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Here are the worst placards I鈥檝e seen today

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The biggest asset to the leave campaign is remainers
Seal the kip off under a big dome like in the Simpsons movie and leave them to it
Ppl crying in my mentions about inclusion of the cat one lol. Won鈥檛 protest against fascism or austerity but your cat losing its passport is where you draw the line. Not even arsed that it鈥檚 a joke. It鈥檚 pathetic I can鈥檛 believe someone made it lmao
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The thing is I鈥檓 actually on their side, always have been and always will be, but their snobbery and pedantry is only going to make the people they鈥檙e trying to win over more entrenched in their views.
Can't wait for remain to lose another referendum because the campaign is still driven by patterless eliist wanks.
Hur 盲r det m枚jligt att brexitsidan vann?

Ah just det
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I'm a hardcore remainer but that first one makes me want hard Brexit and a chlorinated chicken smoothie.
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The 鈥榞rammatically correct鈥 one should have a capital G at the start of grammatically given this word is at the start of a sentence! 馃槀
I voted Remain and if I have that choice again I probably will, but fuck me these are awful.
RT a quote tweet of this but holy shit look at this thread. Insanely cursed.
fascism and far right increasing in strength: I sleep

my cat will lose his pet passport: REAL SHIT
how can i be left but i hate the left
In reply to @redbethmond
that first one, i actually gasped
Apart from how utterly obnoxious some of these placards are, what's most striking is all the irony - how even at this late hour, the middle classes still can't take themselves seriously.
Thread of the worst placards at yesterday's march.

Seriously Remainers I know some of you are new to this protest marching thing, having not bothered at the anti-austerity matches in past, but you really should do better than these.
If Remain had been infiltrated by sleeper agents tasked with discrediting the movement, they鈥檇 look like this.
In reply to @redbethmond
Meanwhile in France while the English parades with powerful placards the French are taking direct action to rid their country of neoliberalism, austerity and Macron thelocal.fr/20190322/qa-fr鈥
In reply to @redbethmond
The smugness is insufferable. And whilst I hate to be that person - I really do - but shouldn鈥檛 the 鈥榞鈥 in grammatically be capital...?
Objecting to smug placards is fine. They're both strategically counterproductive and aesthetically crap.

What's not fine is that Lexiteer types keep implying placard smugness is an actual valid justification for why we've got to, erm, crash the food and medicine supply chains.
In reply to @redbethmond
The irony of the first being grammatically incorrect with a lowercase G...
In reply to @redbethmond
to be fair the cat one is pretty good
if the US marches with these kinds of signs are any indication, the UK equivalent will be a completely pointless exercise that has no effect on brexit one way or the other
In reply to @redbethmond
I'm sorry but she followed an exclamation mark with a lower case 'g' whilst having the GALL to be smug about grammatically correct signs. These people make me sick.
In reply to @redbethmond
That first one especially. Absolutely boke
how could anyone stand shoulder to shoulder with these sort of people??! ugh
It's like Alien vs. Predator.
In reply to @redbethmond
Awful. 'grammatically' should have been capitalised after the exclamation mark. For shame!
White middle class people shouldn't be allowed to hold signs
The anti-brexit marches have shown the worst of the middle class lib dem voting types 馃槖

I'm hugely anti-brexit. But it's very telling that certain classes only march when their EU passport is under threat, rather than say, to protest lives at risk due to austerity.
That top left one is both a) patronising in the extreme and b) 'grammatically' should be capitalised
In reply to @redbethmond
these are the UK equivalent of the Clinton supporters 鈥業f Hillary had won we鈥檇 all be at brunch鈥. tone deaf.
Some of these are genuinely hilarious
In reply to @redbethmond
Placards like this reinforce my decision to never make my own placards. I think I'd prefer to accidentally hold an SWP placard than something like this, at least then I could have the excuse of doing it by accident.
All of these placards scream let me go back to ignoring politics and secretly voting Tory every 5 years
Ah yes that鈥檚 how you win over the disenfranchised and those trapped in a broken system! You slap them in the face with a solid block of middle class!
In reply to @redbethmond
Some of these signs were definitely written by the sort of people who buy Glastonbury tickets and hire a yurt before they've even seen who's playing.
No wonder people voted leave you unbearable toffs
Voted Remain before and would probably do so again, but these are the worst people out there. Jesus Christ when will it end?
In reply to @redbethmond
Interesting. Quick analysis reveals marchers to be smug, middle class, Radio 4 listening and anti-Corbyn. Did anybody have a placard blaming Cameron, May or the Tories?
It鈥檚 not just that they think like this. It鈥檚 that they think making it explicit that they think like this is good strategy.
cba with middle class people treating protests like a fun day out someone riot pls
I鈥檓 so tired but still so annoyed
how do I delete my name off that petition
In reply to @redbethmond
On the plus side, though, can鈥檛 see any from the SWP.
Imagine having a geography degree and still thinking that 鈥楨urope鈥 as a concept has any grounding in reality
In reply to @redbethmond
Urgh! This thread is everything wrong with the left at the moment. 鈥淐entrism and some silly placards are the real enemy鈥. 馃が
In reply to @redbethmond
My friend spotted this extremely Grammatically Correct sign... pic.twitter.com/Q2ZiydyUQ9
All registered sex offenders
Shouldn't grammatically have a capital G just after the exclamation mark? The irony in this is extremely overpowering
I think quite a few of these are funny, and clearly tongue in cheek. But cool, go off and judge people who are fighting for the same cause.
tout 莽a pourrait figurer dans un tumblr d'humour non-oppressif, que Batou et d'autres relayeraient en feignant de rire
In reply to @redbethmond
Did you see any ones you weren鈥檛 offended by among the many thousands of other placards there? pic.twitter.com/JRpWQ8OFKv
Am uncertain what I hate most about these. The little Englander stuff about British people being 'reasonable' 'jolly' tea drinkers is probably the absolute worst. Britain's a violent, warmongering, colonising bastard of a nation, soaked in blood, and rotten with classism.
In reply to @redbethmond
Very long thread of all the 鈥渙h golly gosh, I鈥檓 really quite cross about this even though I鈥檓 not your stereotypical protestor because I鈥檓 so twee and middle class and British!鈥 placards from the PV March. Even more cringe than the faux 鈥淕lesgae banter鈥 ones you get up here.
I was going to make a post about how I hate 鈥溾濃漟unny鈥濃濃 protest signs, please look at all of these people proving me right
Keep telling you cats are bad
In reply to @redbethmond
This was held by a woman who had never been on a march before and was overwhelmed by the crowds but determined to manage her panic. Pity that some on the Left would also call out her lack of impeccable political consciousness. pic.twitter.com/API0uhjiMd
Wow. Skim through this thread and tell me what you think of remain's chance of winning a second ref... (p.s. remainer here).
I can't help but think that a significant amount of those advocating a #peoplesvote are middle class ideologues who have some sort of superior complex. A shame their 'intellectualism' wasn't on show last week as many of us marched against the rise in racism and the far right.
In reply to @redbethmond
The cat passport one is quite amusing, I think. But the rest are vomit-inducing.
In reply to @redbethmond
I've heard a lot of people say that placards like this are terribly Blairite...but I remember loads of similar signs at the Stop the War marches, so maybe not.
In reply to @redbethmond
Almost as if he is the leader of a massive party with both leave and remain voters. Most remainers just want to forget that leave voters exist. I'm a remainer but I am glad he isn't alienating all leave voters for some media attention and no real benefit.
Off to cave my own head in after reading these
fuck it hard brexit NOW
are english people actually alright?
Can't be unseen. Jaysis, the lack political self awareness is painful. And marching behind Micheal Heselteine who closed down the mines, leaving while regions of England devastated, is reprehensible.
In reply to @redbethmond
These are awesome
In reply to @redbethmond
So many people on here totally missing the humour.
In reply to @redbethmond
You can still be European and not a member of the EU. A pointless placard for a pointless march.
These fucking 鈥渜uirky鈥 protest signs are worse than Brexit itself. Up there with the ultra-Scottish Trump protest signs. 鈥淭RUMP YER A MAD BAWHUM! LEAVE OOR COUNTRY YA BASS!鈥 No cunt talks like that.
This thread, absolutely no chance 馃槶馃槀
In reply to @redbethmond
This was the best one I seen yesterday (followed by a WENGER OUT one) pic.twitter.com/zZ2MxpT827
I'm coming out in hives
The last one really is w i l d
Even though the people who go to these marches are a tiny majority of remainers, let alone the general public, it鈥檚 very sad to know that there are this many people who basically find 鈥渢ea and cats鈥 funny.
In reply to @redbethmond
That first one looks like parody its that bad
I hate EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Honestly, am all for political expression but see trying to make a wanky, snobby placard that you're hoping gains traction on social media and makes ye famous? Absolutely bolt ya riddy.
voted remain and believe remain is probs the best option for this country but over the past two years shit like this has slowly moved me to a place where I can stand back and say I would probably vote leave if there was a second ref.
Jesus i can't believe i have some political alignment with these absolute weapons
I'm having proper heart attack symptoms looking through this thread.
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