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Today is not a good day for Dianne Feinstein.
BREAKING: We just delivered this letter to @SenFeinstein's office, detailing her breaking of the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge she signed. Read it here: oilchangeusa.org/open-letter-to… pic.twitter.com/6jdZmjcUrl

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That might be bro but your video was misleading. I fell for it to. But I just saw other clips and it’s a hit on your credibility for sure.
We saw the whole video. She's fine. Nice try
It's never a good day to attack Democrats. We have to be in this together to beat Trump and save our country. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
Well y'all staged it that way.
After her behavior, she doesn't deserve a good day
Once again, the "justice dems" & pseudo socialists are out to bash Democrats & aid the right-wing. pic.twitter.com/89l4A5r6ur
Any bad day for Feinstein is a good day for me.
No day is a good day for Waleed Shahid.
Today is not a good day for @_waleedshahid and @justicedems. Wise to unfollow accounts circulating this campaign, seemingly part of a network of bots and mindless trolls sowing division. pic.twitter.com/leEWmyliQR
Why do the Bernie Sanders people never miss a chance to shit on their own party... Shits so depressing, makes me not even wanna vote. Yet Gabbard squeaks by without any purity test challenger because?
Now that the full truth is out, today is a MUCH worse day for the Sunshine Movement and those in Cortez' office who doctored that video. It did more harm than good, and Sen Feinstein is owed an apology.

You folks can't get away with these hatchet jobs. Backfired with Pelosi!
I never would have thought Senator Feinstein would be capable of earning my respect
And it shouldn’t be. After the stunt she pulled on children she should be publicly apologizing. She’s supposed to be concerned about their future. Not who they couldn’t have voted.
has more video of the interaction with the young people.
Feinstein is someone @justicedems should primary
Definitely not a good day for @SenFeinstein bad look for a representative of the people to turn a bunch of kids away trying to push for @AOC Green New Deal. This is the face of a Corporate Capitalist Senator not a representative of the people
It was irresponsible and deceitful how you propagandized a video to suit your needs. You know who does that? Russian terrorists. America is already struggling under external attacks. How dare you abuse trust placed in you. I apologize to @SenFeinstein for my lapse in judgement.
Love watching the dems eat their own 😆
Nor for the rest of us, knowing DiFi and her ilk still rule.
No, it’s a bad day for liars and frauds.
Every elected Democrat in California should be asked to condemn @SenFeinstein for her condescension to those kids, opposition to the Green New Deal, and breaking of that pledge. Every US Democratic Senator should be asked the same. #CondemnFeinstein
the joke is on u mf
*not a good day for [our planet]. Dianne Feinstein is having a fine day. Californians has a choice and they chose a conservative. She don’t care about the criticisms.
This must be part of her new plan for dealing with climate change.
How about just NO FOSSILS in the US Senate? Maxine Waters, John McCain, Dianne Feistein, Nancy Pelosi just to name a few. Maxine on a mega horn, Nancy Pelosi wishing folks a HAPPY THANKSGIVING on VALENTINE'S DAY, add Hillary & Trump; all touched! TIME LIMITS PLEASE!
Sen Feinstein is much more reasonable on climate alarmism than Mr Shahid.
So, what’s your end game? Take out any remaining Democrats with some source of bipartisan ability so that nothing is left and trump wins again? Those of us who’ve been around the block a few times can’t believe your naïveté. Also hoping you’re not actually complicit.
What is your problem? Stirring up trouble - if we don't pull together and get the GOP out of office, then there will be no climate measures and no progress for generations. STAND THE FUCK DOWN.
You need to use this energy to attack Republicans instead of Democrats.
Does this mean Senator Slanders should be replaced? He took MONEY from a fossil fuel company. I suggest you look at this with open eyes instead of your simpleton narrow minded view and attacks pic.twitter.com/YNvLq7rBvF
Really? I’m a conservative and I have all new respect for her.
it's never a good day to be a dinosaur.
she prob just smells her extinction comin' round the bend...
#timesup, senator.
Good she sucks ass, fucked up that we reelected her 😑
Not surprised. Money and power corrupt. That’s why we need term limits
It's an even worse day for those of us who are her constituents.
Feinstein is so rich and insulated from the world her idea of a bad day would be an over poached egg for Brunch.
She should have lied to them, like every other progressive making giant promises that can't pass through Congress. Feinstein told them the truth, deal with it bitches.
Honestly, IMO (perhaps unpopular), she should resign. #FeinsteinResign
Careful another white woman might call the FBI on you for criticizing one of the richest lawmakers in the country.
It’s not a great day for you either.
Not sure she cares. Public opinion probably has little impact on her bottom line. If anything, she just signalled she’s open for business.
She just got re-elected, she’s in for 6 more years, she doesn’t give a f**k!
Me thinks that having 1 billion dollars will help her survive this one...
Bring on the oppo research (to distract). Doesn't take away your shameful manufactured video. Let me tell you - ITS AN EVEN WORSE DAY FOR GND (losing support from folks who genuinely care about this issue).
What's wrong is using an edited video to attack one of our own, also Dems need to grow the hell up & understand we need a lot of money to compete with Reps & until we win & end citizens united we will have to do things we do not agree with.
you wish... 🖕🏻
deny reality and consider the future of this planet as an option you will have bad days
You are the James O'Keefe of the left! You are a shameless liar!
Nor should it be. Her behavior was like the old man sitting on the porch yelling at kids to get off his lawn! So disrespectful
“Meddling kids!”
"Crush our own! Crush our OWN! CRUSH OUR OWN!" Super smart super super expert PR approach!
You need to f*ck off, you lying little punk.
Shut UP, dude, that edited video's been debunked already and this is eroding your credibility.
It’s actually shocking and disturbing how effective propaganda is. One group of people posted a heavily edited video and suddenly everyone forgets how to think critically. Watch the full video. Don’t comment unless you have seen the full thing.
#TeamDianne kids need to grow up she treated them like she should anyone with a policy disagreement.
The looney are out - I am talking about you bozo
So that's why she was mean to those #GND kids.
She's protecting her donors
She had to protect her oil donors against their onslaught
Like the oil lobby did
He, AOC, and the Justice Dems, no correlation to justice, out for Dianne Feinstein.
What a douche bag, these Justice Democrats are horrible people
The tax returns. Produce them.
Today is a good day for Bernie Sanders
Kevin is looking better and better isn’t he?
Let us bring down all false prophets and golden calfs.
😂 @SenFeinstein in trouble.. How dare you speak to children like that. Agree or not (how could you not, signing this) don’t be such a harpy.
You greatly overstate your impact.
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