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Wow Nispey is really changing the world before our eyes. The unity we needed is happening. What we fought for is finally happening. This took place in the Bronx today. If this doesn’t go viral like every other stupid thing we all our the real problem. #MARATHONCHALLENGE

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I just want this same energy to remain next year, and the years after that. No fronting
In reply to @GrandKhai
& I was never a “if this don’t go viral” etc ass nigga but cmon.. this is beautiful man. This is love. This is power. This is a challenge I supper with every bone in me & I wanna see this happening across the whole world. #MARATHONCHALLENGE
If you came from a place where niggas really slide, this is amazing & life changing
What’s the next step? Gangs getting back to their roots, community organizing and protection??? Gang members gon start checking they fellow men on the treatment of women? We combatting gender based violence? ?? We getting politically educated? I see so much potential!
This is MAJOR!

Our Warrior Class uniting and buying up Property is creating a new economic standard.

Assets will be the new whips & chains. You will be clowned if you don’t own at least 1 property on the block.

Also frees up ammo for the true enemies.

More of this.
black people coming together is the biggest threat to America.
Y’all...it just hit me but we could be witnessing gangs reverting back to their original purpose of protecting and building the communities before drugs were forced into them
y’all don’t even know how ground breaking this is
In reply to @GrandKhai
this don’t mean shit, them young bucks in south Bronx or Brooklyn don’t apply to this.. Rest In Peace nip but they did the same when PAC died. We all came together happily . 20 years later we still dying out here from flying bullets waging war on neighborhood blocks .
If we keep this energy we gone be unstoppable so I pray it last awhile 📈
In reply to @GrandKhai
Y’all gon be mad BUT who are the “yellows” ??
i’m not impressed until i see this same energy next month, in 6 months, a year, etc.
Hope this challenge makes its way berms 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hope it’s the same when it hit 84 degrees out
“We smoke together right? We get drunk together right?...” well let’s save together n buy our buildings back. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
In reply to @GrandKhai
Media doesn’t have any coverage on actual movements going on... that’s okay, move in silence 👌🏼
I forsure had a dream of this exact video years ago, damn 😓
Dis cold but Chicago mite b da only state dat won’t do dis
In reply to @GrandKhai
the revolution will be televised
I love this bro... 🖤✊🏽
In reply to @GrandKhai
It’s really over once brown n black unify forreal 🙏🏽 hope to see that day
Chicago need this energy desperately
Once we stop killing eachother, realize the real problem, and come together as one. african americans we be UNSTOPPABLE ‼️ and thats what they are afraid of. Thats why they kill our leaders Or people who could promote unity. we as black people are SUPERIOR we have to realize that
In reply to @GrandKhai
Yesterday was amazing, we need more of it
This the type of change that makes a government scared😈
Folks ain’t understanding how major this is ..
I recognize that courthouse anywhere #161
The Ogs the ones tryna give back its these young niggas man 🤦🏽‍♂️
The media would never show this so I'ma spread this beautiful moment.
i literally started tearing up... years of fighting, killing, territorial violence... now we can unite as one people and build a community that will be fortified in love and strength... no more putting each other down.. #AgeOfTheMoors
This is cool and all but I really hope it’s a marathon and not a moment.
Yoooooooooo I’m telling y’all Kendrick called this would happen!!!
This is what Amerikkka is scared of ! Nipsey definitely left his mark! not only in his hood but all over the world it’s fucken amazing
YES ‼️‼️‼️ WE HAVE TO UNITE & PROMOTE LOVE AND PROGRESS !! THE TIME IS NOW ! #MarathonContinues #Excellence
In reply to @GrandKhai
Pray for Chicago as well.
i swear no one talked about this man until he died
In reply to @GrandKhai
Will it lead to lasting change? History tells us that it probably won’t.
The Black community is more powerful than we know and it seems like we are taking the right steps to better ourselves and the world
Columbus what’s up fuck that glove challenge y’all was hyping up who trying buy Columbus back ???? We can throw 100 parties together on the same day let’s us that money to by our land back
Man I’m so happy when I see my people come together instead of killing one another, this shit really made my day Ong
Chicago just needs to do this now
This gave me CHILLS. 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
My heart😭 once our men start protecting EACH OTHER black people will really be invincible
Man I wanna see this workout for real. The gangs gotta get back to the community work
In reply to @GrandKhai
This is what they are afraid of. Black unity is mega powerful. Once we start taking over people start feeling as if we took the power we already had hundreds of years ago.
He had them doing this while he was alive too. Not sure about the east coast though.
“If this doesn’t go viral”
Some people don’t believe that energy lives forever look what This young God spread to the world his energy is just getting stronger it never dies rest in power Nipsey Hussle
People don’t know how big this is.
I really pray this message hits every state in the country if blacks were to unite and support one another like most other races do we would be a unstoppable force
In reply to @GrandKhai
I know him, thats sledge. Apart of G.M.A.C.C (Gangsters making astronomical community changes) hes an amazing person and changed the lives of many
This is not the first time they’ve done something like this...
This is more of a movement than a challenge
POC are waking up !!
i want us to keep this up so bad
Felt that💯👌🏾❤️💙🖤💛 We need to be “one nation” again. We let the media and politics portray us to be something we’re not. It’s time we work together and stand for something. #MARATHONCHALLENGE
“We smoke together, we drink together, lets go take that money and buy a building”

Finally, we are starting to get it
In reply to @GrandKhai
thank you for posting this video!!! I pray that it goes viral!!! The world needs more love and Unity! Made me so proud to see this happen in my City!!!
This shit is so crazy to see. We finally coming together
In reply to @GrandKhai
I’m sorry but everyone saying Americans are overreacting ab this whole situation OBVIOUSLY doesn’t relate to what’s happening and cant understand how insane this is for American (specifically black American) history. This changes SO much.
Talk that talk 🗣
It’s finally happening 😭
In reply to @GrandKhai
This is exactly what the culture needed. Next is recycling the money within the community. It’s a blessing nonetheless to see these steps towards economic progression!
This is Moving ! I really hope the momentum of this really gets people to actually make a difference as a whole.
We gone step up I gotta step up n make a change for the betterment of our ppl Chicago needs this we have to stop allowing them to destroy us we have to stop destroying each other!! I accept da #MARATHONCHALLENGE
Chicago needs to do this if we did this we would not need police 💯.
Seeing major gangs who’ve been at war with each other for decades or longer coming together over the death of Nipsey is EXACTLY why it’s so hard to believe his death was gang related. Just like he said, “gang related homicide is what the news will say”
I hope this energy lasts forever
“Ain’t nothing wrong with telling yo lil homies to chill, ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS!” TMC🏁
-Nipsey man...I know you smiling dogg
One step at a time we have time to build ourselves back up man we need more of this!!!!

The devil may work but GOD WORKS OT
If nipsey hussle death got New York niggas to act right then that man was really out here performing acts of god 🙏🏽💯
this the type of challenge i wanna see everywhere 💙
Now can every gang in the United States understand this I swear if we together ain’t nobody stronger than us
Now get rid of this gang shit as a whole and then we’ll truly be in business! This is only the beginning.
So Nipsey made Bloods, Crips, N Kings to unite on da whole other side of da country..? Fohh
Unpopular Opinion: Nip did more for Black people than Pac, no disrespect
Keep spreading this challenge man
It's despicable that the only way for a black man to be recognized is to die tragically.
Y'all are going to make me get emotional. This is unbelievable.
The hood is changing this is something historical
In reply to @GrandKhai
This shit is really amazing. And I hope they keep that energy. 💯
I Hope Niggas Really Trying To Stand On This 💯
This shit hit my soul and made me proud lol
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