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Morning (Friday) is Jummah, the weekly day of worship for our community of Muslim friends and loved ones.

Be there for them. Check in. Perhaps extend a kind gesture at your local mosque.

There is so much fear and hate.

We must negate it with active, courageous love.

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You know most people who discriminate against Muslims have never been to a mosque, don't have any Muslims friends, and believe what the media tells them about who Muslims are. If you don't know a Muslim, or have any Muslim friends, I'll be your friend. Follow me ❤
I'm getting a lot of messages from people asking what they can do, how to reach out to local mosques. Google search for your local mosques and call and leave messages of support or drop by with flowers or cards or just to say hello, we are with with you.
um you just attacked praying 50 mins ago pic.twitter.com/IU0V2DLPhQ
Struggled to find words. So I’ll share the words of another.
Fuck You AOC, using a tragedy to drum up MAGAphobia and push your political agenda is disgusting.
We live in a nation that begs the public to never forget 9/11, while the nation forgets any acts committed by far-right terrorist. And this massacre will likely be forgotten as well. Shame. pic.twitter.com/Uns4sn55HP
Meanwhile POTUS tweets Breitbart and remains completely silent after 40 dead. My heart is breaking for #NewZealand. DJT's lack of response? OUTRAGEOUS. This was my first experience at a local mosque. They were warm and welcoming. Love in action, as the sign says. pic.twitter.com/MshEH6UwV9
Thank you for your unwavering support for your Muslim friends and colleagues.
What is the proper greeting / thing to say for Jummah?
I'm going help as much as I can.
This compassion is what leadership looks like. Thank you Rep @AOC for caring about the right to worship in peace.

Thank you for your prayers and love.✊🏽❤️
I thought you didn't believe in thoughts and prayers
Thanks for the tip, Congresswoman. I will. Hope you're able to get some sleep tonight
Except love for conservatives, Christians, white men.
It appears that @aoc has made public comment on #Christchurch before any of the 2020 Presidential candidates, or the President.
The last time this happened (ugh), I brought donuts to the Islamic Center on Mass. Ave. north of Dupont Circle. Even then it didnt feel like it was enough.
AOC’s tweet from literally 50 minutes ago said:

“What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?”
Here in New Zealand we are deeply saddened by this senseless disgusting act... thank you @AOC for your words of support... hate can never win ✊
As a Christian, as a human, as an educated person who specialized in studying the human condition, I believe we must see each other through heaven’s eyes, love and affirm one another especially during times of inexplicable pain.

Thank you, @AOC for your compassion.
AGREE 150% — Just now reading New Zealand Mosque shooter says in his manifesto that he admires Donald Trump because Trump is “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”
"Active, courageous love"

Exactly. Today and all days. To support our Muslim friends and do whatever is necessary to make them and their families safe. To support everyone targeted by hatred anyone made fearful.
We are horrified by this apparent act of hate happening in our peaceful home. Extend love to those affected, waves ripple around the world.
I have no desire to join worship, but I would like to go to the mosque down the street tommorow to show support in some way, I'm not sure how to do so without it being tacky or inconsiderate.
But thoughts and PRAYERS are not okay? Praying is absolutely the BEST thing anyone can do! I promise you this much, there are a lot of people praying for you, even though you mock and ridicule them. #NZMosqueShooting pic.twitter.com/wLDvdU0QX4
Muslims attacked. Comfort Muslims. Attack whites.

Muslims attack. Worry about backlash. Comfort Muslims. Attack whites.

The whole game is rigged.
I held it together all night but this one made me cry. Thank you ❤️🙏🏽
Your best friends in Congress are calling for Israel to be eradicated.

They are friends with @LouisFarrakhan who called Jews termites.

They support HAMAS.

So be quiet. We don’t need your advice. Jews have suffered and continue to suffer everyday and you are silent.
Is there an appropriate gift of mourning for someone secular to leave at a Mosque?
Are you on some kind of medication????
Awh so loving (,; JK

the Quran literally says to kill all “infidels” that r not Muslim
hey, would be great if you could say something specifically about how we fight fascism
Agreed. Love must be greater than hate. Especially now.
The best response I’ve read from a politician today.
100% this. all solidarity is good, visible solidarity is best (even if it's not always possible). our communities are made of many communities, if one is under siege we're all under siege.
That was because you people created the so called islamophobia from past 17 years, that creat hatred among the others for1/3 population on earth. We are keep saying that terrorism have no religion but you people poisoned the mind of the world against us #MuslimsAreNotTerrorists
Lol. After you just got done mocking ppl of faith and their thoughts and prayers. Ok.
Thanks... Jummah Mubarak every one 🙏
Again from @CNN guns aren't legal in New Zealand
Australia 🇦🇺 & New Zealand 🇳🇿 will do the same & love & support our Kiwi brothers & sisters xx love to our mates
.....and synagogues? Or would that be un-chic?
Life must be pleasant for this bubble head.

Everything is rainbows and unicorn farts for her.

@AOC I remember September 11th.

Reality bites.
In New Zealand today we have just suffered the worst attack on our society. Sadly, the police are asking our Muslim brothers and sisters to stay away from mosques until the perpetrators are all caught. Kia Kaha New Zealand 🇳🇿
I’m just gutted by what’s happened in Christchurch. There’s always friendly (maybe not so friendly at times 😉) rivalry between Australians and Kiwis, but at times like this we stand together and share the grief and anger. We will not let these bastards win. End of.
There are no words. Just grief and horror.

I denounce terrorism and white supremacy.

To my Muslim friends, my NZ friends, I love you. I stand with you. I will hold space for you.
I’m here to help with extra nose boops for anyone that needs some love! #OtterForPres #NoFear #BoopsForAll pic.twitter.com/CRv7QajjHm
You. Young lady. Will change the world. Watching you from far away (Mozambique) but still being inspired. Wish you all the best.
Listen up Sandy-I’m a Christian n I adore my Savior Jesus Christ-it’s Lent a time we pray n fast n prepare Our ❤️s for Easter!THE Most Holy Season-in case u don’t know when Christ suffered terribly so sinners will be saved. A Lesson for U- I don’t care what Muslims do today!
Please call for hearings to counter far-right extremism. This is well overdue.
Where I live about a mile away is a lovely mosque in a residential area. I'll go there tomorrow and leave a card and flowers. I did the same when there was a shooting in Quebec at a mosque with deaths of those there to worship. So evil and cruel an act both times.
If you’re an NYU student and would to come to our prayer service tomorrow to show some support, feel free to message me. It’ll definitely mean a lot to the community.
Thank you from Christchurch, New Zealand, our hearts are broken by this terrible act of hatred and terrorism in our peace-loving nation
Dear Alexandria, thank you 🙏🏻🕊 We’ve been affected by the #TravelBan so bad, our families have been separated😔 for a CR1 visa I've been living far apart from my husband for over 2 years, and still no news 😔 #Undo_Family_Ban
As a Muslim and given that many of our brothers and sisters just died in New Zealand attending jummah, this gesture will help more than you think. If you know any Muslim, reach out to them and just let them know you are with them. This empathy will go further than you think.
My despairing heart goes out to Christchurch and New Zealand
NZ mosque shooting suspect said he supported #DonaldTrump "as a symbol of renewed white identity & common purpose”. Trump’s rhetorics to fuel anti-Muslim hate matter in America, matter in New Zealand & all over the world. The climate of hate he fostered doesn't recognize borders.
All people,no matter what your faith is, should pass along prayers to the Muslim community across the world! This level of hatred must end ☪ ✝ 🙏🙏🙏.#NewZealand
Is it ok for us to pray now?
Respect to this US politician
She just can’t stop completely mishandling a terror attacking literally on the other side of the world. Good heavens, imagine if these people get power back.
When our president threatens violence against the opposition, he must be removed from office immediately. msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-…
Islam is the religion of Peace and Yet We, the Muslims are the most victimized using the same terrorism they stereotype Us with. And as for fighting terrorism, Muslim countries such as #Pakistan had been fighting that war against the Evil that exists today. #HaveBlessedJummah
You would be best served to shut the hell up during a time of tragedy, the very first thing you could think of doing - was to attack an American institution, because of something that happened across the world. Don’t try to backtrack now, you sickening hack.
If you have Muslim friends, they will especially be suffering. Consider sending this 👇 to them: إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ ("We belong to God and to Him we shall return") Said upon the death of someone, it will mean a lot.
This is 'thoughts and prayers' bullshit rhetoric. What concrete actions are you going to take to target white supremacist terrorists?
It takes more courage to follow the law when surrounded by those breaking it 💔
“Bu gün Cuma, camilere gidin, selam müslümanlara selam verip sevgi gösterin. Ortalarda çok nefret ve korku var.” diyor sayın Cortez!
Bu kadını çok takdir ediyorum. İnsanlığın böylelerine ihtiyacı var.
I'm sorry @AOC the RARE cases of these so called "White Supremacists" are over shadowed by the African "Black Supremacists" that are going around killing White people.

Bottom line evil has NO color
Humans are doing this to other Humans and it don't matter what color they are.
I am trying to hold on to the inspiration I felt when I saw a window of a Synagogue in NYC yesterday. “Jews support our Muslim friends”. It doesn’t have to be like this. We are all humans. pic.twitter.com/Ob57UkUABh
It is impossible to coexist with a group of people who's Bible teaches them to kill unbelievers. But please do us all a favor and go hang out with them
Today: find your local mosque. Bake them something. Take it there. I promise you that you will be greeted with smiles and welcoming open arms. I’ve done it. I get their weekly emails about all their community programs and schedules. I’ll do it again today.
And prey for the innocent victims in the latest terrorist attack. This time in NZ. Slaughtered while praying. #IllStandWithYou
This woman will be President of the U.S. one day
alexandria "non-interventionism means consulting the CIA more before bombing arab children" cortez
I'm from Christchurch, and this horrible, senseless act appals me. My city is not like this.
The terrorist attack of #ChristChurch in #NewZealand is inhuman & I condemn that in the strongest possible term. Terrorists belong to no religion & no race. They have one thing in common and that is killing innocent people. I see that all faith communities are equally in grief.
We must negate it with congressional hearings to identify how our justice department is responding to the threat of white male terrorism at home and abroad.
That's a great idea. There are two mosques in #eriepa that can use our support today my fellow #Erieites.
The attacks on the mosques in New Zealand only prove that Islamophobia is a growing issue in the world. We should NOT fear to pray together in our place of worship and we WILL stay strong despite these attacks on our religion and culture.
💖💖💖 Thank You for spreading LOVE!
Maybe I'm missing something but how were the mosque killings any worse than the killings done by the US in the MidEast under Bush, Obama and Trump, none of whom are avowed "white nationalists". Should we have special abhorrence when 49 innocents are killed vs. literally millions?
Women are fearless. Time to think about the minefields FDR diffused because... 🗽betshort.com/cabinet 🏄🏾 Elizabeth Warren will inherit equally threatening challenges and she needs a fine Cabinet to overcome them.
Bay Area - let us turn out and let our Muslim neighbors, friends, colleagues, loved ones, sisters and brothers, fellow Californians know that we love them and will stand against hate - not just with them, but in front of them if necessary.
I saw the devastation from Muslim ethnic cleansing in Bosnia & Herzegovina, I want you to know the people lived together peacefully until haters stirred the pot. We must be very mindful of the dangerous time we are living in. Let the U.S. lead the world in tolerance -- not hate.
I love this, but I don’t know enough about their religion. I certainly wouldn’t intend to insult them in some way. Are we allowed@to visit mosques? To just go and hug people? I’d love for Muslims to see white Americans mourn along with them.
As a resident of Christchurch, New Zealand, thank you so much for this message.
Please be there for your muslim friends at this time. Moments like these are scary and honestly just down right awful. Show them they are loved cause the world often treats us like we aren’t.
Already reached out, won't stop tomorrow. Keep pushing the focus pints of realignment to a more human air of respectability. pic.twitter.com/h7wPPtMAAb
In college my religious studies class, as an assignment, had us visit a place of worship from a different religion. I am Catholic so I choose a mosque. It was a great experience and I got to meet really good people. I will never forget it.
This is how a non-divisive leader thinks and acts.

I'm so impatient for her to cruise into the white house when she's old enough.
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