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Congress should come back to D.C. now and FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS!

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NO. We gave you so much money last term for the borders that you only spent 60% of it. Instead of complaining all the time, you need to execute better. Hire the judges and agents that we funded. Be more efficient in how you process asylum cases. Learn to govern, @realDonaldTrump.
The American people agree with you, even Cher!
Congress should come back now and begin Impeachment Proceedings against the nation's first treasonous occupant of the Oval Office.
Congress is currently on a 2 week Easter recess. Are not due back until April 29.
And Democrats would love nothing more. The problem is that Republicans are living in this alternative racist universe.
Democrats have been trying to do that, but a stupid inefficient wall keeps getting in their way.
Now that Trump's weekend of playing and watching golf is over, the border is apparently an "emergency" again!
You don't really want Congress to "fix immigration laws," because that's not what the GOP wants. You and the GOP want the "scary" Boogeyman threat of "illegals," because all you know how to do is use the otherness of people to gin up fear and hatred.
April 15th - Tax Day! If you鈥檙e an avg household, you will pay $41,000 during your working life for ILLEGALS & THEIR FAMILIES! For my fact checker friends: $115 Billion/yr. net cost 126 Million households $912/yr/household x 45 working years = $41,000 Nancy & Chuck thank you. pic.twitter.com/MBFnwE1aKf
Nancy Pelosi鈥檚 Democrat caucus is out of control. She鈥檚 allowing noted anti-Semite Ilhan Omar to stay on the Foreign Affairs Committee. She鈥檚 letting shameless liar Adam Schiff to stay on the House Intel Committee. Pelosi needs to step up and do the right thing.
With all due respect Sir, u ran on the idea that we couldn't depend on Congress. Plus, Dems will never help. Thus, stick an executive order for mandatory eVerify in their buttocks. A sure way to lock in 2020, for this will revive the conservatives who feel disenfranchised.
If you are anti-Trump and following me and you want me to follow back, let me know. We can do this together. Sorry, I do not follow Trump supporters. #MuellerTime
Are you tweeting this from the golf course?
,COME AND VISIT LOS ANGELES!!! Discover just how wonderful a #Democrat-ruled #SancutaryCity really is! Bring your kids too! #MAGA pic.twitter.com/ykUHLXaMY6
Congress should come back to D.C. now and FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS! IF they really care about us. pic.twitter.com/NnfL21H8AP
Dear Mr. President: Congress has accomplished NOTHING; has no intention of fixing immigration laws. They don't care about America's safety, homelessness or that open border invites Drug smugglers, Child trafficking, or cartels. Please send #illegals to #SanctuaryCity 鉁嶐煆 Citizen pic.twitter.com/Kl64RM8pkz
Who said this? Trump? Try again! 鈥淲e simply cannot allow people to pour into the U.S., undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, lawfully to become immigrants in this country鈥 #Obama pic.twitter.com/NaIDkQfPyT
Well DAMN, I鈥檒l just chill here the rest of the day. 馃嵖馃惛 pic.twitter.com/VkR80d2Q5H
No Congress should come back to DC now to begin the process of IMPEACHMENT!
Trump has been freaking out for days since he got briefed on mueller report. It will be devastating!
Maybe you should stay off of the golf course and try to be a president for all Americans. Not just the rich white ones....and Herman Cain.
Maybe you should stay in D.C. instead of going golfing every weekend!!
TY=AnonC For Meme 馃憜馃徎馃憜馃徎馃憜馃徎馃槨馃憜馃徎馃憜馃徎馃憜馃徎 馃敶Pepe Frogs...Lets Herd Those Pompous Politicians Back To Work 馃敶We Are Being Invaded...They Vacation pic.twitter.com/RuabDslC7o
Spoiler alert: they won鈥檛.
Proud of Our President!!! GOP get it together don't force him to fight alone, He will still WIN, but your lack of strong support will be what history remembers you for most! #MAGA #KAG #WWG1WGA
Congress should come back and stop resisting President Trump. It鈥檚 time to address the immigration problem democrats! It鈥檚 time to build the wall!
You had a Congress of your own party for two years. They thought cutting corporate taxes and repealing Obamacare were higher priorities.
Donald, just FYI. There are several more episodes of Game of Thrones left.
Why weren't you ranting about this the whole two years that Republicans had a majority in both houses?
Says man who golfs every weekend.
MIA - Paper Planes explains exactly why the Democrats wants open border? youtu.be/jPQSlpOj4ls The stars are victims of MKULTRA Nazi mind Kontrolle Extremist #MondayMorning #QAnon
The Democrats held America hostage with an invasion of illegal immigrants.

Trump turned it all around by bussing them to sanctuary cities to pressure Congress into fixing immigration laws!

Now liberal constituents that wanted illegals, don't even want them in their cities!
Twitter: where everyone wakes up to see what a mentally unstable drug addict lost in a soupy haze of dementia and untreated tertiary syphilis dreamed about or saw on Fox "News."
You had two years of complete control over the executive and legislative branches and all you accomplished was giving tax breaks to the rich.
Message from Congress But we worked so hard we need a vacation stop being mean to us
Now that you鈥檝e put the problem squarely in their (guard gated) communities, I think they will. Politically this has been one of the most effective tactics I鈥檝e seen in a long time. I suppose you don鈥檛 become a billionaire in Manhattan real estate being a pushover.
*deep sigh* so this is how we're deflecting today, chief? ok..

I wanna start on the section of the law that allows for soft-porn-hooker immigrants to come here on a tourist visas & then illegally work in soft-porn-hooking? #MelaniesLaw

ps: we're getting that report, moron
Who鈥檚 paying for this ? This would be 99% of our income. The numbers don鈥檛 add up. American workers pay for the freeloaders would bankrupt our nation. pic.twitter.com/NkgI27XfEl
Nah. They should just stay away and get real jobs.
For 2 whole years GOP had control,
Of the Congress so shut your hole.

All you did was golf and send tweets,
And pay hookers to piss the sheets.

2 years of nothing but rich-folk tax-breaks,
Guzzling covfefe, eating hamberders and chocolate cakes.

Until the lobbyists are stopped...they will not fix anything. Congress is bought and paid for by anti-Semitic anti-American globalists with an agenda that is anything but #AmericaFirst!
You and your party had TWO YEARS to fix it, yet you focused on the tax scam. Which screwed millions in the middle class. The @GOP controlled; the House AND the Senate And you did nothing
what happened to 鈥渋 alone can fix it鈥 by the way did you file your taxes
Congress should be working every day until our border is secured Mr President.... No time off for them...
AMAZON PUSHES POLITICS ON SIX-YEAR OLDS IN NEW APP FOR KIDS As if the socialist school system wasnt bad enough now they are infiltrating tablets and smart phones to indoctrinate our youth! Must read! RT If your sick of the indoctrination! @VoteMcGonigle magamedia.org/2019/04/13/ama鈥
They don't want to fix them. Facts is, they are intentionally creating Chaos. The last 10- 1/2 years have been a nightmare created by The Dems & Deep State. Obama's Fundemental Transformation. They are still full steam ahead.
Interesting that they all have to go on vacation, but non of them missed to grab a TV channel to talk some nonsense over the weekend.
We have an invasion going on at our border and the lawmakers are on Vacation. 馃
#DrZaibKhan @WilliamQuake1:鈥欌#SanctuaryCities have 'self-selected' to become hubs of uneducated & slums.They are bringing their own 'downfall.' Until now, #Democrats supported sending #IllegalImmigrants to areas that people did not want them. Now the shoe is on the other foot鈥
If I get elected, I got your back!
Unhinged protestor sets himself on fire on the White House lawn yesterday. What will they think of next? Do they think they are showing us by setting themselves on fire? Lol idiots. This president is safe and better than ever! #AmericalovesTrump magamedia.org/2019/04/13/pro鈥
Members of Congress are home this week for a 鈥淒istrict Work Period鈥 and scheduled to return of 4/29.

Even if they came back today, what he鈥檚 demanding would take months if done in a way that would get bipartisan support & 60 Senate votes, but he would probably veto that bill.
Dems will come back to Congress once the Mueller Report is released. Shows where their 鈥 priorities 鈥 are.
You can鈥檛 lead. You can only complain, bully, distract, con, #lie, #BS, avoid, insult.... all ugly divide and conquer fascist rhetoric and propaganda. #BigFatConMan A leader would be negotiating already. @SpeakerPelosi is ready. You鈥檙e #gaslighting. You need the divisive issue.
You can fix this w/out Congress. 1) #HireKobach 2) Write an EO to end birthright citizenship 3) End chain migration 4) Heavily tax the crap out of remittance
No. Congress should stay on permanent vacay! Shut the border.
If Congressman @RepAdamSchiff can鈥檛 use his power to help fix our immigration laws and to address the out of control homelessness in his district, his constituents will elect a representative who can. ShameOnSchiff.com #TeamJenBarbosa
Says the guy who escapes to Mar-a-Lago at every opportunity.
Congress should do their job and impeach you!! #ImpeachTrumpNow
Not sure I can hold my breath that long. So I won't. #MAGA
Democrats don鈥檛 want to fix the problem.

Illegal immigration is a voter registration drive for them.
They tried but the Freedom Caucus blew it up.

Suck it up buttercup. They won't play your racist Immigration Games with you.

Congress should read the Mueller Report in full #ReleaseTheMuellerReport
FACT CHECK: There is only one wall that could actually make America great again. pic.twitter.com/BFUlE6Ejn1
wins the Masters. @GameOfThrones final season debuts. If @realDonaldTrump had resigned yesterday would have been the greatest day in history.
Presidency needs to be fixed first.
The guy who spends more time at his own golf courses is asking people to get to work. Klassic.
Reminder: Congress has worked on multiple immigration bills & the Trump Admin undermined all bipartisan efforts. This WH doesn鈥檛 want to fix our broken immigration system - this is a guise to further its anti-immigrant agenda, roll back due process, & curb legal migration.
Is there a realistic hope that Congress can solve the immigration crisis?
Remember when Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency for the entirety of 2017 and 2018.. and they did absolutely nothing to 'FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS' ? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
I would love to have a job where I am at the top, nothing is my fault, and all I have to do is yell into the uncaring void.
Congress on 2-week Easter recess except for pro-forma Senate sessions. Due back April 29.
In Trump's mind, this is what passes for engaging Congress in the policymaking process. That's precisely the problem. on.msnbc.com/2IzZIxU
Do you support our POTUS? (Please help by retweeting and following after voting!) bit.ly/WhyPolls bit.ly/MAGASticker
Majority of Americans want Congress to FIX THE WH PROBLEM.
Did you think of that idea while on the golf course?
Hey, BIG DEAL MAKER - the guy that said he was the best deal maker in the world? Instead, spends the PEOPLES MONEY - MILLIONS EVERY WEEKEND - TO PLAY GOLF - EVEN THOUGH HE SAID HE'D NEVER LEAVE THE W.H. HERE'S THE LIE: youtube.com/watch?v=f0NZt_鈥 pic.twitter.com/PywBAIugRH
Yes Congress! Come back and impeach this criminal!
You suffer from a malignant narcissistic personality disorder. You unrelentingly stir the grievances and prejudices of people already on the brink of spiritual despair, weaponizing their deepest fears into seething irrational hate You should resign immediately pic.twitter.com/MrtY0C6BZ7
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