The group circulating that video of Dianne Feinstein worked to defeat her in the last election.

Just so ya know.

Folks who primary Dems probably wouldn’t be my go-to’s for honest reporting but suit yourselves.

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you suck so much dude
"primaries shouldn't exist" is a hell of a take
You’re the dumbest big account on this website
shut the fuck up you fucking weird freak. pretending to be a horse ass dipshit
folks who primary Dems are typically Dems
my go-to for honest reporting is the fake horse on the website. thank you fake horse for being a vital part of democracy.
How dare they report exactly what she said!!
They worked to defeat her because she fucking sucks
why is primarying Dems bad
That's the best defense you could come up with? "Guys, they ran AN ELECTION against her, that means they are not to be trusted!!!" lolwutokaydude.jpeg
tell joe crowley i said whats up, fuckface
Honestly one of the worst accounts on here just real bad shit every day man.
Did you watch the video? I don't care what the issue was or who the constituents are, Feinstein shouldn't have spoken to the kids, trying to do the right thing on a critical issue, that way.
"Nobody who disagrees with a person is ever a legitimate source of information about that person" is quite a take
So who was being a smug asshole to those kids? A crisis actor?
Just when I think this account can’t get any worse
folks who primary other democrats. you’re on genius shit here my man
Yeah they forced her to be rude to children. Also replacing centrist dying Dems with young leftists is very good, actually.
Uh why is primarying Dems a bad thing? Especially in California. Someone far more to the left than Feinstein could have easily won California.
Folks who primary dems are usually OTHER dems
that's what primaries are for, dude
but...people in democratic primaries are...also Democrats? the person who primaried Feinstein was.

Incumbents are there to serve their constituents. People who question how well they're doing that aren't disloyal, and it's dangerous to treat them as such.
come on. That was the worst and rudest episode I have seen in a long time. out of touch does not begin to describe it. And whether or not you support her, there is no question we face catastrophic climate change and ignoring it is literally a death sentence.
In other words, folks who engage in democracy and fight to protect our environment shouldn't be trusted. Good to know where you stand, @HoarseWisperer. #EstablishmentBias #PeopleOverPolitics #TYTarmy @sunrisemvmt
You know, being an elected official is not a lifetime position. Primary challenges are good and we need more of them.
If you don't know why a group would primary Dianne Feinstein, @thedollop has a great episode that goes into detail on her public positions over the years
Don’t primary Democrats ever, even in jungle primaries where the alternative is a Democrat running against a Republican in the general election. Thank you horse
It doesn’t change how awful it is.
“You know the people circulating the video of Dianne Feinstein telling a bunch of kids to eat shit? Turns out they don’t like Dianne Feinstein very much!”
california has jungle primaries, her opponent in the general was another democrat lol
Its uninterrupted video. Trying to defend Dems when they behave in a way that's not worth defending isn't productive. Feinstein lost a LOT of supporters with this, and probably deservedly so. I await her explanation and apology.
"These people tried to put somebody in office who would actually listen to their concerns, so don't pay any attention to them" is certainly a take
Outside of the Nazis, you have one of the worst accounts on this site.
Right. They tried to defeat her last time because they knew the kind of person she is, and the priorities she has. I wish the succeeded. But instead, we still have another useless 80-year-old millionaire in the senate.
I see. So the video of Dianne condescendingly explaining to children why we shouldn't prevent a climate apocalypse in their lifetimes was posted one time by people who don't like Dianne
You're going to get us all killed
How about folks who obsessively carry water for Dems? Are they a go-to for honest reporting? What about when there is an actual video of the incident? Should we still trust their compulsive sycophancy?
Looks like @hoarsewisperer can't handle the truth - just blocked us. Here's the link to the original tweet.…
Thank you. Justice Dems and DSoc wanted her seat. Her opponent is mediocre, a poor Pres. pro tem of the Senate, not remotely progressive. She DOES the work we need on gong Green, and they can't stand it.
hey dude i forgot, who did she run against in 2018
It wasn't a good look for her regardless.
Also, the full livestream is just as unflattering.
Why is primarying democrats a bad thing, mister horse?

Isnt the primary process intended to bring the party's candidates more in line with the party's constitutents?
Primaries are part of the democratic process and always have been. You just want a fucking monarchy
Wait. So when can we work against senators that aren’t doing the work we send them to Washington to do? Is it never? Is your answer never?
There is only one reason they're doing this.…
I’m flat out blocking/muting them. I don’t have time for that bs. I’m about ready to do the same thing to the “eating with a comb” people. We’re dealing with backroom nuclear arms deals, pedophile predators, homegrown terrorists, et. Come on people. Focus!
Epstein. Not Klobuchar or massage guy or Feinstein. Epstein is the story.…
I have an 11yr old and I think the kids were coached to some degree as well, but the way she handled herself with these kids pissed me off. She is totally dismissive, condescending and arrogant. My kid is the one who will be affected by inaction and we need bold legislation
The @sunrisemvmt is working for a better planet for all of us. There is no reason to be dishonest. #TYTArmy
People who primary Dems and run against them in the general often don't fare very well.
Folks who primary Dems usually don't have careers after.
Caping for Feinstein is an odd choice.
but... what? lol the guy she ran against was Kevin de Leon and he was more progressive than her on immigration, green energy and medicare for all
so like, Democrats. the word for people who primary Democrats is "Democrats."
Dems primary Dems that's how elections work you fucking moron
For anyone curious, this was Dianne Feinstein solitary challenger, Kevin de Leon(D), the author of CA's 100% Renewable Energy bill.
Feinstein opposes the #GreenNewDeal and environmental reform. The point of a #primary is to elect reps who support your views. Obviously, they fought against her. Dynamic primaries are the bedrock of a healthy democracy. #TYTArmy.
weird that people who don’t like her would circulate a video of her doing shitty things
Soooo its fake news? Just cause it looks bad for her because she behaved like an ass means it isn’t relevant?
All of that was in context. It wasnt edited.
Oh wow I thought I was hallucinating this dumb ass take last night and it’s REAL?
Maybe it's just me, but I'm so tired of the sick, racist, misogynistic, traitorous & corrupt crap spewing from the WH that has yet to be dealt with, that I don't give a hoot about stuff that used to bother me. Yes, she was rude, but Good Lord- look at the filth in the oval office
I thought there was something familiar about the way those children moved! They were all Andy Serkis, right?
We need people to work harder for us. Especially from CA. If she isn’t up for the task we have dozens of other highly qualified candidates who could take the spot.
Disgusting. I am a CADem that saw them hijack the endorsement process and comandeer party $ and resources for guy who lost his own district in the primary. But they are always part of a "revolution," an "insurgency".
And they're using that highly edited video, and the applause it's garnering from trumpers to prove further how awful Feinstein is. Besides, she was fine in that video. I'd have lost it.…
The total irony of the people who falling for that video yet complain about how gullible the MAGAts are. 🙄
Just started noticing that video tweeted everywhere. I haven’t watched it yet but 1) I wouldn’t judge a person on one interaction w/o knowing the context and, 2) be aware that desinformatziya & bots are ramping up again on social media & favorite targets are prominent Democrats.
I too wish the founders would have just stuck with life appointments for senators instead of letting the people decide.
They wanted to primary her exactly because of her gross inaction. I would call that sticking to your principals. Saying that primarys are wrong within a democratic system is the opposite of sticking to your principals. We’re just not dumb enough to buy this argument. #TYTArmy
So they worked to defeat someone who believes her constituents should listen to her instead of the other way around. How is that unreasonable?
Yeah, I voted for her. The video, it's not good. Not good at all. She was rude, arrogant, dismissive and not at all what a Senator should be. Especially, when dealing with children. She sounded like Donald Trump.
You REALLY love neoliberalism. 🤦🏻‍♂️ At least Feinstein is a REAL Democrat, huh? 😐🙄 #Bernie2020
It's pure butthurt fuckery from the sexist assholes she dogwalked 'n trounced at the polls. I ain't falling for their 💩 & I buying their 💩 & I ain't putting up with their 💩.

I am not in the 💩 business.
It's still a video of her being a shitty person, it's not out of context, not edited, just her being a really horrible person
i agree. this was designed to make difi look bad, but jeez, she shouldn’t have taken the bait. she should have played nice grandma “i want all of you to have the bestest, brightest, future ever, and i’m working hard every day looking at *all* legislation to make that happen”.
im making sure 2019 is the year you get sent to the glue factory you narcissistic freak
group of young people whose goal is to stop #ClimateChange and create new jobs, asked @SenFeinstein to care about our future. Her #EstablishmentBias showed when she dismissed their cry for help. #GreenNewDeal is non-partisan, it is a global crisis. #TYTArmy
Here's the full video. At the very end of the video, the blond woman says @SenFeinstein was condescending. I thought the senator was gracious, taking time out for a group that didn't have an appt.
I fell for it at first. It now appears manipulative and manipulated.
Planned Parenthood endorsed Lipinski’s primary challenger and I trust the hell out of them so this new rule you made up really sucks.
Right, they're targeting Feinstein early to get ahead of the 2024 election cycle. 🙄
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