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Damn @peta shame on you. He raised millions in animal charities. Taught a lot of people about wildlife in a non aggressive way and also has a foundation where he did and his family continues to save injured, endangered or threatened animals. Terrible tweet from you guys.
#SteveIrwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile & wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today鈥檚 #GoogleDoodle sends a dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled to be left alone in their natural habitats.

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Steve Irwin made millions of people love animals, way more than peta and for them to even mention his name in that light shows their arrogance and ignorance.
PETA kills more animals than Steve Irwin ever did. #Petasucks
Steve was a childhood icon of mine and he still is an icon, how can they disrespect his legacy like that. 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
May the spirit of Steve Irwin haunt them with possessed crocodiles.... pic.twitter.com/D0ydpwpRt9
Are you really surprised to see a distasteful tweet from PETA though?
not to mention his family's zoo's ongoing contribution to both animal and land conservation, education, and repopulation, including a (free) wildlife vet that save millions of lives of "unimportant" animals whose lives would otherwise have ended every year
They really said this on his birthday, huh? Really just going out of their way to be bitter now? We lost such a gentle, giving soul in Steve Irwin. Shameful tweet.
He taught us how to respect animals, not once did he ever hurt them or endanger their lives. He raised his children to do the same thing, now they are following in his footsteps. @PETA is the one who KILLS animals who are just minding their own business.
I agree with Paige. Steve Irwin has done more for the animal kingdom than PETA.
And many of those crocs he dealt with were being re-located because they were in areas where they could threaten humans! PETA is not our friend...
Thank you for saying this, Paige. Steve Irwin was a hero to me and the man who inspired me to become a wildlife conservationist. Pure ignorance from @peta.
Bloody @peta Bullshit again 馃槧 Seriously who believes a word they say?
Think how many cows we could save if we ate Peta activists instead. They might be a bit salty though.
This internet trend of throwing more dirt on someone after they have already died is so pathetic
Peta that is straight up Harrasement!!! Apologize to the Irwin family!!!!
I wouldn鈥檛 expect any less from the likes of them
This is why nobody takes this organization seriously.
He was the sole reason i got into loving wildlife
Yet @peta kills more animals then they save #Hypocrites
Here is the thing. Long ago @peta got caught up in their own grandeur. All they care about at this point is making headlines. Steve Irwin did more for animals than PETA has done in the last 20 years. They have become militant. They are very poor advocates now compared to others.
Got no good words for @peta馃ぎ
image if the irwin families sues peta for defamation of character
Never mind that Peta kills 90% if the animals they "rescue"
every tweet is a terrible tweet from them
I'm all for PETA... People Eating Tasty Animals. Mmmmm... ribeye steak, grilled rare. Roast chicken. Grilled salmon.
I'm with Paige on this one you are WAY out of bounds with your criticism and you owe that family an apology! That mans LIFE was about educating people and you try to depict him as some kind of a monster who kills animals and wears their skins on tv that's Fucked up !
The tweet made me so mad, I've blocked them. Whoever tweeted that has incredibly poor judgment and a lot of hate in their heart.
You tell them Paige. This is disgusting. An iconic loving man who cared about nothing but the welfare of all animals. Taken from us way too soon. How dare they.
Nothing surprises me from a company that tried to prevent people from using completely normal sayings that are "offensive to animals". If they vanished off the face of the planet, I wouldn't miss them.
I have strongly disagreed with PETA for quite some time. They鈥檙e the Westboro Baptist Church of the Animal Rights world.
Yeah @peta is a weird cult that pretends they love animals but then kills plenty willingly every year. So I would expect something like this from them.
has long been trash....
sucks in general so it's not too surprising to see them tweet this
Par the course for PETA. Always twisting things around to suit their agenda and line their own pockets. I think it was the founder that wrote an article saying we should euthanize all pitbulls in the basis they're pitbulls.
That鈥檚 disgusting, shame on them indeed!
They are just set in pushing their agenda no matter who they have to disrespect in the process. What a terrible take from PETA.
This is some desperate shit from PETA. What鈥檚 next? Having a go at Jesus on Christmas because he wore leather sandals? 馃槖
agree with you 100% 馃挴馃憡馃徎
This doesn鈥檛 surprise me with Peta they have no room to talk about anyone they steal pets out of their yards & kills them before the family knows what happened to their pet they kill more animals then anyone the Irwin family educate people on wildlife & saves tons of animals
Exactly. Shame on them. Trying to make a legend out to be a bad guy. #Llsteve
PETA kills more animals every day, than Steve Irvin ever touched in his whole life. Screw those hypocrites.
You wanker @peta Steve Irwin was a legend and you can鈥檛 even spell your own name 馃枙馃徏
He has a boat named after him with @seashepherd fighting to save whales. Pretty cool.
Retweet the hell out of this
I like animals too, want to hang out?
I was a vegetarian until Peta started their stupid crap. Now I eat nothing but meat
You go this hard against Saudi Arabia?
They just don't understand.
Paige gets it. Nobody cared more for animals than Steve Irwin. PETA sucks.
That's because they are fanatics. They really have some scary tactics when the disagree with people or companies. I'm surprised they haven't been labeled a fanatic group.
Don't forget, PETA kills up to 90% of the dogs that enter their shelters. Animal lovers my ass. They just want to judge people and tell them what to do.
That whole thread by them says a lot about what type of scum they are.
Hey @peta I鈥檝e been curious about your opinion on the full birth abortion bill.
PETA = Pure Evil Terrorizing Animals
Agreed!!! @peta Steve Irwin did more to promote animal rights and love for them then you ever have. All you do is spout garbage.
Awful. But what do expect from an organisation that compares eating meat to the Holocaust. And is also know for stealing peoples healthy pets Dog/cats and euthanize them.
Dude taught us more about animals than them in a non lethal way to them. Though yes he got wayyy too close to them.
Los pendejos de @peta siempre me cagaron por creerse salvadores de los animales, atacando a cualquiera que piense diferente.
Ahora atacan a un hombre que hizo m谩s por los animales, que esta pinche fundaci贸n en toda su existencia . Siempre encuentran una raz贸n para odiarlos m谩s.
As spokespeople go, veganism and animal welfare could hardly be more poorly served if PETA is the standard. Still surprised Conspiracy Twitter (TM) hasn't jumped on PETA being one big psy-op to encourage meat consumption and environmental destruction.
It was Steve Irwin and his family that taught me animal conservation, not you @peta
#PETA you should be ashamed for making this post about Steve Irwin I agree with @RealPaigeWWE
@peta is like a version of the westboro baptist church.
As a #vegan this tweet from @peta gives us a bad name. I was, and still am, incredibly inspired by Steve Irwin.
Fuck @peta, they kill more animals then anyone else. Joke. #Stillyourhouse
not the first time, probably won't be the last unfortunately. they haven't been a very shining example for a long time.
How insensitive can鈥檛 believe they said that
There was NOTHING unethical about what he taught.
PETA has always been disgusting
I learned so much watching Steve Irwin and I still watch his wife daughter and son in their new show I am with you Paige shame on PETA
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