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Congrats BTS Army. Even though I’m not a fan of BTS, I’m happy for you. I wanted Why Don’t We (Limelights) or Shawn Mendes (Mendes Army) to win. But, congratulations guys. You deserve it.
the shirts armys are wearing are so cute 🥺🥰
Congrats ARMYs, the representatives are too cute!! And the Clip was actually really Sweet as well. I am hopeful for more next year💜🎉
전세계 아미들 축하합니다! 자랑스러운 아미들, 당신들의 지속적인 사랑과 서포트가 없었다면 우리가 지금 하고 있는 것들을 할수 없었을 겁니다. @BTS_twt
So uh how exactly do you become a captain? 🤔
Hoseok's little "thank you, army" MOM HE'S DOING IT AGAINNNN
🎵🎥 |140319| @BTS_twt ganó el premio a “Best Fan Army” en los #iHeartAwards2019

¡¡Felicidades ARMY y #BTS!!

#슈가 #민윤기
So... When do we get to play BTS on the radio?
Ganamos ARMYs!!!
Por segundo año ganamos al mejor fandom!! Ya sabia que somos el mejor fandom pero igual aceptamos el premio 👏🏻 @BTS_twt
Sad that why don’t we didn’t win but congrats to bts army 👏🏻♥️
Congrats BTS Army. I just wanna say I think they all deserve best fan army awards they're all the best fandom. So even though everyone else didn't win. Doesn't mean yuh lost. All fandoms are amazing in their own ways and are all winners💖
J-hope..."Thank you army" AKFNEKDKKS 💜💜💜💜💜💜😭😁💜😊💜💜💜
Lol I didn’t get the memo that we had army captains tf
Awesome! We can't wait for the radio takeover. Also hopefully you guys will nominate them in a music category next year.
긴 시간동안 아이하트 투표 하신
울님들 고생 많으셨어요👏👏
🏆베스트팬덤상 축하해용🎉🎉🎉

내년엔 올해 못한 툽까지해서
함께 달릴게요^^

내년에는 꼭 @BTS_twt 가 본상에
노미 되길 바랍니다.
Se gano lo que se tenía que ganar, con permiso 🥳💜

#iHeartAwards2019 | #BTSARMY acaba de ganar el premio a #BestFanArmy. 💜

Gracias a todos los que apoyaron a #BTS en Twitter. ¡Felicidades a mejor fandom y al mejor grupo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Celebremos este logro reproduciendo 풍경 ➡

@BTS_twt 🌟
They started playing Magic Shop and I was like....shit I don’t wanna cry
Locals bout to be bald when they see this and realise their fans are not 12 yr olds
So like are you going to stop using us for clout and play BTS on the radio or not
Congrats 😂😂 half the fandom didn’t even vote and they still won!
튭 달리신 모든 분들 수고하셨어요
보이콧도 아니고 하는것도 아닌 중간이였지만
정말 해시 달리신 모든분들 수고하셨어여

#iheartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
Congrats BTS Army. Still wish Mendes Army won but you guys deserved it.
[Info] @BTS_twt

Army ganó la categoría Best Fan en los iHeart Awards 2019.

play their songs across your radio stations just like what you said
since when was there a hierarchy in the army fandom 🗿🗿
Podczas #iHeartAwards2019 ARMY odebrały w imieniu @BTS_twt nagrodę w kategorii #BestFanArmy
Joon blonDE blonde 👁
me tryna figure out when we voted for them to be our captains
cmon now is there anything armys can’t do for bts ??🤩🤩🤩 @BTS_twt #iHeartRadioAwards
I just hope that by 2020, @BTS_twt will be nominated in at least 1 music category, thank you😒
thanks but bts deserves nominations for their music too 🧐
For once I’m proud of the song you guys chose and the way the video was played at some American awards show
Congratulations ARMY We finally proved who The Best fandom is 😆😝 #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork @BTS_twt We love You and We Always Will Be Here Be it Behind the Screens or In person Supporting and Admiring You guys💜
@BTS_twt @bangtan_india
ما تونستیم بچه ها😍💜💜💜
We did that 🤪❤️
Chúng ta làm được rồi #ARMY .
Congratulations @BTS_twt #BTSARMY .Pround of us #ARMY 👏👏👏🎊🎊🎉🎉
where the bitch in the pink hair i wanna talk about her behavior at jingle ball
Army que voto, ganó.

Los chicos están bellísimos, como siempre

captains of the us bts army?? nigga since when we got captains? call em by their government name, manager armys
190315 || Twitter 💫 :

خطاب الشكر والتهنئة من أعضاء BTS للـARMYs بعد حصولهم على جائزة أفضل جيش من المعجبين في حفل جوائز iHeartAwards 2019 💜~

I have been an army since 2013 and I just found out we have captains?!?! When did we ever decide that? #iHeartAwards2019 #bts
내일 숨피도 화이팅해요

@BTS_twt #BTS #SoompiAwards
why we always have the cringiest people representing us like?? me a whole minor could present better than that ffs
...I’m sorry when the hell did we get get “captains?” Was there a meeting? Was there a vote? I’m lost right now. Did BH confirm this? Serious question. Like really?



play BTS on your radio or I don't want to hear about fan awards
Currently googling "How to become a captain of BTS army"😁
Congratulations #BTSARMY on another win!!! 🏆 🏆🏆🏆
We are so excited that @BTSx50States was able to be a part of this amazing moment with our admins Tiara and Lexi there to accept the award!! 💜💜💜👏👏👏👏 Well done ladies! 🥟
Acá tenemos el vídeo!!! Mamaaaaaa por lo visto los chicos ya hace tiempo sabían de que habíamos ganado 😮
CAPTAINS WHO NOW????? I’m sorry did we miss the elections or something?
Chúc mừng BTS và ARMY đã chiến thắng giải #BestFanArmy của #iHeartAwards2019
Cảm ơn các cậu đã không ngừng nỗ lực để đem giải thưởng này về
Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈@BTS_twt
and ARMY
as a harrie ... im pretending to be shocked even tho none of us voted .. like at all .. as a bts stan ... LETS GET IIITTTTTTTT
its official now...

we win...we did it ..


when @BTS_twt sang I cried:( ily bbs
รักต้องห้าม ตูมตาม-ญิ๋งญิ๋ง คนใกล้ตัวเคยเตือนๆ นานแล้ว… #TXT_mamber #CHANYEOL #บันเทิง #1000aysmyprince #ควยมัธยม #ควยเด็ก #หีเด็ก #หีนักเรียน #หีนักศึกษา #ณเดชน์ญาญ่า #ทาสแมว #คลิปหลุด #ควยนักเรียน #คลิปหลุดดารา #คลิปโป๊ #ตูมตาม #ญิ๋งญิ๋งศรุชา
Congratulations #BTSARMY!👏💜 We did it! We are so proud of us!!! Let's make this a regular thing!!💜🔥 "TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK" @BTS_twt #BTS
Woooo congrats #BTSARMY! 🎉 Let's keep supporting @BTS_twt together for a long time! Thank you boys for the video message! 😊💜 Can't wait for the new album! #iHeartAwards2019
How does it feel to be in the same video with @BTS_twt ☹️
give them an award for their music please and thank you
When did we decide on captains
Y eso que ni nos pusimos las pilas para votar
wait how tf we get captains
isso porque quase ninguém se dispôs a votar, eu sinceramente não voto mais em premiação de popularidade, o tear foi um dos álbuns mais vendidos e aclamados de 2018 mas as premiações americanas insistem em ignorar isso
dang i received more awards as an ARMY than me as a student
Since when do we have captains ?
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