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My "hot take" on the Dianne Feinstein video:

1. The kids are GREAT.
2. Where's the unedited clip?
3. Feinstein REALLY botched the situation.
4. Should she resign? STOP PLEASE with the knee-jerk reactions to folks on OUR team. see: Al Franken.

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The sunrise movement is the same group that pulled that stunt in Pelosi鈥檚 office with AOC. They need to go show up on the GOP鈥檚 doorstep.
The unedited clip makes it clear that she was not rude, she was welcoming. She firmly asked them to consider her authority and experience in what could pass A REPUBLICAN MAJORITY SENATE and it ended with student being offered an internship:
Original video is 15 min long. Lotsa footage on it showing Sen Feinstein did all she could to accommodate the kids. Whole thing's justa setup to discredit her. BTW. Sunrise Movement's the same group that AOC used to protest outside of Speaker Pelosi's office during orientation.
Exactly. 2020 is around the corner. Focus people. Otherwise 4 more years of Trump. We can鈥檛 afford this in fighting. Republicans win elections because they hang together to accomplish their goals despite their differences. So, are we going to fight again?
They couldn't get rid of her through election so they thought they could do so with a fake outrage. Sometimes I can't stand the AOC/Bernie crowd.
Resign? No. Thats ridiculous. Now is she unbelievably tone deaf and out of touch with the people she represents yes. Also, the woman who said we need bold initiatives is exactly right. The time for half measures is over but people like the Senator won鈥檛 be around for the mess.
Don't keep retweeting the "Sunrise Movement" hatchet job edited video of Senator Feinstein. It distorts the meaning of what she said, and creates a completely false impression of what she believes.
Please watch the entire video.
Full video before you judge. This was a hit job.
This was a Project Veritas-style hit job. It's propaganda. We need to be vigilant against this - the lead up to 2020 will be full of these kinds of political stunts.
The "unedited" clip is about 10 minutes, it's great, Dianne Feinstein even offered one of the young women an internship.
That 鈥渕ovement鈥 keeps showing up in the wrong offices to take a crack at Democrats. First Pelosi, now this. #Divisive
there鈥檚 still franken defenders. incredible
The unedited clip provides much more information.
BINGO! Shame on @sunrisemvmt & @nowthisnews Here's the entire 15 minute video of #DianneFeinstein Do not fall for another EDITED hit job to divide Democrats? WATCH before you decide-STOP Operation Divide 1-facebook.com/26361533411680鈥 2-commondreams.org/news/2019/02/2鈥
Those kids are going to vote her out of office. If she knew what she was doing, she should've taken the time to #listentotheconstituents!
Good for Senator Feinstein. Watch the whole video. Even this part, she is explaining to them not just ignoring them like sicko Republicans. She hasn't done a thing that should make her consider retiring. AOC should start listening rather than running her mouth.
Best to watch the entire tape.
Unedited video shows quite a different story.
People watching the full unedited version are now apologizing to Feinstein. It was an edited hit job by Waleed of Justice Dems. twitter.com/DrNikkiMartine鈥
Hello, the unroll you asked for: Thread by @tommyxtopher: "Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "y [鈥" #DianneFeinstein threadreaderapp.com/thread/1099137鈥 Have a good day. 馃
She did not botch the situation. She was honest and those kids were not coached correctly to understand how politics work. They thought they could march in, ask for her support and expect a yes with no background? They were misused and exploited.
Unedited clip here. This is some James O'Keefe level deception and the left should be ashamed of perpetrating or being fooled by it twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
Resign? Absolutely not! She was being dismissive of the kids and teachers. I'll give her credit for meeting with the kids before she crushed their dreams.
If anything she should have been more sensitive & sympathetic towards the kids instead of being condescending. I'm very disappointed with her!
This video is heavily redacted and edited to make DiFi look bad. This hit job was done by a group that supported her primary challenger in '16. They also staged some similar in Pelosi's office last month.
The unedited clip reportedly presents the true context.
I pretty much agree with all of this. A bad look for her, but not resignation-worthy.
Resign no. Retire next election cycle, yes.
The full video is much longer and way different than this edited garbage and I am glad she was honest and is not supporting garbage legislation.
Really make an effort to watch the whole exchange. The hot takes are way off. This was a clip edited from context by the people who primaries her.
I have read, but have not confirmed, that this was released by a group who primaried her. An edited video is suspect at best as it removes context and nuance. They have an agenda.
She weathered the transition from horse and buggy to the combustion engine. She can get onboard with the Green New Deal, dammit.
Here's the unedited version. Who posted the original edited version? They're trying to wedge and divide us.
It's really disheartening to read many of the responses. We're the fuck is the unity, where is the #resistance I thought I was part of? Where are my fellow anti-trump #BlueWave2020 ppl? If we don't start standing together what's the point!!!??
Bad optics but this was parents putting there children to speak to the senator. The senator spoke the truth. Str8 forward. Put your kids in that situation - then put your opinion in - what do you expect?
Unedited clip is on FB
#DianneFeinstein engaged on substance, told the kids she might vote "yes," & offered one of them an internship. Don鈥檛 believe chopped up videos.The whole video speaks volumes! Rudeness begets impatience! Adults should have schooled children how to address any U.S. Senator
I sent it to you, you said it changed your view, so think about retracting this tweet that is STILL going around.
"I've been there for 30yrs" That's the problem... no new ideas, no new blood, just pushing the same rock down the road until they retire.
Look here. This is justice dem bullshit
Here's AOC using that same group (Sunrise Movement) to stage a protest outside of Speaker Pelosi's office during orientation. pic.twitter.com/D28b5dpKJT
Thank you for this. Our side鈥檚 tendency to accept nothing but perfection is hurting us in the long run. We need to be open to growth and learning. Mistakes and missteps. We can鈥檛 let the perfect be the enemy of the good! Perfection doesn鈥檛 exist!!
Hey, might want to watch the entire video instead of the one edited and distributed by the same slightly suspicious group who ran against Feinstein's campaign. Oh, and RU trolls are all over this, they love ya!!! Baby you got played. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
Here is the unedited clip: both Feinstein and the lobbyists seem more respectful to each other in the 15 minute version; @senfeinstein still could have handled it better by encouraging the children's political involvement. facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise鈥
She didn't botch this. Who wants a bunch of kids being brainwashed by "activist" chaperones who refused to accept that there can be other perspectives on the same issue. Sunrise is being trashed on facebook and twitter.
Senator Feinstein will not lie or make false promises, that's not her jam! She will write sound, logical legislation toward limiting pollution and promoting clean alternative energy sources.
Uhhh no! This is the same pro Russian group that tried to take down DiFi and to defeat her in the last election. They鈥檙e frauds who try to primary Dems and just used children to make you think she needs to go, that鈥檚 their goal!
No she should not resign, no this isn't a reason for anyone to resign, this isn't anything that anyone could even get censured for. This is partisanship and it was ugly, disrespectful and intentionally so. It was to disrupt not to solve a problem which is why the kids interrupted
Feinstein was demeaning to the 鈥渃hildren鈥 who couldn鈥檛 vote for her. I assume if they get a chance they will not vote for her. Didn鈥檛 her talk about being elected sound a little like DJT and his description of the size of crowd at inauguration.
I think Feinstein was trying to convey the message to @AOC It's a great idea but it's not going to be accomplished in 12 years. Feinstein has 30 years experience. I think Shame on the teachers and Green Bill backers for scaring these kids.
She botched it. No charm. Nothing wise or inspiring to say to these young people. To say to your constituents, 'leave me alone, I know better' is a poor choice.
One thing you don't do to kids is lie to them. It undermines their faith in government. She didn't lie to them, and she told them she's making an effort. Her problem was that she tried to explain politics, and that will make anyone sound bad.
Watch the entire 15 min exchange she has with them not just this hot take knee jerk 2 min clip. She actually explains things and offers one of them a route to an internship.
It was all to distract from Bernie stories. All of it. How do you not see that? I mean... pic.twitter.com/3M2jR0SV4D
The unedited clip 猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍 The Senator 鈥渂otched鈥 nothing. She disagreed, explained her disagreement & rationale, then she continued to engage this group respectfully. twitter.com/badpacifist/st鈥
I saw the unedited version and she was throughtful and not discouraging. I am prey to fake news. Embarrassed.
This was a BAAAAD PR gaff on her part. She came off looking like mean ole grandma telling the grandkids how she used to walk three miles to school in the snow barefoot. Kids are smart. They see through that crap. If anything, Feinstein just lost a vote from that 16 YO.
has the unedited video in his thread.
Once again a clip is taken out of context from a 15-20 minute long video.
It kinda has the look of a gotcha attempt to me.
No she shouldn鈥檛 resign. Nevertheless, she blew this one big time. Reminded me of the old principal that always talked down to the kids. 馃え
So what? So she鈥檚 an old coot. This behavior would be deemed unremarkable or even cute if she were a male old coot. Say a Bush. Or a Jeff Sessions. Right? #DoubleStandard Ladies, we may have stopped wearing hoops, but we are still jumping through them! #SoTiredofIt #ERAalready
Very intelligent speaking children, they could give the country some hope for the future. The wisdom they possess at such an early age is remarkable. They should not be ignored.
Republicans control the Senate. You can鈥檛 simply force them to pass what you want. It would be nice if Americans actually understood how their government operates. You need 5 Republicans to vote for what u want w/o losing any Dems. Learn how Congress works.
My hot take is these kids need a civics lesson and Sunrise needs to take them and the fight to the Republicans who hold majority in Senate and are the real assholes.
She assumed it would be a harmless interaction and got bum rushed. Same poor staffer got fired today.
It's not just about her rude and condescending behavior. It's about her not doing anything about climate change. No excuse for that. She doesn't belong to public office.
Here you go, complete thread Via @threadreaderapp Tommy MMXIXtopher @tommyxtopher Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1 threadreaderapp.com/thread/1099137鈥
"Should she resign?" Nope but, Trump should have never gotten elected. pic.twitter.com/YARR2252E9
Here are the parts they left out of that chopped-up video. Feinstein engages with the kids and offers one an internship! Seriously:
See thread by @magi_jay for full clip and editorial.
This is the full unedited version. Let鈥檚 stop spreading the other one. this guy is a Bernie bro who wants to stir shit up @_waleedshahid just like they did in 2016. fuck that! Stop reposting his video. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
People are just...stupid 馃か
Feinstein is on one team only, & it isn't OUR team. "Unedited"? Two minutes of that is not enough for you? .@SavageJoyMarie1 @patrickcook28 @PatTheBerner
Wait they are calling for her to resign over this? Oh please.
Dude this all originated from the Russian financed Justicedems. Complete propaganda to divide us leading into 2020.
Watch this before you gather ye pitchforks. twitter.com/jamesfourm/sta鈥
With you all the way there Dad. People need to get a grip. And yeah, unedited video would be nice.
At my job, we would call this a learning opportunity for Feinstein.
My only problem with this video is the kids were enthusiastic but rude as I thought the teacher interrupting the Senator was quite rude. Senator Feinstein response was bar shit crazy though too!
Please! We have bigger things to be concerned with!
Difi was embarassing. She is old already. Those kids are going to be saddled with a dying planet. The least DiFi could do would be at least try to come up with something a teensy bit hopeful.
Is there a full unedited tape? Senator Feinstein later presented her positions and draft resolution on climate change. Agree the optics catch the Senator in bad light which is odd given her seniority and expertise at managing groups.
Feinstein didn't botch anything @sunrisemvmt edited the video to make it look bad.
The whole 15 minute recording is vastly different than the chopped up blurb the is circulating right now.
Watch the full clips. She offered one of them an internship. This was a hit job edit. I repeat, watch the full footage all the way through.
This is a doctored video. Find the original one and watch it til the end. And ask yourself who benefits from this propaganda? Don鈥檛 fall for it.
Here's an unedited version. She looks fine to me.
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