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Two men charged with assault after allegedly beating immigrant wearing "MAGA" hat hill.cm/DZxMEZ8

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The silence in this is something, but conservatives have grown accustomed to being ignored when they are besieged with violence.
Outrage only flows left.
This is horrific.

@realDonaldTrump鈥檚 supporters should be able to show their support in public without the threat of violence.
Again, IT鈥橲 JUST A HAT
Will the mainstream media ever cover the epidemic of political violence by left-wingers against Trump supporters?

Stories like this come out nearly daily at this point and most of the big establishment media outlets remain silent about it.
And he was a LEGAL immigrant.
Why not show these despicable men鈥檚 faces Hill? Democrats are so full of hatred & bitterness. MAGA hat doesn鈥檛 represent hate, it only brings out the hate in people on the left. MAGA people of all races are united in love for America pic.twitter.com/s0CaM0Jwm9
That鈥檚 it. I鈥檓 getting one of these hats and wearing even though I didn鈥檛 vote Trump.
This is BS and I鈥檓 Tired of The #DemoCrap shenanigans... whoever wears these Hats....#SCOTUS
They beat an immigrant?!?! But tolerance and sanctuary!
This happened a few minutes away from me. This is why I don鈥檛 wear it outside 馃槗
Dems are inciting violence and the media is helping them do it.
This is so very sad. My grandfather wears a MAGA hat, if someone were to ever do that to him the way the 18 year old did the 81 year old in that article, I have no clue how I would react. However, both liberals and conservatives are in the wrong on how we handle our differences.
Kim Foxx would let them walk!
I wonder if they can be charged with a hate crime
Shame on The Hill for putting out this lying garbage. The real story Nd the two peeps have been arrested for beating an African immigrant from Togo for wearing a MAGA hat..
Media is inciting this
Hey @thegoodfight , is this what you meant?
I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l see this all over your networks, full of details....
These hats should be sold with a warning sign.
This is undeniable fact.

鈥淣o greater hate than liberal hate鈥
The tolerant left strikes again.
Somehow I get that this would of reached Smollett levels of coverage if the hat was on one of the assaulters.
The number of assaults against Maga hat-wearers is no less than 100x the amount of alleged hate crimes by Trump supporters.
Maybe all the journalists are on vacation and can't write the several hundred think pieces on the rising violence against Trump supporters that would surely be written if the assailants were the ones wearing the MAGA hats.
They haven't attacked the right person yet. It's going to happen and the results won't be nice.
Why are you showing the hat and not the immigrant-beating Democrats?
I鈥檓 for my President Trump!
IMO if @TheJusticeDept starts charging as hate crime, this will end
Two black men attack an African legal immigrant for wearing a MAGA hat
They're going to pick on the wrong Trump supporter one of these days soon. #2A
They are going to attack the wrong person. Tons of CCW out there. States have stand your ground and other laws protecting them.
Unprovoked violence against ANYONE is bullsh1t. Unless someone is actively, deliberately messing with you, leave them the hell alone.
I鈥檒l sit here patiently and wait for this victim to get the media fawning Jussie got.
We all await the deluge of think-pieces and sports-TV commentary that we saw after Jussie Smollett's fantasy version of this crime. Yep, waiting. Any minute now. Mm-hm.
Gosh I can't believe that those snowflakes get upset by a HAT
If the tables were turned, the tv empires would have a field day
Why do Democrats hate immigrants?
When will hard left democrats be held accountable for their incitement & the violence they're causing around the world? Answer: Probably never since they own the lying, corrupt media & the education systems. But I've go a feelin something's about to change.
I thought the Left was the party of diversity馃槤 seems not to be so if the person is wearing a @realDonaldTrump MAGA HAT!! 馃槒
I鈥檝e seen a few Bernie bumper stickers and had absolutely NO desire to run them off the road
Jussie Smollett could not be found for comment
Allegedly can鈥檛 make that mistake again
If The Hill had any intellectual honesty the headline would have read: 鈥渢wo men beat immigrant wearing MAGA hat in likely hate crime鈥
The media has no concern or care for truth. They just want a continued anti-Trump, anti-Conservative, anti-GOP narrative. Anything that does not work with that flawed view of the world is forgotten or minimized.
The irony here is palpable.
"two rednecks in maga hats yelling 'this is maga country'" .. ..
oh, wait .. ..
this *hate crime* is actually a HATE CRIME
Anyone who has an issue with the idea of 鈥渕aking America great鈥 can go fu@k themselves.

Damn anti-American troglodytes.
Cc: @Alyssa_Milano is a MAGA hat still the new KKK hood when a black immigrant gets attacked for wearing it or are you just an idiot?
Odd, they used "allegedly" when it's MAGA country getting attacked.
What coverage did you give to the Republican hating, Bernie Sanders SUPPORTER, who set out to KILL Republicans. Almost did the job when he shot Steve Scalise!! You the media, saying that about a hat, will make YOUR side, see RED when a MAGA hat appears. The blood is on YOUR hands
Det finnes bare 茅n ting den tolerante venstresiden hater mer enn hvite konservative: Fargede konservative - de lystrer ikke engang n氓r de f氓r beskjed om 氓 holde seg i ro og logre og bjeffe n氓r massa gir ordre.
Someone should call Jussie! These might be the guys that attacked him!
So now we鈥檙e beating African immigrants who wear a hat? Because the hat is 鈥渞acist鈥?
Liberals love immigrants that agree with them. But because one immigrant dared to like Trump, he is an enemy. Or a cancer! Liberals are full of crap! The Lamestream media focused tirelessly on the Smollet hoax but do not give this story even 5 minutes. The Left is a disgrace!!!
This is my hometown. It has been going downhill for years. Its sad to see this. It used to be a wonderful place to live.
I thought this was MAGA country 馃
It really is a time to make America decent again
Hate crime! Where is the media?
The Violence, ALWAYS comes from the Left...! Very sad, indeed...
Thankfully @nypost has the real story and pix of the perps who beat an African immigrant from Togo for wearing a MAGA hat nypost.com/2019/04/17/men鈥
It appears that there's lots of Americans who don't want to make America great, they want to make it an intolerant no-go zone. Sad.
Do we have our own category under hate crimes yet?
Why isn't this all over the news like Jussie's hoax was?
He was an immigrant. = hate crime. Liberals hate legal immigrant's. Especially if they wear a hat with great meaning and are proud of it's meaning.
Hate crime: A hate crime (also known as a bias-motivated crime or bias crime) is a prejudice-motivated crime which occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership (or perceived membership) in a certain social group or race.
Real hate crime. Won鈥檛 get the same kind of attention as the fake ones though because the man wearing the MAGA hat in this case is the one who got attacked.

Funny how that works out huh?
Because that鈥檚 why he did it. Your reporting is gross. 鈥淯nfreedom of the press鈥 by Mark Levin will expose this. Can鈥檛 wait.
THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY!!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Violence is not the answer. But If I see someone wearing a red hat I cross the street. Racist alert! I've banned every Trump supporter in my life. They disgust me. MAGA hats are the new Swastika.
More tolerance and inclusivity...
Meh. How else immigrants gonna learn who owns them?
Are those two Nigerians ?
He's African! This should be in the onion.
Hello @soledadobrien why aren鈥檛 you retweeting this story?
Progressivism is a fascist urge masquerading as a principled ideology:
Should be labelled a politically motivated HATE crime.
People are so threatened by apparel? These same type of people would be fine looking at someone wearing a Che Guevara shirt. A dude who tortured & murdered people trying to achieve Marxism. All I ever need to know about the left is their visceral & violent reaction to a hat. 馃檮
If it wasn't a hat it would be something else,,it's what America does.
MEGA hat is not the point. The assault is the point. Fake media
To beat someone up for wearing that hat is disgusting and wrong. The left needs to take accountability for shitty actions
Here's the truth: This wasn't a hoax. This is not how America is, but it is the America the Media, elected officials, and other demagogues looking to use Fear to cultivate votes and support have created and it isn't from the right stoking the flames of division and hatred.
The Tollerance showed by liberals is absolutely incredible! They are a great example to all of us and should be applauded for their leadership #liberals #LiberalLogic #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder
It's a psychosis going on. This is so fucking dangerous. And the media gaslightings the public. I'm hearing way more maga hat wears are vicitms of violence than anything.
I knew this was eventually going to happen! Far-leftists beating up immigrants that support Trump. My God!
If for a second you think it's cool to assault someone because of their political beliefs....you're wrong.
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