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Steve Irwin and his family reclaim land for animals and run a massive wildlife rescue. His life mission was to save animals and educate people about them. I’m one of many vegetarians who rip out their hair when @peta weighs in. Shame on you.
#SteveIrwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile & wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today’s #GoogleDoodle sends a dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled to be left alone in their natural habitats.

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The ratio on that tweet is a hell of a thing.
Not a vegetarian, but thank you for standing up for Irwin. He wasn’t perfect, but he was on the side of angels.
And to contrast what Steve Irwin and his family have done, let’s remember that @peta kidnaps pets from families bc “they deserve to be free,” and then murders them so they don’t have to spend money taking care of and feeding them
It was PETA's callous reaction to his death that made me stop donating to the organization. When I later learned about PETA's shelter kill practices, I really felt like it has no basis for calling out anyone for animal mistreatment.
That is a heartless thing for PETA to say, especially on his birthday.
Steve’s entertainment created more conservationists than anyone realizes. He personalized wildlife...sad end to his career.
As a vegetarian I feel like antics PETA post gives people a negative image that all veggie people are insane, crazy and judgmental
Hey come on now, PETA, goes around murdering puppies and kittens and dumping their broken bodies in the garbage like trash. huffingtonpost.com/nathan-j-winog… When the Irwin's can treat animals like that then maybe they can compete with PETA and their mountain of morality.
Right? Like PETA has (or at least had) a shelter that puts animals to death, but it critiques a man whose family still does so much for wildlife and education. I’m another vegetarian who can’t stand them.
I can’t stand @peta they act hollier than thou while repelling huge swaths of the population with their hypocritical rhetoric. They are worse than some religions.
@Peta has shown its lunacy again.
I learned a lot from Mr. Irwin. I learned to see great beauty in what was once repugnant to me. Countless spiders and various insects have been safely relocated from the inside of our house to the outside, and every time I remind them and me that they owe their life to Steve.
When I became a vegetarian 12ish years ago, I was all about Peta. I'm glad we have the opportunity to grow and learn that not everything is what it looks like.
Daily reminder that @Peta is garbage.
I didn't like, or agree with some things he did & how he treated some animals, but he did indeed do a lot of good, particularly in educating & helping give children a real passion for wildlife & conservation. Not perfect. Valid points to be made. But good outweighs bad, I feel.
I love that your tweet got more attention than theirs. 😂
PETA kidnaps pets to kill them and that's one of many strikes against them. They have no moral high ground. They are anti-humans interacting w/ animals more than they are pro-animals. huffingtonpost.com/douglas-anthon… wnd.com/2015/11/peta-s… huffingtonpost.com/entry/killing-… theatlantic.com/health/archive…
Snap. Vegan here and so frustrated with @peta attack on the Irwin family. Steve did (and still does posthumously,) so much to help educate about wildlife, to preserve and protect. All whilst Peta scream abuse! 🙄 Keep on keeping on @TerriIrwin @BindiIrwin @RobertIrwin 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Peta believes pit bulls and feral cats are better off dead. They basically operate a slaughter house for dogs and cats. No animal lover should ever support them.
PETA's statement doesn't contradict yours, and yours doesn't contradict theirs. Both statements are factually correct.
I’ve started to suspect that PETA is a massive disinformation operation against genuine vegetarianism/animal rights activism
Im sorry but who in the right mind has watched steve irwin be a legend and has the AUDACITY to say he was HARASSING animals..
was founded by people who had good goals. As those goals were mostly reached, the moderate membership dwindled and people with more extreme views remained. I strongly believe PETA is doing way more harm than good at this point.
Your reaction was more level-headed than mine. By a wide margin.
Ugh. Same. I'm vegan but they're an embarrassment. They've never shared a positive message that I can recall; they're all about criticism and nastiness.
PETA needs to step aside. Steve and his family deserve so much respect for the hard work that they do everyday for animal conservation 💯
Say it loud and say it proud! The Irwins are a gift to the animal conservatory world!
PETA doesn't care about animals, as their murder factory "shelters" prove. They're superannuated teenagers who still get off on p!ssing off Mom and Dad, only they've substituted all sane people for their parents.
Oh stop being so extreme. You become exactly what you are criticizing about Peta. I profoundly disagree with their criticism about Steve, whom I loved. But I also value the widespread work Peta does, when they do the good work. Year after year we see many victories for animals.
Steve Irwin educated the public on animals. PETA just wants something to bitch about. Steves raised his family to protect and love animals.
Have you been to Australia Zoo? Because it’s a zoo. A tourist attraction using animals to make money. You go see that place and see them winding up crocodiles for laughs, putting a snake or koala on a few hurdles people a day and a tiger in a small compound and then talk to me
Both things can be true. Steve Irwin and family DO lots of good for wildlife but I also think Steve went too far when trying to show animals on camera. So much so that it ultimately killed him. His method of death was highly unusual.
Steve Irwin was my idol as a kid. I cried the day he died. I loved Croc Files - I've loved all animals, even the weird and scary ones, my whole life in part to that man.
Shut up peta. Steve was a damn hero. I’m also a vegetarian that eye rolls whenever peta has to chime in for no reason.
Ugh. They’re like Westboro Baptist church.
They sit on a stack of money, telling others how to treat animals, while prosecuting others who actually get their hands dirty and help. They're all for profit and care nothing for animal welfare. They claim animal rights when their company is run solely by vermin!
Steve Irwin: Protects animals, rescues animals, creates safe havens for animals. Peta: Steals your pet and murders it in the name of animal love.
There is always only one way w/ PETA: the PETA way. Anyone doing different is evil. Fullstop. I cannot tell u how much i care about animal rights & welfare.... ....& how SICK I am of their tunnel-visioned divisive shit.
Same! I don't even eat any meat or dairy and I still hate PETA with a passion. They don't educate at all, they just use shock factor and slander.
I can't quite figure PETA out. They drive me, and reputedly many others, freaking crazy. Steve Irwin SAVED unwanted animals: they were RESCUES. I could easily compare Irwin's efforts on behalf of animals to PETA's - guess which one would win? (Hint: NOT PETA).
He also created one of the largest sanctuaries in Australia and has helped saved many species that are labelled as pests from extinction.
PETA’s main mission: make people eat meat just to spite them
Really? This is the hill your going to die on @peta. Don't you have better things to do? I agree with @maureenjohnson, as a long time vegetarian I am also frustrated when you weigh in. Seriously, you can do better. #PETA #getyourshitogether
Hey @peta I think I speak for a lot of people out here that love Animals, Nature, and Conservation! ...F%€K YOU!! Sincerly, The World 🌎 🐗🕷🦎🐍🐢🐙🦑🐟🦂🐊🐌🦞🦀🐬🐠🐡🐋🦈🦗🦋🐺🦆🐘🐄🦙🐑🐪🐂🦓🐖🦘🐏🐃🐕🦏🦌🦛🦌🐐🦜🦡🐿🐀🦝🐇🦐🐛🦆🦅🦉🦇🦢
Well, PETA thought everyone one of the dogs , from the Michael Vick dog fighting yard, should be euthanized - luckily, some wonderful rescue societies gave the dogs a chance - some could not be rehabilitated, they went to a sanctuary
PETA is a disgusting organization that uses shock advertising while not actually saving animals and actually hurting them .
Today I finally blocked PETA... Nearly 15 years after going vegetarian because of them
How dare they. He was a KING
I have to agree! I, (a vegan) distance myself from you from Peta and their twisted views. Really bad form today 🥺
As a mostly vegan/totally vegetarian person, I can confidently say that PETA is the entity most harmful and polarizing to the veg movement.
I don’t eat meat and try not to wear leather but fuck PETA, in the face. Y’all suck
PETA is the absolute worst. They euthanize thousands of adoptable dogs and cats every year and call it “mercy killings.” Total hypocrite bullies.
Steve Irwin is a legend.
Could not agree more - PETA has become a pathetic organisation -
Well said.
.@PETA kills animals. It's a hypocritical, money-grubbing organization whose leader openly eats meat and whose employees steal and kill animals. PETA does NOTHING for shelters and rescues.
Do NOT donate to PETA. PETA wants to eliminate domesticated animals.
PETA used to be a good cause. But like most these taking over by progressives has ruined them.
Thank you for saying this. I have a friend who is vegan and hates the fuck out of peta
I'm a vegetarian, and I cosign Fuck PETA.
This is a bad look, PETA
Also a vegetarian, and please just shoot me if I am ever lumped in with Peta. They are fucking crazy pants.
Did you know PETA kills most of it's shelter animals
What PETA doesn't understand is animals in the wild don't die if old age. They are food, disease, famine, mangled, or hunted. Hunted is the most humanitarian. I don't agree with the way poachers and wealthy hunters hunt-it's disgusting, but PETA stands for misguided idealists..
Angry people that need therapy=PETA
Key word here. “MANY”.
makes me laugh nowadays. Its like even if you react to an animal in self-defense, they will scapegoat.make you the scaoegoat
They hurt their own cause
And his daughter sees this. Not the first time I have had to say shame on PETA.
The Irwin family has done more for wildlife conservation and education than PETA will ever do.
I've always loved that odd attitude that people aren't part of nature.
Yep. Not to mention that they routinely kill animals and have ended up killing pets they've picked up rather than take the time to actually find their owners.
If you want PETA to show some accountability give PETA the Rosanne and James Gunn treatment and pull your donations and pledges once they feel it in the pocket book they will respond appropriately!
Agreed. This Twitter account went way too extreme... I think everyone would agree that Steve Irwin loved animals and was good to them.
what a disgusting statement to make about an individual who worked so hard to save animals. It's because of him that I grew up with more empathy for animals.
Vegetarian here. PETA is trash. Until they learn compassion, they are to be ignored entirely.
I had to block them..I am all for saving animals etc..but they have taken it to an extreme..it's almost laughable..you don't get support by being totally insane
So why is this happening to kangaroos in Australia if they are doing such a good job ? youtu.be/8Oaeaqndd7g
Shout out to all the Veggies out there!!! On a different note isn’t PETA a terrorist organization...?
Just for that. Imma buy a fur coat
Irwin may have done good things, but he did do a lot of ridiculously stupid things as well. People who work with animals normally follow strict protocols in order to keep everyone safe. Irwin did not, and he set a terrible example for viewers. Crocodiles aren't toys.
PETA's tactics have always been horrible. Here they are using a kind man and his family's platform to ignorantly and hatefully push their agenda. They are a disgrace.
Ugh, @peta is the effing worst. They are a PR nightmare for us vegetarians and vegans.
PETA is pure trash. They are total hypocrites. They say they are for animal rights but their "shelters" kill SO many pets.
Steve Irwin is the person who first got me interested in wildlife & their welfare. 25 yrs & thousands of petitions, letters & phone calls later .. don't slam #SteveIrwin @peta if you want my support 🤨😠
Bad move from @peta they will probably blame the intern for that unfortunate tweet. pic.twitter.com/XqRk6Tkdlo
Steve Irwin was an amazing Man and his family is Marvelous to keep his legacy and good deeds!
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