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I bet she shit herself again
Bernie Sanders just had police remove Kaitlin Bennett from his event before it even started pic.twitter.com/LG5mAThiUP

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That security guard actually did a really good job
Pay close attention to the crowd and the security team and how professional and respectful everyone is. No chants, or inclination of violence toward her in any way from anyone. Politely asked to leave and escorted out peacefully. Admirable, how decent people act.
The guy who waived bye at 1:16 is me LMFAOOOO
What she did is walk out her house with that eyeliner thinking she was going to get away with it.
White people are so hurt when they get targeted
Wow, no tolerance by the left again. It's like a hate crime.....but it's ok when the left does it! Notice how she was just sitting there and not causing trouble like Democrats did at Trump rallies?
I don鈥檛 know why it would be such a big deal, just because she is controversial shouldn鈥檛 keep her from being at the rally. If she were being a nuance that would be another thing. Freedom of speech is bipartisan.
what she doesn鈥檛 get is that POC are regularly removed from places for no reason with force. and she was politely asked to leave even though she鈥檚 known for stirring up controversy and harassing people. her entitlement is disgusting.
I asked her if she pooped herself at a party so she blocked me as a way of saying yes pic.twitter.com/t4O7o293mH
Before everybody starts bitching a crying please realize that she was kindly escorted out of the area, when in other cases people who have attended Trump public events who were not wanted there were dragged out, had slurs yelled at them and even physially assaulted.
If a yeast infection were a person, Kaitlin Bennet would be it.
I haven鈥檛 seen the jacket she鈥檚 wearing since high school
Why dude keep twirlin around with the camera
the fact that she shit herself once>>>
That鈥檚 why she didn鈥檛 wanna get up. Or that鈥檚 why they told her to get up because she smelt so bad.
Funny how her attitude changes when she doesn鈥檛 have her gun on her
if she was told to leave from one of his rally鈥檚 that might mean she鈥檚 banned from attending ANY of his rally鈥檚 no matter where they are. i鈥檓 not sure if that鈥檚 the case thought but it kinda seems like it
Who the f*** is Kaitlin Bennett?
What did I miss??? 馃槸馃槸
Who? Never heard of her.
She acts like she is THE MOST oppressed. Jesus Christ
this was so great to watch 馃槀
I don鈥檛 think conservatives even like this girl.
How the tables have turned 馃槀馃槀 so respectable pic.twitter.com/scYo2w6iI1
Who鈥檚 kaitlynn Bennit?
She really over here acting like she doesn鈥檛 know why she鈥檚 being kicked out like bitch you know damn well 馃槖馃槖
Maybe if she didn't go around spouting shit out her orafici, she would have been allowed to stay lol
Look how hate ages you. She鈥檚 got the hatchet face and beak of an old swamp witch and needs Depends long before she even found a first real job. That hair looks like the before picture from an old Alberto鈥檚 V05 ad - split ends older than she is. NRA Skeksis sucked her dry.
Can she just accept the fact that we hate her and leave
Rent-a-cops are just as sleazy as Bernie at this advertised PUBLIC event. REAL cops would have told Bernie to do it himself. Thanks for your service, real cops.
Don鈥檛 see any valid reason for her being kicked out.
What do you mean 鈥渁gain?!鈥
They only had removed because The Left doesn't like people that are smarter then them馃槀馃槀馃檶
S(he) s(hit) (her)self
If Bernie showed up at a trump rally, he probably would have been beaten by his mob. She is lucky to have been treated so politely.
Private security asked her to leave she did.
These guys were just trying to do their jobs
Shame on you: Berney Comunist
Let me tell y鈥檃ll something.. I don鈥檛 really know much about this girl besides a few videos I just watched after seeing this one, and I could care less about the politics, but just the disrespect she has for people in general, She needs a fucking ass whooping.
Fuck that hoe
Honestly I鈥檓 republican but I wouldn鈥檛 want her there either 馃ぃ she鈥檚 all drama when it comes to politics.
This is really sad , Sanders removing this person! For what? What a joke Sanders is really something.
Damn that鈥檚 crazy, how does it feel??
Why? Where is the freedom of speech?
Y鈥檃ll do know she鈥檚 just promoting her beliefs right? Her words/actions have been nothing but harmless. Would you stand by in good conscience if they kicked someone out bc of their religion?
She鈥檚 the type of lady who refuses to let Walmart employees check her receipt 馃ぃ
Drinking game: take a shot every time he says ma鈥檃m.
Poooopppp girrllllll
i know she is not wearing a hollister jacket
She wearing hollister 馃槶馃槶
You know she came with shit already in her pants bruh
She must be the first person ever to shit themselves
I think she鈥檚 an idiot, but she had every right to be there.
Bro I鈥檓 fucking dead Shelb 馃槀馃槀
Signs of a communist state
What part of "GTFO" did she not understand? I got it the first time. 馃檮
So she can't be there because she was being quiet and not causing a disturbance? Someone getting kicked out because of their political views is getting out of control
Wish conservative would use that narrative. Funny how the totalitarian left can鈥檛 stand free speech
That was ridiculous. Who wants a president like that.
And there you have it. Democrate private public speaking.
If she pulled out the strap on you you'd turn white like Michael Jackson but without the bleaching...not to mention shitting on yourself either..Jada said it best "niggaz turn bitch when you show'em the steel" you definitely fall into that category..especially when you're 110lbs
Shows how much of a coward he is.
Typical of fascist leaders!
Shit herself? She might have a bigger set of nuts than you馃惪馃惪馃惪馃惪馃惪
Feel the Bern bitch!!!!
I'm lost. Why was she removed?
F'uck you and Bernie...He will fail again just like you f'uck tard
she shit herself before?
fuck that bitch 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I find this problematic. What was the justification of removing her. How is it helpful to reject the presence of soneone just because they dont share the same views. We cant move forward like that
We wouldn't want Bernie to be asked real questions now would we? Soft ball questions...smfh
It鈥檚 a slippery slope. The 2nd was intended to help protect the population from external and internal threats, especially a tyrannical local, regional, or federal government. Once you start registering, confiscating, and regulating, you remove the threat of a revolution. Duh!
This is so fake dude haha she had to have staged this shit.
@BernieSanders I knew you should of been president. 馃枻
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