I'm not about to let blatant propaganda influence my feelings about an icon of my party. This was a stunt designed to get clicks and create a slanderous narrative.

I stand with Dianne.

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I鈥檓 a lifelong #climate activist - second of three generations of activists and I stand with Diane as well. (My kids, testifying against a pipeline at a FERC hearing馃憞) pic.twitter.com/1GneXXZLXt
I have determined that anything posted on social media that sounds "off the rails" probably is and I will not help promote false propaganda. Her record speaks for itself.
They鈥檙e banking on our self-inflicted division. pic.twitter.com/b9Pjmdgwn4
They hate her because she is a badass.
Dianne is fine. I can鈥檛 believe this is actually a thing. We鈥檙e gonna blow 2020 with stupid stuff like this. The kids are right, climate change is terrifying. Dianne is right, she knows what she鈥檚 doing and how our government works.
You just got a follow! @SenFeinstein is my senator & I'm very thankful for the hard work she's done over the years for our great state.
Be aware that Russian& GOP accounts are already starting to heat up to try to divide Democrats. Don鈥檛 fall for it. The @GOP only knows how to win using dirty tricks.
Many divisive players taking hits this morning for some fame juice...particularly at older Dem women...but at Dems in particular...the 2016 defamation machine has dusted itself off...their out to divide Cali for Bernie...won鈥檛 work this time...
With you all the way
She was ambushed by someone using children to further an agenda.
What everyone should do when you see something like this , is to take a step back and think for a moment. Do not react right away.She never said she was against the deal, she has a better solution, Unfortunately @GOP has the country by the balls in the Senate.& she knows this
Following you Thomas, but what the hell have they said about Senator Feinstein? She's a shero!
#IStandWithDianne Trash propaganda by the malcontent Bernie left. Their continual attacks on women in power are not at all progressive. Misogyny is ugly.
Some Dems are so DUMB鉂楋笍Falling for SAME 馃挬 they fell for in 2016. This right here was a set-up to make her look bad from the far left...remember barnie bots鈦夛笍 I sure as heck do. The @AOCs trying to take over OUR Party & many are falling into the Black Hole. 1 Word: Republicans.
Good for you! This infighting is dangerous.
Tommy has the whole video on his page. They left a lot out. Besides, they are lucky they even got a meeting. It鈥檚 not her fault she鈥檚 right. It won鈥檛 pass. Mitch would have dragged them out in cuffs.
She's my senator and we've been on this crazy ride together for decades. I trust her.
I don't get the outrage. @SenFeinstein couldn't have been nicer. She was much more patient than I would have been. Was she suppose to agree with uninformed kids just to please the uninformed? We cannot become a leftist tea party. #StrongerTogether
The same people gullible enough to be targeted by Russians in 2016 are the same ones trying to attack @SenFeinstein now. They bought edited, deceptive, flat out bullshit in 2016 & now they鈥檙e perpetuating the same crap on Twitter against a Democratic legend. We will drag you hard
It鈥檚 been a set up blatant attack. This is why I cannot trust Bernie
Not wasting my time on it. Climate change is threatening, our democratic institutions are under attack, autocrats are on the rise around the world, and a Russian asset is in the White House. We all know who the enemy really is. It's not the senior Senator from California.
All I want to do is thank @SenFeinstein for fighting for us, especially the middle/working class.
Agree 100%. This whole thing was likely an op, much like the Covington video. We are being set up constantly, distracted by deza. As @counterchekist always says, 鈥渆yes on the prize, patriots.鈥
Have any of the folks criticizing her ever heard Bernie interact with women?
Yup . We鈥檙e not going to eat our own this time . Fool me once - shame on you . Fool me twice - shame on you . Same for the hit pieces running on @amyklobuchar trying to create contrived controversy . Not this time . 馃憞馃憞馃憞
I stand with Dianne too.
Will Not Help Divide The Democrats Party 馃帄 ! Hell No ! People Don鈥檛 Fall For The Right Wing Bull/Shit ? We Must Win In 2020 !
I want to look up what happened but it鈥檚 too late in the evening to tolerate the inevitable tension headache. Can鈥檛 wait to see what fresh hell awaits me in the morning
I agree #StandWithDiane video was edited to make her look bad.
And it鈥檚 other so called Dems that are doing the most complaining about Feinstein.
Maybe they should ambush Republicans instead.
absolutley. It wasn't designed to promote the GND. Get clicks/$$ for the group. Worse, part of the growing narrative to show Dem leaders as unworthy/out of touch/mean. It's to build the new "Hillary is same as Trump" narrative the BernIts gave us, which gave us Trump
Justice Dems is not to be trusted. Many of its members have ulterior motives.
Hear Hear! Too many supposedly "smart" people, Democrats, fell for it.
It is a stunt, because if this was anything sincere they'd be taking it to GOP Senators.
It probably wouldn鈥檛 have mattered what she said. The goal of the documentarian was to slander, with whatever material was available.
I also think it was meant to sow division. If you are a supporter of AOC鈥檚 green new deal, cool. If you are not, cool. If you are a Democrat and believe in climate change and that it needs to be addressed, stick together. We鈥檒l figure out the how later.
Feinstein gave those kids her honest opinion of the GND and an alternative she thought had a better chance of passing. What nerve 馃檮!
I too stand with Dianne - she has done wonderful, important work. But I also stand with the earth - and with the scientists who say this work is urgent and necessary NOW. Cannot both things be true? That we can support a giant of the party and also need her to re-examine a thing?
Following because you said what I was thinking. Thank you. The sanders people seem very upset because, I guess, she was condescending...Have they never listen to sanders? That dude is nothing but condescension. Look at his old videos until now, how he talks to women.
As a Californian, I stand with Senator Feinstein too.
Why do these protest groups always target politicians who are already on their side? I know why. The REAL opposition wouldn't give them the time of day.
I've always felt that Feinstein was basically Republican light. I don't even understand what people are thinking they're discovering tonight. All it does is make me want to rally behind her, as it's a blatant political ploy.
I don't! Never provide fodder to your enemies! I watched the uncut version and still didn't appreciate some of the responses Sen. Diane Feinstein said to these concerned children. I will always call out the BS even in my own Party! Do Better! @SenateDems #ClimateChange
Where did that original hit job video come from? Was AOC's campaign in any way involved?
Me too. Remember that Steele thing? Who had the balls to release it to the public...just saying
Now we see how dirty someone is playing. It鈥檚 mean and hurtful
Frankly, the teacher is more at fault than Feinstein, and Diane's great error was giving a rather gentle lesson on realpolitik. We're going to see a lot of stuff like this as it all fits the Putin/Trump plan.
She didn't say anything regretful. How could anyone ask her to resign? Sometimes the far left, is as bad as the far right, as they think policies impact over night. They better wake up, as it takes at least 2 years for policy to have an impact. Brace for Trump's bad policies!
Full video is different. Such is politics, she has to firmly ride the fence on the issue. She was stern and looked down on them, but they showed up unannounced & expected to be greeted with open arms. It's good to see kids getting to experience politics.
If Republicans gain in the elections because of this type of backbiting on the left the future is really going to suck for those poor little children.
Notice that the edited video did not bother us enough, so the comb story is reported directly after.
I was more disturbed by the way DF handled herself in that situation. She completely missed an opportunity to mentor those kids instead she put them down. She could have turned this PR stunt around but she failed. 1m votes not much in CA by the way!
Same here. We ought to prepare ourselves because we are 1 year plus out and the crap from the right and quite frankly some shady souls on the left has already started. Me2... I Stand with Dianne.
I also stand with her.
If the Grown Ups in this protest took these YOUNG PEOPLE over to the REPUBLICAN S office & 45's office who get millions from the oil companies this would have been more creditable The Grown Ups defiantly lean Republican as they did not take these Kids over to the OIL SUPPORTERS
Yes, Argue with a Republican for a change.
Thank you, that's exactly how I saw it too.
I鈥檓 not gonna let a history of flying the confederate flag stop me from supporting a racist, neolib, warmonger! pic.twitter.com/CBTEUw1IxA
James O鈥橩eefe tactics employed by puppet masters @justicedems and their youthful puppets @sunrisemvmt. The JDs are our very own Tea Party.
It is soooo important to know all the facts before reacting to a video or news story. Right?
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