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In a video posted by the Sunrise Movement, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein explains to a group of children why she opposes the Green New Deal nyti.ms/2SUbmdd

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This is what you call a “teachable moment”. 💯
you know better than to report on a heavily edited video. #Feinstein lost a good opportunity to thank the kids for their citizenship and NY times lost an opportunity to practice journalism
Show the entire video please.
“In a heavily edited video posted by a political organization with a clear intent to make @SenFeinstein look bad”... @nytimes posting this tells me a lot about who you are. Any belief I had that you were an impartial neutral NEWS org. disintegrated tonight.
Too bad @nytimes didn't mention that the video the Sunrise Movement put out was edited to make her look bad. Here's the full unedited video.
This video is highly edited and the New York Times is still running with this false narrative. Show the whole video, cowards.
Maybe the reason it won’t pass are people like Feinstein who’ve been in the Congress for a quarter of a century! Their vision ain’t what it use to be... term limits of no more than 8 years are sounding pretty good!
The entire visit was not shown - only an edited portion. WHY? Did someone not want to show that Feinstein was not as harsh as people are busy tweeting.
Turns out the video that group put out was edited to make the Senator look bad. The full video is getting the rounds now and puts her in better light. We got to be more watchful for misinformation and manipulation these days
*"Dinosaur explains why she's not concerned about approaching giant meteor..."
"sorry, kids, i know what can pass, and doing what's necessary to save you guys can't pass : ( "
Besides tweeting north on a story that went south, why did you repost after you deleted it? pic.twitter.com/ncYMjJChFa
“Over a quarter of a century” huh ...sound like a excite argument for senate term limits if you ask me.
Something tells me de Leon would’ve greeted the kids with a smile and encouragement. We have let these establishment Dems get waaay too complacent. Shame, and time for action.
Heavily edited video. NYT lets us down again.
Seriously, you ran with this BS, without a thought to the people behind the (misleadingly edited) video? I don’t expect much from the NYT these days, but I expect more from the NYT than what comes from knee-jerk Average Joe reactionaries. Delete your tweet, NYT, & do better.
I agree with the senator.same with the medicare for all.
This type of thinking is exactly why the US is falling behind other Western Democracies in dealing with the issues of the 21st Century The think they are still in the 20th Century.
Boy, you had better be showing the whole series of videos and not just the highly edited one.
Goodbye Senator Feinstein, time for you to retire! Without first steps like voting for the Green New Deal it will never pass! You are part of the road block!
They posted a highly edited video. @SenFeinstein understands what has a chance of getting traction in Congress and supports efforts to combat climate change. Let’s let her do her job. But also love the passion of the youth and hope they stay politically active.
Just because she has been doing this job for 30 yrs doesn’t mean she has been doing it right!! QUALITY NOT QUANTITY 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
We should be talking about why the #GreenNewDeal is never going to pass in the Senate.
Oh really ? So that means we can't even bring it to a vote ? Is that what we elected you folks to do ? Do your job. Bring it to a vote. So what if it loses.
So NYT is posting article about edited clip - not the entire interaction bn DF and kids. Also no mention of what/who the Sunrise group is. Great reporting!!!
NOTHING will pass right now, not her watered down crap, nothing. Dems had SUPER MAJORITY and passed NOTHING on climate too though, so the only way forward is to DEMAND the "UNREALISTIC" so 2020 might actually bring us closer to averting disaster.
Is it legal for activist group Sunrise Movement or any activist group to be using children to promote their agenda? Isn’t this a form of exploitation of kids?
Quarter of a century, huh? Time to retire.
It’s a shame Diane Feinstein is living in the past and has no “vision”! This is why new, fresh, young blood is needed in Washington. Sure, Bernie has excellent ideas, but though I myself am 75, I feel he is too old to be President! It’s too much for someone his age!
Probably a Senator who had first been elected in 1910 may have said something similar about the Social Security Act. But thank you for your service! pic.twitter.com/X3qstu4rOu
You're only showing the very edited video that doesn't tell the whole story. 🤦‍♀️
This video is edited to present a point of view of the group editing the video. Please make the full video available and issue a correction to your reporting. You really need to vet this stuff better to make sure what you are reporting is accurate
This is an edited video that obviously sought to create "a moment." It presupposes that female pols have to be our moms, a sexist double standard. This is propaganda that hurts the climate agenda. Has anyone even bothered to check Feinstein's environmental record? Shame on you.
Wow. NY Times: you too. I can’t believe there was no discussion in your newsroom to review this video before you posted here. It’s so irresponsable. That video doesn’t show the whole story.
#DianeFeinstein is out of touch with the electorate.
The Senator spoke kindly, frankly and was generous with her time?! Should she have just lied to them?! The Green New Deal is economically and logistically broken. Its people need to figure out what can/ will work. Otherwise we might call it: “The Great Green Leap Forward”.
So misleading. The unedited video presents an entirely different encounter, with the Senator explaining her position and sharing supporting data with the group in hard copy. Full and fair reporting is your responsibility, not misleading headlines.
Really disappointed in you for reporting on something so heavily edited as if it were neutral. You of all media outlets should have learned from 2016. Shame.
And this is why I didn’t vote for her in the last election. It’s a statement of goals... a vision of what might or could be... not what we should settle for without fighting... modern technology is born from stretch goals, not settling for mediocrity..
If that was all she said it would have been 👌
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I’m pretty sure the Tolkien Estate owns her ass now.
#MAGA in a videoful postedwise by the sunriseful movementful, u. s. senatorful dianneful feinsteinful explains to a groupful of childrenf...
Here comes the NY Times to soften the blow while the Dems yell Fake News at them. What a time! pic.twitter.com/EdJSi5flcA
When instead of numbers, you say "quarter of a century" ... and you are only working for the people is YOU think it might "pass" Does it matter ? Is there some kind of "Senate batting average" you need to maintain ?
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What kind of parents would put their kids out there to do their dirty work. They are so misled. Pushy, disrepectful and obnoxious little buggers for their age. Not to mention, @AOC exploiting children like that, so wrong on many levels. Dianne won't fall for that kid scam.
retire, then apologize, in that order
Oh sweethearts I know what I can pass and what I can't pass and I guess you better not have children..because why burden them with the dystopia were leaving you...and them...Okay now, run along...
Let's hope the next 25 years will be different.
I heard that trump minions are having biographies written on all the democratic candidates. To did up dirt.You know his base believes if it’s written in a book it must be true.DJT wants Warren to win the nomination so he can abuse her in his rallies.Dirty tricks.
I have backed Sen. Feinstein for many years. This, however, was a horrible display of disrespect towards these kids! I’m embarrassed, I’m sorry to say.
post the whole video you morons and see what she actually said!
How about posting the entire video Lets not fall for propaganda bullshit for clicks on Twitter. m.youtube.com/watch?v=cd3H1b…
Too bad I’m glad I cancelled the paper... the entire video twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Not enough reason to oppose it. How demoralizing and defeatist. Retire already Senator
yeah, why aren't you showing the real full unedited video, not the propaganda film.?
sometimes you guys really suck at your job. jfc. video is EDITED.
Why not simply try and find out?
Is she talking about passing gas? Can someone please explain; was it the glaciers or volcanic action that produced Yosemite? And how are new taxes and corrupt politicians really going to prevent climate change?
In the Senate for over 20 years you say!? Hmmmm.... pic.twitter.com/hX52aGyKSb
I think that’s why America is doomed. No motivation to change or fix major problems. Weak aspirations.
Dear @nytimes. Stop. Post the full video and take down this nonsense. How many times must we tell you that the REAL lesson from 2016 wasn't "be nicer to conservatives" but rather "check your facts & don't spread misleading information in an attempt to both sides everything."
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And yet, more collusion between Trump, Acosta, and Dershbag, ALL alleged participants at the child sex parties, who created a secret agreement with serial child sex trafficker Epstein to let him walk away while simultaneously giving themselves immunity from prosecution? pic.twitter.com/WMSp5ofO9B
If you are so worried about gw. At least cut the heating in your offices. People have coats.
showed perfectly how out of touch & removed from their constituents these typical politicians are.
This attitude is why nothing gets done. Tired of the bullshit. Everyone in govt over 50 years old needs to get the hell outta the way!!
There's a world of difference between "what can pass" and "what's actually necessary". She seems to only care about the former
So @SenFeinstein use your wisdom and experience to help make it happen. It’s only the beginning and not fully vetted or fleshed out so please do what you can to help this #ClimateChange #GreenNewDeal happen.
That statement says it all. Pathetic . A quarter of a century . Both sides of the isle @TheDemocrats and @GOP need to be weeded out. #congressionaltermlimits
👁️ 👁️👁️ 🤔🤔🤔
Good for her. She's right.
And if it wasn’t for #voterfraud, you would have been gone long ago, you corrupt traitor. How is China treating you these days?
So, if the whole bill won;t pass, work on what can pass and get the ball rolling. Doing nothing solves nothing.
Diane knows what can and can’t pass, that’s why she never tries to pass anything....unless it already came from the Republican party.
It’s only “explain” when you use an edited video. This is as dishonest as Fox.
One of the reasons that traveling on airplanes is so safe is that the pilots know that if the plane crashes, they'll die with their passengers. At 85, Sen Feinstein has the luxury of being skeptical about the urgency of needing to fight climate change.
you are not passing any green new deal with $22 Trillion in debt. That's Trillion with a T
This woman made so much money living of the taxpayers!! And never does anything for the people! She allowed China in Senate for years,get her out the public office! Enough @SenFeinstein ! Let’s see your taxes???!?!
Not the point. Actual change after Dems take Senate in 2020 is >>>>>> ineffective legislation now. Put GOP on record. That's the entire argument. Also, she is wrong on the reasoning:
Those children were brainwashed by the looney #leftist!! Someone should call CPS & report those fraudsters!!
Many in the Progressive Movement need to understand who the real enemy is and who can be an allie, and learn as well that unless you control the purse strings, you can't always get all you want in one big swoop, it takes many steps to climb a mountain.
Senator Feinstein resorted to throwing Republicans under the bus. So predictable.
Shame on you for posting the edited version. You give dtrump more excuses for calling you fake news
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