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Don't know why people are so irritated with this... She's pursuing a LAW DEGREE at almost 40 to help people who get fucked by the system and you know this isn't about money bc she has more than enough
“My money & privilege did not get me here”


Law school is not free.
A tutor is not free.
The bar exam is not free.
You have Van Jones as a MENTOR for crying out loud.

Your money & privileges are why you can do any of these things without worries.
I love this. It’s weird that people don’t allow others growth. Good thing we can grow anyway
Follow your dreams but acknowledge your privilege! I'm a single mom trying to become a lawyer without famous mentors or money for test prep and tutors or nannies that u may have access to. Law doesn't care who you are but money and access to resources does help in the quest!!!
ya know what, good for her
go get gypsy rose out of prison
My thing is.. Just do it.

This is what annoys me about the Kardashians. Stop denying your privilege. Stop trying to relate to us. Stop trying to get us to see how hard your life is.

Just be rich & privileged and live your life. You don't have to be so insufferable about it. K?
it’s really irritating that the people who put her down in the first place for being apparently ‘dumb’ or ‘talentless’ are the same ones who are mad that she’s doing something now? People are so annoying
i love this. & for the past couple years she’s been of service to people in need. we should be encouraging everyone with status to do something USEFUL.
This is impressive. Legally Bronzed lezzgeddit
reach york library stylllllllll
This is amazing. I feel like your father would be incredibly proud. Do not let the haters stop you from doing whatever you dream of. I love this! Inspired.
thank you for teaching us that it’s never too late to follow our dreams and aspirations. don’t let anyone come between your dreams. you were born to shine, you were born to do amazing things. your Dad must be so proud.
If you can see someone wanting to expand their knowledge and start a new endeavor and all you can come up with is something negative to say... you my friend are ugly hearted. That is all. Never become comfortable with your life, always try to expand and take on more *if you can*
honestly u cant even clock kim for studying law.. no amount of money can help u get that legal knowledge into ur brain, she couldve lived an easy life, but she chose to learn the law??? mad respect
While I commend your efforts, it's troubling that you would try to deny that your privilege and your money don't play a part in helping this happen for you.

It's OK to acknowledge that they do.
I have faith in her Sag Rising she will become a lawyer.
Congratulations,I'm really inspired by you,despite being a multi-millionaire, successful in the public eye,you still are chasing your dreams,all the best Kim ❤
Smh why go on about privilege. Everyone has to take the same tests and study the same books. NO amount of money in the world would help me pass the bar. if she because a lawyer she deserves the same credit as anyone else. Money can get you so far but it sure can’t buy brains.
Know wit right, a would have a lot of respect for her if she addressed the fact her wealth is allowing her to do something like this. A know so many students who get loans & work part time who still struggle to keep their heads above water wi money. It’s so ridiculously ignorant.
1/2 I respect what you are doing. But plz admit ur privilege. A non famous person without a college degree would NEVER get this chance. Most of us do this w/o help. Yes u have to pass the bar & that will be all u, but u have a lot of resources the rest of us don’t
Not even gonna lie, this is amazing
say what you want about her, but this is fucking cool
Haia Kim, wyt ti di clywed am ysgoloriaethau y @colegcymraeg ? X
kimberly, you can absolutely follow your dreams and acknowledge your class privilege which is absolutely playing a role in your being able to study law with three young children.
as much as people wanna bash her, her fame and law degree can have a huge impact and she knows that. we support
i forget her father was a lawyer. but, man. i don’t see how anyone can look at this and draw some kind of inspiration. so dope.
think what u want about Kim K but this is amazing. she could easily stick to makeup/fashion/tv but she’s using her platform to try to understand something that affects us all. it’s impressive, it says a lot about her as a mom/wife & honestly, it’s really f*ckin cool. more power!
I really love how KKW stays focused and just does her, despite all the noise and naysayers. Truly an inspiration ❤️
As an attorney, this message is unbelievably frustrating. Yes, Kim Kardashian West’s wealth and privilege helps her tremendously in her pursuit of her taking the CA bar exam. Access is what makes it easier (or more manageable) for her and to pretend that it isn’t is maddening.
I’m not a huge fan of the girl myself but this is Bad Bitch energy
North : mommy what do u do Kanye : hehe my wife Kim: actually ye I own $100,000,000 company , created the Kardashian’s name , I’m a lawyer and am on the cover of vogue Kanye : so who wants sushi
kim kardashian is gonna get into law school before i do
I can guarantee you she doesn’t know the hardship of being a law student smfh
Can you help a woman of color trying to graduate law school with her loans? 🙏🏽
I'm all for this but I wish she would admit that her financial situation is what allows her to do this, and she seems to ignore the fact.
I will not devalue Kim for wanting to become a lawyer but for her to say its not privilege or money that got her there is a insult to every law student who worked to get where they are. The girl doesn't even have a BA? I have never encountered a lawyer without any type of degree?
You know what...go Kim!
fuck what yall think, kim k is a goat
bitch shut up! “this option is available to anyone who’s state allows it” NO. NO ITS NOT AVAILABLE. not if you’re poor Kim!!
This is dope man props to her. She’s obviously not doing it for the money so she’s genuinely doing it to help people, I don’t get how people can hate on that
Multi-faceted, entrepreneurial queen
If Kim kardashian wants to make a positive impact on the world, let her lmao. Mfs always gon hate on people that r privileged even if their heart is in the right place
I support this. And some of the reactions I’ve seen are definition haters wanna hate.
There are limitations on dreams & they’re usually set by wealth and privilege. Between law school tuition and bar prep costs, the process for becoming a lawyer isn’t kind to the poor or first-gen’s - especially if you have to work full-time while doing it. I know from experience.
imagine being as busy as kim kardashian and still managing to make time to study law. we love a smart, goal-driven woman.
I’m believe in you Kim!! & I’m glad you’re on our team! Give “She got mo niggas off than Cochran” a new meaning for yourself 🤘🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥
Your dad is so proud of you and your husband, Kanye West is the proudest 👏🏽🙌🏽 pic.twitter.com/vRL1pWkTdL
Seriously, good on this woman.

All the men who bring up her sex tape are the fucking misogynistic virgins.

If you are mad about someone bettering herself for the good of other y’all have issues
This was great until I read “it’s my privilege or my money that got me here but that’s not the case” can these people just for once acknowledge that money is power and that some people cannot pursue further education because of strictly financial reasons???? Just for once??
The process of obtaining a law degree and practice certificate is so smooth and flexible in California, USA. But in Ghana, our ‘wise and intelligent’ authorities have made the same objective as difficult as finding a needle in a hay stack. Both countries are in 2019.
You are gonna make it Kim. Forget about them naysayers.
I respect this negl- aside from all the stuff people don’t like her for, imagine having 3 kids and starting your studies even though you’ve already made your money ngl I could neverrrrr. I can just about do uni with a job and I don’t even have kids
You can still be credited for your hard work while acknowledging your money and privilege. You have the money for private tutors and the privilege of being able to afford care for your children when you’re not around and that your husbands job allows flexible hours
From someone who started on TV & took the bar this past Feb, I think this is awesome. Staying in your lane is boring. Always keep growing and striving to be your best self! Good luck @KimKardashian! #BOSS
So, so proud of you. I have a wills, trusts, and probate administration exam tomorrow. Wishing luck to both of us and praying for our success. 🙏🏾💖
highkey proud of her. You go girl
We have no choice but to stan
No matter the amount of money she got, she still decides to follow her dreams.. that’s real, honestly
i support kim and if u don’t then unfollow me thx
anyone who says she shouldn’t do this because of her public image is an asshole. your inability to accept that a woman known best for her looks and tv personality could actually have intelligence stems from misogyny, let women educate themselves, let them do what they want to do
The sentiment behind this is so lovely
I’m really proud of her. People are gonna hate on her regardless of what she does
real tea: to take on a legal apprenticeship in the midst of full time demanding career is an incredible feat. In the spirit of Elle Woods, I’m wishing her the best.
"People saying it's my privilege or money that got me here."
One person actually said "I should stay in my lane."

Yup, can definitely relate.

When you're evolving, telling your story & acheiving your goals, insecure people will make it about them. 🥵 twitter.com/Olanrewaju_Max…
this is actually amazing, Kim doesn’t get the credit she deserves; she really is an inspiring woman
she has the money to hire any lawyer at any cost but decides to be one herself. why tf do you miserable people wish bad or talk down on chasing dreams and shit? is it cuz shes a Kardashian? that's why you miserable people are poor. your character is POOR. and mind your neck
a female who knows how to handle her business and education is A BAD BITCH, she’s on some boss lady shit ☕️
Ppl are seriously mad she wants to get an education? Lmao same ppl saying all she’s good for is a sex tape. Y’all are weird 😭
“Whenever you wake up is your morning.” Get it! 💪🏾📖
I feel like everyone is always quick to say something negative about this woman. All I see is a woman trying to better herself. And she has made mistakes in life, but so have we all. We’re all about women empowerment until it’s her.

Let her live. Let her thrive.
I will never try to play a woman getting her education so go ahead Kim. Fuck it up.
if you don’t think Kim is a bad bitch you’re a fucking hater
Education changes people. She may not understand why people are asking her to acknowledge her privilege right now but maybe one day she will. I also know the internet is full of hate so people will always have something to say regardless. I’m happy for her!
i really don't understand all of you on this app. you all came for her and she's defending herself and you're still saying shit. she is pursuing her fucking dream and here you hypocrites are trying to bring her down. wastemen😂
Yall laugh now till kim the one who free tayk wait onit 😴
hadda rate this
This is so wholesome and I’m so happy for her 🤧 fuck anyone that trash talks her
you can still benefit from your money and privilege when pursuing a challenging career choice. if a mother of 3 with less $ than you did the same you wouldnt be able to fathom her struggle. the 1 thng ur money cant buy is brains, but it can buy tutors which is like the same thng
I respect the grind, never too late to pursue your dreams.
This bitch about to become the next legally blonde and I’m here for it
I respect what you’re doing and support anyone’s efforts to wholeheartedly better themselves. But please recognize there is a huge difference between you and a struggling law student living on minimum wage, trying to find childcare (if needed), and living off of loans.
Imma need you too “this option is available to anyone who has money” money is a privilege for you and honey you ain’t the only working mom out here doing the damn thing WOC of color have been doing this and more
Props to her, rich as fuck and still going for a career she doesn’t even need
Idc what anyone says I think this is dope
so proud kimmy 🖤🖤
Idc what anyone says, she’s a goer and it’s good to see her doing things she actually wants.
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