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am i supposed to feel sorry for that bitch? i dont!
Bernie Sanders just had police remove Kaitlin Bennett from his event before it even started pic.twitter.com/LG5mAThiUP

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In reply to @notgivenchyass
bernie really said not today ma鈥檃m! ruin someone else鈥檚 event!
In reply to @notgivenchyass
I鈥檇 kick her out for that holister jacket alone
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Bernie didn't want to be responsible if she pooped her pants at the event. That's why they asked her to leave.
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Notice how professionally and peacefully they handled it tho.
In reply to @notgivenchyass
I was waiting for her to say 鈥測ou know I carry right鈥 pic.twitter.com/ZPpPRZ5T52
In reply to @notgivenchyass
She literally has caused a divide in her home town, and she鈥檚 not there to actually cover stories. She鈥檚 there to start something
In reply to @notgivenchyass
鈥渙pen to the public鈥 & 鈥減ublic event鈥 have different definitions. Also it鈥檚 the same reason anyone can be asked to leave any store, coffee shop, church, or school, it鈥檚 their right to do so. She鈥檚 really working so hard to keep making scenes so she stays relevant #blockthisgirl
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Poc get kicked out of places and the police called on them daily for breathing so I do not feel bad one bit
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Yes you鈥檙e doing great Bernie 馃構 pic.twitter.com/sR68YIJc6G
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Lmfaooo dude at 1:15 said 鈥渃ya later poopy pants鈥
In reply to @notgivenchyass
If it were a blk person she鈥檇 want them to 鈥渏ust comply w police orders鈥. And yet.... Foh!!
In reply to @notgivenchyass
if she's gonna act all brave can she AT LEAST learn how to dress i-
In reply to @notgivenchyass
I have her blocked on twitter BUT this was entertaining to see!
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Wondering if it鈥檚 because she had a gun or she pooped her pants. Could technically be both.
In reply to @notgivenchyass
They removed someone with a known history or belligerent behavior and harassment from an event that they were hosting so?? Sounds good to me I think
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Funny that she鈥檚 shocked but trump literally did the same thing at his rallies
In reply to @notgivenchyass
if a black person did/said what she did and got thrown to the ground and tazed she鈥檇 say 鈥渨ell they weren鈥檛 leaving when they told them to, so the force was justified鈥
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Who over 21 still wears Hollister?
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Can we all just vote for Bernie so he can win this time , ty
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Could kick her out for the eyeliner alone
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Everyone feeling bad for her but what about all of those people that were at trumps rallies that got forced out and men were saying they were going to leave out on stretchers
In reply to @notgivenchyass
imma show up to her wedding like this and say the same damn thing
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Ya but if it was trump and he kicked someone out for no reason you all would go crazy! 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆烩嶁檪锔
she鈥檚 known to make a scene wherever she goes; are we supposed to just pretend she was actually there to listen respectfully?
wow I love that song
鈥淲hat did I do??鈥 Like she wasn鈥檛 going to try and start some shit. Fucking wanker.
In reply to @notgivenchyass
I really hate this bitch but people need to stop giving her a reason to start bitching. They really kicked her out knowing that she was gonna go straight to Twitter to complain and it makes pretty much anyone who isn't conservative look bad 馃う馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
Doesn鈥檛 matter if you agree with her or not, this was blatant ignorance.. if you hold an event you should be able to hold your views, no matter your crowd. If anything an opposer should be seen as leverage, if not then how strong are your beliefs??
That wing eyeliner violating 馃槀
In reply to @notgivenchyass
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Oh no...I feel SO bad for her...she鈥檚 so innocent and sweet like WHY are they treated her like that. Oh my godddddd. pic.twitter.com/N5VkKkOZ5J
In reply to @notgivenchyass
She鈥檚 wearing Hollister in 2019 so that alone makes the dude鈥檚 actions justifiable
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Honestly he's being more than polite to her. I've seen people be dragged out without a word as to why. Just get up and go. pic.twitter.com/OQIGzlocBC
fake, the REAL Kaitlin Bennet is made of guns. her pants in this video are also poop free. nice try FAKE NEWS.
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Not allowing people of opposing viewpoints to attend your event just shows how weak you are. Just saying.
Maybe they forgot that she carries? 馃敨
Never trust a grown ass woman in hollister
easily my least favorite person in existence currently
In reply to @notgivenchyass
feel sorry for bernie and their idiots, if you are not able to tolerate and talk to people who don't think the same then you are even worse than Trump
In reply to @notgivenchyass
someone really just needs to do gods will on her, just once
In reply to @notgivenchyass
She鈥檚 wearing a jacket from hollister. Lmao
In reply to @notgivenchyass
She probably has a gun on her that鈥檚 why he asked her leave. She shoves it down everyone鈥檚 throat all the time that she HAS to have it, he was just protecting his event.
Smh they don鈥檛 need any other reason than the fact she鈥檚 wearing a fucking hollister jacket.... put her in jail you psycho
This is the content I like to see馃憦馃憦
This brought joy to me
honestly I don鈥檛 feel sorry either
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Why? I鈥檓 curious I don鈥檛 know who she is
When the man at 1:12 waved at her, i about lost it
Hahahahahahahaha not today girl. Bye.
she鈥檚 just there to cause problems so why everyone mad she was kicked out smh
In reply to @notgivenchyass
this was: the prime of fucking comedy. fuck that bitch bro pic.twitter.com/FKUjZDszkG
In reply to @notgivenchyass
For the european twitter-people, who is Kaitlin Bennett?
In reply to @notgivenchyass
She just needed to use the bathroom lol pic.twitter.com/xKO1bFpIyJ
Ik we don't like her but if this was the other way around niggas would be getting rowdy, so hypocrisy ain't how to go about this
I am not sorry, this woman is so close minded, how can you be a public speaker and preach selfishness, one thing that gets me is she says she鈥檚 pro choice but then against abortion BUT pro gun!??!?!? When you kill w a gun it鈥檚 murder also girl COME ON HELP OUR WOMEN HAVE A CHOICE
How come she didn鈥檛 have that mf thing on her like she normally does? Cause Bernie don鈥檛 play that shit
This is why Bernie rains superior 馃槀
My biggest problem was the Hollister jacket she had on though...?
The Hollister jacket explains it all
Lol y鈥檃ll know very well if the sides were switched there would be an uproar
I could watch a 15 minute video of her getting kicked out... just feels right
鈥淲hat did I do?鈥
BITCH you know exactly why you were there & exactly what you were going to do there!! Bernie isn鈥檛 here for the bullshit you were about to start
In reply to @notgivenchyass
An American citizen just got kicked out of a public event because of her political views. If you don鈥檛 see the problem with that you are the problem. You don鈥檛 like infowars, which I don鈥檛, beat them with facts.
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Bwahahahahahahha that鈥檚 what the raggedy bitch deserves pic.twitter.com/ihyuHQxaJa
In reply to @notgivenchyass
Bernie doing great things 馃挆馃挆
she鈥檚 acting like this shit ain鈥檛 happen to dems at trump/ conservative rallies lmfaooo why was she quiet then ksksksk
Bernie always pullin thru鉁婐煆
She felt the bern 馃槀
Lmfmaodjsoaodooa 鈥淚 don鈥檛!鈥
A. This is a representation of how media and government control what we see. B. Fuck that bitch tho
This why we should've elected Bernie!!
Now what private security can we hire to remove her from America?
馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀bye Kaitlyn Baguette 馃
If she were a liberal everyone would be up in arms
Bc she鈥檚 a dumb bitch 馃槶馃槀馃槀
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