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Experimenters SEWED MICE TOGETHER 馃槨

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Steve irwin was a great man and a lover for all animals. We should all wish to be half the person that Steve was pic.twitter.com/NcB0pqbnQu
Also I wouldn't let you within 10 ft of my chihuahua you monsters
Look I'm not going to say you're completely wrong and don't have a point, but we *need* animal testing and experimentation. Without it, chemical testing, drug testing, etc. becomes a lot more difficult. Testing treatments especially.
You'd put them down anyways. Sewed or not sewed
PETA kills animals. Remember that when they start preaching.
Apologize to the Irwin family
Apologize to Steve Irwin鈥檚 tombstone. NOW.
Steve Irwin treated animals better than y鈥檃ll did.
I love Animals. Especially with BBQ Sauce
Apologize you shit heads
Lmfao this is dope
Are you serious? Do you know how many human lives have been saved from experimentation on mice? Your entire organization is pathetic. If I had the choice of sacrificing a million mice to save one human鈥檚 life, I would. I dare you to respond to me rationally if you have the 馃
peta trying to blow over the steve irwin situation with posts like this is so gross lmao!!
Well, you know, I am strongly against this... however, what they do is for experiments, which is you know better than euthanizing infant animals FOR NO GODDAMNED REASON! (PETA's done this by the way)
Why don鈥檛 you stop it instead of showing it
Yes that鈥檚 called parabiosis and even one study using it certainly contributes more to society than PETA has ever done
Yea don't think you can just ignore the situation you started
Says the people that Kills 73% of animals they receive, Hypocrites.
i'm gonna sew your asscheeks together
Hope the Irwin鈥檚 sue you for slander
Great now if only the guy responsible for The Human Centipede would take you guys for his expirements everything would be great. pic.twitter.com/KrWYMgcV1r
Y鈥檃ll really trying to bury that Steve Irwin tweet.
Ya know we need to perform experiments to further develop medical technology and help humanity right?
Y'all killed how many animals? Now how many animals did #SteveIrwin international not-for-profit conservation kill? 馃 Yet, you want to attack a man who spent his life helping animals. Y'all are sick
Former PETA vegetarian campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich told an animal rights convention that 鈥渂lowing stuff up and smashing windows鈥 is 鈥渁 great way to bring about animal liberation,鈥 adding, 鈥淗allelujah to the people who are willing to do it.鈥 Or this
Steve Irwin was a gift to this world and did far more for conservation, education, and awareness than PETA ever will.
Most of the time, experimental animals are kept in pretty good conditions because, yanno, they are doing experiments and need them to be healthy.
You fucking suck, eat shit
Yeah I guess it would be better if it was humans.
Don't forget peta dissed on a dead man who thought me more than you will ever in your future.
Animal Rights group KILLED SERVICE DOG 馃槨
Steve Irwin actually helped animals you people euthanized more animals than all the shelters combined in 2017 in the US
first of all, do your research before saying they don鈥檛 care about the animals. they have access to these animals because veterinarians have allowed them to. if their experiments were deemed 鈥榰nethical鈥 they wouldn鈥檛 have access to the animals at all
I do that, but with my two autistic kids.
PETA has murdered more than 30,000 animals since the 90s. If someone did this to human beings they would be put in prison and labeled a serial killer. Aren't you the ones who say animals and humans should have the same rights? youtube.com/watch?&v=duukk鈥
hey peta how many animals do you kill a year asking for a friend
Don鈥檛 y鈥檃ll kill like 1,000 pets a year?
I love me a good o' All Meat Burritos. 馃構 pic.twitter.com/t4B9qVdiUV
But you euthanize thousands of animals a year馃 pic.twitter.com/41g8ZgDuct
Hahahahha you are being roasted after dishing on the great conservationst Steve Irwin. Serves you right!!
You have no right to this you guys have slaughtered ove 30 thousand sheltered animals since 1998 do us all a favor and just stop @peta
You kill animals馃槨
Still better than euthanizing pets, you pieces of shit.
Wow they are finally making mice 2
Bruh apologize for what you said about Steve and I'll give a shit-
You guys are the most hypocritical organization of all time 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔
PETA you've MURDERED countless animals yourselves.
And you killed animals you said you would treat 鈥渆thically.鈥
Lmao y鈥檃ll don鈥檛 care about them animals, you just like the clout
Good, they probably deserved it
Well if they sewed the three blind mice together would it be a triple blind mouse?
Two mice sewed together with dental floss have more brain capacity than the entirety of your executives staff combined
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