocrisy about fossil fuel money:
Or perhaps it’s as if the oil industry was behind politicians buying campaigns and actively influencing how they vote and work 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
should be on your radar...
.@SenFeinstein also took $24,500 from Sempra Energy after signing the pledge AND after stating at her one and only town hall in Los Angeles that #AlisoCanyon needed to be shut down! #FossilFool
Feinstein is a damn fossil herself.
@OsitaNwanevu Note it’s now been discovered she also broke the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge she signed under pressure from a surging De León. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
Naw...she’s working on behalf of her fossil fuel donors. Just. Like. The. GOP. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
Progressives and Democrats are uniting around the Green New Deal which is supported by nearly every Democratic presidential candidate. It's amazing that you're saying that young people demanding real solutions to the climate crisis are "divisive."
Although I wouldn't want to suggest voting Republican, the Dems aren't exactly enlightened, sadly. Case in point: twitter.com/OilChangeUS/st…
Feinstein was too busy to even let the children read what was written on their poster. #ClimateDisaster #DiFi "I DO read," she says. Really?
She signed, 'The No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge' last year, & since has violated that pledge during her campaign. pic.twitter.com/pyrAe7MZBv
A $5000 donation from the "Tesoro Petroleum Corporation PAC"
Not in any way an outlier for her, and entirely consistent with a career of serving corporate interests now decades long. This is who she and most of her democratic colleagues have always been. It’s just that it’s on video now. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
Oh and just in case you thought that lobbying cheque remark was unfair, well... We have written proof of what your promises are worth, Senator: twitter.com/OilChangeUS/st…
So she dismisses the children saying she just won an election, proving CA trusts her leadership - but she LIED about whether she’s on the dole of the fossil fuel industry for that election so she could beat a diff Dem who was fighting for #GreenNewDeal?

Cool, cool
Feinstein is a climate crook. I know she's a Democrat and therefore some of you must die on any hill for her, but just know what that makes you.
Huh, I'm sure this is a complete coincidence.
And if a politician publicly pledges to reject that money and the takes it anyway what are we to think then? twitter.com/oilchangeus/st… #NoFossilFuelMoney
Before the sycophants & defenders get too squirrely.
Hmmm maybe @SenFeinstein breaking her pledge to refuse fossil fuel money may be a reason why she condescendingly told her constituents that she doesn't support a real #GreenNewDeal? 🤔
She's the worst. Especially when taken together with this: nytimes.com/2019/02/22/cli…
However, she pledged last year to reject fossil money...and broke that pledge. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
but you've spent 30 years enriching yourself while human caused climate change has gotten worse... like taking money from big oil. you are a corrupt liar.
Can't help but feel like there was some other story about Feinstein I heard about today.
Cette même sénatrice est accusée d’avoir accepté de l’argent venant de l’industrie des énergies fossiles, ce qui rompt la chart qu’elle avait signé, pour s’engager à ne jamais prendre d’argent de cette industrie.
Fossil-Fuel Feinstein!
When it rains, it pours.
Money rules their conscience, or they have none anymore! Money could be the sole problem, and thus the solution! Don't you see? But what do I know, right? Just read the letter and think for yourself, please. Peace Jo&π
"We’ve recently learned that during your 2018 Senatorial campaign, after signing the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, you accepted at least two major contributions that are in clear violation of this pledge: On June 5, 2018, a $5000 contribution from the Tesoro Petroleum Corporation
No don’t worry about it she has a million vote plurality and knows what’s she’s doing

Pay no attention, this is responsible no sweat
She has only accepted $7500 from fossil fuel lobby since she pledged in Feb 2018 not to accept ANYTHING over $200 from them.
Not a bit surprised to hear @SenFeinstein broke the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge after seeing the appalling way she addressed the children in her state about climate change.
And here is why she doesn’t wanna fight the fight but cover it up like we don’t see thru her CONFLICT OF INTEREST 🤑 twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
She recently took oil money, her husband is a billionaire
So she dismisses the children saying she just won an election but she LIED about her position on the most important issue of the day during it to make herself seem like something she’s not.
One additional angle to this — @SenFeinstein signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge during a heated race against a true climate champ...and the broke it. twitter.com/oilchangeus/st…
did someone edit this video too, oh wait.
was this after she told the kids to eff off?
"I've been doing this for 30 years. I know what I'm doing." - DiFi
DNC word salad in 3...2...1...
Its almost like legal bribing has real effects.
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