Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1
Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein pt 2

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Are you seeing the parts that they clipped from the videos to make her look bad? Geez, everyone who attacked her owes her an apology.
she said nothing wrong and her tone was fine. Then the "adult" with the group started with the slogans.
This was a great opportunity for the teacher and her class to learn how their government works, but they wouldn't listen. They need to learn that its not just about sloguns and signs... its about getting a bill passed & how it will be paid for.

Student: 鈥渨e鈥檙e the ones who voted you in. You have to listen to us.鈥
Feinstein: 鈥渉ow old r u鈥?
Feinstein:鈥 ok so u didn鈥檛 vote me in鈥
was telling the truth. They need to go & be Rude to the Republicans who are blocking climate progress. Why are people so ignorant鈥攖hat teacher is why. And sNader/Bernie/Jill are the reason the planet is dying. Dems are it鈥檚 only hope.
Thank you for posting all parts. It helps to make a decision with all the information. I wholeheartedly disagree with her but I now think she was nice to the children and adults. You can disagree (like she did) and not be rude (which I see she wasn鈥檛).
Here's the next unedited section. See @tommyxtopher 's feed for the rest.鈥
Much better perspective of the encounter. Thank you.
This does not help your effort. The full video tells a different story.
The first video was clearly chopped up quite a lot, but this section is the part I took most issue with and it doesn't appear to have been touched very much, if at all, so... 馃憖
DiFi says Dems are minority in senate and that bills have to be written a certain way to be passed; SM reps says she can still vote yes; DiFi says it鈥檚 not a good res; young girl says we have 10 years to save the climate; DiFi says 鈥淚 know what I鈥檓 doing.鈥鈥
This is why I don't trust older politicians.
This is why I'm so angry at baby boomers and gen X.
This is why younger people need to run.
@SenFeinstein should be ashamed of the way she speaks to children who are genuinely fearful for our planet.
This is appalling.
The full version is no better. Same problem: She blew the kids and the imperative of immediate and drastic action off. Like I said, it's not like this is a new issue. She's been briefed on it for 30 YEARS & done NADA. She's a lazy dilletante.
We definitely still have work 2 do. Progressive Dem here. Most people probably know Feinstein 4 decades of experience in climate, healthcare, gun legislation,job development & trade. It鈥檚 1 twitter video. Reality Cant be judged by 1 twitter video. Twitter mayhem isn鈥檛 always 馃挴
If whoever did this spent as much time trying to take down Republicans we鈥檇 be in great shape. But they don鈥檛, they focus their negativity on Democrats.
Children being brainwashed that we will die in 12 years. Sad.
Part 2 is worse. Still having not engaged on substance, she wrongly claims they have said 鈥渕y way or highway,鈥 they haven鈥檛. She pivots to 鈥淚鈥檝e been doing this for 30 years.鈥 Demands they listen to her but it鈥檚 her job to listen to them. Says she鈥檚 a grandmother. She knows best.
i always voted for her. but it seems she been in too long dont care anymore about issues . need to retire. people like her what keep the new generation from making changes. too toxic not only her but many of her co-workers on both sides political party been their too long .
Its impossible to ever win confronted with emotional children with a camera.Parents ought to prepare and come with the right goal.Trying to pursuade someone that makes sausage for a living to change recipe means you have to hear what goes in it and what happens when you alter it.
Those kids should read 鈥淗ow to Win Friends and Influence People,鈥 by Dale Carnegie.
i would have kicked them out. They were rude , obnoxious and disrespectful little shits
Doesn鈥檛 really make it better
The Feinstein interview, uncut. When you see what the edited version cut out, it's shocking to see how the group that sent it out tried to mislead us.

Part one:鈥

Part two:鈥
Even watching the full unedited video, Feinstein still comes off in part 2 as smug and out-of-touch, and seriously lacking in communications skills with children for someone who has SEVEN grandchildren.
I think @SenFeinstein needs to spend a little more time listening versus talking about her credentials. Any parent with a child wants what is best for them and their future, and our planet is at risk and we must act now!
Shame on you. . There is always money for the wars. . in this case is saving the future...I don't care if Repubs don't vote for it.
The longer version. Still concerned by Feinstein dismissal of the kids. No affirmation from her.
I live in CA. This whole incident still bothers me. I got a text from a friend regarding entirely another subject. He quoted Edward Murrow: Difficulty is the excuse history will never accept. What say you @SenFeinstein?
She was rude as shit to those kids.
Here's where they go off the rails with their overly dramatic nonsense. They are rude to her and yes maybe they should listen instead of yelling at her. It is really shameful the way the children cannot listen to her and understand how gov works.
Around the 42 second mark she says she may vote for it. She wants change too but she's speaking to them about how to get legislation passed.
Once again, for those who were fooled by the Project Veritas-style hit-job edited version of the video.
Here鈥檚 the fully threaded video...鈥
can you articulate what you think substantively changes about this video with the edit? like yeah she engages them a little more at the beginning but the tone of this conversation still seems largely dismissive and condescending
As much as I don鈥檛 like Feinstein, she鈥檚 right here. These kids have been brainwashed by their teachers and they鈥檙e so young they literally have no idea how these processes work. I guarantee hey have no idea what鈥檚 in the bill.
The entire video series is worth watching- I鈥檓 surprised people would rather she basically lie to these kids vs. explain as best she could- how it all works. Is she warm & fuzzy? No. But was she a monster like the edited portrays? NO.
鈥淲e can鈥檛 get this turned around in 10 years鈥 yeah we sure as fuck won鈥檛 with that attitude lmao JESUS..... And democrats are actually defending her ? How embarrassing
This is the precisely the way some adults pontificate to children about their credentials. It鈥檚 why I prep visitors before career day.

To be quite honest...a lot of your favorite educators love to run their resumes by children when they can鈥檛 provide an honest answer.
Look at these children, they are instilled with such fear, they think they are dying in a few years. What decent parent would panic their children like this over a false crisis? I bet these kids have stomachaches and can鈥檛 sleep. Horrible parenting.
We are in a natural period of global cooling.
Please America don鈥檛 fall for Russia tactics. The video making the rounds is edited to seems divisive. Here is a fuller look.
1) Ok. Here is the complete video of @SenFeinstein with those kids. She comes across much more reasonably.
AOC has this poor child scared out of its mind in the same way I responded to Al Gore back in the 90s.

She's telling people that we only have 10 years left to live, an innocent sweet children of course are going to believe that
Here's the UNEDITED version, and I think you'll be considerably less "ashamed." I know I am.
How can ANYBODY incl someone in the Senate for over a quarter a century INSIST on the immovability of any issue? These kids are addressing existential annihilation. If that doesn't demand reassessment by Rs, WHAT does?
How to copy clips & put into iMovie or similar and make it one video? Folks are judgy - maybe seeing entirety all at once would help. I have no clue how. Just a suggestion
Whenever politicians tell you, "It has no chance of passage in the Senate," it means they're lazy, worthless entitled plutocrats who don't want to see whatever it is passed. Because NOTHING get passed unless & until you try, until you keep at it, chipping away at any opposition.
wow this 100% flips the entire thing around. SF: *gives a long and complicated answer* Kid: "But why can't you vote yes?" SF "Well, I may." SF: "Please do."
"'Scientists'" have said that we have 12 years to turn this around." Brainwashing kids. Nice. @AOC is NO scientist.
There is no problem with climate change. I studied it in school with a real scientist who was not paid by the government. We have had climate change way before people were here on earth!
letsgotoseethebestexomvwecangoto100M Tempo:
Disgusting display of AOC's green deal...dragging children into an adult issue that they have no idea what it's about...Just force them to "learn their parts" like a lil play...the adults behind this forced cohorsion and propagandising of these kids shd be investigated!
& she may vote for the GND, she said that. Look, this exchange is putting 鈥淔einstein bad鈥, against 鈥渘o, Feinstein good鈥. It shouldn鈥檛 be. The edited version is simply very dishonest. Unedited video where she said she may vote GND: .鈥
The @SenFeinstein video unredacted.
1st, whomever let them in must be fired immediately.
The @AOC team is a clear threat to organizing effective Democrats, and @SpeakerPelosi needs to take action. It's time for in depth federal fraud investigation into #OurRevolution
Poor children, feel bad that they are being told #AOC is a scientist lol

I can imagine only imagine them back on this video 12 years from now!
She is hostile toward her constituency bringing their heartfelt concerns to her. She is angry about their temerity to oppose her. She'll be dead soon and these young people will have to suffer thru her hard headedness.
Wow. Appalling. "Well, it's not going to get turned around in ten years."
I鈥檓 sorry but the way she responded to the kid about the statement that government is for the ppl by the ppl and her lecturing them about how she doesn鈥檛 respond to people like them saying it鈥檚 their way or the highway and how she won her reelection by a wide margin. Not cool.
Public school brainwashing at it's finest.
Incrementalism is useless. The kids are right
Feinstein focusing on what can get passed entirely misses the political point here. How would she explain the GOP passing all manner of bills during Obama's tenure that they KNEW wouldn't become law bc he wouldn't sign them? THEY WERE MAKING A STATEMENT.
At least she didn鈥檛 call capital police on them
I couldn't get past where she suggested sending a FAX to kids. 馃槀
Oh the parents brainwashed them well !馃槀馃槀
Senator Feinstein's dilemma: How do you tell "Chicken Little" that what she has been told is a lie. #ClimateChange #GreenNewDeal doesn't work and the author is an amateur.
damn. the imagery of kids begging for their future pulls at exactly the heart strings as intended.
I think she handled it beautifully. What is the complaint about?
This is the cringiest video I鈥檝e seen in a long time...


鈥渨ere the ones who voted for you.鈥
鈥淗ow old are you?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 16.鈥
鈥淲ell then you didn鈥檛 vote for me.鈥
How the hell do you watch this segment and come out defending Dianne?
If DIFI had been in Churchill's job we'd all speak German.
Feinstein & all corporate Dems have been true plutocrats on climate change for 40 YEARS! Nothing happens if you don't hammer away at it, & they've done NOTHING! They knew what was coming. Look who else knew & has been trying to do something about it:
.These kids are terrified they'll die in 12 years. Instead of easing their fears鈥攕toked by the evil 'progressive' network that wants to use them as slaves/make them paupers/experiment on/poison/torture/murder them when high productivity ends鈥擠iane kept stating "it won't pass".
unroll please if possible
The little girl at the end needs to go to speech therapy
While I鈥檓 in support of Feinstein鈥檚 response to this, I can鈥檛 help but laugh a little when she says to them 鈥測ou come in here and it鈥檚 my way or the highway. I don鈥檛 respond to that鈥 馃 I wonder where else she could apply this logic in her life......
Patronizing yes, but Senator Feinstein is still it wrong
Feinstein is the best Senator I've ever worked with and she always does what we need and then she sends us a letter afterwards
Young people think they own the world and they think they know everything more than you, no matter if you have live 30 or more years, but hey I'm 10 years old I know more than you.
For those unfamiliar w marketing strategy: PROBLEM Hillary unavailable to play Goliath for far left's (Bernie, et al) David SOLUTION Conscript OG Dem Icon to play "neoliberal corporate" Goliath in 2020 TACTIC Deploy children to cement and dramatize the new Us vs Them storyline
Yeah, that's a very different video, thanks for sharing, it doesn't change my mind on the basic systemic problems surrounding climate change, but it's a much more balanced and fair conversation than what was initially released.
Hmm it's almost like these socialist and their indoctrinated Automatrons didnt won't her to agree. They just wanted to attack her and make her look bad. Cannibalism is 1 of the symptoms of socialism/communism but usually it's in the death throws not the beginning. #Democrats
Oh Boo Hoo, By the people for the people, It Didn't get me anywhere, Go #DianneFeinstein Tell THEM, Green New Deal Trillions of DOLLARS that WE DO NOT HAVE IT SRY, Does Not Matter if INACTION is 50 Trillion Country is 24 Trillion in DEBT HALF that is #OBAMA, & HIS WARS! #Syria
Yes: she's been in the Senate for a quarter of a century, selling herself to the highest bidders in corporate America. THAT'S WHY WE ARE WHERE WE ARE TODAY: facing an environmental catastrophe. The Dems controlled House *and* Senate in 2009 and did NOTHING. #DumpTheDems.
Bernie is a disaster.馃槒
Hogwash for sure. Worse than edited. She's too beholden and still patronistic and hoighty toighty as the detached rich are known to be.
She鈥檚 been in the Senate too long.
Still a twat. The originally released, edited version makes it more clear but the "You didn't vote for me." line is still a terribly twattish thing to say to that young lady.
How many Senators have we seen not willing to talk to constituents? At first I was WTF but this gives the full picture.
anyway, here's DiFi conceding she might vote for the #GreenNewDeal resolution, which was cut from the original video, but the whole thing is still not great!
Honestly, I don't understand why @SenFeinstein doesn't leave the Democratic Party. I mean, look at these kids who are being radically indoctrinated by the far-left! You can be liberal, you can't favor what these children are being fed.
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