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Please stop, Senator Feinstein.

We already have a Green New Deal resolution.
Feinstein backpeddling after this meeting was caught on tape. Releases climate resolution she says she will introduce soon: feinstein.senate.gov/public/_cache/…

“I want the children to know they were heard loud and clear.”

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Today, MIT Review scientists report the version of the Green New Deal introduced by Occasio-Cortez has no basis in science. Luckily, a true leader on the environment, @SenFeinstein, will introduce a science based resolution in the Senate that can pass feinstein.senate.gov/public/_cache/…
I'm afraid we need a Green New Deal resolution with a basis in science. Thank you for stepping up, @SenFeinstein! technologyreview.com/s/612780/lets-…
Don't ask her to stop. Negotiate a compromise. That's how this is supposed to work. #Teamwork #Coalitions
This is no better than James O’Keefe alt right Project Veritas hit jobs. You’ve lost me guys, bye.
Any response now that the full video show you all were grossly dishonest and misleading. I guess there's a new Project Veritas on the left. Has confirmed all my skepticism about JD being a narrcisistic groupthink org that'll push left pol of a cliff
Edited version intentionally designed to show Sen. Feinstein in negative light. Full version shows her listening, having substantive convo with the group. If fighting for justice, you need to be fair to all. We need new energy, passion, ideas & legislative experience. Both.
Because she knows what she is doing -- experience matters.
And sharing a drastically edited video isn’t helping — full convo youtu.be/cd3H1boPIIE @sunrisemvmt should be slightly ashamed of the edit they shared. We need to be teaching children how to create lasting change.. not how to edit videos that create progressive cannibalism.
Your video was kinda intentionally misleading. Here's a more complete view of what happened:
As Senator Feinstein mentioned in the uncut version of the video, please explain how the GND is going to pass the Senate with ZERO Republican support? Feinstein understands compromises must be made. Jussie Dems do not.
So no mention how the video was edited. No mention of the internship offer. I get you want to pimp your agenda but we lose the moral high ground when we engage in tactics like they do.
There are actual green bills all ready to go. Green deal is not new.
You have been duped. Please watch the unedited version and correct yourselves. Also, in the future, do more research instead of flying off the cuff.
Senator Feinstein keep on doing what you are doing. The Democratic Party can't allow our party to be overrun by the Teaparty of the left, the toxic Republican Party is a prime example of what can happen when we do.
Feinstein has been doing this for 30 years. I know, I just heard her say it on video. So why the rush all of the sudden? If you're going to try to kill an initiative that might start the ball rolling to save the species at least you could have the decency to be subtle about it
How about posting the full video vs the edited one. You all aren’t much better than right wing wing nuts that love the edit. Do better.
She and all other corporate dems like her will never bite the big donor hands that feed them. They will continue to make excuses as to why we can’t do what needs to be done to save our planet. Vote them all out, at all levels of government.
Did you edit the video? Whoever did this no better than James O'Keefe, why are u trying to divide us?
You’re spreading disinformation and should delete this tweet and post the real unedited video
Yeah but Feinstein’s been working on hers for 30 years... soooo
Perfect, we’re at the end of February with the Dem lead Congress & already our leadership is squabbling amongst themselves. What a gift to the GOP. Pull together & work it out NOW. There are too many important things that need your focus, time & energy.
The Justice Democrats are the Freedom Caucus of the left. Their total purpose is to obstruct & divide the Democrats.
Feinstein really needs to go.
Please stop @justicedems. You are part of the problem.
are ratfuckers just like Roger Stone.
Scientists have apparently reviewed the Green New Deal and found it unsound sothe more the merrier...
Not one that will pass a Republican Senate! YOU stop the dividing, the misleading. None if this is helping "your" cause nor will it help this country. You want to make difference..work on getting Democrats elected in the Senate FIRST!! #Priorities
Guess what? @SpeakerPelosi decides what gets voted on or not. She's assembled a climate committee already, and is likely working on a resolution. She's the best legislator in history—pretty much—and has a stellar track record getting bills passed. Why would you have your own?
This is no better than alt right propaganda I have lost ALL respect for justice dems. So long.
Please stop calling yourself Dems. You are clearly not.
FFS. Stop spreading this heavily edited vid that misrepresents what really happened. Seriously, WTH?! I'm a progressive who supports the goals of the green deal but will NOT tolerate BS manipulative tactics from ANY group. "Justice" Democrats my ass. You've lost all credibility.
That video is an edited lie that’s being peddled by people no better than James O’Keefe’s Veritas. Disagreement is fair but dishonesty is repulsive. Don’t be dishonest please.
You guys are kinda showing your cards as intentional dividers here. Even bill sponsors point out it this version of the GND is a RFP. What's your angle?
Will. It. Pass. The. Senate?
You people are the Kooky Caucus of the left, like the Kooky Freedom Caucus on the right. You are not progressives but disrupters. And your rep will be out in 2 years.
Then she needs to sign her support for the Green New Deal and the apologize to these brave children. I think that's the only way out of this with further PR damage.
Come back when you have a fully developed bill that can be scored properly.
Well yall had a good(?) run. I really hope to see some sort of apology or reasoning as to why you attitude that Feinstein video so much I'll wait.
progressive Dem here. Actualy, most people probably know Feinstein 4 decades of experience in climate, healthcare, gun legislation,job development & trade. It’s 1 twitter video. Reality: Cant be judged by 1 twitter video. Twitter mayhem isn’t the best measure. But work is needed
I feel like no one is asking the question, why are children lobbying Senators? Parents are using their kids as leverage in lobbying efforts now? Theyre using their kids to threaten people with a bad photo op? A little gross. Ur children are not a tool for ur political messaging
Yeah, but good luck getting it past the senate with a GOP majority.
Why are t you trying to work with dems against right wing hardliners? Why are you pushing so hard against other dems? We need to unite the party not divide it. Do you want four more years of trump?
🙄Why don’t you concentrate on tearing down the @GOP instead of the Democratic Party.
Her plan is not nearly enough and does nothing to address the many other intertwined issues, such as economic/housing inequality, that must be concurrently addressed if we are to effectively address climate change. It's goal is to pacify the people while preserving status quo.
Perhaps 2050 is a more feasible target. It's not like anyone running for Congress actually offsets their campaign's emissions. What about PACs like Justice Democrats? Do ya'll measure and offset your carbon emissions - or is it a problem for everyone else to fix?
yea i'm very disappointed in her maybe its time to step down for a younger person to taker place.
Oh she just happened to have a climate plan up her sleeve? Didn’t bother to introduce it? I’m guessing it’s thirty years old, which is about as old as her dirty money and ideals. Move aside. You wear blue but you’re old greed guard loyal @SenFeinstein #GreenNewDeal #AOC
Why y'all posting edited videos of Senator Feinstein?
What you are doing is making Dems not support JD. You should’ve shown the full video you’re being very Roger Stone #NoDirtyTricks twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Who exactly do you really work for?
How is Feinstein any worse than all the so-called Progressives like @AOC who voted for @SpeakerPelosi knowing full-well that Pelosi and Co were already working against #GreenNewDeal? It's so frustrating watching people only follow the trail of breadcrumbs half way.
Please stop, @justicedems. Let’s not give trump 4 more years, ok? Feelfree to upset the Apple cart the day after the presidential election 20/20. Until then justCUT IT OUT
Now that the original video has been exposed as a hatchet job, rather than tweet out a public apology to Senator Feinstein, you retweet a bunch of arrogant garbage from your base. Despicable.
AOC is a newbie. She may do great things down the road but to place her on this cult like pedestal is damaging to all. Let's attempt to unite Democrats AND Republicans so we can all look forward to a great future. K?
breaking your pledge to no fossil fuel money and pretending to care about climate change? All talk, no action!
the video was edited?? sleazy.
Feinstein needs to primaried, like yesterday.
Yeah @SenFeinstein! How dare you think for yourself! Don’t let it happen again! Capisce?
Does it abolish capital? No? Then, it won't solve climate change.
OMG, what arrogance and entitlement! Reeks of fossil fuel money corrupting her. Kudos to the kids and to their chaperone for standing up to her; we need more people coming together to confront establishment politicians on both sides. #GreenNewDeal
You all are the leftist version of trump. This Florida Democrat will leave the party if your tactics become the norm. Regulate yourselves.
Ahh, there is no justice in your motives. You will not win. You are as bad as any propaganda foreign machine. You mask yourselves, but you will be found out. Justice my as.
How is @tedcruz on the issue? What about @marcorubio? Why do you only attack democrats?
30 years too late
She had 30yrs. Science data on climate change has been available for longer than she has been in office. She has served, now its time to retire & allow those who are willing to act on climate change to get elected.
Justice Democrats...Just like the Freedom caucus!
You might want to go after Republicans harder than you did Feinstein. You know the ones who control the Senate and Presidency....
So I take it your plan to win is to start acting like Republicans and going off over an EDITED VIDEO? Demanding loyalty, telling people to get in line? What next Loyalty Pledges? We NEED to hear ALL sides, since when is that a novel idea?
Honestly, I can’t tell if you are progressives or Russian trolls or the equivalent of the Freedom Caucus in the GOP. That stunt with the edited video of Sen. Feinstein lost you credibility. There are many of us who have worked on progressive issues for decades.Stop shitting on us
Do it our way or no way? That sounds counterproductive. Like you don't really want to do anything but create infighting on the left. You guys lost my support. @cenkuygur I am starting to be very concerned about a lot of "progressives" and their true motivation/agenda.
Please stop Justice Democrats. Embrace your fellow democrats, their ideas, and meld together to make effective changes. The more ideas, the more working together, the better we will become.
go DIAF. The GND is useless. It's unbinding. It's ineffective. It's everything that's easy for the GOP to attack. It's designed to prevent the US from making meaningful progress on climate change. This is exactly why Jill Stein created it. pic.twitter.com/x8TOVOFriD
When that fails (which it certainly will), will you work on proposals that actually have a chance of passing in this era of divided government?
@SenFeinstein thinks that the children will forgiver her that easily for her condescending attitude
by miles they wont
Division. Trumps goal for 2020. Good job, guys. (Insert Pelosi Clap gif here)
If she had wanted the children to feel that they had been heard loud and clear, she should have kept her mouth shut.
ur digging urself in a deeper hole. Cut the bullshit and just back the #GreenNewDeal. U may not b around in 12 years, but A LOT of us will be & we need to act NOW.
There she goes throwing sand in Occasionally Cortez's gears. You clowns must know that the democrat party is just playing around with you cute little socialists. When the time comes they'll hammer you just like the Hildabeast did to Crazy Bernie. pic.twitter.com/AEcMNbWiCt
What kind of parents would put their kids out there to do their dirty work. They are so misled. Pushy, disrepectful and obnoxious little buggers for their age. Not to mention, @AOC exploiting children like that, so wrong on many levels. Dianne won't fall for that kid scam.
Belief without urgency is climate denial!
You need to take back your bullshit edited video. Don’t be Project Veritas.
This is unacceptable, stop turning on each other. you did this last time, you lost to Trump. You cannot do anything to mess up this time or we'll have that asswipe in the WH for another 4 years. You can fight with the older crustier democrats when you take back the WH, NOT NOW
I believe in progressive causes but This Feinstein video debacle shows me how Americans are so absolutists about causes that compromise of any sort is tantamount to treason. Hey Dems remember YOU elected Trump with this rubbish childishness!!!
Yeah, this was a doctored video. Good job falling for deliberate propaganda.
new campaign slogan, If you can't vote you don't count!
That was an edited version of the tape. There is a complete version on Twitter now-I think Alyssa Milano may have it on her page
Yup. Never voting for @SenFeinstein again and i will telll EVERYONE I know in CA To do the same 👌😂💯💯💯💯💯
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