I want the children from the Sunrise Movement to know they were heard loud and clear. I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation. pic.twitter.com/JLoIMDf26u
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Replying to @SenFeinstein
Please stop attacking Senator Feinstein. She has an exemplary record on protecting the environment and climate change. Do your homework. These kinds of tactics are meant to divide the left. Republicans are going to continue raping the Earth and her people if we fall for this

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She takes fossil fuel money. That alone should be a reason for her to resign
One more time for the SIMPLETONS in the back - if you are going after #DianneFeinstein tonight you might as well be fangirl/boying James O'Keefe & Project Veritas.
Also, in the full video, you get a different picture:
Only ignorant and ill informed extremists would think Feinstein is a good target. If that's what the DSoc is all about, you're losers and not worth a moment of our consideration. Just dumb.
Scorecard by the same people who give politicians a pass on their support of #fracking and the gas industry. I call B.S.
No. The Left will be divided as long as we listen to dinosaurs like Feinstein. Her time is gone. There is a new generation, frightened by a future global warming they will have to face, and angered by the billions we spend on endless wars, and a bloated military.
She and her staff couldn't even get the name of the organization right.
Nope! As a person who voted for her for over 20 yrs, I will NEVER vote for her ever again based on her words in this vid. RETIRE and go to the nursing home ASAP
If she didn't want to get attacked, then she should have listened to the children and their parents and teachers who are concerned about the fate of the planet. Her attitude betrayed young people everywhere: buzzfeednews.com/article/lester…
Wrong!!! Record on environment is red herring. Past votes are dwarfed by the magnitude of challenge ahead. Merit of the GND = ambition matches the scope of the problem. For DF to be so dismissive and rude shows that she should no longer rep CA. DF = dinosaur.
She told a bunch of kids their opinion didnt matter because they couldn't and didn't vote for her. She told those kids she doesn't represent them and it's only her opinion that matters. After all, she has been doing this for 30 years. #TermLimits
This is about taking down a strong Democrat. She’s in the Gang of Eight. Don’t fall for this BS.
Which was your favorite part of her stellar record: all the times she sold out to Big Oil or the times she sold out to Wall Street?
They're raping the earth because ineffective and senile fossils like her don't bother to make the biggest calamity of our lifetime. If leaders refuse to be leaders, they need to go, and her case, she can just be thrown in a hole
They aren’t tactics. We have eyes and ears. She was rude and dismissive.
I regret to inform you that no one is going to stop attacking Dianne Feinstein. These attacks do not "divide the left," because Dianne Feinstein, as well as most democratic Senators, lost any chance of being called the left the moment the picked up one red cent of fossil money
wow. you haven’t actually followed her career and it shows.
This scorecard is arbitrary as fuck if DF is getting a lifetime 90% despite being vehemently pro fracking and taking oodles of donor money from oil while also voting to expand Trump’s military budget (when, btw, war causes insane amounts of pollution and enviro destruction)
we can never ask more of our elected officials or else we are dividing the left. you are very wise, riot womenn.
I agree, but she handled that situation with the kids poorly
Absolutely not. She does not care about the youth, and she clearly showed that. She deserves nothing more than to be out of a job as senator.
Your statement is not true. She’s been in Congress for 30 years and this is the time that nothing has been done. She’s part of the problem. She’s a millionaire who doesn’t give a crap about poor people.
Here is the very un-exemplary Sen. Feinstein quoted in the SF Chronicle on May 19, 2014: "Environmentalists 'have never been helpful to me in producing good water policy,' the California Democrat said in an interview." So do your own homework! With Feinstein, we're doomed!
We call BS. Where were Democrats on the serious steps needed in the last 10/20 years? This isn’t just environmental legislation. It’s about economic justice. It’s about changing business as usual. (Check out the “business as usual” warming scenario IPCC.ch)
"I've been doing this for 30 years" isn't a great statement when you consider that in the past 30 years we've destroyed the planet. The Earth has been dying on her watch but, please, tell me about her record again.
Is the senator supporting the Green New Deal? If not, then continue the protests. The world can't wait.
It's not about her record, it's about the way she spoke to the kids. There was a way better approach. She didn't have to degrade and disrespect them. She should be happy they are interested in positive public policy, even if she disagrees with the means.
These numbers mean precisely shit. Look at where we are. The Earth is dying.
Yeah don't attack her. She's voted for more Iraq wars than almost anybody. Srsly, people who grew up in a stable economy thanks to The New Deal and the GI Bill and 90% Marginal Tax rates... but who now want to deny those necessary things to us -- CAN GO AWAY FOREVER
Sorry. No. She's complicit in the current disaster state we are in. She's grown fat at the trough of big oil money. She just showed a gigantic lack of leadership and is in damage control mode. And btw, you're not helping her, you're just making yourself look obtuse.
She attacked legislation this country needs, on behalf of her donors, in front of children. You can support progressive legislation, or you can support people no matter what they do. She screwed up, and instead of recanting, she doubled down. That’s her character.
Wouldn't the left be more united if Feinstein voted for the Green New Deal?
Hey I’m with you, she’s my senator and I like her. Having said that, the video speaks for itself and all she had to do was say she was sorry. The left also does THIS. Needlessly bungles an easy apology response. I’m not sure why our side is so bad at the PR game.
Thank you. I fell for the edited version. The full video makes much more sense.
We all have eyes and ears and know what we saw and heard. She absolutely deserves to be held accountable for her dismissive and disrespectful words towards the people that voted her in. Like the kids said, she works for us, we don't work for her. The future is all that matters.
I can support Dianne Feinstein and still criticize how she handled this situation.
100 million- that's how much she's worth. Can you guess her top donors? Gas and oil. But go on tell us how Twitter not allowing a full 15 min video is nefarious and an "attack"🙄 She was rude (ITS ON VIDEO). She's out of touch. She literally has NO plan.
Her number two political contributor is a fossil fuel utility. But whatever, she’s a champion of the people. LOL! #Bernie2020 opensecrets.org/members-of-con…
Feinstein and her supporters aren't part of the left.
Yeah, invading Iraq did wonders for climate change
That scorecard has zero context. No organization name that gave those ratings or link to their criteria.
Those ratings are BS, she accepted fossil fuel money, handed humpty Trumpty every penny he's asked for including 60 billion increased military spending But we can't afford Green New Deal? She needs to go
youtube.com/watch?v=ZNbjBQ… @sunrisemvmt edited the video in a dishonest and deliberate attempt to smear Feinstein. This is not an ethical or honest group of people.
Did my HOMEWORK on @SenFeinstein: -She’s a BIG TIME SHILL for BigPharma: youtube.com/watch?v=fOOhWM… -And BIG TIME SHILL for CIA, NSA & DeepState: newyorker.com/magazine/2013/… “As Chair of Senate Intelligence Cmtee, “Feinstein diminished privacy rights to bolster powers of NSA & CIA”
By tactics, you mean kids talking?
Ummm....Senator @SenFeinstein did a fairly great job of divisiveness by speaking in that manner to kids who care, and then trying to walk it back. She is supposed to be the leader and wisdom-giver....but she acted like Darth Vader (apologies to him, actually).
Telling people that their own beliefs and convictions are part of a plan to divide the left does not sound like a good way to unite the left.
She could have handled it differently, but this was obviously a setup by her opposition using kids, who were rude, interrupting, and dismissive to DFr. The adults had a responsibility to instruct the kids to stop badgering, interrupting and hear what DF had to say.
A 90% approval rating from Ford gets me fired from my job. The reality is anyone is only as good as their last mistake.
Ocasio’s staff edited/doctored the video!
Here is more video of the exchange. Hang in there Senator, you are our jewel. facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise…
Complete thread w/all the videos via @threadreaderapp Tommy MMXIXtopher @tommyxtopher Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1 threadreaderapp.com/thread/1099137…
Once again, Bernie will promise the Left the moon, then when he doesn't win, his supporters will pout, sit at home, and elect a Republican. We've seen this movie before.
100%. These are the socialists going after Dems and using tactics exactly like James O'Keefe, the deplorables, and the teabaggers of 2010. If people don't get a handle on what exactly the socialists are about and who they are against, we will have DT. GET THEM OUT OF THE D PARTY!
"Do your homework." Fine advice, for those of us who will actually do that. But the opposition will not. Feinstein needs to rethink her response to this.
We should be THANKING @SenFeinstein for having a @LCVoters lifetime environment voting score of 90% ~ ~ as opposed to Ted Cruz (3%) or John Cornyn (5%) ~ ~ instead of attacking her over an edited video clip. Dems need to stick together! @TheDemocrats @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats
She will never face voters again- so she doesn’t need support. What she needs is to apologize for letting her anger get the better of her and causing her to belittle those earnest children. And her approach to climate change is too tepid for a CA Senator.
1st. Anyone who is not willing to attack their own when they are wrong is complacent, it is our ability to critique our own that gives the Democratic party its strength. 2nd. She is only moving as fast as the corporate 💰 wants her to, she's in the way and we are coming through.
She only has that score because there hasn't been any legislation nearly as bold as what is tequired. We need to hold our elected officials to a higher standard. Our survival depends on it.
Yeah, because the best legislation on climate change always makes its way to the senate floor. No, its always some watered down bullshit(just like the ACA was) that was made to look like its doing something. But really just goes only 5% to the left, and limited action will lose.
I’m one of the left and now I feel betrayed. That video forever changed my perception of her. I will NEVER vote for #Trump even if I have to vote for Mickey Mouse, and this fossil fuel billionaire woman isn’t going to destroy me—or those kids. Thank God there are other Democrats.
California leads the pack for Green living in this nation. Senator Feinstein has voted for Environmental Protections for her entire career.
Fuller Version, they seem to Have learned Right Wing propagandizing of cherry picked media, not nice
she is not "the left," she supported our $6 TRILLION WARS in the MidEast although Californians strongly disagreed! her record is, according to the science, OBJECTIVELY BAD. Being "not Republican" is not enough, especially when representing the largest, most progressive state.
None of that excuses the way she spoke to children. Instead of listening to them & making them feel like part of the process, she arrogantly and dismissively scolded them. Releasing a statement when her pr flak saw a video going viral is not good enough. #bebetter
.@NBCNews Looking at you for not doing your homework. Or worse, you knew this & tried to destroy her with this heavily edited BS video you posted.
Here’s the unedited video. Shame on those who disseminated the edited video just to discredit Senator Feinstein & sow division among those who truly care about Climate Change. With allies like them, who needs Trump/Putin? twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
It feels like a Russian disinformation campaign. Every time some big bomb drops from right wing corruption, some bullshit static campaign pops up. Don’t be led around by the nose by this incendiary bullshit. They tried the same shit against Pelosi, and against Clinton.
I didn't attack her. I continue my support of her, but that doesn't mean that I have to call what I saw as "best behavior" on the part of an elected official. She could have handled it better than she did. That being said, overall, she rocks, generally speaking.
Not an excuse for how she treated those kids.
Shes been my Senator for a long, long time. I voted for. I put her in office. I'm very happy with her. She gets the job done.
Standards for that scorecard are mighty low!
Could you imagine if a politician said WWII would have been too expensive to fight? Quite making excuses for her.
That may be true and I’ve always had a lot of respect for her but based on what I saw in the video, she was condescending to those young people.
Why is she refusing to sign onto the Green New Deal when 99% of scientists agree climate change is man made and we only have 12 years to reverse course? The GND is supported by the majority of Americans. We MUST attack politicians who refuse to represent the people. #Democracy
No, the left is dividing itself. All they had to do was to keep quiet for four years and appear more rational than President Trump. How hard was that?
How you speak to children and young people, isn’t a divisive issue, it’s telling & recorded. I’m surprised she didn’t wag her finger while extolling how knowledgeable and experienced she is. A listener, she wasn’t.
yes it's very divisive to think "we deserve someone better than that"
"Better than Republicans" is a pretty low bar to be setting. I for one would prefer that the world was habitable in 15 years.
Doh, Feinstein is a disgrace and has been one for years. Fuck the system that she is part of.
the left is in here calling @SenFeinstein on her condescending BS and lack of political courage. your tactics are what divides the left.
This is just the beginning folks of disinformation & social media manipulation.Let’s all stay calm,cool & TOGETHER! They want us to be divided & confused. This was out of character & we knew something was off. She’s a warrior & we mustn’t be so reactive to fake news & PROPAGANDA!
Seriously. Next person I see slamming DiFi gets an automatic block. Change my mind.
👇🏼This times 1,000,000 👇🏼
Exactly. Putin’s Bots dividing US
Well said! @SenFeinstein is a dedicated, concerned champion of our rights, on the environment and many other fronts. Don't use children as attack vehicles, please.
Putin, trump and his republican enablers last hope is to divide us.
She lost such a great opportunity. Shame on her
these adults, leading these kids to do this, need to do this to the Republicans.
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