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Hey @sunrisemvmt 鈥 you down to transform the Democratic Party?
"Thank you to the Sunshine Carpet Cleaners for stopping by today. You were heard and I will fight for you" pic.twitter.com/nPmAASum4P
I think she deleted the tweet LOL
Oh man, she Green Dreamed you guys
Nice stunt. Super cool of you to have released a judiciously-edited video instead of just an honest accounting of the entire interaction.
Perhaps the error was intentional. At least you prompted a formal response of some kind. DiFi is so needlessly conservative that did not support legalized adult-use #cannabis until she was actually contested by @kdeleon, even after California voted for it.
i don鈥檛 remember your name, but i heard you loud and clear. if the government employees won鈥檛 listen to the people, why are we paying them?
Sorry @SenFeinstein but we heard your actual words to them. You were condescending and dismissive.
Here's where a low level @SenFeinstein staffer gets a pinkslip.
Lol she was getting ratio鈥檇 and deleted it.
She said they鈥檙e not turning it around in 10 years if I heard that correctly. Basically she just told the kids she was fucking them and it鈥檚 her call. They have no say. She鈥檚 pretty fucking transparent. Pleasing her owners. Getting re-elected is her goal. pic.twitter.com/CqeHb4VSGq
Me going about my business on twitter.com and then finding that @SenFeinstein tweet pic.twitter.com/0lEnWMwtBr
鈥淪unshine Movement鈥...her staff doesn鈥檛 even care enough to get the name right
Do you have anything to say about the guy that Trump is naming his Climate Change Policy guy or do you just harass Democrats? nytimes.com/2019/02/20/cli鈥
You folks are deceptive. Had never heard of you before. Haven't left a good impression.
May I most humbly apologize for the rest of California for our Senator's rude behavior. I had hoped Kevin De Leon would unseat her. You definitely would've gotten better answers from him!
lmao on top of the entire fallout the tweet was deleted too hahahahahahahahahahahaha. these kids fucking rule
Want people to support you? Hint, berating them is rarely effective. pic.twitter.com/OB3eSoUj1h
I am furious with Sen. Feinstein鈥檚 response to the students鈥 climate concerns based on solid science. I gave her a piece of my mind and have encouraged others to do so too. The students were brave to speak out! Don鈥檛 stop!!!
I want the children of the sky to know, world hold on youtube.com/watch?v=XpdpW0鈥
Or maybe this? The conclusion: (鈥淎 56 percent majority of the GOP says either that concern about climate change is unwarranted or that more research is necessary before taking action.鈥) washingtonpost.com/opinions/2018/鈥
This is so embarrassing like even her staffers are dumb as hell
Are those kids doing okay????? Don't let them read that pile of 馃挬 that has not even a hint of an apology! Talk about revisionary history! We. saw. the. video! .@patrickcook28 @PatTheBerner @sabrina68 @SavageJoyMarie1 @jimmy_dore @grahamelwood @RonPlacone @LeeCamp
I think that was a burn. 馃ぃ馃ぃ
How much is Russia paying you to do this?
it is clear - the @sunrisemvmt is not about enacting anything they say they want - unless everything is done, their way. the name green new deal, is more important than the contents. they don't want change. they want publicity and use kids to sell lies against democrats
You knowingly distributed a doctored video that deliberately omitted the civil exchange and Feinstein's viewpoint to ensure it go viral. It is nothing short of propaganda. Committing FRAUD will not help save the planet. FULL VIDEO: facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise鈥
"You're not 18. You didn't vote for me"
I seriously cannot believe that @SenFeinstein has zero staff to navigate the Twitter machine for her. This lack of attention to constituents demonstrates why she needs removed from office. Someone call Underhill 7-1945 and let her know. pic.twitter.com/U7D7hSd8uY
Loud and clear? Apparently not since she can't get the name right
too late you need to resign we need to clean our party from these old fart assholes that do only personal job not, by the people, of the people, for the people ,, THE CONSTITUTION SAY ,,,WE THE PEOPLE, NOT WE THE POLITICIANS OR WE THE CORPORATIONS ,, GET OUT FROM OUR OFFICE
she's just rubbing lemon into the wound at this point
The Sunshine Movement is for the Green New Dream right?
Cool story bro. Now go protest some GOP. You know the ones who actually control the Senate.
lol, Feinstein deleted the tweet
An upstart advocacy group makes you look like a fool when you dismiss your constituents鈥 requests to act on the most urgent and pressing issue facing the planet, and yr PR team can鈥檛 even get their shit together to confirm the name of the org before putting out a PR crisis tweet?
what did the tweet say? it was deleted
This tweet was brutal.
then why did she get all huffy and tell them my way or the highway? and she had her own new green deal so much for Dems sticking together
Why do octogenarians think they鈥檙e being clever when they intentionally fuck up something or someone鈥檚 name? This is why nobody ever visits you.
"Project Veritas, but on the left" got it
Like she writes her own tweets...
To be fair @sunrisemvmt she probably thought they were scout girls.
That was no 鈥渟pirited discussion鈥 That was a superior ass of a senator NOT listening.
You鈥檙e my favorite parody page on Twitter!
Oh pls ! Go sit down lil sunrise y鈥檃ll doing the most. Enjoy the weekend ! pic.twitter.com/sbZQBZyEMz
Gotta love how she now deleted it, to cover for her mis-spelling.
You should have apologized instead of doing whatever this is.
Ratfucking ain't just for the right, huh? Pretty shameful of y'all to put those kids out there to manipulate people for your own selfish ends.
Can we see the unedited video? For the sake of being aboveboard, especially in this political climate, it is imperative that the public demand transparency.
Yoooo what did she say? Does anybody have a SS of the tweet??
When you think you are talking to a mother figure and quickly find out it is a bitter grandma having a bad day.
鉁奣he children are our future 鉁
LOL Whichever staffer wrote that tweet and screwed up the name is about the get the Klobuchar treatment.
Then she doesn鈥檛 apologize for her behavior and doesn鈥檛 even get the name correct. Be better!! twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/st鈥
"if you @ the sunrise movement, will they release saint bernie's tax returns"
ask @SenSanders which legislation he has introduced to address climate change
Don鈥檛 use children for political fodder. It鈥檚 gross
Maybe consider the name change?
She's a hundred and 93 years old. I'm amazed she didn't ask for the address for twitter so she could fill out the front of the envelope and mail it.
You are fomenting #ClimateInaction and undermining the #GreenNewDeal when you baselessly shame Senator Feinstein. Why aren鈥檛 you at Mitch McConnell鈥檚 office? Are you trying to divide Democrats? Who would do that right now? #ProtectDemocracy #ClimateAction @sunrisemvmt
she's clueless AND daft
Many are refusing to yield to the @ and # because they are afraid that the symbols are used for tracking posts, without realizing that the shares are the tracking devices, and the poles and the questions on Facebook are algorithms.. chains....
In all fairness they got the name right in the statement. She probably didn鈥檛 write either one.
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