Is now a good time to remind folks that Feinstein defended flying the Confederate flag when she was the Mayor of San Francisco? She has never been a progressive. She is bought.

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appreciate you very much, but you're missing why a lot of us are upset. Feinstein's dismissive and callous towards children worried about the viability of our species. She has a long history of this towards her less privileged constituents.
"Trust me, kids, I've been doing this for a LOOOOONG time."
My husband just brought this up at dinner tonight.
This is the person you鈥檙e defending, you stupid person.鈥
Yeah don't forget DiFi's confederate flag flying stunt - she was planning a presidential run at the time and wanted to make sure southern voters knew she was down for oppressing the blacks, even though she was from Liberal SF
Damn, we鈥檙e not only talking about a blue dog Democrat situated in a Southern state. We鈥檙e talking about one of two senators in one of the, if not, the bluest state in the country. California can do way better than this.
Jesus Christ. And the same people that tell us how Bernie is racist are the first ones to defend ghouls like Feinstein.

This whole thing has made me realize how unserious and bad faith those 鈥渃riticisms鈥 were.
I don't think anyone ever confused her for a conservative, but spending energy on attacking an 85 year old who isn't up for reelection until 2024 (and thus probably in her last term) seems like a waste of time. There are better uses of resources.
To be fair, when Dianne Feinstein was mayor of San Francisco, Californians were deeply divided over whether to join the Union or the Confederacy.
She only got where she did because of the murder of Harvey Milk & George Moscone. She was seated as Mayor after Moscone was assassinated. The first run she had for Senate-she lost. OH and...鈥
I know, right? Are we supposed to believe that a woman of integrity, like Queen DiFi, would ever make bad decisions for cynical, self-interested reasons?
California democrats elected her instead of Kevin de Le贸n, a real progressive.
Can you give more context here? Why would a confederate flag ever be flying in SF to begin with? It鈥檚 not part of California history.
Gosh, flying the flag of a foreign nation (the Confederacy) was cool with Mz. Super Patriot Security Intelligence Complex? No hollering about Russian influence for her? Hmmph.
This Dollop episode on Feinstein for those who want her story:鈥
don't forget her draconian solution to drug abuse -- lock up all the addicts
It's a waste of time and energy. Everyone knows she's not a progressive.
Thats worse than bought. Thats a whole hearted belief in a racist symbol.
That's Dixie Diane for you. Thanks for remembering this!
Is it a good time to remind folks that the video was editted?
While I can't stand Feinstein, it is disgusting that "adults" manipulated kids into ambushing an old lady with this BS #GreenNewDeal . #FuckCommunists
Is now a good time to remind @RepAOC and her staff that NYC street tactics don't might be okay in #NYC , but have no place a a US REp Office or Congress. Staff should be fired and @RepAOC need to apologize or resign we expected better from Elected Reps in Congress
It's funny how much outrage I ignore and feel justified once I see the video, this actually shocked me. Didn't expect the honest "enh, that's not enough time to food anything anyway."
dId YoU wAtCh ThE uNeDiTeD vIdEo?
Yesterday I was wondering how different things would be today if @Jello_Biafra had won the Mayoral race against her back then.
Oh, you want to talk about experience? Let's talk about DiFi's wonderful career in politics. The fossils in the Dem leadership need to go.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of that. 馃槀
Tina - pretty sure that flag would have been voluntary
May I ask why you are bringing this up? I hear what ur saying Tina, but I have looked & I can't find a direct quote attributed to #Feinstein defending the flag. Do you have any links to her direct words to see for myself? And again, I'm looking for the purpose of this tweet.
goddamn that is terrible. new to me
what a fantastic defense of this nonsense:鈥 a smear. Stay classy rainbows and unicororns cult
Girl yyou so dumb 馃槀
Well holy hell, thanks for reminding us that Feinstein defended flying the Confederate flag 40 years ago. Perhaps you鈥檝e never heard of evolution of thinking. Look it up.
I am not defending her. Personally, I think her time has come and gone. However, are we to also hold Robert Byrd's history against him? People do evolve.
THIS. Go listen to the excellent @thedollop episode about it:鈥
This is why Trump is going to be reelected in 2020. It is as if we have not learned from 2016... Now I am getting more vigilant about progressive sources too. @SenFeinstein just got re-elected and will possibly retire after this term. This is a prelude to the attack on Kamala!
She needs an updated hairdo as well... @SenFeinstein
She needs to be removed from office. Old people don't know anything. Destroy her.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is a sellout... I swear you people are worst that the MAGA cult. You can be a progressive and understand why a 85 centrist democrat isnt as "woke" as you...
Dave and Garry taught me so @thedollop
Love to see you guys eating each other....馃嵖
She鈥檚 a democrat so she鈥檚 insane but she was a bad ass in this video
Got any gun control voting stats on Senators??
trying to eliminate a key point in american history immediately considers you a bad person?
Never not a good time, really.
What鈥檚 wrong with the confederate flag? Wasn鈥檛 the KKK created by Democrats? Hmmmm
when your head is full of murshmallows for brains the best you can do is throw cheap smears, to compensate for this travesty someone dared to call a bill.鈥 @AOC is a kook and your are her little cheap idiot side kicks. Congratulations!
In San Francisco > That's a puzzle>Why? doesn't seem the place for the Confederate Flag. But if you stand back and look now the liberals want to Remove Old Glory and the Anthem,. Rewrite the Constitution . No they will not!
Rest In Power CWP 5 where Greensboro Police stood down/complicit. PD were tipped off KKK would confront and didn't show up for a CWP permit granted march from Housing Projects to downtown Greensboro. Never made it out of projects before KKK/Nazi ambush
We're so HAPPY that she IS NOT a crazy progressive! Not all Democrats are from California and not all of us are Regressive Progressives.
You a Russian bot? Sure sounds like one.
Omg a flag oh the humanity meanwhile non whites murder each other daily in record numbers but lets worry about flags and feelings
Yes, now is a great time!!!
Jesus Christ I never knew this. Fuck Feinstein.
To be fair, in general, many "progressives" aren't as "progressive" as they think anyways.

The whole political gamut is broken, if it was ever "wholesome" at all, and many of those playing along it haven't noticed it yet.
Don't tell me to watch a longer video. I know who she is.
Yes, sounds great. I would love to know exactly why I, a person who's only supported left-wing causes since I became politically cognizant, am like a right-wing fascist for disliking a piece of shit like Feinstein:
If we weren't all going to die horrible deaths, I'd be highly amused that you people are this invested in lionizing this class of totally craven, self-interested cretins:
She was a proudly amoral centrist back then too.鈥
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