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My heart is hurting about the news coming out of Christchurch. Sending love & prayers to the effected families❤️😢

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Well known New Zealand rugby player. He’s also a Muslim.
Very emotional message from the first Muslim to play for the @AllBlacks. 🙏 #christchurch
لاعب الرغبي النيوزلندي المسلم سوني بيل ويليامز يبكي ضحايا مذبحة المسجد في مدينة كرايست تشيرش
We stand with our Muslim brothers & sisters Kia kaha whanau❤️❤️
I’m not a religious man Sonny but I feel for all the families and people in your faith. What a tragic event and waste of life for some mad bastard/s to get their evil message out. And in NZ!? Unbelievable 😔
لاعب نيوزلندي مشهور ( مسلم ) يبكي ويتحسر على ضحايا الهجوم الارهابي الذي استهدف مسجدين في #نیوزیلندا
Sonny Bill Williams...
Sadece yüzündeki ifade dahi duygularımı tercüme ediyor. Allah zalimlere fırsat vermesin, onları gazabı ile cezalandırsın inşallah!
Sonny Bill Williams, has been the interpreter of many of us ... @SonnyBWilliams
Thinking about you brother. Prayers to those involved ♥️
I think media and politicians especially Australian ones need to get real and stop with the rhetoric and division. They need to step up and take some responsibility for inciting this violence. So sorry this has happened. It has no place in modern society. Sorry Muslim brothers
when one of our brothers are hurt we ALL HURT 😪😪😪😭😭😭😭
Sonny,I'm so shocked & horrified by what's happened. My heart goes out to Christchurch. My thoughts & prayers go out to all
Struggling to comprehend such doings 🤦🏾‍♂️ much love 👊🏿
Great message Brother, our Love & Compassion goes to all affected by this act of Evil, we stand firm and united as One People to overcome this challenge to our right to be Free.
Hem rugby oyuncusu hem de ağır siklet boksörü bir Yeni Zelandalı Sony Bill Williams. Acının dini, dili, ırkı olmadığını anlamayanlar dikkatle izlesin!
Sending LOVE. Thoughts are with Christchurch.
I visited New Zealand making the killing in Christchurch all the more hurtfall.This is a tragedy.Allah grant Sabr to the bereaved families& elevate the status of those killed.
May He be with the remarkable Muslim community there and grant them wisdom to deal with this judiciously
May Allah grant them highest level of paradise! Inshaallah
Thank you for your fundraising initiative to help the families of the prayers killed in Chrischurch, NewZealand
. We muslims are proud of you. Many thanks for your support....
I heard the news and pleaded with my son to be careful for Friday prayers in Sydney. Inna Lilahi wa Inna Ilahi rajioun. #ChristchurchMosque #NewZealand In my prayers
I think the emotion from Sonny Bill Williams, NZ rugby international & the first Muslim to wear the famous All Black shirt, pretty much sums it up. #Christchurch
God bless you sonny. I can see how this has affected you deeply. 💕💕
Lets all prayer to Allah SWT, may Allah continue to protect us from evil and harm from this world..
عن النعمان بن بشير -رضي الله عنهما- قال: قال رسول الله ﷺ:
"مثل المؤمنين في توادهم وتراحمهم وتعاطفهم مثل الجسد إذا اشتكى منه عضو تداعى له سائر الجسد بالسهر والحمى"
أخرجه البخاري ومسلم واللفظ لمسلم
inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji'oon
Very sad indeed. I’m in the blessed city of #Medina in #SaudiArabia The victims of this terrible act will be in my thoughts and prayers Insha’Allah.
Our hearts go out to all those who lost their loved ones in this senseless killing! May Allah grant them all paradise and we pray that justice will be served
هذا أخ مسلم لنا من أهل تلك البلد يتحدث عن الحادثة

استنكروا هذه الجريمة في وسائل التواصل
لاعب الرجبي النيوزلندي المسلم سوني بيل ويليامز @SonnyBWilliams يبكي ضحايا مذبحة المسجد في مدينة كرايست تشيرش
This is how "Terrorist" looks like but the trashy media would describe him as a "Mentaly ill" 👎
#ChristChurchMosqueAttack #Terrorism #muslim
Love you my bro. Together we stand as one <3
Sending Love from Canada to our NZ friends.

“Kia urupū tātou; kaua e taukumekume.
Let us be united, not pulling against one another.”

“Whakapūpūtia mai ō mānuka, kia kore ai e whati.
Cluster the branches of the manuka, so that they will not break.”

@SonnyBWilliams @AllBlacks
A very sad day! The #ChristChurchMosqueAttack has shocked us all. Such barbaric acts of terror are strongly condemned no matter who the victims or perpetrators are. We ALL need love, kindness & respect. Let's pray for the victims, their loved ones, the nation & humanity at large
Thankyou SBW - you will be an important figure to spread love and peace throughout this tragedy
“The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

We are #OneUmmah. Your pain & suffering is our pain & suffering.

#Christchurch #NewZealand 💔
Thank you for your fundraising initiative to help the families of the prayers killed in Chrischurch, NewZealand . We muslims are proud of you. Many thanks for your support....
النيوزلندي 'الضخم' سوني بيل وليامز؛ أحد أشهر لاعبي الرجبي بالعالم، وبطل الملاكمة، أسلم ٢٠٠٨م ابان احترافه بفرنسا؛ على يدي عائلة تونسية 'بسيطة' (زوج وزوجته و ٥ أطفال يعيشون بشقة من غرفة نوم واحدة)
-هنا خنقته العبرة وهو يعزي ضحايا #حادث_نيوزيلندا_الارهابي
‘And if one part of the body is feeling pain we all feel that pain’ - brother Sonny. Allah give us the ability to create peace in this crazy world full of hate. Ameen.
My heart goes to all victims and their families 😢🙏🙏🙏
نجم الروكبي النيوزيلاندي المسلم سوني بيل ويليامس يترحم في هذا الڤيديو على المسلمين الذين لقوا حتفهم في نيوزيلاندا عقب إعتداء إرهابي الجمعة. يرحمهم الله. إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون
My mom’s friends were in the mosque at that time... Alhamdulillah they’re ok now but I’m saddened that this has happened 💔 please stay safe everyone 😢
I’m so sorry for what has happened in Christchurch , thoughts are with the families and friends at this sad time. And thinking of you too Sonny. Such a terrible act of violence .😪
Stay safe Sonny, Jazak Allah Khayran 🤲
I'm just sitting here in total shock, peace to you, such a sweet spirit you have.
سوني ويليامز @SonnyBWilliams أسطورة المنتخب النيوزلندي للركبي مسلم يتحدث بألم على ما حصل للمصلين من هجوم إرهابي نفذه يمينيون متطرفون.
سوني بيل ويليامز، لاعب الرغبي النيوزيلندي المسلم، يتحدث بحرقة عن حادث المسجدين بمنطقة كرايس تشيرتش المروع الذي هز العالم صباح اليوم، وراح ضحيته 49 قتيلاً إلى جانب 20 جريحاً.
بئساً لهذا الأرهاب الذي وصل الى هذه البقعة الآمنة من الأرض.
Emotional message from Sonny Bill Williams, the first Muslim to play for the All Blacks
It’s a sad day to be a Kiwi. 😔 My heart is broken for my country who are experiencing such a tragedy 💔 Praying for all the effected families. Te aroha me nga inoi kei a koe Aotearoa 💜🇳🇿
Thinking of you all and sending prayers from the UK. absolutely horrendous and senseless what's happened 😢
NZ stands will all Muslims 💔
رياضي مسلم من نيوزيلاندا :
قلبي يؤلمني من الأخبار الواردة ، إرسال الحب والصلاة للأسر المتضررة .
Beliau ini megabintang atlet rugby New Zealand yang telah masuk Islam dan mengungkapkan perasaannya atas tragedy pembunuhan masal muslim disana
Prayers to all affected in the shootings.
New Zealand rugby star Sonny Williams pays an emotional tribute to victims of #Christchurch attack.
Un grande del rugby, jugador de los All Blacks, llora por el horror de Christchurch
My Father in law made it out alive Alhumdulilah Highest prayers to the victims . #Peacenotwar #Christchurch #Love #Justice
Prays & love to all effected families ❤❤ Sick ppl in this world man!!
Take care of yourself and your whanau, brother.
اسطورة منتخب نيوزلندا للركبي
المسلم سوني بيل ، وتأثر كبير
بعد الهجوم الارهابي على المساجد..
Jazakallah khayr Sonny. May Allah accept them as martyrs.
Not a Muslim man myself bt today more than any other i stand with my muslim brothers and sisters, im also deeply ashamed of the actions of a kiwi upon other kiwis, Kia Kaha to the muslim and christchurch communities truly 💔💔💔💔
Sonny Williams, New Zealand Rugby Union Footballer & Former Rugby League Footballer.
Williams reverted to Islam in 2009, He is the first Muslim to play for the All Blacks.

#ChristChurch #NZShooting #NewZealandMosqueAttack #Terrorism
💔💔 رحم الله من مات والله يشفي المصابين يارب .. حادثه تكسر القلب .. كل الدعوات وكل امانينا لهم.. حنا ما قدرنا نصبر وتقطعت قلوبنا فما بالكم اهاليهم؟

يالله ارحمنا برحمتك
Thanks sonny day you have spoken tru words from the heart 💔 I
الله يرحمهم ويتقبلهم #New_Zealand
May Allah safe guard us all from these kind of tragedies and grant those who have been taken away from this world the Highest of Abodes in Jannah Aameen.
Keep them in your Du'aas
#Friday #Jumuah #Prayers #Islam #Peace #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #NewZealand
I’ve just seen a video of it and I’m in tears may Allāh grant them Jannah tul Firdous,give their loved ones ease comfort sabr in their time of such horrific loss ameen
INSHA ALLAH they are all in the paradise
A very sad and hurtful day for islam community today
Rahimahoum Allah qu'Allah les prennent dans sa miséricorde et soulage les proches des victimes. Un all black présente ses condoléances twitter.com/SonnyBWilliams… #Christchurch #LEmissionPolitique
I so sorry, my prayers are with the families of victims.
Rahimahoum Allah qu'Allah les prennent dans sa miséricorde et soulage les proches des victimes. Un all black présente ses condoléances twitter.com/SonnyBWilliams…
A heartfelt message on the #ChristchurchMosque Attacks, from one of New Zealand’s prolific All Blacks — @SonnyBWilliams
Oh wow. Just seen this tragic news. Mad world we live in. Thought and sympathy goes to all the victims and their families.
No words. My thoughts and prayers are in #Christchurch today.
May allah bless you sonny.
A family revert from NZ. May Allah SWT grant them Jannah and may Allah SWT grant us peace on Earth.
My heart breaks for my beautiful multi-cultural homeland today #prayforChristchurch
It’s a very sad day when this kind of violence makes sense to the person perpetuating it. My heart goes out to the people affected. My prayers for peace and love to touch one and all. 🙏😔😢
Just heinous act of violence words don’t express how sad it is
انا لله وانا اليه راجعون ..
ان هذا العمل الارهابي تجاوز بمراحل تفجيرات ١١ سبتمبر والتي سجلت بداية تاريخ وصم الارهاب بالمسلمين بالرغم من الغموض الكبير في كثير من تفاصيلها..
واليوم يجب ان ينهض المسلمين من سباتهم فالارهاب لا دين له.. والاسلام هو دين السلام.
Salam from Malaysia. Alfatihah for them, in sha Allah, jannah for them. La tahzan Innallaha ma'ana. We belongs to Allah, and to Allah we shall returns.
Such an embarrassing time to be a New Zealander! This should not happen anywhere let alone here in our own back yard
This is a spear to the heart of all Kiwis. What kind of evil could bring somebody to this? 😢
سوني بيل وبليامز رياضي وبطل مسلم نيوزيلاندي ويظهر عليه التأثر الكبير مما حصل بعد صلاة الجمعة في أحد مساجد نيوزيلاندا من إجرام عظيم يتقطع له القلب بقتل عشرات المصلين من عنصري قذر مسلح وفوق هذا يصور جريمته مباشرة في فيسبوك .
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.
La réaction émouvante ee Sonny BIll Williams, rugbyman néo-zélandais converti à l'islam.

Amîn twitter.com/SonnyBWilliams…
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