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Let me quickly explain why the Christchurch mosque shooting affects many of us, not just Muslim communities. If the shooter's manifesto and social media feed are accurate, he was inspired by a right wing ideological infrastructure that thrives, recruits and radicalizes online 1/

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He wrote a manifesto, just like Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. He cites right wing personalities and military battles glorified by white nationalists, such as the Siege of Vienna in 1863 - where Europe staved off Islam apparently. 2/
Thank you for these insightful tweets. I am an American living in Christchurch. When the mosque was spray painted after 9/11, the community said it wasn鈥檛 acceptable and cleaned it. We don鈥檛 accept hate. We embrace diversity. Lots of us are angry and sad.
It's quite ironic but also sad because they'll never be labelled terrorists because apparently that term applies to Muslims only.
Important thread.
Excellent summary. The irony of a white Australian feeling this bitter hatred towards 鈥榓ll others鈥 for invading his land (apparently which also includes New Zealand) won鈥檛 be lost on anyone.
via @shaunking "BREAKING: The New Zealand Mosque shooter says in his manifesto that he admires Donald Trump because Trump is 鈥渁 symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.鈥"
This is great thread about the context for the horrible events in #Christchurch
Read this and understand it. Tolerance for Islamophobia is making the world a shittier place. Letting people get away with Islamophobia because they鈥檝e learned how to express it in a less naked way is killing people.
The fact that Trump would tweet a link to Breitbart in the wake of the Christchurch shooting (on the same day he made a blatant fascist threat of violence by his own supporters) makes this thread even tougher to read:
Please read and consider this as well.
We are living through a clash of ignorance while the media, politicians etc. Want to make it out to be a clash of culture East vs west. We need to do better to build bridges, educate the future citizens of each other to stop all this. Pray for the folks who lost their lives
Must-read thread. I am particularly concerned about the invasion rhetoric that also played a role for the Christchurch terrorist. Invasion lies at the core of much of the far right anti-migrant rhetoric we鈥檝e seen in the UK too ... seen too on some newspaper from pages.
Thank you @WajahatAli. Hate begets hate. Violence follows. Make no mistake about it, those who fail to call out, who decline to objet, who remain silent in the face of the constant stream of hateful rhetoric coming from our elected officials, silently encourage hate and violence.
Thank you for this
This. Vital, urgent thread.
THIS! 馃憞馃徑 These 鈥渆lected鈥 and 鈥渃elebrated鈥 right wing, conspiracy theorists talk about 鈥渂oth sides鈥 they are COMPLICIT. Today, they have blood on their hands and refuse to take responsibility for the hate they inspire with their words.
An important thread from @WajahatAli on #ChristChurch hate-based terror. It鈥檚 about all of us.
Please read this thread!
Ali's thread on the 鈥渨hite genocide鈥 conspiracy theory promoted by Trump & the GOP. Recall that Trump:
Said "Islam hates us"
RTd fake anti-Muslim videos by hate groups
Tried to Ban Muslims
Promotes anti-semitic Soros conspiracy theories
Demonizes immigrants
And on and on and on.
This is a excellent thread to read...
Hate comes in ALL COLORS AND RELIGIONS/IDEALS. its idiotic thinking from all "sides" fed to all of us by the news media & elites & our own government to instill fear & keep us all divided & hating each other so we won't work 2gether or trust 1 another
Please take time to read this.
Hate can induce terrorism.
So free speech can be dangerous.

White nationalists terrorists are as dangerous as Al Qaeda ISIS and the likes. They have 1 thing in common. HATE.
Thread: Warum die #ChristchurchAttack nicht nur Muslime in Neuseeland angeht, sondern viele Menschen weltweit. 鈥濿ir haben es mit w眉tenden, empathielosen, oft wei脽en M盲nnern zu tun, die einen Sinn und eine Gemeinschaft in extremistischen Gruppen finden.鈥 Siehe bei uns #NSU20
Fucking hell. This thread. 馃憞馃徎
Please read the entire thread, ESPECIALLY if you, like me, are a white man.

Our very identity is being weaponized for worldwide terrorism, without you or I involved at all, and the LEAST we can do is to make sure that kind of violence is worthy of the strictest punishment.
Weaponizing and spreading hate must be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
I agree wholeheartedly with what you have said Wajahat. I am not a Muslim but having seen these videos I am absolutely horrified, scared and upset. I am in fear for the world I live in and that of which now I have brought a son into. This is pure evil. I pray for all affected.
Thread. Read it, understand it.

The terrorist attack in Christchurch is what happens when we let fascists and white supremacists speak in the mainstream, unchecked, for the sake of "balance". This one's on all of us.
The Chritchurch shooter's links to the far right dark web
丕蹖賳 乇卮鬲賴鈥屫堌屫 禺胤鈥屬堌必ㄘ 鬲乇賵乇蹖爻鬲鈥屬囏й 爻賮蹖丿倬賵爻鬲 乇丕爻鬲鈥屭必 丿乇 爻丕賱鈥屬囏й 丕禺蹖乇 乇賵 賲卮禺氐 賲蹖鈥屭┵嗁 賵 賲毓鬲賯丿賴 丕蹖賳鈥屬囏 賴賲 亘賴 賲乇亘賵胤賳丿 賵 禺胤乇卮賵賳 亘賴 丕賳丿丕夭賴 #丿丕毓卮 噩丿蹖賴. #NewZealand
Brilliant summary, but please don鈥檛 leave out the LGBTQ community.
Informative thread. 鈥淭ake this extremist ideology & terror threat seriously鈥
An excellent thread explaining why #WhiteSupremacyTerrorism is a serious threat to all, not just Muslim communities.

Wake up folks! White supremacy is a major problem in the world.
#HateSpeech & 鈥渨hite genocide鈥 myth results in events like #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
We are in so much shock in our welcoming little island in the Pacific. We are asking why why why? How can this person be allowed to publish a hateful manifesto on social media and get away with it? Only being pulled when he murders innocent people going about their daily prayer.
This thread is so very important. 馃搶
What @WajahatAli writes here is a reminder of how interconnected incel hate is: he lays it all out with such clarity.

The #ChristchurchMosqueAttack is tragic as it is repugnant and we must all fight this #whitesupremacist hate.
At least 40 Muslims murdered at #Christchurch, New Zealand. Who is responsible? All those who have been normalizing #WhiteSupremacy as one "view" among others to be treated with respect.
It鈥檚 just gotta stop. All of it.
A thread we should all read. That affects every human on the planet. My heart goes out to the victims in #ChristchurchMosqueAttack
A very good thread. Hatred thrives in platforms like this one. And that's why I have, and always will continue to call it out, report it, and do everything within my power to make sure it is removed from this community. We must never cede territory to these hateful fascists.
"Manifesto" makes it sound like he has an ideology that underlies his policy positions, and lends credence.

His main policy position seems to be: kill people who make society 'impure.'

Please, can we call it "terrorist recruitment propaganda" instead of a 'manifesto'?
"Invasione", "sostituzione etnica", "Soros"...

USA, Canada, #NuovaZelanda... Le parole d'ordine dei terroristi bianchi che uccidono musulmani, neri, ebrei e altre minoranze in giro per il mondo sono sempre le stesse.


Similar views are commonly given voice on Australian mainstream media like @Channel7 @ @SkyNewsAust & other outlets. The Australian parliament passed a motion that it was ok to be white. A senator wore a burqa in order to demonise Muslim women. This is not just on the fringes.
cw mass murder and nazis

this is a good analysis of what's going on that doesn't require reading or watching anything that fuck did
Dit is echt aan ons allemaal om te voorkomen hier. Spreek je racistische, sektarische, xenofobe, islamofobe vrienden, familieleden en collega鈥檚 aan. Want 鈥渉et midden鈥 radicaliseert langzaam mee. Islamofobie is al genormaliseerd. Lees ook dit. twitter.com/wajahatali/sta鈥
Please read this THREAD are #ChristChurch. This is not just about a single issue. Not just about Islamophobia. Not just about gun control. Not just about New Zealand.
螡伪 未喂伪尾伪蟽蟿蔚委 蟿慰 胃蟻蔚谓蟿, 渭蔚 蟿畏 未苇慰蠀蟽伪 蟺蟻慰蟽慰蠂萎!
Racisme en witte superioriteitswaan leiden tot extremisme en terrorisme. Media en politici die racisten en extremisten het podium geven, versterken hun overtuiging en invloed. Baudet en Wilders cs. vallen in die categorie. Wie hen zendtijd geeft, draagt verantwoordelijkheid.
Thread on why white nationalist extremism and terrorism is a problem affecting more than just our Muslim communities.

The attacks disproportionately affect marginalized people, but this is everyone鈥檚 problem, and *every one of us* is responsible to counter and solve it.
if you haven't woken up yet to the #evil reality well explained in this thread, something's seriously wrong with you. colleague #journalists, also in my home country the netherlands, take your #responsibility, think harder about how you bring stories and who you give a platform.
Nejib still comes over here & visits me & my kids & they get to learn about him & his world travels. I've been all over the world & the 1 glaring similarity is the use of misinformation, fear hate & religion to divide & control us
"Victims are not just Muslims, but also Jews, immigrants, refugees, Blacks, Sikhs, Latinos & women (they really hate feminists). It's a zero sum absolutism. Just like ISIS" IMPRESCINDIBLE este hilo sobre la amenaza del supremacismo blanco tras el atentado de Nueva Zelanda
Yeni Zelanda'daki kamera kayitlarini ve fotograflari paylasmayin. Su zincir cok guzel. ruh hastasi katiliin psikolojisini, kimler tarafindan alkislanacagini da anlatiyor. Her paylasilan kamera kaydi adami belli bir zumrenin yuceltmesine vesile. 50 kisi olmus. Neyi seyredeceksin?
I tried explaining this to loved ones right now. Thank you for helping me find the words to better explain why it is so important to pay attention &take this threat seriously. Always look out for each other. Just when you think you have no more love left to give, love some more鉂
Thread. 螤伪蟻伪魏伪位蠋 未喂伪尾维蟽蟿蔚.
Thread 脿 lire.

Tout propos qui assimile les immigrants 脿 des envahisseurs donne du carburant aux radicaux de cette trempe.
This is an important thread. Everyone, politicians,journalists and broadcasters need to think about what they say and why. Outrage has consequences. Please read.馃憞
if you鈥檙e not terrified of radicalised white men and the global rhetoric surrounding refugees, immigration and islam, you鈥檙e not paying attention.
If you idolise Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage etc - please read this.
Klimaet og h酶yreekstremisme er v氓r tids potensielle katastrofer. P氓 klimaet er det tungt politisk fokus og utallige forslag. Jeg etterlyser det samme for bekjempelsen av h酶yreekstremisme. Det haster. @jonasgahrstore @erna_solberg @audunlysbakken @bmoxnes
Or in one tweet: because violence and terror against one is violence and terror against all. We are all connected, we are all human. Shame there's a need for you to elaborate, really.
For God鈥榮 sake, read this thread.

Our language matters. Don鈥檛 think it doesn鈥檛 matter what leaders or a news pundit or your neighbor Bob says about Muslims/immigrants/鈥渢hem.鈥

Fear of 鈥渢he other鈥 and trading in the discourse of hate is what radicalizes some to kill.
Chile, ojo con lo que pasa en el mundo: este odio a la inmigraci贸n (pobre) deriva en lo peor del ser humano: crea monstruos que asesinan personas y se creen h茅roes.

Es 2019. La inmigraci贸n es una forma de crecimiento. M谩s informarse y menos nacionalismo y patriotismo.
He also says he鈥檚 a socialist who dislikes Trump and is doing this for the environment, but feel free to cherrypick elements that advance your narrative. Just know you鈥檙e doing exactly what he wanted in further tearing apart the country.
Read this. Especially all you ghouls who share stuff from Robinson, Hopkins, Farage, Fox News et al.
We must all recognize that we鈥檙e all vulnerable, especially those who utilize their rights to freedom of speech to express their beliefs. The world is at war, generated by hate that can only be eradicated by love, the purest kind, which may require the greatest sacrifice!
thread worth reading, on Christchurch shooting -
Since I don't know what to say about the terrorist attack by a white supremacist extremist on two mosques in NZ, beyond condemnation and shock, I will link to this thread.
I'm glad @WajahatAli will join me on @UPonMSNBC Saturday. Ahead of that, please read this important thread 鈫
Afschuwelijk nieuws.
Lezenswaardige draad over motieven en achtergrond van rechtsextremistische daders vd aanslagen op moskee毛n in Christchurch, Nieuw-Zeeland, met tot nu toe 30 doden. #terrorisme
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