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For every video of @SenFeinstein condemning children and students about climate change there's a video of Bernie Sanders listening from 32 years ago.

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Consistency and commitment. That is why I support @BernieSanders @Latinos4Bernie
Not only does Bernie show genuine care and interest when talking with these kids, he also correctly predictes the impact of climate change.
Bernie, while being a Senator and preparing his presidential campaign, per usual, visited with students in a school in Vermont last week.

I want his energy but I pray it isn鈥檛 because he doesn鈥檛 drink alcohol or coffee. #Bernie2020 #FridayFeeIing
There's also a video of Bernie saying orgasms stop cervical cancer so you can go straight to hell with your false propaganda.
And young people know who stands for the betterment of their lives 馃檪 pic.twitter.com/8kEzr9s1yl
Speaking of children... why did Bernie abandon his child to be raised by his ex-wife who was on welfare?
every time some new, old footage of Bernie appears, i see him predicting with unbelievable accuracy, the problems that we face today! Truly ahead of his time back then! #FeelTheBern2020
This is how you talk to children, @SenFeinstein
And today thousands of young people walk for Climate in Paris ! 馃嚝馃嚪馃寧 twitter.com/france4bernie/鈥
Speaking of 鈥渃hildren鈥, why did Bernie Sanders vote against the Brady Bill?

Which one does he care more about.. ? 馃

a) The gun lobby


b) Kids
Because the old man is always better than the old woman. #culture
I first met @BernieSanders 18 years ago when he was the keynote and I was the featured presenter, speaking to a bunch of 8th graders at a conference on labor rights at @sit_edu. Same dynamic as this video. I鈥檓 glad the rest of the world has come to know the man I met that day.
We can stop the rightward lurch and work to undo the damage caused by this admin by recognizing and electing actual progressives to all levels of government, so we have more vids like this, and less mockingly deriding children & the value of ppl's futures. twitter.com/People4Bernie/鈥
Someone tell his comms team to just th these as his primary ads.
Except there's more to the Feinstein video that the Sunrise movement failed to include in their generous edit. But I'm sure the Sanders campaign would do due diligence, not smear a fellow Senator while also avoid spreading disinformation. Those tactics sound familiar, yes?
Ahh, this makes sense now. It came out recently that Feinstein was going to endorse Joe Biden and y鈥檃ll decided to do a 鈥済otcha鈥 video to try to make her look dumb.
This is some of what I was taught in school back then, and it's something we've seen come true throughout our lives. America has been so slow to address our glaring social issues that this video is just as relevant today as to those children in that classroom.
This is one of several examples from the full video that show how much more aware these middle school kids are (on the key issues) compared to the majority of American adults today.
So no video of the latinos who drove from Texas to beg Bernie not to vote to dump Vermont's toxic waste in their community but he stormed off refusing to talk to them or asking why Jane still getting paid $2k by the dump site to this day? #SierraBlanca @CarmenYulinCruz
This needs to be spread everywhere.
This is the divisive coordinated propaganda we have look forward to for two years..videos of Bernie peacocking played against attacks on women Democrats. Get ready
This is an amazing video. Bernie explains environmental issues so well, treats the children like dignified, intelligent human beings, and was ahead on an issue that politicians today are still too cowardly and out of touch to address. #Bernie2020
The same Bernie Sanders who refused to meet Sandy Hook parents? Who sided with gun manufacturers over the lives of kids?
That kid raising his hand and never getting called out and then giving up, is basically me as a kid
Basically you're advertising the fact that Bernie had a platform & spoke out about climate change 35 years ago but has done nothing substantive about it while @SenFeinstein has passed lots of environmental legislation.
鈥淓verything relates to everything else.鈥 This is why I love @SenSanders. He understands systems.
Look at #Bernie2020 speaking about #climatechange 30+ years ago.

What part of this do the #NeverBernie folks have a problem with?!
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It鈥檚 beyond understanding that people can鈥檛 see what a true leader we have in Bernie.

Yep. Sadly, it appears spreading disinformation isn't just a favored tactic of the right. twitter.com/People4Bernie/鈥
Got anything from like, IDK, the last decade tho?
You know how transparent your con job was right? Everyone with eyes can see this was coordinated, very poorly I might add
When you hear all the H8rs say Bernie didn't work until he was 40 - that is bullcrap. This is exactly what Bernie did. Teach. Write textbooks for public education.
28 years in congress.... seven bills passed.

He's a loser.
Here is the unedited video, for those interested in understanding Feinstein's reasoning. BTW, @senfeinstein, the CBO has not estimated #GND costs yet. @sunrisemvmt 1. Full unedited video: facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise鈥 鈥 鈥 2. Full aspirational #GND: congress.gov/bill/116th-con鈥 鈥 鈥
A man well before his time. Go Bernie.
Everyone retweet this to Diane Feinstein!! Let her #feelthebern !
.@HoarseWisperer we have needed the #GreenNewDeal for several decades. The @sunrisemvmt wants new jobs and to stop #ClimateChange. Supporting candidates with similar views is how are democracy works. & @SenFeinstein doesn't care. #TYTArmy wants reps that do!
You got to admit Bernie has the most impressive life recipes collection the country has ever known
Bernie...taking climate change seriously for 30 years...
Just compare that to this video of Bernie educating kids about climate change back in 1987. That's right... 1987... twitter.com/People4Bernie/鈥
Someone who has cared for a long time. whereas the wicked witch from the west has had 30 years and done jack s$%^
Can we get a president who speaks to children like this, please? #Bernie2020
Just Bernie adressing Climate change , in 1987....
She did nothing of the thing. That video is deceptively edited. Watch the FULL VIDEO twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
Now just check out the way Bernie engages with the kids vs Diane Feinstein....unbelievable!
That鈥檚 great that he listened, but what legislation did he write and get passed in that time? Also, I wish he鈥檇 listened as carefully when residents of Sierra Blanca begged him not to dump nuclear waste there.
Bernie sanders in 1987 talking about climate change exacerbating droughts and water scarcity
Now this is how you talk to kids about climate change.
Then he pushed to dump Vermont's toxic waste in a poor, rural, mostly POC town in Texas, sooo...
I just love this. Every day I'm just so excited about a president Sanders.
That was a heavily and deceptively edited video of Senator Feinstein and the students. Did you guys put it out or are you only using it for propaganda purposes b/c, hey, it's there?
Here is the unedited video of @SenFeinstein and it tells a whole different story -
I first met @BernieSanders 18 years ago when he was the keynote and I was the featured presenter, speaking to a bunch of 8th graders at a conference on labor rights at @sit_edu. Same dynamic as this video. I鈥檓 glad the rest of the world has come to know the man I met that day.
Damn! I just love this man. He鈥檚 straight with these kids just like he is with everyone else. How it should be. And they鈥檙e treating him with respect and answering his questions intelligently.
I'd keep listening the clean water point was solid
I鈥檓 confused.

Is Bernie running for Senator of California?
If there was EVER a video released of Bernie Sanders talking to children, like the way Dianne Feinstein did to those pushing a #GreenNewDeal, Dem loyalists would condemn him to hell.

When Feinstein does it, though, they鈥檙e referred to as 鈥渟poiled little brats鈥濃 it鈥檚 maddening.
Now do the video of him talking about how the HRC and Planned Parenthood are parts of the establishment!
Have friends asking me who I'll support in the primary. Should I go for a "fresh" face or someone of color or a young? Pretty easy for me, gonna support the person whose actually been fighting for these issues since before they were popular
#2020Election #progressive #Bernie2020
Bernie is such a legend. #Bernie2020
It鈥檚 not a video, but how about the pro-rape essay? That was a fun moment for Bernie!
Bernie Sanders talking to kids about climate change in 1987 #feelthebern pic.twitter.com/PwW38QLakb
I love that @BernieSanders doesn鈥檛 talk down to kids. Compare this to @SenFeinstein and her dismissive, condescending tone with the kids who have come to her office to urge her to take a more pro-active role in saving the planet.
Ah. When he adamantly told the children about how he was raised to believe that black people smell (when the children weren't aware of that particular stereotype). I believe this is also when mentioned stereotypes about the "sex habits" of Jews...
I like how he doesn't talk down to them in an overly mushy or nice manner like other politicians do he treats them like serious people and genuinely values their input I respect that so much
You could do the video of of him talking about how the south/minority votes don鈥檛 matter! That鈥檚 a good one!
Now show one of him voting with the NRA!
He鈥檚 a boss. He talks to these kids better then he talks in the senate. Idk if the kids are extra smart or the senate is extra dumb.
Very interesting lecture! Great points he made here!
For Everything that our politicians are doing wrong there is a decades old video of Bernie warning us all about the consequences.
This man has the greatest 谞砖诪讛 = soul ...There is no one like Bernie ..#Bernie2020
馃槀馃槀馃槀. Bernie is so fantastic on climate change that he dumped toxic waste in Latino communities, and has never actually taken a lead on climate change or passed any significant legislation to combat it. The Party that鈥檚 been committed and has a record to prove it are Democrats
You mean that edited video? Smh. Is offering a student an internship condemnation? Smh.
That's because all the recent ones are of him walking out in the middle of the conversation
How about videos of Bernie shouting constituents down for daring to question him? Or talking over women? Or talking over POC? Or having people arrested, yes ARRESTED, for showing up to his congressional offices to talk to him?
I don鈥檛 vote and only take a passing interest in politics but this is incredible
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