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My exchange with the author of @NYTimes’s piece on the Feinstein video.

They still just don’t get it.

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I can’t handle @nytimes reporting and promoting these stories that seem to come right off Putin’s desk
Anyone else notice how seasoned democratic female politicians are being trashed while Rome burns?
What Sunrise did was disgusting; no different than what we’ve come to expect from FOX and Breitbart. They’ve lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned.
Guess the NYT already used 'but her emails.'
Well done. The engagement is beneficial even if she doesn't seem to get your point.
Here we go with the media misrepresenting again.
seems to love pusing false narratives about (D) women. they were very fond of lying about clinton.
Thanks for trying, anyway
And they clearly never will. It’s like a disease at the times - symptoms include ignorant sexism and irresponsible journalism.
I deleted my initial tweets after i saw the full video. Am still pissed I was fooled. THAT should have been the proper reaction of the NYT or anyone interested in conveying the truth.
While I get Feinstein's point...the fact is, given the stakes we're dealing w/here, our goals have to be ridiculously unrealistically high. Because once we fall short of them we'll still be so much closer to hitting the mark than if we started from a more reasonable place.
Even in the full context, her comments were very dismissive and condescending - which is something I think we are all really prone to when addressing the opinions and criticisms of children. But the outrage is overblown imo.
Lisa Friedman-- another one of the Sulzbergers' rats.
I’ve lost faith in the @nytimes and the author has her own agenda.
Thank you! Keep talking truth Kaivan. Dont us Democrats have enough to do watching out for "fake news" from trump? Some Dems just gotta each their own. Shame on them!
Kids lecturing her?? Right, because young children can lecture an 85 year old powerful woman with a lifetime of experience. They're really in a position of power where they can talk down to her, aren't they? That is some serious horseshit.
Kaivan I want to adopt you. Keep it up. Good job.
Ignorant, racist white folks normally excel at lying, stealing and cheating. They take the cake when it comes to click-bait headlines intended to anger their readers.
Isn't the point of voting "present" at least partly to highlight McConnell's f*ckery in bringing up resolutions aimed at "owning the libs"? Then there's the question of how this hit job was organized, orchestrated, pushed out on social media? Investigative journalism at NYT!
I have taken a vow to never again pay for the Times.
What's in the headline accurately portrays what happened. This isn't a small disagreement, or some ancillary policy concern. Feinstein perfectly represents one attitude toward climate action, and the kids represent the other. It's prudent to ask who benefits from Feinstein's.
Fucking tRump will love this.
I have been taking NYT's political coverage very lightly. Who knows? Soon I will be ignoring it completely. This is supposed to be the newspaper of record. 🤷‍♀️
It's a non-issue. If not for 'Constant-Comment' via video and other sources, this would never see the light. The entire world is able to 'Self-Publish,' yet VERY FEW are able to 'Self-Edit.' This whole @SenFeinstein video should be on the 'Cutting Room Floor.'
Did they also talk about her likeability? They get it; they just don't care because outrage sells.
As @counterchekist mentioned this morning: Look at the faces of the chaperones/parents with the kids. A set-up.
“The story describes the kids as lecturing her as well” -@LFFriedman... How about “Kids were used to lecture and pressure Sen. Feinstein on the green deal, who has a 90% conservation record... Oh, and she granted an internship to one of the teenagers”... There, fixed it.
Already @NYT is up to the tricks that got us the current dictatorship
White people defending Feinstein is where us POC throw in the towel because racism in America is strong
Again thank you for this clarity!
No you just dont get it. Your hypocrisy is noted though as you cheer hit pieces toward those you oppose. Then cry about facts.
Do you think her plan is any more likely to pass than the GND? Seriously.
What’s that...... Fake news? Biased reporting
I think your observation is spot on.
Regardless of which video you watch, or what you think of Feinstein or the kids, the headline isn't wrong. She did lecture the kids, in that she believes the GND won't work because it costs too much, making it out as untenable. But it's good that she let her position be known.
Me when I see I’m not following you. Fixed it. 🙂 pic.twitter.com/n1IBAeZsPR
Is unbelievable the press should treat they as a equals why always the double standard .
The NY Times. They also said no Russian ties with Trump campaign. Before the 2016 election AND they’ve never answered for it.
Why I've relinquished my NYT subscription previously - not a reliable source
This is good. Note how NYT journo finally deflects to the go to, break glass, “the story says” when called out on a misleading click bait tweet.
The NY Times messes up a lot, but this isn't one of them.
Once again, the @nytimes manages to put itself in the toilet.....
People, just stop your subscriptions to the @nytimes. And when you hit the paywall, don’t pay.

They repeatedly treat us with contempt. They deserve ours in return.
I thought the whole exchange was respectful. They came to ask her for something. She responded. Those kids were so respectful. She was so respectful back. What's the problem? @SenFeinstein my kid would have been thrilled to have had a minute of your time.
This!!!!! I've been guilty of jumping on the headline, too quick to judge... People have to be careful with the headline, sound bite, the caption.. Some don't go into the read...
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