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I’m no fan of Feinstein, but when you watch the WHOLE video — not just the excerpt — of her meeting the climate change kids it’s actually a pretty nice visit, and Feinstein says she may even vote yes on the Green New Deal resolution. See thread below with the entire video.
Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1 pic.twitter.com/2Qgob2CH1V

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The way they edited the video, it looks like Feinstein walks out and yells at the kids and then leaves. That’s not what happened. It was a 15-20 minute visit that went pretty well. I watched the whole thing. This kind of editing reeks of James O’Keefe. Who did this?
The way they edited the video, it looks like Feinstein walks out and yells at the kids and then leaves. That’s not what happened. It was a 15-20 minute visit that went pretty well. I watched the whole thing. This kind of editing reeks of James O’Keefe. Who did this?
Exactly. The reaction and unquestioning digestion of the edited clip makes me worry about 2020. We haven't learned jackshit about manipulative propaganda.
They went to make a video, not a case.
And honestly, the #GreenNewDeal folks need to get their shit together. As a clean energy nerd, what they've produced is AWFUL. They neef to get some experts involved. There is a lot of great CHEAP clean energy systems around. They need expert people to guide them.
Can’t believe you’re spreading this edited hit piece, Tommy. Used to have a lot of respect for you. twitter.com/aravosis/statu…
Wait, watch the WHOLE video? Why would I do that when I can just watch the edited clip that fits my narrative and run with it? We’ve learned NOTHING from 2016.
The part that I had an issue with, I still have an issue with. Mostly I'm reading that folks are disappointed (not outraged) because they expect better. Unlike the maga crowd, we can & do hold leaders to account. Folks calling for a resignation is way out of proportion.
We’ve got to quit eating our own. A less than perfect Democrat is better than Trump and many of his bootlickers any day. Quit attacking Democrats who are doing SOMETHING. Go after the Republicans who are doing NOTHING.
She was respectful and spoke to them like they can understand. They were demanding that she do something that would have no practical effect. she told them that she understood their viewpoint. They had no interest in understanding her viewpoint.
yes the name of the people pushing this is both the @sunrisemvmt @_waleedshahid @justicedems @davidsirota and Justice Dems is the group hat recruited @RepAOC. You see what @PhilippeReines was saying on @MSNBC was true. Justice Dems will do whatever it takes to get @SenSanders
We need to remember that they are going to plant stories about every candidate. Check sources. Don’t accept on face value, but we need to view everything with caution. It’s their plan to get us infighting. Stay united!
it baffles me how misleading the coverage. Feinstein says she isn't currently supporting that resolution bc she has her own she thinks is better.
Senator Feinstein just gave the students a lesson in politics. She gave an explanation of why the deal as presented would not pass the Senate. Her staff passed out a resolution on Green New Deal she would vote for and believes would possibly pass the Senate. Great job.
It’s being pushed by major Bernie supporters and was amplified by media Twitter. This is a setup on the level of Project Veritas.
This is the way its gonna go until 2020. We’re gonna have fact check everything and dispel the lies as soon as the hit cyberworld. I thought #DIFi and the kids both did and excellent job. Each had something to learn from the other. That’s the way Democracy should work.
You should be a fan. She’s one of the Titans of the senate even if she’s not as progressive as you’d like.
She was acting wisely and common sense those kids are being used.........
She’s never been the warm and fuzzy type. If she tried that they’d be blabbing about how ‘inauthentic’ she was.
hurt it's credibility with selective editing. They have worthy goals but have a hard time identifying opponents and allies.
A few questions. What malcontent was gleefully happy to release edited info? What was the purpose? Why lie to try and get a point across? Isn't this similar to the foreign trolls that sewed distrust and discord in 2016? Is the end game to get DJT elected again?
I loved the kids! They were passionate and well prepared for that visit.
take a look at the entire video. The interview was not nearly as bad as the edited video presented. While not quite a James O"Keefe job, the edit was done by a political opponent.
if anybody was out of line it was the children, parroting what the adults told them. I'm no feinstein fan but she was ambushed and handled it accordingly. Just because they're children doesn't mean they can't be out of line, which they were.
This is how democrats will fight among themselves and may get dtrump for another 4 years
Mr. Hogg. You promised the "young people will win" Florida. If anyone should know what it's like to fight the GOP, you should (despite you touting Rubio as a good example of a young politician-ageist much?). Watch the FULL video. And apologize.
And so they begin. Sow discord.
please show your kids this video as well.
I'm exhausted from the choices of what reporters* are choosing to pursue at the expense of more difficult but important queries. Too many love the low hanging fruit, and that tiresome habit of finding it so much easier to go after women in politics.
When the kids came down from Feinstein's office, one felt sick to her stomach, and they all felt like they had been dismissed and talked over. An African-American girl noted that all mention of marginalized communities was left out of Feinstein's resolution.
when you listen to just what people say about the excerpt it sounds bad,but not bad enough. Those kids need to learn to not be so gullible and i think she pointed them in that direction. It takes finesse to raise a child, and a certain internal sagacity.
Yes. People are overreacting based on one clip (and a predisposition to be hostile). Consider this a foreshadowing of 2020.
and... every single moment in the condensed version still happens. this is still a poor example of how elected representatives should be talking to concerned, politically engaged children constituents.
She’s a great leader. Maybe not perfect in some eyes but in mine 99%. Not bad
That's not the whole argument. You seem to approve of cherry-picking, so here's just one post pointing out the positives of the Feinstein meeting with Green New Deal advocates. It undercuts the purely-negative depiction that the edited video attempted.
People love to lose their minds on Twitter lately. Slow down people, slow down! #donthurtyourself
I don’t see anything wrong with the exchange. The children could be taught to engage better dialogue. And they will as they move to adulthood, but they’re children. Senator Feinstein is to be respected in her role. Nonetheless, the seriousness of their concerns is real.
I just saw it too. She's being a Grandma. The trolls need to find a different pile of BS. This one isn't sticking.
You lose credability when you distribute an edited video that distorts her response. Here's a link to a tweet with the entire video and it's more nuanced and positive exchange.
What does that mean, she "may" even vote yes. Clock's a tickin', ain't nobody got time for maybes.
I don’t care if she gave them all lollipops at the beginning and end. The EXCERPT showed her talking down to children. That’s not acceptable even if you get an internship offer. And she prob lost the future vote of that 16 yo too.
It’s frustrating that the far left will resort to James O’Keefe tactics. It’s even more frustrating to see how many voices I respect on this platform fell for it.
And she was far more receptive than this edited video showed. The unedited video is embedded here.
“You can take that back to whoever sent you here.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
THANK YOU. I am really uncomfortable with what they are doing here.
Sunshine Movement and Justice Dems are Russian ops. Period.
Unedited version...we must be careful what we post!
It's almost like... someone is using these kids as political props... but no that can't be the case
I cannot imagine not loving DFeinstein
Dear Children, Democrats have been fighting Republicans for decades to get stronger environmental regs. REPUBLICANS are AGAINST regs (bc they cost extra money to implement, eat into the profits of greedy biz owners). Knock on the doors of REPUBLICANS in office. NOT Democrats.
Are we really doing this??? No one gives a fuck if she was nice to the kids at some points during the visit!!!!! She still rejected the proposal and said her brand of incrementalism is what's going to happen. Period.

Jesus christ 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
They can try and smear her all they want, but she just got elected to six more years.
Who gives damn if you're not a fan of hers. If you agree with her, just say. Enough with the qualifiers.
yeah those few minutes is whats spoils the rest of the visit but thats the point she was a jerk to those kids period
I’ve already called for her resignation, started a boycott, unfriended all Feinstein supporters on my social feed and now you want me to spend 2 whole minutes watching a video of what actually happened? Sorry but, I’m too busy enjoying my righteous indignation endorphins. 😂✌🏼
No money!?! to support Green New Deal? Explain to children who saw @GOP easily give TRILLION$ in tax cuts to the rich... Kudos @Patagonia for donating their $10million tax cut to environmental groups. Citizens need to Save Democracy 2 save our planet. @Amy_Siskind
Ok, now I’m pissed off. I fell for it. Damn democrats (hey, that’s me) out here eating our own.
She still did pretty much reject it.
i watched the whole thing. feinstein is worse in the whole video, never listens, constant lecturing,annoyed that she has to hear from children with opinions. wants to get them out the door as soon as possible. uggg
Disinfo is out in spades. Any false dichotomies, any divisive taunting, any gossip... use your critical thinking people.
BernieBros again trying to destroy a Democrat.
It looks like a civics lesson when you watch the whole video without the creative editing. The reality is that the Green New Deal won’t get through the Republican held Senate, full stop.
And she explains the importance of getting at least a deal through that Republicans will pass. They control the Senate.
You mean there's a bigger context to the viral video clip of Feinstein? Color me shocked! [lesson: avoid a rush to judgement based on out of context videos or quotes. There might be more to the story]
There's a edited version.
Feinstein doesn’t patronise the kids which is a big plus for me. And yet Feinstein doesn’t really listen to them either, nor does she help the youngsters articulate their own argument. I think it a missed opportunity for Feinstein to inspire these kids to keep learning.
I haven't seen anyone say that about the kids but I trust that you have. However, the video making the rounds earlier was heavily edited & misleading. Feinstein may not be a teddy bear but she's no monster either.
It was a video edit job. Here’s a short cut to bypass the BS twitter.com/aravosis/statu…
.@brianstelter - @CNN showed the edited version of this video this a.m. Looks like it's a hatchet job by political opponents.
So, just as others, I got catfished into thinking the same. It was AOC's crew that doctored the video. According to this video tweet.
Dems pile on of Dems is disheartening & frankly gets old.

It's exhausting & pointless.
I'm a psychologist concerned that many people don't know how to talk about climate change, so I wrote something about how to have a useful conversation about climate change. Here it is if anyone's interested. medium.com/@danrubinpsyd/…
2020 is going to be a propagandist’s wet dream.
She was set up. Disgusting
Still found her to be condescending and dismissive. Just as she is dismissive of Green New Deal. One needs to ask why.
Thanks for posting the whole video of #SenatorFeinstein. I’m vowing to double check everything going forward. #Vigilance
Post the link to the whole video instead of just talking about it.
The Green New Deal is a great idea, but like Feinstein said right now, it’s not realistic.
Why is this even trending? Feinstein seems civil to these young students. Am I missing something?
Thank you! Those kids were so rude and disrespectful! I doubt I could have stayed as calm as the Senator did.
This is going to be a long campaign cycle. The GOP and the Kremlin will stop at nothing to divide the left, while pushing their authoritarian, racist agenda. Be smart. Rise above it. Be skeptical of purity tests and those pushing them.
So, she didn’t baby talk the children.. Dianne told them exactly her thought process & offered them copies of such! Dianne was respectful and spoke to them like young adults! Really all cut the crap⚡️
There’s more to the video than what has been circulating around. Clips of videos edited to fit narratives are dangerous!
Gosh, who knew the actual facts might not support a sensational story? #JussieSmollett
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