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When it comes to mass shooters:

-Don't share their name
-Don't share their face
-Don't share their writings
-Don't share their videos
-Don't make them infamous

They are nothing - let's keep it that way.

I'm so sorry for everyone in Christchurch, what a tragedy.

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In reply to @h3h3productions
Just wanna be absolutely clear: you realize your friend Jon Tron has repeated like half of the things the shooter said inspired him...? And that Peterson promotes all the people that say the same stuff? Your tweet is a meaningless gesture, you need to stop promoting these people
In reply to @h3h3productions
I’m sitting in the dark in one of our schools here in ChCh. We don’t know when we will be allowed out.
In reply to @h3h3productions
CNN: oh yeah that pewpie guy cause it
This x1000. I hope this either becomes a law or a social norm. In the meantime we can do our part by not clicking on those headlines.
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thanks man. Still stuck in school lockdown from this
In reply to @h3h3productions
What would make that happen? Mass emails to the news stations?
In reply to @h3h3productions
You’re a good guy Ethan. Appreciate you
In reply to @h3h3productions
The media is already showing the name of one of the shooters sadly
In reply to @h3h3productions
Just wanna be absolutely clear: you realize your friend Jon Tron has repeated like half of the things the shooter said inspired him..? And that Peterson promotes all the people that say the same stuff? Your tweet is a meaningless gesture, you need to stop promoting these people
In reply to @h3h3productions
i’m in new zealand rn and everything feels so sad idk wtf is going on
In reply to @h3h3productions
“Mass shooters” I think you mean *TERRORIST* attacks. i sure as hell know if it was a muslim it wouldn’t be a “shooter” or have a slight hesitation to share the video.(i mean the media)
but if it’s a muslim suspect lets publicize literally everything about him from his family to where he got educated
In reply to @h3h3productions
Disagree on not sharing the manifesto. People need to educate themselves on why shooters do what they did, and the manifesto itself points out exactly his plan and desires. And people, just as the killer wanted, are furthering political divides.
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thank you for your love toward our country & the incident 💖
I don't know the dude's name, and I never want to.

Literally bury all trace of them existing. They don't deserve to even be data.
In reply to @h3h3productions
People are sick. But you know this is going to be an all out attack on Pewdiepie and the right by the media.
In reply to @h3h3productions
Saw the vid, honestly it was a mistake
In reply to @h3h3productions
i’m really stressed though, separated from my little sister, her school is still in lockdown, it’s getting kinda late and i have no idea when she’ll be released??? S T R E S S E D
In reply to @h3h3productions
i don’t think the problem is with sharing information but with people idolizing fuck heads
In reply to @h3h3productions
A large portion of the internet is already involving their political views and arguing amongst each other. This is a time to be respectful.
In reply to @h3h3productions
There has to be a middle ground. Names and faces sure. But writings should be available. Giving any type of notoriety is giving them what they want, but people should know what kind of ideologies are leading to massacres.
This is dumb

Whether you are pro or anti gun, pro or anti anything he had to say, there's something to be learned from this

Whether that lesson is banning something in fear or addressing the issues that made them do it

Can't learn or change by ignoring things that happen
In reply to @h3h3productions
But then the news wouldn't make money :( *sarcasm*
In reply to @h3h3productions
Edgar - have you considered that these requests to not share their name and face is because they don't want wider public to believe that terror attacks can be committed by white people from Western countries.
In reply to @h3h3productions
You are so right, they don’t need any exposure for this right now. I’m very sickened that they would say ‘subscribe to pewdiepie’ as if this would have any sick connection to him. Such a sad horrific day in Christchurch I’m just glad my family there are safe.
meh.....should just say dont share because the shooter are not even muslim

would have been a whole different story if the shooter is Muslim, or someone with Arabic names.

btw oh yeah its a "mass shooters", its not even "terrorist attack"
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thank you @h3h3productions it means a lot to us New Zealanders. How about a podcast to raise funds to help the families and the city recover?? ☺️
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thank you for your support and for considerately taking your video down.
he’s not a mass shooter. he’s a terrorist. everyone is happy to share names and faces when it’s an isis attack.
This is exactly what I’ve been saying!When you spread the shooter’s info you give them exactly what they want. Also, it signals to the other potential mass shooters that they can get famous if they do the same thing. The media isn’t causing the problem, but they are enhancing it!
Make the only story the victims.
it’s literally only white people who say stuff like this. in what world does it make sense to forget the guy who killed ur brothers and sisters? Are you freakin kidding me?? LExpose the bastard. Destroy everything he built before.
I couldn’t stress this enough.
Don't read the manifesto
Let's not talk about how the normalization of fascism has led to multiple neo-nazi terrorists in the past 2 years. Let's instead talk about how cringey feminists are and never reflect on anything, ever.
Lição para o jornalismo brasileiro:

"Sobre atiradores em massa:

Não compartilhe:
- seus nomes
- suas faces
- seus escritos
- seus vídeos

Não lhes dê notoriedade.

Eles são nada - mantenhamos dessa forma.

Sinto muito por todos em Christchurch, que tragédia."
Don’t even get me started on your racist/ignorant ass. I can’t believe some of you guys use your platforms to promote “joking” racism against cultures and then tweet some horseshit like this after a tragedy happens against that same targeted groups YOURE PART OF THE PROBLEM DAWG
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thank you for that, it’s heartbreaking to see this happen in my country. These monsters deserve no recognition
Well there goes the news cycle. I personally like to know of the mentally insane who commit crimes, but that's just me.
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thank you for this Ethan. My mum is still in her work building due to a lock down in the central city. This has me shaking.
Last year I wrote a paper on mass media and crimes.
You tell their stories. You show what they look like. You share what they have said.
Other people look at this, and think they’re like that person, giving them the idea of mass violence.

I too, am sorry
hey uhhhhhh this kind of thing is actually crucial information. some of this is actually necessary information. this is how we learn from history.
In reply to @h3h3productions
I’m from near chch and it feels so unreal bc shootings are so uncommon in nz, people thought it was a sick joke until it was confirmed.
Ive always respected this sentiment and will follow suit. We should remember the lives of the victims, not the perpetrators, they are scum. If youre unaware multiple mosques have been hit at this point. Please pray for New Zealand🇳🇿🇳🇿
In reply to @h3h3productions
Also don't share their memes, it's what they wanted
In reply to @h3h3productions
Yeah dude. Things are getting rough here in Brazil too. We just had a school shooting and I fear there's more to come.
In reply to @h3h3productions
If it's a political minddset motivated attack we can address the underlying issues that led to it if we understand why. If we all just forget about it the problem won't go away on its own
There have been several days where I'm walking to class and think that this could be the day my college gets shot up. The crazy thing is that I know I'm not alone.
O mesmo vale para Suzano, a mídia tem que aprender
In reply to @h3h3productions
And don't blame other fucking people for one person's actions.
To our sister country over the pond. My deepest condolences, my heart I'd with you and my family over there.
Breaking: the worst person you know just made a great point
This. To those searching out their videos, just don’t. Firstly, thats what they want, secondly, gross! Why would you even want to watch that!?
This is probably the worst take imaginable. The terrorists did not carry out this attack in a political/social vacuum. They are not nothing, they are the product of militant extremism shrugged off as irreverent internet nihilism. It is necessary that we examine their motivations,
My heart goes out to everyone ❤❤❤
In reply to @h3h3productions
This immediate assumption that white Christian terrorists are only fame seekers is minimizing the threat they pose
The perpetrator just wants attention and giving him a platform is just what he wants. Inshallah all those who passed are granted paradise
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thanks for showing your love to us kiwis. ❤
In reply to @h3h3productions
Thanks so much. Us in Christchurch thank you. This event is terrible.
Says a dude who REGULARLY platforms fascists. Don't retweet this guy, either!
Cada vez que dicen el nombre de un terrorista o lo que hizo, más que acusarlo/criticarlo le están dando publicidad a su causa y a quienes piensan hacer lo mismo.
La mejor opción es darle atención a las víctimas 😔

Some right fucking morons in this world.
I agree with this. Giving them any attention only fuels future shooters. They see it as their ticket to fame, a way to not be forgotten. It’s attention seekering to the highest degree possible
parabéns mídia brasileira por já ter feito tudo isso
In reply to @h3h3productions
- Do share the victims' names - Do share the victims' faces - Do share the reason why the victims were targeted, be it their religion, origin, skin color - Do denounce the shooter's ideology A white supremacist murdered people for being Muslims. Say it loud and clear.
BULLSHIT. Share their name,their disgusting faces,and their hateful writings. Let the world know the majority group is literally plotting agains others but continues to get away with it because they’re never labeled or prosecuted to the level other minority groups would’ve been
When the shooter is a non muslim, dont share the name, face and all. #ChristchurchMosqueAttack
In reply to @h3h3productions
وهذه اخرى يادكتور محمد @Sabbanms
definitely do NOT talk about how the mass shooter shares a good half of the ideology of people i have promoted on my shit podcast
This to everyone sharing around footage of the shooting.
In reply to @h3h3productions
It's not a coincidence that mass shootings went up when 24 hour cable news became a thing.
In reply to @h3h3productions
Im from Christchurch. This is not normal here, I don’t even know where his guns were from but they had tons of it. This place is my safe place!! Damn it!!
Yas Ethan. Papa bless🍕
unless they're Muslim or POC then the rules have changed, right?
Amen 🙏🏻 give them a number that’s it, don’t let them have this sense of glory by showing their identity on worldwide media
Isso serve muito para o que aconteceu em Suzano tb. A nossa imprensa mergulhou de cabeça em fazer exatamente o contrário. Aí me lembra q no Japão qndo acontece esse tipo de coisa com jovens, o nome do criminoso nunca é citado. É sempre “M, 17 anos”. Uma letra e idade. Só.
In reply to @h3h3productions
Notice the subtleties of everyone tweeting about New Zealand shooting as mass shooting but not using the word terrorism or terrorists because only Muslims have the patent to be terrorist. Amazing!
In reply to @h3h3productions
I'm a high school teacher here in Christchurch. The kids are so scared. We were in lockdown for a while, but everything seems okay for now. Aroha mai aroha atu
In reply to @h3h3productions
Are you fucking retarded? Sharing their writings is the best way to know WHY they did it so potential future tragedies can be stopped!
Thoughts go out to those Affected, im sorry for your Loss. Lets not give these Criminals a Pedestal.
love coming out with stuff like this when they’re white terrorists don’t yas

If youre going to report a shooting like this, focus on the victims and community instead.
Show how the community will stand strong in the face of atrocities
In reply to @h3h3productions
thank you for this ethan. thank you for using your platform for good <3
In reply to @h3h3productions
But can we all calm him a TERRORIST which no main stream media outlet has done so #shocking
Have been doing this for far too long... absolutely begging members of the press NOT to allow these monsters the infamy they so desperately crave. This one has done enough by broadcasting the murders. 49 people dead. Horrific.
Please, please don't give people who do things like this the infamy they crave.
He is the guy (terrorist) who killed many Muslims in the Mosque of NewZealand but world’s media is calling him “Shooter” not “Terrorist” because he is not a Muslim!
Terrorist label is only for Muslims? #TerroristAttack
https://t.co/NvXzuzismE pic.twitter.com/qZl5SDvsEF
But if the shooter was Muslim, y’all woulda been dragged him & his family & the whole Muslim race & make us apologize, got his 3rd grade report card, blame the Quran, and want to ban us etc....
In reply to @h3h3productions
Ignoring the manifesto breeds ignorance to the reasons he plainly lays out in it on why he chose the weapons he did, and what he hoped to gain. It's irresponsible to ignore them like it never happened and not educate yourself. We'll fight one another if we choose that course.
You have to share this.

The point is to get people to see it as it is without the media putting a filter over it and spoon feed you mistruths about it to further whatever agendas they have.

You can't trust them to do this without some sort of agenda. Those day's have been gone.
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