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Do not share the shooter's name.
Do not share the shooter's evil video.
Do not share the shooter's evil manifesto.
Mass killers desire fame and attention. Starve them of it.

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Says the guy whose own website ran a piece headlined "7 Things You Need To Know About Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen" 48 hours after he killed 49 people in a mass shooting:

Ah the bad faith of the modern US conservative moment, the sheer bad faith...
You made a video calling the majority of Muslims radicals, published an OpEd that calls Muslim men a disease, blogged that killing Afghan civilians is fine by you, & tweeted that Arabs live in open sewage & like to blow things up.

Your racism inspires terrorism.
"Do not share the names of the people who inspired this."
ben, there's like a 70-80% chance that the shooter was your fan
Sounds like another way of saying “don’t talk about this at all”, which I’m sure you’d find convenient given the obvious questions about how people like you create the atmosphere for such attacks. As you know the Quebec City shooter was an avid reader of your work.
You so lack self-awareness that you actually forgot one: Do not share videos promoting the shooters ideology, like (for example) a video by Ben Shapiro claiming that the majority of Muslims are dangerous radicals.
Agreed, there's no need to share the alleged shooter's name or the video. But the manifesto deserves analysis since it shows the killer was shaped by an ideological network. Shapiro's reasons for wanting the manifesto to be ignored are suspect.
Nope. You’re 100% complicit in demonizing Islam. You’ve done nothing but spew hateful rhetoric towards Muslims. You’ve constantly called them the enemy. You are part of the reason shit like this happens and you don’t get to backpedal. This is what you wanted, coward.
I vehemently disagree with @benshapiro on just about everything, but I wish the mainstream media would heed this #NoNotoriety message. Study after study shows that copycats are provoked by the name recognition mass killers get.


Erase these evil monsters.
This is your website, Ben. Why didn't you "starve" Omar Mateen of "fame and attention"? pic.twitter.com/wT6rcPgQOy
Do not search his browser history
Do not check his Twitter likes/retweets
Ben once “personally promoted an article written on the website he edits, The Daily Wire, which called the Muslim presence in Europe a ‘disease.’ Muslim men, it declared, are ‘uncivilized.’” forward.com/opinion/388621…
Imagine being you and praying you don’t show up by name in the killer’s manifesto.

Must feel great.
I understand @benshapiro here.
We absolutely do need to worry about the incentives.

I also agree with him on this video. I’ve seen it. It’s beyond sick.

Yet I‘m, at least so far, forced to disagree with him on the manifesto and name issues.

Open to having him change my mind.
white mass shooter: we must rise above his agenda by not reporting his name

brown mass shooter: we found his 3rd grade teacher and what she said to us will shock you
"ESPECIALLY do not share the shooter's browser history."
Wonder if this one watched and liked you too...
Amber, just so you know Ben Shapiro is a right-wing agitator, who has been pointed to as a radicaliser for ethno-nationalists who have carried out mass killings other places, and is generally an awful person!
Weird how you haven't held yourself to this standard when the shooters are Muslim. twitter.com/benshapiro/sta…
Não compartilhem o nome do atirador.
Não compartilhem o vídeo maléfico do atirador.
Não compartilhem o manifesto maléfico do atirador.
Assassinos em massa desejam fama e atenção.
Vamos deixar eles morrerem famintos sem isso.
All of that applies to you too
... Do not be the inspiration for murder.
So don't say the shooter's name UNLESS he isn't white right??
Do you think he's seen this video? I have a feeling he has pic.twitter.com/xI1MTCQBoU
Well, for starters, why don't we call him what he is, i.e. a terrorist. And then, let's acknowledge this unending hypocrisy: if the man was a Muslim, would the same calls to "not share" have been made?
Oh fuck off Ben.

Right wing bigots jerks off to the hate you spread and the Islamophobic bullshit you’ve been spewing all these years.

Shut the fuck up, and shove this tweet and your thoughts up your ass. We don’t need your sympathy, you vile piece of shit. What a hypocrite.
Fuck Ben Shapiro.

This man's vile bigoted propaganda against Muslims contributed to today's attack.

He doesn't want the manifesto shared because propaganda he's propagated is littered throughout it.
Ben Shapiro is right.
A sentence I never thought I would say.
NÃO COMPARTILHEM nome dos atiradores, nem fotos, manifestos, videos das ações! Atenção e fama é justamente o que esses assassinos querem! É no que se inspiram em suas mentes doentes!
Self reflection time Ben.
Ben Shapiro is a piece of human garbage who spends every waking moment of his life demonizing Arabs and Muslims - claiming we are all radicalized and living like animals

He spreads his hate to millions

Racist Ben is the inspiration for terrorists like the New Zealand shooter
From the guy who said that 'Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage'
how convenient for you
Was the shooter a Ben Shapiro fan?
We exhanged DMs a few years ago, Ben, in which you explained your position that the IDF should bomb a square mile of the West Bank every day Gilad Shalit went unreleased by Hamas, which the Nazis did in Czechoslovakia. twitter.com/benshapiro/sta…

Share the shooter’s name.
Share his evil motive.
Share his victim’s names & photos.
Make him the infamous face of white supremacy and anti-Muslim bigotry that has plagued the world for far too long.
His name was Brenton Tarrant. He was a white supremacist. He was, most probably, a Shapiro fan.
You spread the very hate that inspires these people. The blood of the #Christchurch victims is on YOUR HANDS, @benshapiro. This is precisely the outcome you want every time you publish one of your hateful pieces of Islamophobic garbage. You’re exactly as guilty as the shooters.
But do talk about the content of that manifesto. These killings weren’t the random acts of a madman. They were the planned acts of someone steeped in an ecosystem of hate. Folks who professionally toss off casually anti-Muslim rhetoric are the presentable face of something uglier
.@BenShapiro is one of the biggest Islamophobic extremists in America who consistently demonizes Muslims as an imminent terroristic threat against which the West must be vigilant. He promotes the myth that Muslims are infiltrating 'white' countries to destroy them from within.
I bet he was a fan of yours. Wouldn’t be the first one, right? You have helped radicalize religious terrorists in the past, right, Ben Shapiro? Right?
do name the people who inspired the shooter, like ben shapiro
do interrogate a right wing media machine that rewards video footage
do ask how right-wing ideas like shapiro's informed the shooter
right-wing pundits want a moral alibi. tell them to pound sand
“Don’t share the shooters manifesto because it shows that he was inspired by Donald Trump.”
Ben Shapiro: Do not talk about the political pundits who inspire the shooter.
You're just worried your podcast is going to turn up on his phone again
you enabled this
Ben is acting like this is some insane teenager shooting up a school for fame rather than a terror attack committed by someone with specific political aims, I wonder why he'd try to disassociate this from politics
Funny how when the mass shooter is a white nationalist this little hate hobbit suddenly understands the logic of deplatforming.
Lots of stochastic terrorists out here not wanting people to see mass murder manifestos naming them as inspirational
Yet you still reject the existence of Islamophobia?
“above 800 million Muslims are radicalized...that's a majority" - @benshapiro to uh, lots of angry white men with guns
Except Hitler...we must always talk about Hitler!
furious he didn't get a name drop in this one
Amazing how a mass killer should be robbed of fame when they are white but Shapiro will insist on tracking down their entire family tree if the shooter was of colour.
You literally have a whole page dedicated to Omar Mateen on your website. I guess if the shooter is white, that’s when we shouldn’t share their name or manifesto. You hypocritical racist
Do not mention that he was inspired by right wing internet Nazis.
Weird you’re saying this immediately after a shooter cites far-right Internet personalities as inspiration—just like when the other mosque shooter in Canada cited you as inspiration. Almost like you want to sweep this under the rug because you’re whipping up far right violence
If you truly believe this you have zero journalistic credibility.
Whatever you do, definitely do not share that video of the mass shooter from last year who specifically cited Ben Shapiro as an influence.
Do not share who the killer was inspired by
Do not share what the killer and I have in common ideologically
Do not share the fact that my Islamophobic rants radicalized him just like the Quebec shooter
On a side note, why is @netflix airing the Ted Bundy tapes? It's disgusting.
your islamophobic rhetoric helped cause this
They are probably fans of yours, Ben.
So weird how the Right says DON’T SHOW HIS FACE, DON’T SAY HIS NAME when whites kill Muslims, but when the reverse is true, right-wing media puts the killers’ names, videos and manifestos on constant replay
you are a hypocritical, racist piece of shit.
All you have to do to starve Ben Shapiro is put the food on the top shelf.
One of the few good things to come out of the internet is information. These shit takes aren't just useless platitudes, they are fucking retarded.

Imagine thinking that suppressing information is a good thing. The absolute state of conservatism.
I like the idea.

Let’s take it a step farther, let’s assign each one some bozo name that we use when talking about them, so they dont get the notoriety they craved, but mocking instead.

For example, we could call one ‘Ben Shapiro,’ and that shame would deter others.
All of this "pewdiepie is to blame" craze is preciselly what he wanted. He said the most crazy shit because he knew that would make him ultra popular with a media that's always blaming Pew, and gamers, and "trolls" for everything. And they're playing into it.
His manifesto literally says he doesn’t want fame, and knows he won’t have it, because of the necro-cycle of media. The “don’t talk about it or you’re making it!” mentality is absolutely functional for the reproduction of genocidal whiteness. As Ben knows.
You’re on the record saying some of the foulest things about those that practice Islam...your views help prop up and fuel ppl like this...u fucking suck.
That's quite the international body count you've racked up.
lots of people have pointed out that ben is only doing damage control here, but i would like to note that if the massacre had been carried out by the US military or that of its client states he'd be all for it
Guarantee you’re in the browser history
You helped inspire the shooter.
hey ben just wanted to let you know that they hanged Lord Haw-Haw
And please please please don't let his browser history turn my work up again!
Nah. You don’t get to do this. You’re 100% complicit in demonizing Islam and those who identify as Muslim. Ben Shapiro has blood on his hands
Stop demonizing Muslims. Your bullshit inspires this type of action.
Thank you ben shapiro, very cool
In fact, don't even bring it up at all.
Pretend it didn't happen.
When the next one happens, pretend that one didn't happen too.
And definitely don’t share that the shooter explicitly praised and followed Trump. That might make some rightwing midget look bad.
“The goyim shouldn’t know why he did this. Muslims in your country is a good thing, goyim but not for Israel. No matter how many terrorist attacks kill your people you never seek revenge even tho, when Palestine fires 2 rockets and misses and we retaliate 50 fold.”
I can see why you wouldn’t want information about the shooter’s worldview getting out, Ben, since you shaped so much of it.
" hE thINks tHe sAMe wAY As me. so dON't SHarE hIS MannyfESTO, beeCauSE pEOPle WIll noTICe

If it was a Muslim who went on a killing spree you'd call them a terrorist, like you usually do, but when a white man killed over 30 Muslims in a mosque your best counter argument is to ignore his existence? We don't need your fake sympathy.
Bet if his name was Mohammed you would’ve written his name ten times in a row.
Search twitter for: from:benshapiro arabs #racist
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