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Feinstein DESTROYS 7 Year Old Who Wants To Not Die

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"Senators don't care about your valid concerns for the future of human civilization"
Most elected California Democrats are exactly Diane Feinstein.

The climate can't wait

Um, no, that鈥檚 not what happened鈥攚atch the whole thing
"Please help stop this train that's heading straight towards the cliff" "Listen, I've been on this train for the 30 years it's been heading towards the cliff. I know what I'm doing"
Russian propaganda! Don鈥檛 fall for it! Video was edited!
LOL definitely a conservative publication's headline/caption
Have you seen the complete unedited video? It鈥檚 quite clear that the edited version has been pieced together to put her in the worst light.
and like i just ranted on another tweet .... all I see is many people on the right wing, attacking the kid and kissing Feinstein's ass ... as if one of the two wasn't bad enough
Let's wait for the next AOC edited video, which everyone is going to fall for...SHM! How are going to survive the 2020 elections folks?
Sneakily edited video of Feinstein with these kids. The Bernie Bros are at it again.
UPDATE: The Carnage Continues
Somewhat telling he now loves a person because they talked down and belittled 12 year old children.
Dianne Feinstein's husban Richard Blum selling as much as $200,000 worth of stock in Antero Midstream last year. Antero supplies oil and gas companies with materials needed to "frack" in the Marcellus and Utica shale regions.
kids: yes id like you to put money into something that would benefit us as the future inheritors of this country feinstein: pic.twitter.com/U3N5AzdXZj
all I need to know is Ben Shapiro likes it!
That has been shown to be edited to make her look worse.
Watch the whole video. The kids came with speeches. Feinstein spoke to them like adults. They made their speeches. She explained that she鈥檚 prepared a resolution that might pass & gave them a copy. They made their speeches. She gave one an internship鈥 twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 no way to pay for it,鈥 Did she say that when she voted for the Iraq war? Or the Patriot Act?
Before I clicked I figured this was Marcotte
Protest on your own recess!!
Wow, so the TYT's admire the propaganda of others as much as they do making their own. I cannot block you fast enough.
I鈥檓 just gonna leave this here... 馃憖 pic.twitter.com/A1x6Jrk6rp
Yep, @SenFeinstein and her ilk in the Democratic Party is why meaningful climate action is hitting a wall. I鈥檝e seen this movie before. It鈥檚 called 鈥淭he Freedom Caucus Saves America.鈥
I love how having grandchildren means she cares. I haven鈥檛 talked to my moms dad in over a decade because he doesn鈥檛 care. Didn鈥檛 even reach out when I was diagnosed with cancer
Watch all the clips please
Fake video. Entire here Hello, the unroll you asked for: Thread by @tommyxtopher: "Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "y [鈥" #DianneFeinstein threadreaderapp.com/thread/1099137鈥 Have a good day. 馃
No, she treated them with respect. I like people who talk to children like they can actually understand things. Like they have basic cognitive skills. That's what she did.
Sorry bro, can鈥檛 support this one. 馃檮
Ben Shapiro loves DiFi now. This is actually not surprising at all they probably overlap on a lot of stuff
WRONG. Try watching the whole video, not a 2 minute clip.
Benny boy just mad they鈥檙e taller than he is
I don't see what you see, and I'm no Feinstein fan. She was the only adult in the room, really.
Ah yes... the ongoing centrist goal of reaching across the aisle
and other millionaire democrats are bought and controlled by corporations. They listen to lobbyist more than their constituents. We must replace these old relics with new progressives that fight for people,
Use your platform wisely. Do better ffs.
I agree with supporting the more full clip rather than an edited version. She was being technical about this issue and what her thoughts were on it this. Good to see the younger more progressive wave of politicians, but experience can help for a good balance.
The Young Turds weigh in.
Serves them right for believing in liberal democracy, silly kids rights are for rich people!
Jeeze...Everyone is so sensitive...The kids were being demanding little dicks..without even knowing the whole policy..They want to act like adult..they get treated like adult..This is a Republic..
Stop it Ken. Usually you鈥檙e funny but not this time. You鈥檙e helping divide the Democrats using an edited video from the extreme left wing, which seems to think the end justifies the means. It doesn鈥檛. Not ever. Besides which, the senator said she鈥檚 considering voting for it.
Here鈥檚 what I don鈥檛 get. With today鈥檚 technology, you could literally@build an entire library of videos, tweets, Facebook posts, articles, etc. on why you want to vote someone like Feinstein out of office and yet everyone will manage to forget this by Sunday morning.
Do better, Klippenstein. That's NOT what she does. You didn't watch the entire clip, did you?
Super surprised to find out Ben Shapiro's a psychopath
Is this really the extent of your understanding of politics?
and so begins the campaign to tear democrats apart form each other
Ben Shapiro LOVES Dianne Feinstein for SHUTTING DOWN seven year old
Watch the whole video, including where Feinstein treats the kids with respect and offers a 16 year old kid an internship. The last bit where she became impatient, was after the kids kept haranguing her rudely.
she didn鈥檛 even tho
Whoops, you鈥檙e talking about the edited version. Might view the clip in its entirety before commenting.
The replies to a lot of the tweets on this subject reek of Jordan Peterson reactionary syndrome. 鈥淲atch the entire video鈥 they all scream without any context to what the entire video reveals. And it turns out it reveals nothing.
This is a version edited to attack Feinstein. Please watch the full length exchange rather than fall for more negative propaganda
@kenklippenstein @williamlegate please see the fuller unedited version of this. Via @aravosis or @marciebp -and consider difi鈥檚 record on the environment which is among the best. Which doesn鈥檛 mean we should not ask more. But showers of division among democrats won鈥檛 get it
Super on-brand for Mr. "Facts and logic"
Watch the entire, uncut, video, this is a smear job......... There is one enemy, and he is in 1600......, #NoDistractions
This is a lie based on an edited video spread by opponents of Feinstein. Stop spreading misinformation In the unedited video @SenFeinstein engages the kids for 14 minutes and at the end offers one of them an internship youtube.com/watch?v=cd3H1b鈥
Convincing a child that the world will end and they will die if [insert your bullshit here] doesn't happen within [insert conveniently short time span here] is child abuse.
Okay, this is ep-*head explodes Scanners-style*
Can we please hold republicans accountable before we start tearing down democrats who are on our side this cycle? This propaganda does nothing but boost the traitors in the GOP.
Feinstein DESTROYS the habitability of planet earth and forces children to join climate migrations following dwindling rains across scorched globe, pt 1 of 4
ok.. HERE LET ME HELP YOU... This is propaganda --- Bernie and his his bros had a bad press day and needed a fall girl. They are pushing this edited bull#it video to get him off the front page.
Smugness and disrespect? That's my family motto!!
Tsk, tsk, tsk. I don't see many of you calling out the edited clip. Shame.
I've watched the full video that is available. I agree, it was generous of Feinstein to give the internship to the young lady. But she absolutely sucked in every way possible. Those kids will never see her the same way again. She represents the problem they face.
Well wadda you know, Ben Shapiro likes someone being an inconsiderate asshole to others. I am shocked.
The Senator might have a $250million lawsuit
you might want to watch the full video and not the edited version going around on Social media before attacking the Senator
didn鈥檛 watch the whole video! What an asshole
A coworker of mine told me he quite enjoys Jordan Peterson and I鈥檓 extremely annoyed
7 year old is used as a political prop by progressive crazies. Sad!
You're falling for propaganda. Why was this just on Feinstein, and not on literally ANY GOP who are more against the GND than anyone on the left? Use your fucking head
Dianne Feinstein's Smug Response to Kids Worried About Climate Change. And she is suppose to represent CA shame she needs to resign come on people WE NEED TO HER KNOW SHE NEEDS TO RESIGN
This tweet aged spectacularly well.
Yeah, who needs cars or a functioning society anyway. XD
Maybe watch the entire video before you judge?
The part I heard is we have no money. We have billions for war, to line government members pockets, to pay Trump NOT to be divested from his businesses so he still gets government money, but we have no money to make our country better. That is a load of shit.
When you have Ben Shapiro singing your praises, you're doing something VERY wrong.
The kids were disrespectful, the were demanding that the Senator support a 鈥済reen new deal鈥 that hasn鈥檛 even been introduced. She will support legislation that can get passed and that is not just symbolic. Regardless, Trump won鈥檛 sign it. Kids are being set up for disappointment.
twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥 Now watch the entire clip. Wow. Propagandas
Actually the full video shows her being very respectful and trying to explain to young children how things work in the Senate when you are not the majority party.
Oh, that鈥檚 worse. I just thought it was a rap battle.
You forgot to say that the video has been edited. Just make your point and stop trying to trick people.
Who needs Republicans when you have @SenFeinstein?
BS This is misrepresentation that divides Show the whole video & apologize
Hell yeah Feinstein owning the L鈥鈥鈥 Little Intelligent BMiddle School Students
Unfollowing. With Dems like you, who needs Republicans?
How did this compare when this group asked McCarthy, Cornyn, Cruz, Graham, or any fucking GOP the same thing? Oh, they didn't? Sounds like a setup.
Hard to believe how many blue check marks bit the worm hook line and sinker. Let鈥檚 play another round of dems bashing dems for fun and failure
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