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I want the children from the Sunrise Movement to know they were heard loud and clear. I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation.

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Please stop attacking Senator Feinstein. She has an exemplary record on protecting the environment and climate change. Do your homework. These kinds of tactics are meant to divide the left. Republicans are going to continue raping the Earth and her people if we fall for this pic.twitter.com/39CUaImsFf
Translation: I'm going to pretend I care even though you all just saw me acting like a smug idiot because you all keep calling my office and I want you off my back. If you heard them then sign onto the Green New Deal. Your incrementalist approach is meaningless.
Really inspired by how you stood up to those kids. I鈥檓 proud to call you my senator. You鈥檙e a total class act and not a mean old weirdo like so many people are saying.
Kevin De Leon ran against Feinstein on the Green New Deal specifically.
Don't let these awful children get to you, ma'am. Fortunately we've cooked the planet so thoroughly that many of them will be dead in the next few years. Kudos on your 73rd term in the Senate, by the way.
You sounded patronizing and condescending鈥攚e want you to represent us but not if you鈥檙e going to be dismissive of younger voices. They are the future. #GreenNewDeal
You damaged young people who wanted nothing more than to reach out to you, and for you to do the right thing. You failed miserably. You should resign immediately.
So, the way you make sure they 鈥渒now they were heard loud and clear鈥 is to say, 鈥淚 hear you loud and clear.鈥

Here鈥檚 a few ways NOT to say it:

鈥淚鈥檝e been doing this for 30 years, I know what I鈥檓 doing.鈥

鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 vote for me.鈥

鈥淚 just won a big election.鈥
I hope you raise their concerns as proudly and frequently as you raised the Confederate flag at SF City Hall.
As the girls tried to warn her that she was drifting off the road, Auntie Diane haughtily sniffed "I know what I"m doing," and steered the car into a deep, deep ditch.
Weird to delete the ratioed tweet and then post something that is still tone deaf and still doesn't address the core issue.
I am your constituent. I have an 8 year old and a 10 year old and I hope they are never treated by a public official the way you treated those children. It was classless and shows just how out of touch you are with your own state and constituents. Please retire.
From the video of you and those kids, you are not coming across as caring at all about the future world kids today will inherit. And spare us talk about your grandchildren: they are growing up in a multi-millionaire family, and are therefore protected.
facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise鈥, here is the full tape, the clipped version was doctored to make the whole thing look bad. This looked like a great moment of education for the kids, the adults with them need to be educated on how to teach kids about political action
You should retire. You鈥檙e effectively a climate denier
@SenFeinstein 馃棧How Dare You Walk It Back AND NOW Validate These Children Who R Being Exploited &Used By @sunrisemvmt For Their WHACKED Political Agenda

鈥硷笍You R Complicit In This Child Abuse鈥硷笍& Just Gave MORE Fuel To These Group鈥檚 To Use Our Innocent Children As Political Pawns
The longer video is pretty eye-opening. Shame on the @sunrisemvmt for not releasing the entire thing that showed Senator Feinstein was only a total jerk towards the children SOME of the time.
You are a clueless, over the hill, corrupt, establishment Democrat. I see you deleted your original post because you didn't even name the organization correctly. That just reaffirms your faux concern. pic.twitter.com/z27gJ8hCv8
Last we heard from you, you were fighting to blight the Bay Area with a brand new freeway instead of proposing more transit. You are not credible and need to go.
"I've been doing this for 30 years" = This is the way it's always been done. It's sad you couldn't give these kids a little bit of hope and a lot more respect.
Note: if Feinstein was so confident of her behavior yesterday I suspect she would鈥檔t feel compelled to tweet to the kids how much she heard them 鈥渓oud a and clear.鈥 They would鈥檝e gotten that yesterday...
Senator Feinstein, you're an experienced, productive legislator who understands how bills become law. Someone hyped these kids' fears to make you, the problem solver, into the problem. It stinks. We have your back.
You heard them so loudly and clearly you called them the "Sunshine Movement" in your first attempt at this. The internet always remembers.
1 minute into you tweet and your ratio is already a disaster. Unless you say something meaningful, not platitudes, you lost this one.
are you the devil
Resign and let @GavinNewsom appoint someone with the patience to listen to their constituents.
You know, I remember being that age & can鈥檛 even imagine mustering the amount of courage it must have taken to approach a person in such a leadership role. You were smug & I sincerely hope you do better in the future. Next time, EDUCATE. Don鈥檛 dismiss. You embarrassed me today.
I want the Senator from PG&E to know that everyone knows she's owned by energy companies, big banks, and defense contractors. We have been and remain committed to doing everything we can to force you out of office and replace you with someone who isn't bought and paid for. pic.twitter.com/iGM4NJvbk6
Thank you. Most of us aren't stupid enough to be swayed by this highly obvious edited propaganda video. You're doing great.
Deleted her previous tweet because she heard them loud and clear and got their name wrong
You shouldn't have to RELEASE THIS. you didn't do a damn thing wrong.
I hope everyone watches the full video:
No, you completely blew them off and told them the change that was needed is not going to happen on your watch. You need to resign and promptly as you鈥檝e essentially threatened their future and possibly their lives. You鈥檙e responsible for this! Make it right and resign!
Cool, so you鈥檙e supporting the Green New Deal?
Your staff wrote a lovely tweet. You, on the other hand, were completely tone-deaf when speaking, in person, to school children. That was a horrifying, shameful few minutes.
....which doesnt piss off my donors at PG&E Finished it for her.
鈥淪pirited discussion?鈥 Actually, you arrogantly belittled and were condescending to a bunch of little kids and seemed more concerned with reminding them of your big win. Stunning...
We need climate change legislation. We need to support legislators who are trying to do so, amid the onslaught from the deniers & fossile fuel advocates. That鈥檚 the urgent priority, which is why I deleted my tweet questioning Sen. Feinstein鈥檚 approach to these kids.
You were condescending. Sign on to the #GreenNewDeal otherwise you didn鈥檛 heat those kids at all Dianne.
this response is wholly inadequate. You shut down these bright young constituents whose future is at stake, rather than supporting and encouraging their civic engagement which would have been so easy. As a constituent who voted for you, I am deeply disappointed.
As enraging as your tone towards those brave kids was, shaming their chaperone about your election success is utterly shameless. You've spent your career building a wall of money around your precious senate seat, time to GET OUT OF THE WAY.
GOP is giddy for Dems to swallow a poison pill 鈥 @AOC's Green New Socialist Deal is a trojan horse plagiarized from Russian Asset Jill Stein to implement socialism. It has very little to do with the environment & much to do with income redistribution. thehill.com/homenews/senat鈥 pic.twitter.com/hRGoaseO4J
Literally no one believes you. CA Democrats should recall you & get someone in who isn't a climate change denier. #GreenNewDeal
You bullied those children & dismissed their concerns by talking yourself up. You're murdering us. #weseeyou
Thank you, Senator Feinstein. You have my vote and my support.
Well this is embarrassing.
You know we all saw the video, right?
GOP is giddy for Dems to swallow the poison pill 鈥 @AOC's Socialist #GreenNewDeal is a trojan horse plagiarized from Russian Asset Jill Stein to implement socialism. It has very little to do with the environment & much to do with income redistribution. 鈫 gp.org/green_new_deal pic.twitter.com/MatkJeJjPR
You're a fraud. Your husband is heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry, and you've taken their campaign donations for years. This is the only thing that you've ever listened to. pic.twitter.com/MbSBnoN4q3
so what do you think 鈥渞eal, meaningful climate change legislation鈥 is? i have the feeling you think somewhere between 鈥渘othing鈥 and 鈥済et the hell out of my office鈥
The only definition of *meaningful* in this context is 鈥渃ommensurate with what the science says is required.鈥 (#GreenNewDeal does that.) Any other definition is denialism. So much time has been wasted in predatory delay there are no more incremental solutions or compromises.
You treated them with the respect that goes from telling them the truth. Far more than the adults who chaperoned them who weren鈥檛 interested in facts.
Yelling at little kids is typically called 鈥渁 spirited discussion鈥
A Huge Climate Change Movement Led By Teenage Girls Is Sweeping Europe. And It鈥檚 Coming To The US Next. buzzfeednews.com/article/lester鈥
1st thought about Feinstein controversy was she handled it poorly. After watching both unedited & edited clips, I realize something - she was honest with kids about her vote. She could have easily lied to them, said she'd consider it & made a great photo op like politicians do...
This is doctored. Find the full video and try again. In the meantime: Check out @SenFeinstein鈥檚 Tweet: twitter.com/SenFeinstein/s鈥
You misled the kids. We have the money to do it, you just won't prioritize it because it would involve new taxes (on the rich, ideally) or cuts to the military etc..... You are in the pocket of all the industries who profit off status quo
Sen Feinstein: The time for cap&trade was over a decade ago. We are far past relatively painless half-measures. In the last 3 decades, we have made climate change exponentially worse largely due to the adverse actions and inaction of our elected officials. Turn it around. Go big.
You insulted them. You've sold out all of the US for years. Now, with little time left, you've told us all to go screw ourselves. Do something for a change. THIS IS WHY DEMOCRATS LOSE ELECTIONS, @SenFeinstein. #GreenNewDeal #GlobalWarming #Bernie2020
You were rude AF to those kids and young adults. I guarantee that they won鈥檛 forget how you spoke to them.
@SenFeinstein, it's great that your staff wrote this for you, but we saw the video of YOU telling kids that if they didn't vote for you, you don't owe them squat.

You're as corrupt as they come & for good reason we all came together to make sure you weren't endorsed by @CA_Dem.
Your arrogance and smugness is known. I know you don't care because you're probably not gonna run again so you don't have to worry about votes. But know that we see you. And what we see is a vile, disgusting, arrogant, smug, horrible example of the human race.
Same ol', same ol' status quo. This "apology" means NOTHING. Just more lackluster establishment politics. #GreenNewDeal pic.twitter.com/eyim0fW3c3
No. They were not heard. They were spoken down to, patronized, and disregarded because THEY cannot cast a vote. These kids and this agenda are the future, but you'll be dead. I, on the other hand, will not. Time to come to the table and negotiate.
Spirited discussion usually involves allowing the other side to speak so that you can listen and respond adequately. What you did was interrupt and berate children who were concerned about their livelihoods.
This ladies and gentleman is what we call a sociopath.
Try a sincere apology, visit that group personally & truly listen. You鈥檝e lost my vote until then. They way you spoke to those young people was arrogant & dismissive. Trump couldn鈥檛 have done worse. Shameful.
You should be ashamed of yourself for talking to kids like that, you're a veteran politician you know how to respectfully lie as good as anyone. Out of touch is an understatement 鉁
GOP's poison pill for Dems 鈥 @AOC's Green New Socialist Deal is a trojan horse plagiarized from Russian Asset Jill Stein to implement socialism. It has very little to do with the environment & much to do with income redistribution. GOP is giddy for Dems to swallow it.
If a single word of your apology is sincere, show it by supporting the Green New Deal. It鈥檚 your only hope of redemption at this point.
We know Senator Feinstein. The video was a setup to try to discredit you. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez led a phony protest outside of Speaker Pelosi's offiice with this same group. Shame on adults who use kids to further their agendas.
$16,000,000.00 it cost to get @SenFeinstein elected but it is far too expensive to invest in the future of our children because... well, to be honest children aren't old enough to vote. Fear not children of CA year-around fire season isn't THAT pressing an issue! #sunrisemovement
You have nothing to apologize for. Thank you for the bill you passed last week expanding California鈥檚 public lands. We know your record of environment justice, from the 07 fuel efficiency bill to the 15 Tahoe bill. We got your back, Senator.
Can鈥檛 escape the ratio! You told them that they don鈥檛 matter because they are too young to vote.
Will you take 15 minutes & watch the ENTIRE video of #DianneFeinstein
Or will you fall for another EDITED hit job & divide Democrats?
WATCH before you decide-STOP Operation Divide
I am not seeing an apology in that statement. You are being embraced by right-wing Trump supporting climate deniers now, you need to do better than this to fix this problem you created through your horrific behavior. Apologize and then support the Green New Deal.
We saw the video. Your meager attempt at damage control is an utter failure. My question is, if you and others like you have been doing such a bang up job, how the hell are we in the current mess in the first place? We know the answer.
I watched the video and you should should be ashamed.
.@SenFeinstein, we heard you loud and clear when you were berating children about the #GreenNewDeal. Still haven't heard anything about your own proposal that can adequately address climate change tho.
Watch for the people on your TL still giving lots of oxygen to the #DiFi story after this tweet and the full video.
They鈥檙e telling on themselves.
You sure showed those kids whose boss Senator, gave them a good lesson on how the powerful, deal with the weak. What a big day for them. How do you think those girls will remember you now?
Here is a link to a thread that has the full video not the @sunrisemvmt heavily edited propaganda crap. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
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