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Before Nancy, who has lost all control of Congress and is getting nothing done, decides to defend her leader, Rep. Omar, she should look at the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements Omar has made. She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!

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Disagreeing with @IlhanMN is fair game. She鈥檚 a public figure in the spotlight. But what Trump is trying to do in portraying her as a scary black Muslim and an albatross around every Democrat鈥檚 neck, is a transparent Islamophobic dog-whistle for political gain. It鈥檚 plain wrong.
Does @realDonaldTrump really want to get @IlhanMN killed? This is a serious question. And my guess is that, as a full-on narcissist, he just doesn't care.
Remember when Ilhan Omar Called Nazis 鈥淰ery Fine People鈥 Oh wait鈥 Nvm that was someone else! pic.twitter.com/bl0ElDTABZ
Pelosi has lost control, not only to Omar, but also @AOC. It's evident who's calling the shots on that side of the aisle... and it's not the Speaker.
Being against AIPAC is not "anti-semitic". You are on a distraction frenzy this morning, aren't you? Is it because of this? hillreporter.com/wh-reportedly-鈥
I believe Nancy Pelosi agrees with her anti-Semitic remarks! The Democrats are now the party of anti-Semitism!
Pelosi said AOC doesn鈥檛 have a significant impact on the Democratic Party further suggesting their wing in Congress was "like five people." WRONG Nancy! AOC is controlling you and the Democrat party!
On 9/11, Trump told New Jersey鈥檚 WWOR-TV/UPN 9 radio station that because the World Trade Center twin towers collapsed, Trump Tower is now the tallest building in New York City. That is literally what Trump said in an interview. Nobody is taking his one line out of context.
Even Fox News refuses to play the clip, because they know how pathetic it was... hillreporter.com/fox-news-was-n鈥
totes awesome that a dimwitted demagogue is continuing to goad his rabid numbskull worshipers into an Islamophobic frenzy, what could possibly go wrong
should resign. If you serve the public you should serve the USA. It鈥檚 obvious she doesn鈥檛! #IlhanOmarMustResign #MAGA #KAG2020 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫
Trump clearly unmoved over increased concerns raised by Dems over Omar鈥檚 safety
Nancy has control and you took Rep. Omar鈥檚 comments out of context. You said Nazis were fine people and have made plenty of George Soros comments. Maybe you need to get control of yourself.
Hey Trump - I鈥檓 Jewish, my relatives were killed in the Holocaust. You鈥檙e a racist hero of white nationalists. I stand with @SpeakerPelosi and @IlhanMN. Republicans are done in 2020. #VoteBlue
They hate Jews and Israel. It鈥檚 the new democrat party platform.
You are out of control. Please have your crap-filled diaper changed. It would have been better if you weren鈥檛 born.
BOOM. The upside is that the more the Islamofascist Omar exerts control over the Dems the better Trump's chances of a total rout in 2020!
TRUMP: "How bad is the Mueller Report?"

AIDE: "It's bad sir."

TRUMP: "Is it 'All Mexicans are rapists' bad?"

AIDE: "I'm sorry sir. It's 'All Muslims are terrorists' bad."

Freshman Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar 'controls' the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, according to the President.

Hmm, that's not a bigoted trope of any kind, is it?
You attack Omar because she insulted the Jewish ethno state, yet you are silent about the 5-year old White boy that was thrown off a third story balcony by an African in her district.
What have to you done besides golfing, putting Congresswoman Omar and people of the press life in danger, oh and taking credit for Obama's work on the economy.
Speaking of "getting nothing done"...why don't you get the hell off Twitter and actually DO something besides act like a whiny, petulant, pathologically insecure morally-bankrupt manbaby who incites violence which puts a US Congresswoman's LIFE in danger. SHAME on you... #Trump
Nancy Pelosi, Poster Child for STUPID, says Illegals don't Break the Law Democrats are so concerned with getting extra votes from illegals they ignore the drugs, crime, trafficking.. She is unbelievable! BUILD THAT WALL @POTUS magamedia.org/2019/03/20/nan鈥
Somebody sounds worried. Something big is coming just for you Donald.
The Toxic Triplets 鈩 of Ilham Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and Rashida Tlaib have indeed caused bovine spongiform encephalopathy in Nancy Pelosi's 3 remaining Botox addled neurons.
Trump continues to target Ilhan Omar with statements like these, even right after she reported a big spike in death threats. One of Trump鈥檚 deranged disciples sent pipe bombs to those he targets most on Twitter a few months ago. This is so dangerous and unacceptable.
What kind of sick person equates the United States, with Al Qaeda and Hezbollah? This is absolutely indefensible ! This woman hates America , PERIOD ! pic.twitter.com/cKKKSm33ri
This. Is. Incitement. Pure & simple. A woman who has received death threats from the far-right, and he is claiming she, an *elected member of Congress* is 'anti-American'. Shameful. That the GOP and the Democrats do not all come out against this autocratic discourse is abysmal.
Rep Omar should be removed from office. Her hateful and ignorant comments demonstrate she is unfit for office. Show courage for once democrats!
You helped spread a conspiracy theory that led to the worse massacre of Jews on American soil.

Four days after the massacre, you were asked by a reporter if you still believed the conspiracy theory. You said, "A lot of people say yes."

You are an anti-Semite.
We support trump
Nancy's Rhetoric isn't much better than Omar's

"The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day."

"U.S. HATE statements"?

"There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?"
This.person.is.a.hater. A president whose most compelling personal quality is his capacity to hare. And to stir hate. How can even his most ardent supporters not see @realDonaldTrump as a hater who stirs up and thrives on hate? How?
Never seen or met a white supremacist in my entire life, I have however seen/heard the anti Semitic anti American vitriol spewed by Omar. Nancy has lost control, The radical left is in charge, good luck pretending to to be moderates, no one recognizes the Democratic Party anymore
Trump's going to get Rep Omar killed.
Censure exists as a formal way to rebuke a public official, including the President, for behavior that violates acceptable standards.

I'd say this qualifies.
And if the GOP votes against it, it reflects on their values.
You have the gall to speak about 鈥渉ate statements鈥 after you鈥檝e inspired violence against a sitting congress member, promised to ban people of an entire religion from this country, banned transgender people from the military and made about 1000 racist statements?
"She is out of control. . . except for her control of Nancy" LMAO!!!
The Democrats have gone so far off the Deep end that Nancy and Schumer are the moderates.
I love and support our #POTUS

To the point, no gray area

Nance, your kids are out of control

How about for once the Democrats show some courage and stand for for what is right. Is it really that much to ask for Nancy?
You are really afraid of something.
You condemn Ilhan Omar every day because she 鈥渁ttacks鈥 Israel, but you have said absolutely nothing about the Somalian from her congressional district who attacked a 5 year old boy, who鈥檚 in the hospital fighting for his life right now.
Stirring the pot like a master chef
Ungrateful, says the grifter who sold his country to Putin and uses the presidency to line his pockets
She was elected to U.S. Congress to represent new M u sli m emigrates from S oma lia. It appears ASSIMILATION IS NOT A HIGH PRIORITY! Is this what we can expect from emi grates from this region? pic.twitter.com/viI3fiNMjp
Sounds eerily similar to the current relationship you and hair in a can fan Stephen Miller have. Project much?
It does look a bit like Nancy鈥檚 lost control of the 鈥淗ouse鈥 ! The New Kids on the block have moved in and they鈥檙e taking over!
Wth is congress accomplishing besides resisting and hating potus? Very Productive, what a waste
Waiting over 100 days for Congress to fix the immigration problem. pic.twitter.com/tADG0jLWHm
Don't let Trump run America into the ground, like Trump Airlines that he ran into the ground. #BlueSky2020 pic.twitter.com/Q0CqWRAHM3
How many times must this be pointed out America before your media wakes up but you have a fascist President that is using the tactics of the Nazis to remove political opposition. This can't go on for much longer before many get hurt. #IlhanOmar
"Ungrateful" is the key word here.

Someone like Ilhan Omar will never be a real American in Trump's eyes. As far as he's concerned, she should just be quiet and be grateful to real Americans like him.
Before Donald, who has lost all control of the WH and is getting nothing done, decides to defend his leader, Stephen Miller, he should look at the racist and ungrateful U.S. HATE policies Stephen has made. He is out of control, except for his control of Donald!

"We don鈥檛 know whether Trump wants to see harm befall Omar. But we *do* know that the possibility that his attacks on her, and their hateful and dishonest content, might make that more likely does not trouble him sufficiently to dissuade him from them."

Not a word about whites, not a word about America.
Just a Proud American sharing my personal thoughts...馃 Omar, is a total DISGRACE to America, to the American Creed, to the American Cuture, and to "SOME PEOPLE" who happen to be: PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, in my opinion. #ILoveAmerica #AmericaFirst #MAGA
Remember like five days ago when you told American Jews that our leader was the Prime Minister of Israel? Stop trying to get one of your many racist followers to murder Rep Omar please
80,000 settled into Minnesota by Obama 鈥 is how they walk our halls in Congress. Anti-Semitic Anti-American
Omar is the result of Obama era migrant agenda. Thanks to @realDonaldTrump for trying to put an end to it!!!
.@SpeakerPelosi Ilhan Omar is the leader of the Democrat Party. Bow to your leader dems.
Here's the list of people Trump has called "ungrateful" on Twitter: Ilhan Omar, Chelsea Manning, LaVar Ball, Mac Miller, and Arsenio Hall
Hey Democrats - how can inciting violence against a Member of Congress not be an impeachable offense?!! America wants to know!!
Pretty sure this isn't gonna rattle Pelosi
Thus speaks the Divider-in-Chief. It is flatly dishonest and delusional to say that Ilhan Omar is in control of Nancy Pelosi. And it's downright disrespectful to repeatedly call Speaker Pelosi "Nancy."
Nancy is no longer the BOSS...@AOC IS! pic.twitter.com/R9mXS6uGx0
#OurPresident #MyPresident
#MAGA2020 #Jexodus
Predictable. Shameless. Hypocritical. Hateful. Trump.
Nancy is no longer relevant, the Communists have fully infiltrated the Democrat Party. It is the Communist Party of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the wild-eyed bartender, now. Sen Joseph MacCarthy was right... about everything.
There is an important difference between being #antiSemitic and being critical of Israeli politics. Ilhan Omar did not refer to neo-Nazis/white supremacists as "very fine people." You, however, did. #IStandWithIlhan #IStandWithIlhanOmar #MondayMotivation #resist #antisemitism
#鬲乇丕賲亘 賲氐乇 賷購睾乇丿 毓賳 丕賱賴丕賳 毓賲乇 乇睾賲 毓賱賲賴 丕賳賴 賵氐賱鬲賴丕 鬲賴丿賷丿丕鬲 賰孬賷乇丞 噩丿丕 亘丕賱賯鬲賱 亘爻亘亘賴 鬲睾乇賷丿丕鬲賴. 賲爻賰賷賳貙 毓丕乇賮 丕賳 鬲賯乇賷乇 賲賵賱賷乇 爻賷氐賱 賱賱賰賵賳噩乇爻.
Omar has too many layers of victimhood. Pelosi is too afraid. You never let the kids run the fuckin house. Good luck un-eating this shit sandwich Nance.
I鈥檓 not a fan of @SpeakerPelosi鈥檚 politics鈥攂ut she should be addressed as Speaker Pelosi by the President...not Nancy. Worse than that, Trump is literally inciting anti-Muslim targeting through @Twitter. Yet @jack does nothing twitter.com/realdonaldtrum鈥
This 馃憞馃憞is what hatred & incitement to violence looks like--death threats against @IlhanMN are increasing from it

@Twitter @Jack SUSPEND THIS RACIST HATE ACCOUNT and take down his vile hateful video.

R/T and take further action here codepink.org/ilhanomar
Trump is akin to an ISIS recruiter trying to radicalize his supporters to commit violence. Both ISIS and Trumpism are a threat to America
Ever notice that out the hundreds of representatives and senators this idiot only goes after women and minorities?
To Trump Rep Omar is "out of control" - Let's be 100% clear: That is clearly language intended to get his base to attack and kill Rep Omar. If any violence happens to Rep Omar by a Trump supporter Trump must be charged with inciting it.
The dims are losing ground & control. #Minnesota never wanted Islamist refugees #WeWereNeverAsked #RemoveIlhanOmar NOW
Take a nap, psycho. Pelosi will be in power long after you鈥檙e gone. She鈥檒l be leading while you spend the rest of your days trying to stay out of prison. pic.twitter.com/1QaT8bTAIq
It is an absolute disgrace and unforgivable that Nancy has done nothing to get rid of the hateful antisemitic Omar!
I think we can decide for ourselves who is out of control, and it's not Madam Speaker Pelosi.
My favorite thing about this is that he couldn't come up with a mocking nickname for Pelosi, so he announced a while back that her nickname is now...her actual first name ("Nancy Pelosi, or Nancy, as I call her"), and now he uses it like it's a brutal zinger.
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