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Senator Feinstein broke her pledge to us to refuse fossil fuel money.
BREAKING: We just delivered this letter to @SenFeinstein's office, detailing her breaking of the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge she signed. Read it here: oilchangeusa.org/open-letter-to… pic.twitter.com/6jdZmjcUrl

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You are doing really good work. 🙏🏽 Thank you🙏🏽
Thank for what you do. Gave you $25 for making good trouble. Don’t spend it on lobbyists. 😜 secure.actblue.com/donate/dec-dc-…
Taking fossil fuel money is as bad as taking NRA money. Politicians who accept fossil fuel money do not understand the moment we’re living in. They have two choices: stop taking dirty money or be replaced.
Beto O’Rourke and Dianne Feinstein: two politicians who pledged not to take fossil fuel money and did, anyway.
And her husband is heavily involved in oil & gas h/t @DarwinBondGraha twitter.com/darwinbondgrah…
I signed this pledge and I WILL NEVER break it. It's my commitment to the future of the planet, our children, our environment. We need to take action before it's too late. pic.twitter.com/bpmYQLos4E
I think Feinstein should apologize for being corrupted by her donors. twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/st…
Dianne Feinstein isn’t serving the people of CA, she’s serving corporations and billionaires. Our state burned in unprecedented wildfires on her watch while she lied to us about her commitment to take climate action. Defending her is off base. The kids see we deserve better!
Seriously, are you surprised? Not to be too shitty, but ask anyone who organized against the Iraq War whether Feinstein (& most democrats) are trust worthy actors & this broken pledge will be your answer. From guns to drugs to terrorists: the democrats will not save us
Wow this is an impressive coordinated attack on @SenFeinstein. Kind of see through, but it looks like people are gobbling it up. Only a few people on here recognizing the set up
- Time to call a press conference to: ✔️acknowledge why those kids in your office are right ✔️apologize for taking fossil fuel money ✔️support the #GND Use this opportunity to lead and save the 🌎
According to her, she's been doing this a long time and knows what she's doing. She likes Citizens United.
After that hit-job video you edited so shamefully, you need to rebuild your credibility before I pay attention to you again.
I am so so so proud of and grateful to you guys!
Lessons learned...pledges and loyalty can be broken.😐
How she treated those kids today was disgusting.
So it was a coordinated hit job on our @SenFeinstein
Who’s next and who’s paying you?
This is David Sirota caliber circular firing squad work. Bravo! Putin thanks you (and Sirota and Bernie)!
.@sunrisemvmt came with receipts, did not come to play
WHO FUNDS YOU? Why are you targeting a Democratic senator with your crap when there are far, far worse offenders in Congress? WHO IS PAYING YOU TO ATTACK DEMOCRATS?
Shocking. A politician lying and lining their own pockets is unheard of in America.
Feinstein should do more than return these funds; she needs to resign and get out of politics.
#MeaningfulChange in #America is never preceded by the phrase, “Be patient, these things take time.”
You seriously need to target senators who actually vote against the environment. Feinstein saved Lake Tahoe which was losing visibility at 1 foot/year due to toxins. Since then it's gained 25 feet back. Now go after a senator with a horrible climate record. Try harder.
Consider: 1. never cut videos to suit your own opinions. 2. You need to convince more people and/or make it a movement, not talk down. 3.Dems are NOT in control of the SENATE🙆🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Her position on the GND could be explained by this tweet. twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/st…
Wild that people will throw a fit about not getting full context of a 15 minute video that’s just as bad as the 2 minute one but you won’t hear a thing about this context 🤔
Water is wet..... politicians lie. Get over it and grow up. Also, since you only have 10-12 years until the end of our world as you know it, I suggest you get cracking on some real solutions that don't involve using children as human shields
Why are you attacking one of the more progressive Democrats who has actually passed decent climate legislation? Why aren’t you targeting Republicans?
It should have been @kdeleon in 2018 to win
The hit job you pulled on @SenFeinstein w/that edited video is repugnant. I’m 💯 behind the cause but this unethical tea party scortched earth tactic (pun intended) is a losing strategy and way beneath the dignity of your mission. Shame on you. twitter.com/aravosis/statu…
Congrats on going viral, very big energy Sunrise Movement.
If you're wondering why Feinstein chastised a bunch of children for asking for the New Green Deal and said that it would take AT LEAST TEN YEARS to implement any sort of policy changes, this is why. That's 10 more years for the oil industry to continue paying her.
Feinstein doesn’t voice the CREATIVITY to “LET GO” of the OLD POLITICS
which will only
into the hands of the ELITE, CORPORATIONS
Can you release the entire clip from her officer?
Full unedited video of the exchange. Everyone should watch it instead of the shorter video then have a discussion about it twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
We need to act fast on Climate Change, no doubt about it. But using kids in an edited video that doesn't quite show the truth about the meeting with the Senator was not cool.
Well a lot of Bernie supporters on this thread supporting a group that puts a a distorted, edited video. Good to know
Thus one of the reasons there’s no term limits...loss of investment of the fossil fuel third reich
perhaps you could invite those children to witness your reaction - and then finally when you are proven wrong on fossil fuels
One look at her donors list should help explain that. See stats from .@philosophrob
California is an oil and gas producing state, with the strictest environmental regulations in the country.
So where's this unedited video? What else did she say? Did she mention this: twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/st…
Shut up! This is a hit job! Heavily edited video!
Shout out to everyone who's been explaining how reasonable she was in how she told those children to get lost.
Feinstein received about $30,000 from fossil fuel in 2018 and about a quarter of a million over her career according to OpenSecrets.
She gaslighted the earnest and courageous kids who came to her office requesting she sign into the #GreenNewDeal and low and behold we discover that she’s been taking money from the fossil fuel industry. #TimeToGoDiane
Either you put the spineless’ feet to the fire, or they put everyone’s kids in it
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's #GreenNewDeal plan for "Nirvana" smells like teen stupidity.
Oh no, she lost the endorsement or the Sunrise Movement. Her career is over. pic.twitter.com/sigHUjL0Nt
jfc far left people who don’t understand money in politics will be the end of us
Corrupt Leftists "Green New Deal" is Just CA$H for Family & DONORS PURE CORRUPTION the MEDIA DOES NOT REPORT The Media MUST HOLD ALL Politicians ACCOUNTABLE Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers' money to build giant solar power bit.ly/oqKHLd
What is your agenda? Who is funding your campaign against Sen Feinstein? Why are you promoting this vendetta on social media? Who are you? Don't hide behind the children.
is a complete disgrace. I hope history will remember her as such.
You have totally turned us off of your movement.
This is shear brilliance. You guys are amazing. You are doing exactly the right thing to beat the corporate democrats. Your not playing their game.
Apparently you punks need to stay off of her lawn.
Because of the way this has been handled, I no longer support the Sunrise Movement.
Disillusionment! Way to hold her #accountable and not accepting excuses or compromises. Too much at stake. #feinsteinresign #NoFossilFuelMoney @ExtinctionR
Feinstein's behavior in all of this is extremely disappointing. And yes, l voted for her!
You out a distorted, edited video. You have lost any credibility
You all are amazing. Thank you for being a force to reckon with.
Then ignore her, or for what she stands for. There will be no help from those people, don't you see; they are obstructing evolution, they are the past, the past who gave us a dying home planet. Do not stop, or you won't have a future, my friends! You have help! Peace Jo&π
Autopsy 2025. The Eco Movement failed to stop global meltdown because it was a sock puppet of Big Oil. Al Gore was good but he did nothing. Carter was the best because he built solar Ask not what the gov. Can do for you. homes. YouTube. Paul8kangas 2020.
Your organization should be shut down immediately!! Pandering young children should be against the law!! We are not going to explode in 12 years like your teaching these children that is pure propaganda!! This is a scam for money. Government needs to look into this group ASAP!
Of course she did. Why else would she oppose the Green New Deal? It goes against the interests of those who fund her. Democrat @BetoORourke @RepBetoORourke is another one who broke his pledge #GetMoneyOutOfPolitics #DarkMoney #EndCitizensUnited #MoneyIsNotSpeech #EndCorruptionNow
Indigenous people are just a laughing. Rules.
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