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“The Green New Deal agenda is both feasible and affordable.” -Jeffrey Sachs

As conservatives wag their finger and call me dim on econ, a flood of economists have been verifying the #GreenNewDeal‘s sound policy credentials.

The GOP talks about flatulence.…
Green New Deal is feasible and affordable
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.@AOC is lying again, she's the one who brought up cow farts

Document AOC published: "...we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows..."

Last night: "We gotta address factory farming. Maybe we shouldn’t be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, dinner"
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"Hey guys, its like really a good idea to hamstring our economy by imposing expensive regulations on companies already struggling to keep labor in the US. Like duh, it doesn't matter if the rest of the world is actually responsible for the majority of the problem." - AOC
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@AOC It is not affordable. We are 22 trillion in debt. No more Socialist trial. 1 term congress lady.
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Jeff Sachs, @JosephEStiglitz, @paulkrugman, @MazzucatoM, @graceblakeley, @AnnPettifor, @StephanieKelton, @JWMason1, and other economists have vouched for the sound economics of a #GreenNewDeal. This is the future, and the corporate funded right wing media know it. They scurred.
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@AOC Just give it a rest, would ya’? Your own party is too embarrassed to even vote on it.
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@AOC People thought Hitler’s Economists had great ideas also.
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@AOC You’re the one who brought up the cows farting. In your FAQ. And in another interview that just happened.
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@AOC Ha! The most meaningful part of your tweet is the last line!! When will we stop the finger pointing and speak to the merits of the proposal? I just don't think you can because you are relying on the confusion to push your own agenda...not very honest @AOC
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@AOC Can we please tell that to Feinstein?
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I will keep saying this, if you have questions on the Green New Deal, go straight to the source. Remember, conservative pundits will put their own spin on it.
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@AOC What is not feasible is stacking government panels with climate change deniers, giving this dangerous stance presidential legitimacy. The entire conversation in the media has been totally skewed.
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@AOC You’re the one who brought up the cows farting in an interview just yesterday.
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@AOC As a tax payer I have a right to know how much it will cost. we all have a right. Congress passed the ACA without legitimate questions. And we know how bad that turned out. So, I am going to ask. Why can’t you tell us? Didn’t you do a cost analysis? Isn’t that sound planning?
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@AOC GOP talks about @AOC.

GOP talks about flatulence.

@AOC = flatulence

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@AOC That’s what the #GreenNewDeal smells like.
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@AOC Hey Congresswoman, do you think the Mets have a chance this year?
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@AOC Affordable... “You can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor.” Listen, if you ever wanna know the truth from a communist, just know what they say is the exact opposite of what you’re going to get. YOU have to work for your own stuff and leave them out of it.
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@AOC @RealCandaceO @benshapiro Will your "Green Deal" target Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, India, and China, all of whom are destroying the planet? Isn't this simply a "Green" package to hide central planning?
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@AOC Listen to Jeffrey Sachs. Its feasible and affordable. You know, the Republicans were against the New Deal itself...the laws passed that headed off a 2nd American Revolution and set the Nation on the long road to social and economic justice. Republicans hate that.
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@AOC We SHOULD have continued work in this direction started by Jimmy Carter. But then Republicans happened and ruined it for 35 years. If the country had the sense to vote for the NUCLEAR PHYSICIST instead of the B Movie actor in 1980 we would all have electric cars and solar panels
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@AOC @JohnBadger41 Well, the only choice the @GOP has in the matter is how the #GreenNewDeal is implemented. One way involves them act responsibly and supporting the plan, and the other option is being plowed through as the people roll it out, it's their choice.
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@AOC Solar for home, business, and transportation = national security, and financial security.
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@AOC The Green New Deal is of course doable; not doing it is unconscionable.
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@AOC We need to focus on other countries to lower their emissions bc the USA is already one of the lowest compared to big counties.
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@AOC About how much would it cost to upgrade or replace every building in the U.S. for superior energy efficiency, and to build enough high speed rail to make air travel unnecessary? Both of these ideas are arguably neither feasible nor affordable.
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Martha Brockenbrough UNPRESIDENTED
Is an unlivable planet affordable?

Do new industries that would emerge from alternative fuel sources and carbon reduction create jobs?

The resistance to leadership on this issue is absurd and dangerous.
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@AOC This ain’t it, Chief.
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@AOC Let it be known that "one" is a flood... Yes please take a summer Econ 101 you desparately need it
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It's not just conservatives. The anti-Green New Deal people are in your party too 🤷🏾‍♀️
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@AOC Feasible and affordable. Really. But obviously you do not understand what types of jobs are in America. This deal would kill my job and 800 plus more that creates more than a BILLION dollars in revenue each year for my city. Not including Nationally.
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@AOC We ran out of money $22T ago.
Forced idealism is slavery. Good ideas dont require force agreed?
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@AOC The GOP have shidded and farded their pants.
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@AOC Okay, change in tactics. @AOC you say we shouldn’t ask how much it’s going to cost. So, then tell me why are you so afraid of that question? As I tell my students, It is not just about the bottom line, but how we get there that counts. All of it. What are you so afraid of? 1/2
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@AOC The GOP doesn’t just talk about flatulence, they elect it in human form.
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@AOC To me, this article does a poor job of why it is feasible and affordable. No data, no plan, no model, and flawed statements. I want to listen and understand but all of it falls short to trust the government to be the correct avenue of delivery
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CC: @SenFeinstein

"We can, like, totally use those big eagles from, like, Lord of the Rings for, like, air travel and why do theses plebs, like, have to eat hamburgers and stuff?"
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🥃🍃☘️Emersen Lee🍀🍃🥃
You’re a baby congresswoman whose only job experience is slinging beers for a

Now show us your project plan - budget, milestones to hit, potential risks and how you plan to overcome them, and projected long term sustainability.
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a) You talked about flatulence
b) It's not hard to find economists who believe in socialism (you're credentialed and you don't understand crap)
c) It's hard to find economists who understand socialism who believe in socialism
d) You're dim on econ, among other things
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@AOC Of course it is since RenewableEnergy Will be Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels by 2020… but #corrupt to the core #Trump continues to push #fossilfuels
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@AOC Even if north america had zero carbon emissions it would make little difference on global warming. Why sacrifice the economy?
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😇Good article. It's totally doable. Also, a Living Wage is how you ignite the recovery of the Middle Class and fuel 1950s style growth. It's simple, you want money in the hands of the working folks who spend it, rather than syphoning it off to wealthy who hoard it for power.👇✔️
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Vince (pull no punches) Pesce
Is certainly less costly than inaction
Have a less costly plan that saves mankind?
Let's hear it!
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@AOC RIP Detective Brian Simonsen NYPD
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@AOC Affordable to demolish and fix every single building in the country to be eco friendly? Not even minding the rest of the Green (Red) New Deal, that alone is not even affordable, wtf
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@AOC Gee, they're actually talking about things they have experience with.
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Shame on DiFi for echoing the Republican (false) talking point that we can't afford a green new deal. Economists beg to differ.

Is 'incrementalism' always sold with such distortion and scolding?
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@AOC You found a leftist professor who will defend your position on CNN...shocking. Nowhere does it mention exactly HOW it would be affordable. He mentions the current cost of many things, like natural disasters. Are you claiming that your plan will prevent Hurricanes too!?
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@AOC The guaranteed job provision will wreck havoc on the private sector and force tax payers to subsidize it
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@AOC Omg.....anybody that falls for this bullshit while @AOC sits in her fancy new digs with a 10 million dollar check and a boyfriend on the payroll is a fucking scumbag idiot......she's all swamp now!!!! You get what you pay for......
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@AOC They joke about flatulence but cow flatulence plus mismanagement of manure releases a shitload (see what I did there) of methane into the atmosphere which is 30x more effective at trapping heat. In the US alone there are over 94 million head. Cow farts are not funny
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@AOC Please do not exclude Nuclear from the deal
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Dim on econ? You're not even rating on the scale to be up to dim. You're ridiculous. Bought and paid for shills calling themselves "economists" doesn't mean they are. Just like calling yourself a "representative" doesn't mean you are either. You're a puppet of the @JusticeDems.
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@AOC Money is no object for the super rich planning escapes to islands or another planet.

#OurSurvival depends on #threemilesofair sitting inside #twelvemilesoflife.

Our #Biosphere is the lives of all our chidren and should be featured in news every day

#Facebook #GoogleNews
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@AOC Yummy....
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
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@AOC No. You talked about farting. And financially supporting those unwilling to work. People responded. Robbing middle class Americans of liberty to facilitate socialism is ridiculous irrespective of its economic viability.
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Oh honey booboo, it’s not just the conservatives wagging their finger, it’s your “buddies” snickering behind your back too.
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@AOC It’s not even about being affordable! Which it is. It’s about this country looking forward, which we were doing when we landed on the moon.
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@AOC Didn't you minor in econ in college?
Tell them to F' off! I listened to a lot of GOP Reps speak. Theyre in NO position to critique the intelligence of someone else.
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@AOC Interesting, yet, 31,487 American scientists have signed that it is a HOAX,
including 9,029 with PhDs. Fact-Check it:
2 4
@AOC 1steal from the rich, who worked hard for their money 2.Pocket alot. 3. Give all free to the poor and middle destroy the whole economic infrastructure. 4.Destroy power grids and transportation. 5.Take all guns away. 6.Starve America. 7.YEAH the environment is safe. #greennewdeal
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@AOC Affordable... if we make all of South America pay for it...
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@AOC #ForwardThinking.
I like that -- keep imagining the future & what you can do now to make it better.
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@AOC American people don't want it or need it. This is a communist manifesto. About power, not climate change.
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@AOC So i guess the 22 TRILLION $$ we have in debt is not enough? Get those printing presses going. We can be just like Venezuela where a loaf of bread costs 1,000,000 bolivars = $4.02 American. You got that?
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Media Elected Trump b/c They're 'Weak & Flawed'
@AOC @ewsanderson Keep up the fight! Only read GND summary but please include the phase out of synthetic farming practices.

250 Million acres of cropland is being needlessly drenched w/toxic chemicals, that leach into wells & streams.

Incentivize farmers to go organic by giving tax breaks, etc.
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😂😂😂😂😂💦 Uh huh....
2 3
@AOC @YouthfulEagle I'm a conservative and I support it
1 4
@AOC Republicans must really love oil barrons and hate the planet Earth.
1 4
Define flood. Also, define economists. Published papers? Or just knee-jerk reactions from inconsequential maroons?
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Jeffrey Sachs, the man who prescribed the economic policies resulting in the looting of the former Soviet Union in the 1990s, the death of millions of Soviet citizens, and the rise to power of Putin, endorses the Green New Deal.
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@AOC Ok so let’s add Jeffrey Sachs to the loser socialist list...
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🇹​🇭​🇪​ 🇼​🇦​🇹​🇨​🇭​🇪​🇷​#🇧​🇪​🇷​🇳​🇮​🇪
@AOC It's going to happen with or without the old Dem guard.
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@AOC I love this photo, you've got a bunch of old white guys listening to you. Keep it going!
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 have your “experts” show the balance sheet on how your #VoodooGreenDeal is going to work. I have 4 year olds believing I can fly. Sounds like you’ve convinced the same 4 year olds. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder
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@AOC Stop it...a third grader wrote that garbage. Just keep your boyfriend on the corrupt payroll and collect your graft.
2 2
@AOC You are “dim on Econ.” Most economists don’t understand day-to-day reality
2 2
@AOC Cherry picked economist. If it were affordable and feasible and healthy for this nation we would have already done it. Socialism, no matter how you package it is a shit sandwich that you force the little people to eat while you feats on Prime rib and lobster....
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Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
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@AOC •Urban #Greywater Irrigation & #Permaculture Program for #FoodGardens #Sustainability
•Electric Vehicle Conversions & #CleanEnergy
(reduces water waste, food costs, pollution & ghgs, restores community health & hydrologic cycles while creating jobs)
#GreenNewDeal #ClimateChange
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@AOC Please shut down the anti-@SenFeinstein attacks pushed by @_waleedshahid and @sunrisemvmt. We cannot afford to attack ourselves and allies who have done real, substantive work on climate change.

Thank you.
2 2
...sending this your way @nytdavidbrooks since you don't seem to get the point...
We have TWELVE MOST, to change the trajectory of this *Titanic* disaster of GLOBAL proportions.
Your GOP *rigged* capitalism is NOT up to the job (and you pushing their lies is reckless)
2 2
Is that the same Jeffrey Sachs whose economic prrscriptions impoverished numerous Third World countries in the 1980s and 1990s?

I await your reply, you vacuous little girl.
2 2
@AOC The Green New Deal uses environmentalism as a lever to pursue a far-larger, more sinister, agenda, a mad leap to a socialist nightworld.
1 3
@AOC @kate_eviva Our most renown economists in the world and Australia are telling us that action on climate change is not only feasible but the only sensible way to go from an economic point of view! If we act now. #notimeforgames
1 3
@AOC You honestly can't be this frickin stupid
1 3
TG2 Truth Seeker🚂🚂🚂🚂
@AOC That’s pretty funny.
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