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Jon Snow everytime he gets rid of one title and they give him a higher one

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Suffering from success
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Sam: You're the true King of the 7 Kingdoms Jon: pic.twitter.com/Yj6nxoniL3
Lmaoooo. They鈥檝e stressed this guy. Man got tired of being the bastard of winterfell. Next thing he鈥檚 lord commander of the Night鈥檚 watch. Next thing he鈥檚 king in the north. Next thing they鈥檙e telling him he鈥檚 king of the entire 7 kingdoms. Ffs.
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Next it鈥檒l be 鈥淛on, it turns out that you yourself are actually the lord of light! Congrats!鈥
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
He just wants a gap year so bad
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Dude fails upward faster than Paul Ryan.
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
My dude King jon after being named king of the seven kingdoms pic.twitter.com/0RTaAYFYe1
Literal definition of 鈥渢he reward for hard work is more work鈥. Man even died and they brought him back. Aegon The 6th 馃悏
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
From lord commander to king in the north to the true heir of the seven kingdoms meanwhile he鈥檚 like pic.twitter.com/A1K9LoCrmn
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Jon: Now they gonna blame me for this shit.
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
... From Bastard to Nights Watch to Lord Commander of the Nights Watch to resurrected man to Lord of Winterfell to King in the North to Rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms... Maybe He will eventually be the Lord of Light... 馃榾馃榾
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Jon be wishin' he just stayed dead and didn't come back. pic.twitter.com/v9tLbUw52E
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
He gonna be the Night King before it鈥檚 all said and done馃槀
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
OMG for real! And his coat gets bigger.
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
He just want to take a nap 馃槱
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
He seems to be the only sane human being in the entire kingdoms. They all want the throne, they don't know only people that are alive needs throne.
His struggle worst than Tristan Thompson.
This nigga didn't even wanna be Lord Commander and somehow he ended up King in the North lmaoooooo now he wants out and they tell him he's King of the 7 Kingdoms.
Jon is SICK I tell you lmao. SICK. He never asked for all this 馃槀馃槶 Homie was munching 12 years unbathed poon to show everyone he would much rather be a peasant than a king and now he's the goddamn "rightful heir to the throne". 馃拃
Po鈥 baby just wants to be a regular, degular, shmegular bastard of Winterfell and the Gods, his DNA, the people keep taking him higher into royalty. #GameOfThrones
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
The definition of 鈥 Failing Up 鈥
this nigga really hates promotions
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Loooool why is this so accurate
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Lmao fucking guy just wants to die and everyone wants to make him king
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
They鈥檙e going to end up with 8 new gods instead of 7 before it鈥檚 said and done 馃槀. The Father,Mother,Maiden,Smith,Stranger, Crone, Warrior and......The Jon 馃槀馃槀
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 ask for this shit鈥- Jon Snow
My mans so sick of these damn names. Bruh just wanna save the realm and go to sleep
Yo. You ever just wanna chill and people keep giving you MORE responsibility and call it an honor? Bruh.
jon snow: *wants to fight the army of the dead*

everyone: "here's your title as rightful heir to the iron throne"
He really did quit his way to the top
Sam: You are the king of the seven kingdoms

Jon: Man, I wish I never resurrected
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
When you call out Monday coz you literally died this weekend but they still want you to come in later today

he鈥檚 exhausted just let him retire
He tired now 馃ぃ馃ぃ bastard that's never been a bastard
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Game of Thrones is just Office Space with swords.
that鈥檚 tristan thompson when he cheated on khlo茅 and she kept tweeting 鈥渨e are a family no matter what鈥.
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Being a dad is the best title I ever reached.
Jon: I鈥檓 a bastard.
Everyone: leader of the Night Watch.
Jon: No!
Everyone: Fine, leader of the wildlings too.
Jon: Just kill me
EO: Back to life! Oh, and king of the North
Jon: I鈥檒l bend the knee
Sam: F it, you鈥檙e king of the seven kingdoms.
He's probably thinking "I thought y'all said being a bastard meant I didn't deserve shit" 馃槀
Jon finding out he鈥檚 actually God and his first decision is to make himself not exist is the only way this show (and Supernatural season 15) should end.
He just tryna get fired and filed for unemployment and he just keeps getting promoted...it鈥檚 crazy
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
You鈥檙e the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms pic.twitter.com/OmalShmVKz
Sam: 鈥淎ctually, I found this napkin at the citadel that has 鈥楯on is God incarnate鈥 scribbled on it.鈥
Jon Snow soy yo tratando de deshacerme de mis responsabilidades y que terminen d谩ndome m谩s :/
Lord commander of nights watch. Wildlings followed him. King in the North, right ruler of the seven kingdoms. I鈥檓a die if the Night King kneels to him.
鈥淛ust send me back over the wall鈥
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
he is the Harry Potter of this show. JON.... YER A KING.... JON.. YER A KING OF KINGS...
馃槀 that nigga Jon just wanted to chill at Winterfelll!. Ended up at the wall, got caught by wilders, fought white walkers, got killed, (still cant rip) back to life, kissed a dragon s mother while the dragon s watching, gotta fight AGAIN white walkers as king of the 7! Wheew!
Lmao he鈥檚 really tired of this shit
Facts 馃槀馃槶馃槀馃槶
From a bastard to being Lord Commander of Night's watch to King in the North to One true king!
The only person more fed up is Chadwick
He couldn't even die to get away from them lol #GameofThrones
Exactly like this ...it鈥檚 his fate
The dude just wanna kill the white walkers and get some sleep leave him alone
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
He鈥檚 so fucking over it yo 馃槀
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
You left Winterfell king of the North, & returned... I don't even know what you are now, My Lord, or Just nothing? Guess he is My Grace after all! pic.twitter.com/0wZfOcpOVs
At this point I don鈥檛 even think he deserves King of the seven Kingdoms 馃檮 he just wants to follow Daenerys
Poor bastard. Didn鈥檛 even want a title to begin with. Snow? Sand? Stark? Targaryen? Lord? King? Protector of the Realm? He need a Xanax for next episode.
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Jon: "You won't let me live. You won't let me die" pic.twitter.com/yiq3C5aAPx
He quits only to get promoted.

My mans is TIRED.
He don鈥檛 want this no more
馃槀馃槀馃槀 My mans just trynna defeat the dead and live his life. That鈥檚 literally all he wants. Lol.
Them: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e now Lord Commander of the Night鈥檚 Watch.鈥

Jon: 鈥淯h, okay.鈥

Them: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e now the King in The North.鈥

Jon: 鈥淲ait... I... I *sigh* okay, sure. I guess.鈥

Samwell: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Ruler of the 7 Kingdoms.鈥

Jon: 鈥淏ro, WTF?!鈥
Mans just wants to be a bastard fr lmao
In reply to @AshleyKSmalls
Jon Snow riding that mf glass escalator like a typical man
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